The Bicycle Ride


    Just like many young teenage boys my body was growing taller, but it was still as thin as a twig.   Unlike many teens I was not into organized sports.   I was more of a loner and liked to ride my racing bike after school.   I wore tight fitting colorful spandex shorts and jerseys.   I imagined myself to be a European pro bike racer.   I took long solo rides into the country where I searched out deserted roads so I would not have to deal with traffic.      On one afternoon I hurried home from school, got dressed, hopped on my bike and headed for the country.   I found a quiet back road and after I had ridden for about ten miles an old blue pickup truck passed me.   It was the only vehicle that I had seen.   When it disappeared up the road I was alone again.      Shortly after I noticed the same pickup parked off the side of the road.   It was partly hidden by some bushes, but I could still see two people inside.   I continued on my way when all of a sudden the pickup roared along side of me.   Then it swerved in front and screeched to a halt.   I had to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting it and almost fell off of my bike.      I was very shaken and tried to gather my senses.

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    The passenger door of the truck flew open and a man jumped out and charged at me with a knife in one of his hands.   I was terrified.   He looked to be about thirty maybe two hundred pounds and over six feet tall, a very big man.   He grabbed my left arm  and swung me around.   I slammed into the side of the truck and it knocked the wind out of me.   The man  stuck the knife blade at my throat and ordered me to get into the truck.      I felt a panic and my legs got week.   He pushed me into the truck as the driver ran around back and threw my bike into the truck bed.   They got in on either side of me and the driver floored it.   The guy with the knife grinned at me and I could see that he was missing at least one tooth.   He held the knift to my throat with his left hand and his right hand groped my crotch.      The driver, a fat dark skinned older man, glanced sideways and yelled, "Come on Pete. Lets see what the little faggot has between his legs. "  Then this Pete guy pressed the knife point into my neck and growled at me, " Take off those fucking shorts now asshole, or you'll be dead meat on the side of the road. "  His breath smelled like vomit and I began to shake.

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       I tugged my  tight shorts down past my knees and the driver shot his big hairy hand between my thighs.   He squeezed my penis and I pushed back into the seat as I tried to dislodge his hand.   His elbow came up and slammed my head back against the rear window.   I felt blood run from my nose.   Pete laughed and said not to fuck with Mario because he liked to play rough.      The truck slowed and turned onto a one lane dirt road that looked like it had not seen another car in months.   We bounced along for about a mile while the driver, Mario, pinched my penis between his thumb and forefinger.   "This fairy's got no dick Pete, I can hardly find the damn thing. "   I felt my face get red. He turned into a deserted driveway and stopped the truck in front of an old abandoned house trailer.      I was terrified by the thought of going inside the trailer, but Mario dug his fingers into my arm and dragged me to the front door.   He pulled me up the decaying wooden steps and then ripped open the door.   The three of us entered into darkness.      We stepped on empty beer cans as we walked across the room.   Mario jerked my arm and ordered my to strip.

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    I could hardly think because of fear, but did as I was told.    I was barely into my teens and was still a virgin.   I didn't know a thing about gay sex to say nothing about male rape.   I stood there naked and  was scared  shitless.      As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw a couple of plastic chairs and a  table and also a dirty old sofabed that was open.   Mario pushed me toward it as Pete fumbled with his pants.   He got them off and began to stroke his cock that hung halfway down his thigh. Then he came over and pushed me onto the stained mattress and told me to suck on his massive cock.   The thought of me sucking another man's penis caused me to tremble with fear.      Mario held my head and Pete pushed his cock against my lips.   "Open", he shouted and I did.   His cock was hot and smelled like foul cheese.   "Bite me and I'll knock your teeth out", he growled.   Mario forced my jaw open wider and I gagged as Pete forced his cock into my mouth.   Suddenly I felt Mario stick a finger in my asshole and I bit down on Pete's cock.

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    He back-handed me across my mouth and I tasted blood.      Mario had gotten his finger all the way into my anus and said, "Don't kill the bastard Pete , because I still want to fuck the fag".   Pete laughed and said that he wanted to fuck me first.   "Hey Mario, drive over to the liquor store and get us some whiskey". Then he added, " And get something to grease this pig's ass. "   Mario replied, "OK, but don't fuck him until I get back. "     He left and I felt cold and began to cry because now I knew what they wanted to do to me.   Pete began to rub his hands over my chest and stomach.   He told me to lay back on the mattress and his hands moved lower on me.   He laughed and said that Mario was right about the size if my dick.   His big hands played with it and then he lowered his head and took me in his mouth.   He said to pay attention so that I could do the same to Mario when he got back.   He licked and sucked and I started to feel my dick swell.   The brute was turning me on as he sucked harder.   Then he stuck the tip of his finger in my ass and massaged my asshole.

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    Oh god, don't let me cum , I prayed.   Pete must have heard me because he stopped and said, "You cute little fairy I can't wait to put my cock in your ass. "     Just then the door opened and the light nearly blinded me.   Mario put down a bag of liquor bottles  on the table and opened his jeans.   Pete grabbed a bottle and drank half as he told Mario that I was a great cocksucker.   "Come here girlie and show daddy", Mario said to me.   He had a bottle in one hand and grabbed the back of my neck with the other one.      His pants were gone now and his crotch was black with thick matted pubic hair.   He pulled my face down into it.   I could smell his musky odor .   His short but very thick cock was buried in it beneath his fat belly.   I stroked it and tried to remember what Pete had done to me.   "Suck me", Mario ordered and I opened my mouth.   I could feel his cock head get bigger as I sucked it.   He groaned and took a gulp from the bottle.


    His hips moved in and out and he pulled my face deeper onto his hairy mass.      Pete went over to the table and opened another bottle.   He pulled something else from  the bag.   Out of the corner of my eye I saw him fill his hand with a clear cream from a tube.   Then he walked over and shoved that hand between the cheeks of my ass.   He stuck a finger in my anus.   Then he pulled his hand away and wiped the rest on his soft, but very long cock.   My fear increased as he soon had the biggest raging hard-on that I could even imagine.   It looked bigger than my forearm and made Mario's seem puny in comparison.      Pete saw me staring at it and an evil grin crossed his face.   "Hold onto him Mario", he said, "I'm going to open this little mother fucker's ass so wide the whole world will fit inside".   Mario leaned on me and forced my face into the mattress.   Then he grabbed my wrists in an iron-like grip and I couldn't move.   I could barely breathe.   I felt Pete spread my legs apart.

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    Then he reached under my hips and lifted my ass up.   I looked back between my knees and saw him kneeling there.   I tried to pull away , but they had me pinned down.      Mario hissed, "Go on Pete, fuck the little bitch like a tied goat. Make him cry for his mommy".   Pete shoved three then maybe four of his thick fingers into my tight anus and I screamed in pain.   I could feel skin and muscle tear.   "That's it, now fuck him good and hard", cheered the drunk and sex crazed Mario.   I felt Pete"s fingers withdraw and then felt something far more terrible push against my sore asshole.      I looked back under my dick and saw Pete tighten up to my ass.   He dug his thumbs into my ass cheeks and began to pry them apart with tremendous  strength.   Mario pushed down hard on my back and tried to get a closed look at my destruction.   Pete hunched forward and I felt the head of his massive cock forcing its way into my ass.   "Come on Pete, pop this mother fucker's cherry.   I want to see blood", shrieked the drunk and delirious Mario.

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       Pete grunted and shoved and then shoved again.   Over and over.   I screamed with intense pain.   That only seemed to encourage Pete and he shoved harder still.   Tears ran down my cheeks  as Mario reached a hand under me and grabbed my hanging ball sack.   He was trying to tear my balls from my body and I shrieked.   Pain was coming from everywhere and I began to pass out.      Then I felt Pete shove again only this time it was different.
      The sharp pain was replaced with a dull feeling of fullness.   "Thats it. You're in him now", shouted Mario as he tightened his grip on my balls.   Pete began to hump faster while Mario pulled on my dick like he was milking a cow.   Pete thrust against me hard and deep and let out a loud roar.   Mario released his grip on me and moved around to get a good view.   Pete hunched me spastically a couple times and Mario hollered, "Thats it buddy, fill his little ass full".

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        And he did just that.      Mario went to the table and handed Pete a bottle announcing that he deserved a drink after that show.   Pete's monster cock was still inside me as he took a long pull from the bottle.   He rotated his hips and pulled his now softening cock from my anus.   It felt like fire burned through me.      The mattress was  soaked with sweat, tears and much cum.   Mario came over and cupped his hand under my ass and it filled with Pete's escaping cum load that was oozing from me.   He then grabbed my neck and stuck his hand under my mouth and told me to eat it.   I gagged, but opened my mouth and lapped up the cum mixed with my own blood like a dog drinks water.   He smeared the rest on my face.      They were both drinking and laughing at the table as I lay sprawled on the sofa bed in pain and humiliation.   My young mind could not comprehend what had just happened to me.   If I thought they were finished I was terribly wrong.   Mario wanted his share now.   Before I saw it happen he had got  behind me and slapped ass my with such force that I was sure the skin had split.

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        He grabbed be around the neck and literally flipped me over onto my back.   "Now its my turn to fuck your little faggot ass", he spit at me.      He grabbed both of my ankles with his powerful hands and lifted them high over my head.   My ass was lifted off the mattress.   "Grab these Pete", he called out.   Pete took hold of my ankles and pulled them back past my head.   I was now on my back with my ass up high off the mattress.   He held me tight and spread my legs apart.   Mario lubed his fat cock with the same cream that Pete had used.   He jerked his cock and grinned down at me.   Bubbles  started coming out of my ass and he laughed , "Pete, I think you gave this whore an enema with your cock".   "Just use yours like a cork in his ass", joked Pete.      Mario's cock was hard now and he told Pete to spread my legs wide.   Then he aimed his purple headed cock at my asshole and flopped down on top of me.   "I'm going to fuck your pussy, you little cunt.


        I'm going to fill you with my cum , whore", he screamed at me.   Then he dropped down on me again and his hard fat cock ripped me open and penetrated fully in one terrible instant.   Another scream escaped from my throat and things grew dark.      He pounded at my ass like a jack hammer and I knew that his cock was fully inside me.   Pete cheered him on with glee as tears streamed down my face.   I was crying uncontrollably.   He fucked my ass without mercy.   Then he grabbed my ass cheeks in both of his huge hands and he shuddered violently.   He groaned deeply like an animal and foamed at the mouth.   He filled me with his cum just like he said he would.       His cock popped out of me with what sounded like a fart and  they staggered back to the table.   They sat there drinking and laughing at my misery.   It was decided that because I had such fun they would both fuck me again.   They might even keep me as a prisoner and let thier friends have a go at me.      My asshole felt like it had been ripped apart by two runaway locomotives.

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        My little dick had practically shrunk into itself because all I could see was a red button that had been the head of my penis.   Everything else was in hiding.   I really can't describe my misery, it was just too awful.      The two brutes kept drinking and laughing for nearly an hour and then things grew quiet.   I looked over and saw that Mario's head was down on his hairy chest.   Pete was sprawled across the table.   I waited for a few minutes to make sure it was safe.   I spotted a pile of Mario's clothes where he dumped them after he returned from the store.   It was getting harder to see as it grew darker and I slowly crept toward the pile of clothes.       Now both of my attackers were snoring and I grabbed Mario's clothes.   I crawled to the door and held my breath as I opened it about a foot.   They didn't move. so I slithered through the opening.   Once outside I searched the pockets of Mario's jeans and found the truck keys.      My heart raced as I ran to the truck and opened the driver's door.

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        I expected to feel Mario's grip on my neck as the door squeaked open.   Still naked I slid inside with cum from my ass greasing the plastic seat cover.   I fumbled through the keys and tried each until one fit in the ignition.   I held my breath, said a prayer and turned the key.      The old engine roared to life.   I thought I saw the trailer door open when I put the truck in gear.   As I spun the old pickup around I saw a naked man with a cock hanging halfway down his thigh bolt down the steps.   But he was too late.   I raced down the driveway and turned onto the dirt road.   I was free!  I thought that my nightmare had ended.
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