Teacher Tussle


It was finally Mike's final year in highschool. He had just turned 18 last month, and was ready to be free of his "damn school", as he would often refer to it as. Mike was a good 6' 2" with brown hair, heizel eyes, and a medium build. All the girls seemed to always look at him as he passed by, marking his good looks. What started out as a carefree day, soon turned to be disastrous. As he retrieved the mail from his box, he noticed a letter from the schoolboard of his highschool. He carefully opened the envelope, and fished out the letter. As he read through the letter, his eyes gradually widened. It turned out that Mike was failing english some how, and would not graduate if he did not pass with a C or better.
The next day at school, Mike confronted his english teacher, Ms. Thomas, after the class ended. She was just about 5' 5" with black hair, firm 32C breasts, and a nice ass. She was very sexy, and it always seemed that all the guys in the class were trying to get a peek at her. As he approached her desk, he cleared his throat to show he was there. "Ms. Thomas, I found a letter in my mailbox yesterday, saying that I was failing your class," he said to her.

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   "Yes, that's correct," she replied.
"Well what can I do to raise my grade," he asked. "This late in the year, there is basically no way to raise your grade enough to make a difference Mike," she calmly said.
"What?! There has to be some way to pass this class!"
"None that I see. "
"Please Ms. Thomas, there has to be something I can do!"
"Well, there is one thing I've wanted from you for a very, very long time. . . "
And with that, she rose from her chair and walked slowly to Mike. She grabbed his penis through his pants and started rubbing it. Mike shuttered from the great feeling of her hand. "All you have to do to pass is go with the flow Mike," she said softly. "Go shut the door and lock it," she added. Mike was quick to comply, then walked back to her desk. Ms.

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   Thomas started to undo Mike's belt. With that done, she unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down to the floor. Mike's cock was visible through his boxers, peeking out of the hole in front. Ms. Thomas made quick work of his boxers, sending them to the floor on top of his pants. She got on her knees and grabbed his shaft, slowly working her way up and down.
"That feels so gooood," Mike moaned. His sexy teacher made no reply before putting his cock in her mouth. She started to suck his cock greedily, making lots of slurping sounds. Mike put his hand on her head as she was taking his full 10 inches down her throat. "Mmmmmm so gooood," he groaned. She slowly took his cock out of her mouth, and started to lick and suck on his balls. This was too much for Mike and he felt himself starting to cum. Soon, his sperm flew all over Ms. Thomas' face, and she laughed while wiping his cum on her hands and licking it off seductively.

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"Wow, you're still so hard Mike," she said. "I know just what to do with your lovely hard cock. " She slowly undid the buttons on her blouse, revealing her firm tits. She didn't have a bra on and her nipples were pointing out. Then, she unzipped her skirt from the back, and slid it down her sexy legs. She had a black thong on, and her pussy juices were running down her leg. She took off her thong and instructed Mike to clear off her desk. While he was complying, she started fingering herself. As soon as everything was off her desk, she climbed on top of it and laid on her back, with her pussy a little off the edge facing Mike. Her smoothly shaved pussy was glistening with her juices.
"Now Mike, I want you to put that delicious cock inside my pussy and fuck me hard!" Mike guided his cock to her pussy lips and rubbed his head up and down on her slit until suddenly, pushing his cock into her. He started to fuck her hard just as she said. "Ohh oh! FUCK ME! Fuck my pussy. . .

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  YES, yes fuck me hard," she said, while her tits moved back and forth from the intense fucking. After about ten minutes, she grabbed his cock and took it out before moving onto her knees into the doggystyle position. Then, she guided his cock into her pussy again. It didn't take long before Mike pulled his cock out and cummed all over her ass.
After a few minutes of just laying on top of each other, Ms. Thomas finally spoke. "Good job, you just bumped your F to a D," she said.
"What? But I need at LEAST a C to pass!"
"Then I guess we will be fucking again soon," she said impishly.
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