Swingin' (ch.8)


As my hand started to work the skirt upward I felt the end of her hose. It was then that I realized that she was wearing hosiery supported by a garter belt. That excited me. As my hand crept higher to massage her thighs, my hand brushed against her smoothly shaven pussy. This excited me even more as I realized that all the time we had been in the casino and eating supper she had been wearing nylons, garter belt, and no panties – something she had never done before. I felt her fingers sliding my zipper down and working them into my pants to grasp my cock under my underwear. “Surprise,” I said, as instead her hands found my bare, hard cock. I, too, had no underwear on! As she pulled my cock from the opening in my pants its hardness flopped against her back. She grasped it firmly and started stroking it just as my fingers began to run up and down the length of her now wet slit. After a few minutes of this toying, we turned to face each other and kissed – long, wet, and hard. During our kiss I removed her blouse and undid the snaps holding her brassiere. Her boobs bounced down towards her belly as they were released from the grip of the fabric that had so tightly bound them, happily dancing to be free at last. I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled down the zipper, letting the fabric glide to the floor revealing her plump bald pussy – neatly framed by the garter and hose she had on. The milky-white smoothness of her skin as it folded gently over to form a subtle crack that hid her treasures momentarily from my view was enticingly sexy. I took a moment to remove my clothes and by the time I had completed that task I turned to see that she had secured the 8-inch strap-on to her torso and had the video camera in her hand. The thick, pink rubber dong stood out from her groin with a slight arch.


  “You don’t get into my ass before I get into yours! Manners dictate that women go first, don’t you agree?” she said. “Anything you say,” I concurred. She liberally squirted the rubber tool with the passion fruit lubricant and said, “Suck my dick. ” I got on the floor in front of her and started working the instrument in and out of my mouth. My left hand went around her to grab a handful of her ass and help guide her in a pumping motion as her rubber dick went in and out. The fingers of my right hand were working up and down her pussy through the convenient hole that the designer had placed in the harness to provide such access. She continued to hold the camera as she taped the action. My fingers teased her clit occasionally then found their way downward for a few jabs into her wet love canal. “OK, now bend over the bed and spread ‘em,” she commanded. She placed the camera on the tripod close to my ass and got on her knees. She placed her left forearm on my ass grabbing my right hip with her hand while her right hand slid between my legs to stroke my member. She began working her tongue up and down across the skin between my sac and my anus. Each time she got to may balls her hand would leave my penis and pull them outward so she could suck them into her mouth and roll them around inside her mouth with her tongue. Then she would glide her tongue back to my anus and start to rim it with her tongue. Next, she applied a healthy dose of baby oil on my ass and started to slowly work in a finger, allowing my sphincter to relax its grip before working in and out in a fucking motion, then repeating the process till two fingers got in.

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   She stood up, coated the rubber dick she was wearing with more baby oil, then placed the head of that cock against my asshole. Very slowly, yet with very firm pressure, she started guiding the pink cock into my ass. In a little, then pause to let my muscle relax, then in a little further, then pause – over and over till I had adjusted to the object. Once I had accepted the member I started to pump backwards against her to let her know that I was ready to be fucked in the ass by her to her content. She responded by grabbing my waist above my hips and started pulling into her cock harder and harder, increasing the momentum faster and faster till she was finally plowing the tool all the way into my ass like a jack hammer. Each time she slammed it home she would grind her pelvis hard into my cheeks so the tool could put pressure against her clit. “Pump hard against me you man-whore. Hit my clit with your ass and make me cum!” She totally dominated me. She removed one of her hands from me hips and reaching around from behind, started to work her clit with the fingers of that free hand as she fucked my ass. “Oh SHIT – I’m CUMMING !!” she said as the cock planted itself deep into my rectum and quivered in unison to the spasms of the orgasm her fingers had brought on for herself. Once the waves of pleasure subsided, she had me lay on my back with my ass hanging over the bed. She re-inserted the cock into my ass, then sprayed a heavy stream of oil all over my penis. She now started to jack me off while pumping my ass at the same time. After a few minutes of this I was getting close to cumming myself, and had to grab her hand to stop her. I said, “Now its my turn for some butt action.

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  ” She removed the strap-on, and we reversed positions. I had her ‘bend over and spread ‘em,’ and began to start eating her exposed mound. Up and down and all around my tongue worked on her glistening pussy until the lips were a deep red, and her butterfly lips parted to show the passageway into her pussy. I tongue-fucked her pussy for a while, driving it in deep till my nose pressed tight against her rectum blocking off my air. Then I would circle my tongue around deep inside her, making her release moans of pleasure from deep down in her throat. Next, I began working her ass with my tongue till I could get it started deep into her ass, at the same time I reached around and worked her clit with my fingers. Now I pulled away and coated her ass with lubricant and started to work my fingers slowly in till the little round muscle relaxed enough to let me finger-fuck her tight hole. “Oh, FUCK,” she was saying. I stood up, coated my prick with oil and started slowly working it into my wife’s tight ass for the very first time. Slow, ever so slow, her love muscle relaxed. I let her take the lead to push it in as she felt comfortable. After a few minutes I felt the muscle release and it slid in quickly another inch. Then my wife began to rock back and forth on my cock, driving it slowly in and out, each time just a little deeper. Once she had gotten my cock all the way in she began to increase the tempo. At this time I knew it was time to start fucking that brown hole of hers as it was meant to be fucked.

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   I grabbed her hips and took over the tempo, setting my own pace that would eventually get me to the place where I wanted to be. I took my time, grabbing the camera, and made long, deep, methodical stabs into her bowels – zooming in for close-ups, then back out. Now I was making long strokes first all the way in, then all the way out – then re-enter back in. It didn’t take long before my wife started pumping faster against my rod, wanting to make me cum. “Fuck my ass you bastard – FUCK IT HARD – faster, FASTER, FASTER!!! Fuck my slut ass you prick. I like your cock in my ass. It feels so goood! Ram it in fast, baby. ”Gawd, when she talks load and dirty like that it, mixed with moans and squeals of pleasure it makes me cum so much faster and harder. Such was the case this time. My strokes and plunges into her ass got faster with her words, and the wonderful tightness and friction of that hole of hers had me ready to spew my load in no time. “Shit, baby – SHIT. I’m almost there. I’m gonna Cum. I’m Cumming. ”“Take my ass fucker,” she said.

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   “Spray that shit all over me. Drench me with your cum. ”“Oh Fuck. Here it Cums. It CUMMING – YES – OH SHIT. ”I quickly pulled my cock out of her ass and grabbed my shaft with my right hand. I had no sooner than gotten it out when I saw the first stream of my hot sticky love fluid pelt her pussy – the force of the ejaculation was so strong that it slashed her thighs after hitting her. Then another squirt quickly followed that hit the hole my cock had just exited from and ricocheted up onto her ass cheek. Four or five more streams spurted from the purple head of my cock to literally coat her ass and pussy with lines of the white fluid. As the spurts tapered I pumped my cock harder and faster to release every drop possible onto my wife’s genitals. By now the eruptions had stopped, but cream was still flowing from the head of my cock to glide down along the shaft and coat my fingers. I kept pumping until the spasm of the orgasm I was experiencing finally subsided. I milked the remaining drops from my penis, and in a whipping motion with my cock, flung the remaining cum onto her already cum-coated pussy. By now the first shots of cum had started to form little rivulets of drops that were beginning to run down her pussy towards her clit. I surveyed topping I had deposited on her ass and pussy, and realized that I hadn’t cum that much or with such force for a long time, if ever.

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   I grabbed the camera and zoomed in on the cum-drenched pussy I had created. A cum-covered pussy don’t do anything for my wife, but it is positively ‘hands-down’ the most glorious sight imaginable to me. I rolled her onto her back on the bed and smeared the juice in an even coating all over her genitalia. Then I went to work eating her pussy, using my cum as lubricant to really apply a thrashing to her clit. I soon had most of the liquid lapped, and in no time my wife was contributing her liquid to my palate for consumption – released from the force of the orgasm that I had brought her to. Once her own orgasmic convulsions subsided we turned off the camera, crawled onto the bed and cuddled ourselves to sleep. .