The Adventures of Deborah: A Memoir, Chapter 2


On Thursday morning, Debbie went to work as usual. She had a job as a secretary at the First Baptist Church, the same church in which she and George had grown up together. The pastor there was a Rev. Adam Berger, a rather pompous man, but one who had always been friendly enough to Debbie. He would be the clergyman who would eventually marry her to George, and he had suggested to her that some pre-marital counseling would be appropriate. She pondered the idea of whether she should approach the pastor about the lack of sexual familiarity between the engaged couple. After completing all of the immediate work on her desk, therefore, she decided that it might be helpful, so she knocked on his office door. He invited her in and asked her to sit down. She was rather timid at first, saying only that she thought perhaps this would be a good time for the premarital counseling he had suggested. Rev. Berger made a little speech to her about the importance of marriage and how many problems could be avoided if there were solid understandings to begin with between the bride and groom. In the course of their rather banal conversation, he asked her if she knew of any particular or potential problems. This seemed to open the door for her to bring up the matter of sexual relations. “Rev. Berger,” she said, “I know we are not supposed to have sexual intercourse before we are married, but George doesn’t seem to have any interest in sex at all and that worries me some. ” The pastor smiled, and said, “George is a fine man and I’m sure he is just waiting for the right time.

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  ” After a moment, he added, “Does he seem totally opposed to sexual activity?”“Well, sir, we really haven’t had any kind of sex at all. I haven’t ever seen his penis and I don’t think he even gets hard! I mean, I’m not sure he even knows what to do with it!” she blurted out. “But I’m sure you do, Debbie,” the minister responded with a slight smile. Debbie wondered if she should have not been so forward, and said, “Oh, no, sir, but I would at least like to begin to feel comfortable with him sexually, if you know what I mean. ” She noticed now as they sat opposite each other on a couch in the office that there was a clear bulge rising in Rev. Berger’s crotch area beneath his pants. She wondered what his cock really looked like and suddenly became emboldened to move closer to him. She reached out her hand and let it fall on his thigh as she said, “Isn’t it normal for men to get sexually aroused around their girl friends?”“Well, yes, of course,” the Reverend stammered. “Like you seem to be now,” Debbie giggled and ran her hand over the hard mass of his cock that was now obvious under his pants. Her obsession with cocks now took over her consciousness and she quickly slid off the couch down on the floor onto her knees while her hands found Berger’s zipper and pulled it smartly downward, No longer constrained by the trousers, his huge, hard cock jumped out at her through the slit in his boxer shorts. It was HUGE. The biggest she had yet seen, perhaps 8 or 9 inches and thick as well. The veins along the shaft protruded and the whole thing had a rosy or purplish tint to it. The Reverend Mr. Berger made no move to stop this impertinent lass as her head moved to kiss the penis and then her lips opened and closed over the circumcised cockhead.

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   The cock quickly filled her mouth as the pastor moaned with pleasure as she began to pump it and stroke it with her tongue while her fingers closed around its base and jacked it upwards. Her other hand found his balls. Reverend Berger made no effort to restrain the beautiful blond who was giving him the best blow job of his life. He was, in fact, in ecstasy, and caressed her head and ears as she sucked fervently on his pecker. Only after he had cum with several powerful surges of creamy jism, only part of which did Debbie manage to swallow, did he say anything at all. “You do seem a little sexually depraved, young woman,” was his first comment. Debbie looked up at him, several drips of semen running down her cheeks and off her chin. “Oh, Rev. Berger, you have such a wonderful penis. I would suck this anytime for you. You taste so good, too. ” Berger smiled briefly and then zipped himself up and stood up. “Well, Debbie, this really isn’t proper, you know, although I must admit that it was very enjoyable. You mustn’t say anything to anyone about this, you know. But perhaps I could have a word with George about not being quite so distant from you, if you know what I mean.

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  ”“Oh, thank you Rev. Berger. I would appreciate that so much. I hope I didn’t do wrong in coming in to see you, but I really did mean what I said about your penis. It is magnificent and please let me suck it whenever you are feeling a little horny. ”The parson turned pink. Then he suggested that she had better get back to her desk now. As she left his office, however, he gave her ass a gentle pat. —George arrived at Debbie’s apartment at six p. m. She had dressed sexily in a low cut blouse and miniskirt that showed off her well-endowed body to the fullest. She could tell when she opened the door that the prudish George did not approve, but he didn’t say anything specific about her attire. Instead he came in and sat down on the couch and began to tell her that he had seen Reverend Berger briefly during the afternoon and that Berger had said Debbie had been in to see him for counseling. “Yes, George. We talked about pre-marital sex.

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  ”George’s face reflected alarm. Debbie came to him and sat down on his lap. She kissed his ear, flicking her tongue in and out of it, as she said. “He said it was healthy for an engaged couple to have some sex, and that you shouldn’t be so straight-laced. ”“He did?” George responded with amazement, just as Debbie’s hand moved along his thigh and fondled his crotch. All she found was his limp cock and balls with no apparent hardening taking place. Georges squirmed uncomfortably. “Deborah!,” he shouted. “What are you doing?”“George, darling, I’m only trying to find your cock? Do you have one?”George got red in the face, and sputtered, “Of course, but you shouldn’t be touching it yet!”“But George, honey,” Debbie cooed, as she turned her body so that her legs now straddled George’s thigh, grinding her pussy against it, “how can I marry you if I don’t even know if you have a cock or not? Pleeeeease let me see you pretty little cockie. ” And she wiggled her pussy against his leg, feeling at least a little sexual sensation in her cunt. Her fingers went to his crotch again and fiddled with his trouser zipper, but he pulled her hand away and pushed her back onto the couch. As she fell back her skimpy skirt fell away and revealed her naked pussy. George’s eyes got as big as saucers as he gazed at it in awe. But Debbie just lay back and smiled at George as her fingers went to her pussy and spread the labia wide apart to reveal the luscious, wet pink inside. “Do you want to eat me now as an appetizer or later for dessert?” she said.

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  George was horrified and he stood up straight. Debbie noticed now, however, that there was beginning to be a bulge in his trousers. Perhaps she was making some progress after all. She decided to go for it all now, lest he cool down. In an instant she was out of her blouse and skirt, leaving her lovely body completely naked . She wrapped her arms around George and pressed her body close to his as she kissed him passionately, pushing her tongue into his unsuspecting mouth. One hand quickly unbuckled his belt and with the other she jerked his trousers to the floor as she herself fell to her knees. His boxer shorts came off as easily. Her fingers closed around his ass as her mouth attacked the flaccid penis that swung before her. As soon as she got it into her mouth, however, and began to lick and suck it, she could feel it stiffening. George lost his balance under this assault and fell back onto the couch. But Debbie stayed with him and her mouth never left his cock. Now her hands fondled his balls, and jerked on his shaft as her mouth fucked the stiff 6 inches that his cock had finally reached. George managed one more feeble protest, as his hands pushed against Debbie’s head, but there was no conviction to it. “No .

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   . . no ,” he murmured, but then he surrendered as he began to feel the exquisite tingle in his balls and the beginning surge of his cum, and instead of “No,” he began to moan “Yes . . . yes . . . oh, yes . . . . ” He shuddered as he came quickly and hot spurts of salty cream shot into Debbie’s eager mouth. ” She licked the remaining cum off his withering rod, as George lay back with a happy smile on his face, finally conquered by his wicked fiancée. Debbie was hardly finished, however.

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   Now excited, but still without orgasm, she dipped her fingers into her cunt and sucked on them to taste her own sweet juice. She wanted more from George than one quick cocksuck, and she looked down disdainfully at his shriveled cock, now almost lost in his sack of balls. “George, darling, we have just begun,” she said sweetly as she mounted the couch on her hands and knees, her tongue now grazing his cock and balls. She cupped her palm under his balls and sucked his tiny sausage into her mouth and began to suck it back to life again. It responded slowly. As she sucked she took hold of George’s limp hand and brought it back to her wet pussy, guiding his fingers inside and his thumb up onto her clit. She stopped sucking long enough to say to George, “Finger fuck me now, baby. Make me cum, too. Cum on, George, CUM ON. ” George seemed to get the idea and began to move his fingers in a fucking motion as his thumb massaged her swollen, wet love-button. Debbie was HOT now and she resumed her cocksucking with zeal, at times bringing his entire cock and balls into her mouth and throat. George resumed his moaning as his sexual ecstasy rose and he became increasingly effective with his hand in Debbie’s cunt. “OH, YES, GEORGE. THAT’S IT, GOOD BOY, FUCK MY CUNT, CUM ON. MAKE ME CUM.

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  . . DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP. And then, just as she reached her orgasm and went into ecstasy, George began to squirt his cum into her mouth. This time she was so distracted with her own pleasure that she let her mouth fall away from his cock and he squirted his cum all over her face.
    She slowly regained her consciousness. Cum dripped off her nose as she brought her face up to George’s and kissed him feverishly, letting him taste his own cum and as she wiped it off with her fingers and tongue and then shoved them into George’s obedient mouth. George had never known such pleasure and Debbie now peeled off his shirt to leave him as naked as she was. She took his hand, and said, “Come on, Georgie, let’s go to my bed. We’ll be more comfortable there. ” He followed willingly, still in something of a dizzy daze. She pushed him down on the bed, on his back, and looked at his once more shriveled cock. “This guy really doesn’t have much staying power, does he?” she thought. She had tasted the pleasure of sucking cock now, and had become something of an expert at it, and she had had her cunt finger fucked several times, most recently by George, but she reminded herself that she had never been truly fucked. She had popped her cherry with a coke bottle, but she had never felt the glory of a stiff penis violating her vagina.

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       “Now,” she decided, “is the perfect time. ”But first she would have to do something about that poor little worm of a cock. Once more her mouth went down on it. This time she straddled her fiancé 69-style, so that he could get a full view of her pussy and hopefully get his tongue into it. She knew that a taste of her love juice would serve as an aphrodisiac for her reluctant lover. George’s prick slowly began to rise again as Debbie licked it and soon she felt his fingers and mouth exploring her own sex, which she pushed back against his face. As soon as she had achieved a good erection from George’s cock, she sat up suddenly and turned around completely, sitting over him and bringing her pussy down over the erect cocksoldier standing at attention below. It slid up into her wet cunt easily and she reveled in the tingle that swept through her as she felt that stiff rod against her vaginal walls. She squeezed his small cock as tightly as she could and began to rock up and down as waves of heavenly sensations rippled through her. She leaned back and grabbed George’s balls under her ass, caressing them as she fucked his cock. What a lovely ride this was! She felt her second orgasm cumming, and kept up the rhythm right through the waves of juice that flooded George’s cock. George must have been feeling something, too, for he began to pump on his own, although Debbie came twice more before George’s whole body quivered and he finally managed to propel his sperm up into her cunt. Immediately, George’s tool resumed its noodle status, and Debbie could feel it shrivel away. She lay forward on top of George, forward enough to push one of her nipples into his mouth. “Suck my tit, Georgie,” maybe it will give you new stamina.

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      ” George complied meekly, but seemed to have little ardor left. Debbie now realized that while she had conquered this man, he might very well not be man enough to satisfy her for long. But she was also still obsessed with sexually mastering and humiliating him. From the looks of him, she wasn’t sure he would ever get it up again, but she decided she had to try. Now she took him into the shower and sat him down on the little bench to one side. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, then switched on the hand shower, bring the hose with its stiff spray down between George’s knees and training it up under his balls. The water spray tickled and massaged his sex organs and quicky Debbie saw the little cock rising up again and a contented smile emerging on George’s stupid face. She ran the spray up and down the shaft again and again over his balls as the erect cock came to its full six inch position. The rosy pink cock now beckoned her and she switched on the main shower head as she fell to her knees and commenced a third sucking of the tender cock. There was no protest from George now. Instead he held her head in his hand and pushed it hard onto his willing pecker. As the water streamed down over them, Debbie sucked eagerly, eventually bringing the cum surging from the cock once more. She couldn’t really understand why it was George who was so exhausted when she had done all the work. She felt great, but her pussy still demanded more. She roughly pulled George down onto the floor of the shower and squatted over his mouth.


       “Eat me, George. Make my pussy cum once more. ” She rubbed her cunt into his face with delight until she once more felt the surge of her juices squirting onto George face. Debbie sat down on the bench now, her legs wide apart. The shower continued to stream down over them. She looked down at George, who appeared to be asleep. She gave him a kick and said, “Wake up, George, there’s one more thing you must do for me. ”George opened his eyes and looked at her adoringly. “Yes Deborah? Anything at all. ”“Come over here, George. Kneel down in front of me and look into my pussy. ” George did as he was told. “Now, my love, press you mouth against my cunt and I will pee into it and you will swallow it all. ” Again, George did as he was ordered and Debbie relieved her self into his mouth, the last bit squirting away and all over his face. Debbie stood up and pushed George aside in a crumpled heap on the shower floor.

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       “I’m going to fix supper now. You come along when you’re hungry. ” It was late by the time they had finished supper. They had not dressed, but sat at the table naked. George had said little, still in a kind of daze. After supper Debbie took him by the cock and led him back to the living room where she helped him dress again. As he left her apartment, she kissed him and squeezed his little cock. “Next time you come, George, we’ll have supper first. ”[More to come in the further adventures of Deborah. ].

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