Swingin' (ch.7)


I reach into my pants and came out with the mushroom head of my manhood in my hand. You watch as I touch the tip and gently stroke myself hard in front of you. How erotic you are, and how you send my fantasies soaring in my mind. I push my pants down lower to give myself more access and use both hands, one massaging my sacs while the other slowly strokes my hardness. You slumped down in your own chair and let your hand slip under the material of your blouse. You search out your already hard nipples as you watch me. Your hand still massaging and pinching the hardened nipples as you continue to relive how exciting we were the night before. We keep on touching ourselves in full view of the other, each getting more excited as we watched how well our hands knew our own bodies. A woman stroking and touching herself has always excited me and you're fully aware of that fact. Foreplay without ever touching. I pull my fully erect member to my stomach and stroke upwards while rolling my sacs around in my other hand and touching the sensitive area beneath them. I let my eyes move to observe the wanton display of sexual gratification playing itself out on the screen before us. A shallow, slow moan escapes from your throat. Instantly I glance in your direction to observe you moving your hands from your nipples to the soft, warm, mound beneath your pants. You let your fingers wander over your smoothly shaved pussy, parting the moist lips you find waiting for your touch. You yank your pants down to your knees, letting them fall from there to your ankles.

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   This frees your legs allowing them to fall apart as you begin to circle the opening below your button. Your gaze wanders back to the events of last evening and how you looked as you orchestrated the drama. You watch as I stroke myself in front of you and you feel your own wetness grow in response. You let your fingers push through the resistance you feel at the opening of your warm tunnel and gasp slightly as your finger plunges deep inside you. You push your fingers inside you all the way and then rotate them slightly while touching your clit with your thumb, leaving your other hand free to fondle both breasts. You are watching the TV now and again reliving last night in your mind's eye. Each of us watching the other and getting more excited as we touch our most sensitive parts in front of one another, not a word spoken between us. You stand up and remove your pants completely so my view will be better as you open your legs wider for me to see where your fingers are dancing - pushing two fingers inside yourself then pulling them out to rub furiously at your tender clit. Your fingers plunge again while your thumb continues to rub. You curve the tips of your fingers to rub on your G-spot and it does it's job well making your hips move into each movement of your own hand. You never try to hold back and you feel yourself reaching the edge in what seems like no time at all. You hear my moaning in your ears as I rapidly pull at my manhood and that excites you even more. As I pump up and down the length of my shaft my cum begins squirting out through my fingers making my eyes get a far away look in them as I moan my pleasure. Hearing me moan and watching my pleasure spew from my groin to methodically land on my stomach sends tingles through your entire body increasing the pleasure you're feeling as you cum. My moans of pleasure push you over the edge.

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   You moan out loud and gasp loudly. The waves continue for quite some time wracking your body with convulsions that slowly subside. You let your fingers slip from inside you, at the same time my grip is released from my shaft. Smiles paint our faces as we savor the glow. Eventually, we find our way to the hot Jacuzzi to be massaged by the bubbles as we kiss and embrace. I massage the tenseness of your orgasm-spent muscles from your body. My hands and the hot water jetting against your skin soon have you lapsing into a peaceful tranquillity placing you on the verge of sleep. We retire from the Jacuzzi to the bed and drift into a refreshing nap…. Upon waking from our soothing nap we leave our room to try our luck in the casino. We spent several hours there and finally went to the restaurant for some prime rib. Following supper we return some more gambling activity before eventually reaching the door to our suite. We enter and proceed to relax and discuss the previous night’s experience. “What did you think of my performance last night?” my wife asked. “I wasn’t really sure how I would feel last night when we started. It was quite awkward being the first time that someone watched as we had sex, and I really didn’t expect it to happen right away on the first meeting.

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   But watching you take such control had me more turned on than I have ever been in my life. ”“I know what you mean,” she said. “I felt pretty self conscious at first myself. But after I had won the poker game, I decided I was going to give you an experience you would never forget. At first, I started out thinking that this was your thing and I was going to make you pay. That’s why I had him eat my pussy first right in front of you while you taped it. I wanted to be sure you saw every detail in close living color. But then I realized that I was amazingly stimulated by the power that I had – ordering all of you to do the things that I had always fantasized about. ” “I know what you mean. I wasn’t sure exactly how I would feel to see another man give you pleasure, and I certainly didn’t think we would go as far as we did the first time, but I am sure happy we did now that its over. ”“When he started to eat my pussy I was real scared. I think that my tenseness made my pussy even more sensitive than usual, but then when I noticed that you were stroking your cock while you were taping us – well, that’s when I knew that you were turned on by it too. I really let myself go after that for my own satisfaction. ” She said. “And I’m glad you did!!! I know we talked about tying each other up before, but for some reason we never did.

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   When you had her tie me up and both started to work on me I thought I was in heaven. Then when you ordered him to fuck your ass right in front of my face it really turned me on. ” I said. “I thought that might get the message through to you finally,” she said. “You never have tried to take my ass, even though you hinted at it enough. And I thought that the enjoyment I got from you tongue-fucking my asshole would certainly let you know I wanted something better in there besides your tongue, but you never took the hint. ”“I know that when we first met I told you that I liked anal sex occasionally from time to time, but preferred a well lubricated pussy more often. When you never replied to that statement I wasn’t quite sure if you liked it or not? Then I remembered hearing you talking and making comments to your sisters at dinners and family get-togethers that your ass was a ‘one-way passage. I figured you didn’t want to be butt-fucked. ”“Honey, that’s just talk. You don’t really think I’m going to ‘kiss and tell’ what I like or what we do alone together, do you? Especially to my family!” She said. “I guess not, I said. “Well,” she said, “being in control really had me turned on, and I decided to send you a crystal clear and concise message! Besides, he was much smaller than you, and I figured it would be a good break-in to prepare for that monster you have in your pants there. ”“At first I was envious watching him get what I never had. But I also got really hard watching him bone your ass so close to my face – seeing his cock disappear into your hole and his balls slap your pussy he time he rammed home.

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   And with you working my cock with your mouth it was more than I could stand. I had to cum! I knew you were going to make me pay, and was really hoping and looking forward that you would make me pay by eating tons of pussy. You really know what I like. ”She said, “I’m glad you like to eat pussy so much because I really like how you drive me crazy with pleasure each time you do. I wanted to see how it looks when you eat a pussy, and how another person reacts to what you do. ”“So, how did you feel when she started to rub your clit and then ate your pussy? I know that before when we watched porn movies you would say that was ‘disgusting’. ”“I just told her to lick her husbands nuts. When I said to rub my clit I was talking to him. At first I didn’t realize who was doing it, but I was so engrossed in the pleasure of having two men working my ass and mouth that I didn’t care who got to my clit. I only knew that my clit was hard and horny and needed attention. Before last night I did think two women were disgusting. But what I needed then - she gave to me good! Maybe because she was a woman she knew exactly what drove another woman wild cause I really got my bell rung. Besides, I couldn’t see if you recall – I was busy sucking your cock and getting my tits juiced by you!” She said laughingly. “By the way, how does it feel to get ‘butt-fucked’ by a woman?”“You really came up with a winner there! That was fantastic!!! True genius having us all get fucked at one time. My cock in you with her fucking my ass, and those big tits of hers riding up and down across my back, made me hard as a rock.

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   It actually made me cum harder than I ever came before cause of the rubber dick rubbing my prostate. I bought that for you to use on me, but you never did. I even wrote erotic stories for you where you fucked my ass with it hoping you would take the hint, but you never did – why not?” I inquired. “I figured you bought it for me to use on you, and, ‘yes,’ I got the hint from your stories. But I guess it was something new, and I was afraid to try it. Sound stupid?” she asked. “No more than my not taking your ass before. Taking a risk to do something different is always scary I guess. Kinda like this thing with another couple – its scary being so vulnerable trying something new. Ya know something, I made a video of me fucking myself in the ass with those dildos you have, but I was afraid to show them to you too. ”“Oh, I know about the video,” she said. When you are away I watch it and masturbate to it. ” We both laughed. “I don’t know about you, but I really want to bury my cock into your ass right now. It’s my turn to see how good it feels,” I said.

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