The Day you arrived


Waking up the morning when I would see you, in a sleepy daze I felt my clit pulse. Today I would finally get to see you again after so long, too long, apart. I was feeling very frustrated, as stupidly I had agreed to no playing for the last week, it had been torture but today that would be over… I got up and had a shower, but it didn’t really help cool my hot skin and definitely didn’t cool the burning hot feeling in my cunt, only one thing would soothe that… your tongue… I drifted off into dreaming of you, of us… I stepped out the shower and wrapped a towel around me. Back in my room I dropped my towel and admired what I saw in the mirror, knowing you would be touching every inch of me shortly and I knew you would like what you saw… My little surprise for you… I spent hours getting ready, I wanted to look perfect for you and it passed the time. When it finally came to the time to leave for the airport my heart was pounding, my clit tingling… I could hardly contain myself. In the car on the way I kept an eye out for somewhere secluded so that we could take a little break on the way back, I saw the perfect place – a quiet area off the road under some trees. Waiting for you at arrivals seem to take forever, I kept looking at the time, it was going so slowly…Finally I saw you, smiling so hard my cheeks hurt. I ran to meet you, I couldn’t help myself. We hugged so tightly I thought my bones would break, pulling me to you as closely as possible I could feel how hard you were, I could barely contain my excitement! We looked into each others eyes, still smiling we kissed, softly at first and then as our tongues began to explore harder and passionately – it was perfect and so much better than I had ever imagined. Walking to my car, I couldn’t stop talking all my excitement had finally got to me, you just listened and watched me, grinning. Sitting in the car, you ran your hand up my thigh, I parted my legs slightly and your fingers brushed against my naked dripping pussy. . . "Whats this then?" you smiled slyly. "It’s all yours…" as I said this I gently squeezed your cock. .


  . "Lets go". As I drove we talked a lot, occasionally you would reach over and stroke my thigh but I slapped your hand away each time “Don’t’ distract me, plenty of time for that later”. Soon we reached the place I had passed earlier, I pulled over and stopped under the shade of some trees. No one was around. I shifted in my seat and leaned in to kiss you, running my hand down the side of you face, down your tummy to the bulge in your jeans…”Mmmmm” I sighed as we kissed, I felt your cock throb. Undoing your belt and jeans I released your rock hard cock, “Honey…? What are you doing?” I just smiled back at you, all you needed to know was in the look I gave you. Stroking your dick slowly, I bent down, my mouth just inches away from your cock, you could feel my breath. You groaned, I knew you’d thought about this a lot and I didn’t want rush it, I wanted to make it everything you’d dreamt of and more… So lightly I kissed the head of your prick, and then I slowly let you feel my tongue flick over and around the tip. During this time your hand had been stroking the back of my neck but now you moved your hand, grabbing hold of my hair… your frustration almost unbearable, you pushed my head down, forcing me to take your cock into my mouth, you groaned again and your cock was leaking pre-cum now. I began sucking your cock harder and faster, letting my tongue press along the underside. Your hand still in my hair was urging my head down as you thrust your dick into my mouth. All of a sudden you pulled my head up, looking at me with pure lust in your eyes you murmured “I want your cunt now”, trying to move my head down again you growled at me “now!” I got into the back of the car where there was a little more room, you got out and opened the door.
    “Lie down…” I did so, you pushed my skirt up around my hips as you looked down at my pussy I heard you catch your breath. Turning my head away I smiled, feeling pleased that you liked my surprise.

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       You got to your knees, taking in the site that you had missed for so long… You started slowly, teasing me but I wasn’t in the mood for that and soon you started licking my clit harder and faster, whilst sliding two fingers in and out of my dripping pussy. You could feel my cunt tightening around your fingers, tighter than you remember and your still hard cock ached to be inside. Licking me until I was on the brink of orgasm you stopped. You told me to sit up and as I did you got in the back with me, pushing your jeans down, your cock pointing straight up. We kissed hard, you grabbed my ass and I knew what you wanted. With a little difficulty owing to the fact that there was not much room I managed to get myself into position, straddling your cock. With one very easy smooth movement my cunt slid down your cock, I took it slowly wanting to enjoy every moment. As soon as your dick was totally inside me you said “Ride me slut”, I could feel my pussy clench just from what you said, I buried my face in your neck and began to buck my hips, your hands squeezing my ass. Both of us were moaning, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to fuck again. My cunt felt like it was on fire, I felt my orgasm take over, biting your shoulder it was so intense. “I wanna cum with you” I couldn’t say anything, I just nodded continuing to fuck myself on your perfect never-ending cock. It wasn’t long until you felt the signs of my imminent orgasm, my pussy was tighter than ever as I started to cum you pumped your prick into me and groaned as you shot your load inside me. After a few minutes I felt slightly recovered, we kissed softly…