Teacher gets Halloween treat 2


Topic: teacher 2 Halloween was now over and the aftermath of the events rocked Joan Porterman. She was used and forced to do things she never thought about before. Joan was now a slave to two of her students. There was videotape and only God knows what else. She stood there teaching her class and thinking about the night before. Her jaw was sore and she was thinking about the events that could change her life. If her son found out what happen to her, if her boss found out what happen to her, and worst of all if the other parents found out what happened she would be branded for life.
Joan taught her first three classes and then had a free period. This time was meant for her to go use the restroom and get a snack or whatever she needed to do. She collected her things and headed for the teacher’s lounge.
Joan entered the sanctuary of the teacher’s lounge. It was cool, quiet and no one was around. Letting her long blonde hair out of its bun and fall to her back, she sat in one of the three very plush couches. Her ass sank into the cushion and she long black skirt rode up a little on her thighs. Joan thought nothing about it; after all she was safe in this room. The room was locked at all times and you must be a faculty member to get in.

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   Joan threw her arms out over the back of the couch and let her head sink back in a pillow.
She was still thinking about how to get out of this mess. She liked having sex but not with John and Tommy. John and Tommy were horrible people for forcing her to suck cock all night. Thank God she sighed for not having to fuck them. The thoughts of the two young hung boys drove her insane. She thought about how hard they were and how John would tell her what to do. The thought that John could come in at any time and make her do anything scared her. She had her son to think about. Would they really rape him? John’s cock was a monster and Tommy’s wasn’t half bad either. What was she going to do?
The more she thought about it the more she liked the feeling of a real cock in her mouth. Her ex husband wasn’t that large and he was her only man until now. She could feel her pussy get a little wet from the thoughts of hot sticky cum in her mouth. She wasn’t a great cocksucker but she liked it. Joan started to adjust herself on the couch.

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   She could feel the pressure on her pussy. She was getting damper. She had to stop thinking about this. She had a couple more classes to teach today and she could not get home to masturbate for some time.  
She headed for the private bathroom. Joan quickly entered the bathroom stall and hiked up her skirt. For a woman in her early forties she was shit in good shape. She worked out four times a week and watched what she ate. She was a cheerleader in high school and had a gift for learning but as for now she was just a horny forty-two year old woman.
Joan sat on the toilet and shoved her hand into her very sloppy silk panties. Using her other hand she gripped the handrail and began rubbing her clit as fast as possible. This was the first time she had ever been this excited in school. Joan feverishly rubbed her clit. She was wasting no time getting herself off. She was switching between rubbing her clit and inserting her fingers deep into her gapping hole.

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   She was so wet that it covered her fingers and hand. She was inserting finger after finger in her hole. She was working two and then three fingers into her sloppy hole at a time. She flexed her legs and could feel her stomach tighten up. Joan was so close to an orgasm that it was starting to hurt. She then exploded with one last rub. Her body tightened like a steel rod and then she burst. The cum flowed out of her and into the toilet. It flowed and flowed, pouring from her. She finally felt the release she needed.
After cleaning herself up she headed back to her class. She felt in a daze everything moved slowly and she was weak on her knees.
Joan sat behind her desk and decided that she was just having students read and talk out loud about then chapter. This way she could rest and recover.  Her classes went on as planed.

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   She made it through the day and headed for home.
Joan beat her son Israel home from school. Israel wanted to take the bus so that he didn’t feel like the son of a teacher. He liked being with his friends and having a good time when his mom wasn’t around. Israel was is in his early teens and hated that his mom knew him better then he knew himself. She could catch a lie before he could start to speak. He liked being alone from his mother.
Joan turned off the car and headed for the house. On the door a piece of paper was tape to it with a single word written on it. SLAVE! Joan’s heart sank into her stomach. What now she thought.
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