The Bus Ride...


I was sat at the back of the bus when she got on. It was a boiling hot summers day and it was terribly uncomfortable. The bus was full apart from one available seat at the side of me. As she sat down her leg gently touched mine. I looked to my side but she was facing forward. I noticed a drop of sweat come down her neck and between her breats, I immeadiatly turned away as i felt her eyes on me. I kept turning my head to the side to see if she was looking at me but she wasn't. However I felt her leg pressing against mine and slowly moving up and down against it. I was wearing some white shorts and felt my cock starting to go hard and it gradualy starting to pull my shorts back. I sharply and definately not casually leaned forward and pretended to tie my shoe lace. As i leant forward, I revealed the bottom of my back. Her finger tips moved up my ever so sligthly moved up my back and in the shock i had lost my hard on. I jumped back and again turned to my side to see her still facing forward but with a smile on her face. She playfully scratched down my back and my body went goospimply. The bus then stopped and the woman got up, she grabbed my hand and pulled me with her. As i got off the bus she said "I'm sorry, I don't know why i did that.

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  " when then went for a drink and exchanged numbers. the next night (early morning - 5. 30am), I couldn't sleep. My clock ticking at the side of my head was driving me crazy so i through it too the floor. I then pulled my boxers off and through them to the floor and began to rub my cock. Our maid then entered my room too see if everything was okay. I said "I can't sleep. " she then stroked my back and whispered in my ear while i gradually pressed up against my matress. She then said "Why don't you get up, i'll make you some food. " "Leave me alone i'm tired" i replied. She then began to tickle me and said "get up lazy arse!" She then started to pull the covers off me and before i could stop her they was off. She saw my hard wet cock and turned away as she exited the room she said "I'll put your breakfast on and let you finish off. " I came down stairs minutes later. "Enjoy that" with a smirk on her face, she put my food on the table and said "Enjoy this, i'm off to bed. " I then went and had a shower and got dressed.

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   I sat in the dark on my window cill with my curtains almost fully closed puffing away on a ciggy when I saw a girl open her curtains. She instantly looked to my window, she knew i was there. She teasingly took off her pijamas and went to take a shower, she came back naked with a hand towel rubbing herself dry. She Put on her clothes and left her room and soon after her house. I banged my head against the window and got up the nerve to call the girl on the bus. (Her name is Ashley if you was wondering) I immeadiatly hung up.
I went to school and continued with my day. After school my and my mates and a few girls went for a swin in fullwood lake. We all stripped off and played about. All our clothes where in seperate piles so we all knew who's where who's and where they was. When I got out I couldn't find my, I didn't tell my friends but got back in and said "I'm just going relax for abit. " In a panic of looking around the side of the pond and woman emerged from the woods surrounding the lake, wearing a short skirt and low cut top she dropped my clothes on the floor and then hers. It was Ashley. We Stayed there for hours, until it got dark. We then went into the woods we layed our clothes on the ground and lied back, we cuddled together freezing cold and shared our first kiss.

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I picked her up and pushed up against a tree. I thrusted my throbing cock inside of her and felt her pussy grip it. I grabbed her ass cheeks as she gave it me back, I couldn't hold it and blew a load inside of her. I put her down and looked at her dissapointed face, I wanted her so bad and couldn't help cuming early. I nibbled her ear then brushed the hair away from the back of her neck and kissed her softly as i pressed up against her ass feeling her tits. I turned her around and began licking her nipples then blowing on them, I felt her shiver. I licked down her tummy to her hot dripping pussy and kissed her other lips while i cupped her breasts in my hands, I stuck my tongue as far as it would go, her back began to arch and she gave me a facial. Pouring her pearly white cum onto my face. She fell forward and i then licked around her asshole, it opened up wide, and stuck my tongue in there before pushing my cock inside her ass. I heard my thighs slapping against her ass as her body shook. She screamed in pain but didn't want my stop. I playfully bite her neck and pulled her hair. I cumed in her ass and she fell back on me. I propt her up and stroked her body. She turned around and began stroking my arms, legs, chest for half an hour before she took my dick in her mouth.

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   She licked then tip and then wanked me while she was kissing my balls. She rolled over and I sat off her face while I thrusted into her mouth, she kept gagging put as i pulled away she pressed my ass foward until i cumed, Her mouth was dripping with cum and rubbed it on her body. We fell back and cuddled again when i felt her stroking my asshole. She said "Can she try something with me. " I obliged. She bent me over like a dog, the same way i had her earlier and thrusted her fingers in my ass, She pressed against my prostate and i never cumed so hard, for so long, i cumed all over the front of her top. She finished by licking my asshole, telling my to relax. We then cuddled and fell asleep. I woke up at five and decided to go down on her while she was sleeping. She gradually woke up. For most of the time she was half asleep, breathing deeply , when she awoke she cumed almost instantly, but I didn't stop for 40 minutes when my tongued cramped up.
We jumped back in the lake and washed our selves clean of the dirt from the woods. We put on our clothes which where soaking wet, dirty and drenched in cum. We then went to nearest bus stop and sat at the back of the bus together when it arrived. We went out for A year, but broke up a few months ago but remained good friends.

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