Swingin' (ch.5)


While this was happening my wife had grabbed the bag of goodies we had brought from home and dumped them onto the bed – corsets, nylons, garterbelts, ropes, an 8-inch dildo, and an 8-inch strap-on. “Out – both of you. Help Dee into that blue corset and make it real tight, then she can put on some nylons and the garter belt. ” When we were done my wife said, “There. Now you look like a real slut! Say it – I’m a slut!” she commanded Dee. “I’m a slut!” Dee said. “You wanted to have some fun, right honey? Take that camera from Jay and get this on film. Come here Jay. Strip your clothes off and eat my pussy. ” My wife sat on the bed and parted her legs. Jay knelt down and began munching on my wife’s twat. “Dee, get over here and lick his balls while he services me. Don’t make him cum, and don’t make me cum yet either Jay. ”I captured the scene with the camera, taping this man tonguing my wife’s crotch. I found it was very exciting to watch, and my dick had never been harder in my life. His tongue flitted over and around her clit, then disappeared into her hole, coming back out to find her clit again.

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   My wife was watching him as he administered his lapping. I couldn’t tell for sure if it was pleasuring her until I saw her head shake and her body tremble. Then I knew she was getting hot from it. Meanwhile, I focused on Dee licking her husbands’ balls. She was working them expertly, definitely knowing what it took to make him hot. First, taking one nut into her mouth, then the other. Then taking both into her mouth and rolling her tongue all around them, expelling them to lick the skin running the length from his bag to his anus. That really made his dick twitch. It was then that I noticed my hand had been working my own cock, and my wife was watching me. Feeling the excitement building in her own crotch getting close to climax, she commanded Jay to take back the camera. “What do you think of my pussy? Do you like it?”“Yes,” he said, as he resumed his photography. “Dee, grab some rope and tie my husband to the bed spread-eagled. ” She grabbed the rope and bound me to the bed. God, this is too much. I love this.

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   How did my wife ever know that I like this? I wondered. Once my bondage was completed she told Dee to begin fondling my dick. “Slowly jack-off my hubby’s pecker you slut bitch,” she commanded. “Spit on it good. Get it real wet and slippery. He can’t resist that. It make’s him blow his cookies real hard. But don’t let him cum. If he cum’s you will have hell to pay. ”My wife then got on the bed and hung her pussy over my face. “There you go you cunt-licker. You wanted to know what it was like to have two women so here is my pussy. Eat me. Eat my dripping pussy you horny bastard. ” My wife was facing Dee, watching her jack my cock.

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   As Dee unknowingly had increased the tempo my wife ordered her to go painstakingly slow. “Now tongue-fuck my ass,” my wife commanded me. I started rimming her ass and pumping my tongue into it. She was really getting hot from it. Then to her pussy to get more juice, and back to her buttonhole for more tongue-jabbing. “Now suck my man’s cock you whore. Suck him good and I’ll let him eat your pussy too. ” My wife watched as this woman worked my shaft deep into her mouth and out again. Over and over. She grabbed her own tits and twisting her nipples said to me, “Now lick my clit. Lick it good. ”By now Dee had me close to cumming. My stomach was tightening, and being bound, I was unable to twist away. “Oh shit, if you don’t make her stop I’m gonna splatter my load into her mouth,” I said. My wife, Close to cumming herself, hopped off my face and stood next to the bed.

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  “Are you horny yet you cunt?” she asked the other woman. ” “Yes,” she replied. “I need my cunt filled now!”“Grab that dildo, sit on my husbands chest facing him, and fuck yourself with it so he can see what you look like when you cum. ”She straddled my chest and with her cunt just inches from my face began rubbing her clit and pussy with the rubber cock. Slowly she began working it in, short strokes at first, then long deep strokes to its place. Powerless I watched as that pink rubber tool buried itself into the fold of her plump pussy lips, pulling the hugest clit I ever saw tightly downward onto the top of the dildo as it rubbed it on its entire entry inward. Then once buried to the fake nuts at the end of the plastic dong, rise back upwards, pulling a sheath of skin from her pussy lips outward with it. I watched as with each stroke the dildo got wetter and wetter until juice began to drip down from her slit trickling towards her ass and begin pooling on my chest. The strokes were fast now, and the juice flowing profusely as her abdomen started to quake with the tension of a coming blast of ecstasy. Her leg muscles started to spasm as I heard her say, “Here it is. I’m cumming. Oh Shit! Fuck – I’m CUMMING!!!” and with that she jettisoned the fake dick from her hand and quickly ran her fingers over her clit. “ARRGGHH,” she screamed as the orgasm washed through her pussy spreading throughout her body with rippling waves of pleasure. As I watched her adept fingers quickly worked her clit in little circles, her pussy lips were vibrating with the force just inches from my face. Then I jumped as droplets of cum ejected from the open orifice of her pussy to splatter my face with her hot liquid.

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   I strained my tongue to reach all I could and lap it up into my mouth. It tasted sweet. I could smell the deep husky aroma of her sex as it saturated my nostrils. Just as I was thinking to myself how much I wanted to clean the cum from her pussy I heard my wife’s voice say, “Now stick that pussy in his mouth. My man likes tasting cum. Let him lick that twat of yours clean. ” Thank God! I thought. My woman sure does know what I like. “Now lick that cum you left on his chest off. Take it all,” she commanded. “did that satisfy you slut?”“NO, Dee exclaimed. “I need a dick in me – NOW!!!” “I know what you mean,” my wife replied. “I’m the same way. Nothing beats a long thick cock buried into my pussy before I feel completely satisfied, but you are not ready yet to be satisfied. My man’s cock still needs to stay hard for a couple hours yet before I’m ready to let him blow his wad.

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   But I will let you have his prick in you for a while. Put this condom on him and then face me and sit on my man’s cock for a while, but its going into your ass! I want you to hump his prick into your ass for a while. My baby hasn’t had a tight ass around his cock for a long time. And you with the camera, Get in close and see what a good butt-fucker my man is while he rips into your wife’s ass. ”My wife was really getting off on being in control. She was a real slave driver, and I loved the way she was dominating the action. Not a bad night after all. She sure fooled me!With her back to me Dee poised her ass over the head of my prick while my wife squirted passion fruit lubricant on the rubber covering my dick. Dee slowly worked it into her ass as her sphincter released its control to allow passage of my thick member into that love canal. Damn, was her ass tight! Once it she slowly began gliding up and down on my shaft. She was moaning now, “Yes, yeah – fuck my ass. Fuck my ass like the whore slut I am. ” Looking at her husband she said, “Does my ass look good getting plowed with another mans cock?” she really began to hump it fast now. My wife took the dildo and started rubbing it on Dee’s clit. I felt her body tremble as her muscles tightened their grip around my cock. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   My wife worked the rubber knob into Dee’s pussy - now Dee was being fucked in both holes. The action was so intense that it immediately pushed her over the edge to another thundering climax. Good thing too, as I myself was getting dangerously close to my own eruption. That tight ass was nearly too much for me to resist, but I knew my wife would be pissed if I came already. As Dee dismounted my throbbing member, I heard my wife say, “Jay, Give that recorder to Dee and get over here. ” My wife had slipped on a pink corset, garter belt, and nylons. She got on the bed one side of me and had Jay on the bed on the other side of me. She said to me, “You wanted to see what it was like on the recorder with a dick plunging in and out of my pussy, now your going to get your chance! And Dee, don’t be afraid to hop on the bed to get right up to the action. I don’t want a thing missed. ” I was helpless bound to the bed watching while my wife reached over my stomach, grabbed Jay’s 5-incher with both hands and began jacking him off. She stroked his member till it was god and hard, then lowered her mouth over it and began slurping his tool in and out of her mouth. She pulled it out and began a thorough tongue bath of his cock. Up one side down the other. Circling the head wildly with her tongue and depositing a load of saliva on it, then putting it back into her mouth as her head bobbed up and down fuck his prick with her hot mouth. The quicker her head bobbed, the more her tits flopped.

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   Gawd, it drives me insane watching tits bounce and flop like that! I could see him start to tighten in preparation to cum. My wife sensed it to and backed off, now slowly whacking his prick. She placed a rubber over it, then sucked it a few strokes to moisten the sheath. She grabbed the lubricant and squirted it over the length of his shaft. “Did you like watching me fuck another mans dick in my mouth,” she asked? “Yes,” I managed to mumble. Next, she straddled my body positioning her head over my cock with her pussy over my face and removed the rubber from its hold on my cock. She squirted some lubricant onto her asshole, then said, “Stand over me and fuck my ass in front of my husbands face, Jay. I want him to see how it’s done. Can you believe it, In all the time we’ve been married my husband has never violated my ass! I don’t know what ever gave him the idea I wouldn’t like to have a good butt-fuck occasionally! Ram your cock into my slut ass for him to see. ”I was flabergasted. She was right, for some reason I had it in my head that she was too ‘proper’ to have her ass reamed. I had even told her before we got married that I enjoyed a good butt-fuck now and then, but had never done it with her. Now I was watching as my wife’s pussy was dangling over my face this other guy was shoving his member into that sanctuary before I ever did! She was really teaching me a lesson tonight about what she wanted!He had worked his shaft all the way up her poop-chute now, and his balls were smothered tight against her pussy hole now just inches from my face. He began pumping his rod in and out of her brown hole now in a regular motion, each time he did so his balls would slap against her pussy with a flop sound. Meanwhile she was ramming my cock deep into her mouth.

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   The whole scene was really hot, watching my wife service two cocks at once in two different holes. She was a real cock slut, and I loved it watching her get hammered this way. “DAMN, is she one hot woman,” I thought to myself. I am one helluva lucky guy. My wife was deep into the pleasure of the moment now moaning and urging him on, “Fuck that ass – fuck it hard you prick! Play with my clit. ” At this point Dee reached in, still holding the camera and recording the action, and said, “I’ll take care of that for you honey. ” She expertly began working my wife’s clit while her husband was now furiously pumping cock into her ass. He was getting ready to cum, my wife was getting ready to cum and had pulled her lips off my prick and was now jacking my cock up and down fast in a tight wet grip screaming, “I’m gonna cum, I’mm gonna cummmm. Faster – fuck my ass faster. Rub that clit hard you bitch. Make me CUM HARD. ” I thought I was in heaven watching my wife get two cocks and have a woman masturbating her clit. But then Dee set the camera on the table (still running to catch the action) and returned and started to lick her husbands nuts as his cock penetrated my wife’s ass. She then slipped down to eat my wife’s pussy and then closed her mouth over her clit. I watched as Dee ran her tongue across my wife’s wet pussy over and over.

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   Then she would take the clit into her mouth and flicker her tongue over the little hard nub of her clit, making my wife shudder and causing her to stop the pumping on my cock till the waves of pleasure subsided. My wife was enjoying another woman’s mouth in her snatch. At the same time her husbands cock was darting in and out of my wife’s ass, the brown skin of her asshole grasping has dick coming outward each time he withdrew as if in protest. Then as he plowed back into her bum the skin of her ass would pull tightly inward making the flesh on her ass cheeks tight until he hit bottom and started the procedure all over again. My wife convulsed with a gasp uttering, “That’s it - get at that clit. Here it Cums. That’s it fuck me – eat me, Don’t Quit. AARRGGH, you FUCKERS _ here I CUMMM!!!”Jay was muttering his impending explosion, and now he was in the middle of emptying his balls into the rubber surrounding his cock - which was buried deep into my wife’s ass. My own nuts had drawn tight to my crotch, and the head of my cock was now a deep purple color from the furious jacking action my wife was applying to my pecker. It exploded huge spurts of white joy juice all over her tits as they flopped to and fro from the humping her ass was getting. My cum was spraying everywhere, running down her tits to form drops on her nipples before dropping to my stomach, and then oozing from my cock over her fingers as she worked the slippery fluid up and down my shaft. Dee’s mouth and face was being sprayed with heavy pussy ejaculations gushing from my wife’s’ pussy slit above the clit she was still sucking on. .