Swingin' (ch.9)


In no time we were on our way to a remote location that no one else used. The place was way out in the forest near a stream with a large sandy beach area bordered by high cliffs. It was very secluded, and we had never seen anyone else’s footprints in the sand when we had been there before. We pitched our tent in a place where the cliff was close to the stream and set up our chairs. Then I went to gather wood for a campfire for the night. We relaxed for a while. After a bit I went into the tent to change into some shorts that I had previously cut way back so the cheeks of my ass hung out. “Are you ready for some fun?” I asked, as I came out of the tent with our bag of toys and the cameras. “What do you have in mind?” she quizzed. “I want to get some shots of you being your usual sexy self outdoors,” I said. Put these on I handed her an assortment of lingerie and nightgowns. After she put them on I led her to the side of the stream where a large, flat sandstone rock jutted out. She took a seat and struck a provocative pose, her robe slightly parted to reveal some cleavage, one knee cocked slightly inward over the other, crossing her smooth nylon covered legs. The straps of the garters holding her hose were barley visible. I started clicking shots as she slowly moved, postured, then very slowly started to remove clothing – piece-by-piece. I clicked furiously from various angles until the show had been completed and she was entirely nude.

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   Then I grabbed a different costume and color assortment and we found another location and went through the whole process again. This time I handed her a rubber dildo to use as she disrobed and instructed her to use it enticingly as she felt the urge I resumed my snapshots as she started again – this time lying on a blanket at the edge of the stream. At various times she would walk into the water getting some of her undergarments wet. The beads of water glistened on her skin. She slowly worked the rubber toy over her bra covered breasts, then slowly pulled one out and ran the rubber instrument over the nipple – then the other. Next she pulled the waistband of her panties outward and inserted the tool into the front of them, rubbing it up and down over her pussy lips. Following that she took a seat on a rock in the middle of the stream and splashed water on her panties, then pulled them aside and dipped the dildo into the cool water and started gently stroking it across her bare pussy. Then she removed her bra entirely in a playful manner allowing plenty of photos during the process and put the rubber toy between her wet tits as though fucking it, licking the rubber tip with her tongue. She slid the panties off, leaving her nylons and garter belt on, and sat at the edge of the stream – just barely in the water – and started to work the tool all around her pussy. From the expression on her face I could tell that she was earnestly getting enjoyment from the stimulation. She began to work it into her pussy, slow at first, and then out again. Soon she was thrusting it in and out more rapidly sending ripples in the water outward in concentric semi-circles originating from her pussy and flowing along her thighs towards the middle of the stream only to be lost in the gently flowing water. Then she stood and provocatively turned her ass towards me and started to use the fake member to play with her ass. She gradually worked it back into her pussy a few times, stabbing it a number of times until the rubber had a liberal wet glow along its full length. At the same time she had been working the nub of her asshole with her finger until she could get it all the way in.

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   She now put the rubber head at the entrance of her back door and ever so slowly inserted it. Once in she postured several poses for me to record before removing it. We went back to the bag of toys. I instructed her to grab a robe that she didn’t mind getting ripped along with some old panty hose and put them on this time. She did as told. Next grabbed the camcorder and I led her to a large tree near the edge of the sand clearing. I set the video up on its tripod facing the tree and we turned it on. I tied her hands behind her back, and then pushed her into the view of the camera. I pretended I had abducted her. I pushed her towards the large tree. She caught on and stumbled and protested, “NO! We have lots of money! How much do you want – I can get it for you. ”“Shut up you rich bitch. I don’t want your money. What I want is to ram by big cock into that tight twat of yours!” I said convincingly. NO – not that! Anything but that!!! I’ll do anything you want.

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   I’ll suck your cock! Please, just don’t rape me – PLEASE!”I gave her another push and she pretended to fall to the ground. I grabbed her arm and brought her back to her feet. We were at the tree now. “Shut the fuck up you slut. Your gonna get my cock buried in your pussy whether you like it or not – so you just might as well like it,” I commandedShe was good. I believed her act so much that my dick got rock hard immediately. I put her back against the tree and pulled a pair of old pantyhose from my pocket. I stuffed the waistband portion into her mouth and took each leg around opposite sides of the tree and tied her head to the tree, gagging her mouth at the same time. She was still moaning and protesting, and her words were still fairly legible, though considerably muffled. Next I took a rope, tied it around one ankle and pulled that leg apart to the side with the rope. I ran the rope around the tree, grabbed the other ankle and pulled it apart so that her snatch was wide open and accessible to penetrate with my cock. Then I tied the other end of the rope to that ankle. I went to the camera to reposition it and zoom in closer to the action from the side. Returning into view of the camera. I walked up to her and grabbed her head and started licking her face and neck all over.

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   She attempted to fight back by resisting to no avail. Now I grabbed her robe and started ripping little holes in it, just big enough to get a view of each cup of her bra and pantyhose where her pussy was. I started working at her tits through the material of her bra until I could feel the hard nipples underneath stand to attention. Then I got on my knees and started to tongue her pussy. When her resistance started to subside and turn to moans of impending pleasure, I grabbed her pantyhose with my teeth and pulled at them, chewing them till they ripped enough to show the skin of her thighs bordering her panty covered pussy. I buried my head into her crotch, munching on the patch that covered her pussy. She started resisting again for a little bit. After I had munched at her panty cover crack for a few minutes I got up and said, “Lady, you might as well start enjoying this as much as I am cause I’m not about to stop till I’ve turned you into a cum-slut. I’m gonna tear into that cunt of yours until you do enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it this first time then you’re in for one hell of a long night. Do you understand?”She made no response. Louder now I said, “Do you UNDERSTAND!” This time she mumbled and nodded yes. Next I ripped the two holes over her tits wider and began to massage them with my hands. Then I slipped a hand down to her snatch and started rubbing it too. I rubbed her cunt until her pussy began to respond by forming a big, visible, wet spot over the area that covered the entry into her womb.

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   Then I started to rub her clit through the material until her body started to visibly twitch. She started to push back against my fingers, forcing her clit tight against my fingers. “That’s it bitch,” I said. “Now you’re getting it. I feel you grinding that wet cunt of yours against my hand. You like that don’t you?” She nodded her assent. “Want me to stop?” Her head motioned no. Now I grabbed her robe and started to tear it to pieces until there was no more of it attached to her body. It laid in pieces at our feet. Next, I grabbed at the pantyhose she had on. From the hole I had made at her crotch, I tore them apart from each leg until the panty portion was free from the legs. I pulled the panty portion up over her waist leaving her skin visible from her bellybutton to her mid thighs, except for the patch of fabric she called panties that covered her honeyhole. I spent several minutes lapping at all the skin I could find with my mouth and tongue – thighs, tummy, neck, and ass. My next gesture was to peel her bra down, releasing her tits from their grasp to tumble to her bare chest. I pushed the bra down to the same place as the top part of the pantyhose – right around her midsection.

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  I worked at her tatas for many minutes. I had zoomed the camera for close-up action as I placed the nipples into my mouth and gently bit at them, alternated by hand squeezing and nipple tugs with my fingers. Once she started to respond, and after I had had my fill, I grabbed her panties and ripped those off her pussy to reveal the wet, glistening slit that they had masked. I licked her vagina all over, working my tongue into her twat and ass every so often. I did this until she began to shiver from mini-orgasms that had started to seize her body. After a couple of those I pulled away and asked, “Do you want me to stop now?” “No,” she muttered. I went back to my work on her pussy – toying with her. I got her to the edge, then pulled back against her protests. After a few of these she was muttering and groaning with pleasure. “You really like this – don’t you?” I said. She managed to eek out, “Yes, yes, YES!”“If I remove the gag will you promise not to call for help?” I inquired. She nodded her agreement. I removed the pantyhose that restricted her head. Her hands were still tied behind her back, and the rope at her feet bound her legs apart. Once her head was free she bent over and took my cock into her mouth.

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   She sucked it for a few minutes, then stood back up against the tree. The first words out of her mouth was, “Put your head back into my pussy and eat me you bastard. No more games you incompetent thug. You got me this far – now take me all the way. Make me cum!”Who was I to argue. I buried my tongue deep into her crack and began lapping at her pussy like a puppy drinking water. Up and down and in I worked my wet taster. Her hips were now gyrating freely as she talked me through everything she wanted me to do to her. “That’s it – put your tongue deep inside my cunt. Fuck my cunt with that toungue. In and out – faster – Faster! Now my ass. Lick my ass. Oooh, that’s good. Get my clit! Eat it. EAT IT!!!”I focused on her clit.

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   She was engrossed by her pleasure now. “Oh fuck. Good. Ahhh, yes – Yes, YES. Eat IT! Oh, my gawd. Yeah. ” She began to spasm now. Small jerks and quivers at first, gently building in intensity. Her head was moving from side to side with pleasure. “Oh my gawd, I’m there. Your making me Cum. I’m gonna Cum. You fucking asshole – I’m Cumming. Suck my clit hard – NOW!!! FUUUUCK – YEEES!!! Here, here it CUUUUMS – AAARRRRRRGH – OHHHH. ”Her body exploded with pleasure.

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   Her tits vibrated and jiggled from the intensity of her release. Her body quacked each time my tongue slipped over her engorged clit. The pleasure carried her away and transported her out of reality and into heaven. For a brief moment she was not in the physical world, she was all alone in a world of total pleasure and release – nothing else existed or mattered. It lasted for what seemed forever, but ended all too soon. As the quivers subsided I pulled my mouth from her clit and tore my own shorts off. I quickly thrust my cock into her now gapping, dripping wet hole and pasted her body against the tree as I pumped my member furiously into her cunt. I had been so turned on by the staged raping that I was ready to cum myself in just a few strokes. My cock tore at her clit and pussy thrusting her into another orgasm. As her hot love juice flowed from deep inside her to saturate my cock, it oozed over my pumping cock finding its way out the sides of her pussy and pasted itself onto my balls. This was too much. I felt my balls constrict and tighten. My cock was now so hard inside her that it was pushing upward with enough force against her G-spot to make her gush another spasm of juice onto it. The veins on my shaft stood a full ¼-inch out, and the head had turned a deep dark purple. The signs were undeniable, “I’m cumming – I’m gonna CUM.

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   I’m gonna shoot my cum all over your pussy you bitch. !!!”And with that, I pulled my cock from her hole. As I did a stream of golden pussy juice followed it out and splattered all over my thighs and down her legs. I grabbed my cock at the base and pinched tight. “Here it slut! Here I CUM!” It was then that the first Squirt of cum exited from the head of my dick to paste itself over her hot box. “Fuck – YES” I managed as the second and third shot riveted themselves onto her snatch. I started pumping at my cock – forcing more of the hot jism over her tummy and legs. Cum was everywhere now. Hers, mine, and ours. Juice was dripping from her pussy and my cock as we ended our throes of orgasm together. After I had caught my breath, I started untying the rope that bound her hands. I then bent to untie her feet, and said, “See, that wasn’t so bad – was it it, slut. ” As soon as the last foot was untied and I had gotten back up facing her she said, “The hell it wasn’t. ” She pretended to place her knee into my nuts. I pretended to be in pain and fall to the ground.


   She then straddled my fetal positioned body with her legs, took her hands and gathered all the cum I had deposited over her pussy onto her hands, and smeared it on my body, saying, “Here – I believe this belongs to you - you jerk!” Then, as is her custom after sex, she had to piss. With her legs still straddling me she lowered herself and pissed on my crotch. “Here’s something to remember me by!” she said. After she was finished she grabbed the remnants of her torn robe and scampered out of sight of the video camera. .