The Elevator


As there bodies touch in the crowded elevator a heat explodes with in them both, touching but not touching at all, The elevator jolts as it stops at a floor pushing her against him, their lips meet swiftly sliding against each others, aware yet unaware to the crowd with in the same confinements as themselves. Their gaze unending as slowly her hands continue on their journey beneath the confines of her skirt. tentively touching her own thigh she softly moans through parted lips loud enough to stir the heat deep inside the dark stranger, yet soft enough so as not to arouse attention to there activities, yet not soft enough to allude the hearing of Al, at her moan he starts to caress his cock with large callused hands roughened by time. Back in the elevator the dark strangers eyes darken as he looks to see her hands beneath her skirt. he slowly, still gazing into her eyes slips his hands under to meet hers feeling her wetness he slides his hands beneath the elastic of her underwear, touching her soft moist mound sliding his fingers back and forth, smiling as he feels her wetness increase, smiling as he sees her eyes darken with passion. The excitement building within them all as he slides one finger deep inside her caressingly teasing her clit with his palm smiling as he feels the strength of her legs deplete, feels their shudder as they fight to stand. He moves his one hand to cradle her butt and slides another finger deep with in her as her warm cum slips past his wet fingers to trickle slowly down her leg. Al's tongue slips from his mouth licking his lips at the sight of her cum sliding down her leg he begins to speed the constant caress of his cock the veins in his neck protruding the sweat dripping from his browas the excitement builds within himself. Her eyes so dark with passion, a soft purr erupts from deep in her throat as one of her hands comes up to slowly caress between his thighs. Taking his balls in her hand she gently begins to massage them, caress them, love them with her finger tips. Gently bringing her hand up to undo his pants enough to slip her hand inside them, feeling shaken from the passion she wanted to rip his clothes from his body as he would her but their situation prevented this event from taking place, It seemed to be taking an eternity for the elevator to empty. Another jolt from the elevator brings them together once more, their lips touching as their tongues slipped into each others mouths, again for only a few seconds but enough to fill them with the urge to taste each other Her hand sliding into his pants she takes hold of his hot hard cock and gently begins to caress it, feeling the heat with in her hand, her lips part as the will to have his hardness in her mouth was almost too much to bare. Her breasts expanding against the buttons of her blouse wanting to be free, needing to be in the dark strangers mouth, tongued, sucked, kissed her nipples raising from the very thought of his mouth caressing her body. Her wetness flowing as a waterfall after a heavy rain. Another jolt from the elevator and the last of the commuters disembark looking back over their shoulders, knowing what was about to happen, glad to be out before the volcanoes erupted. As the doors close they both in unison hit the emergency break button and as animals their lips meet in such wild animalistic passion, a kiss so deep their tongues twisted around each others, their bodies touching, burning, needing to be free.

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   So quickly their clothes are removed that neither one noticed there removal. But Al did, seeing her naked body before his camera, he slowly moves it over her ,the smoothness of her butt, the gentle pink of her erect nipples, the sweet caress of wet silk between her thighs. Hardly able to contain himself Al moves his rough hands over his cock hard and fast as he imagines her wetness touching his tongue, feels her nipples raise between his lips. . . . . . . The dark stranger drops to his knees parting her legs before him slowly sliding his tongue just softly to her wet clit, barely a touch at all as she slides her hands down to gently hold her thighs apart for him , every now and then letting the tips of her fingers just touch the edge of her wet cunt, fighting the urge to slip her fingers deep inside herself. Slowly he firmly slips his tongue along the inner walls of her swollen lips, ‘til he finds the treasure he seeks, slipping his tongue deep inside her, tongue fucking her as she caresses her clit with her finger tips. She lets out a moan from deep within as she feels his tongue inside her, as she feels her body tighten at his every thrust, moving herself against his face, the cum sliding down her legs as his tongue dives over to each thigh, licking it up, sucking her thighs as he slides back up to tongue fuck her harder and faster, her fingers erratically rubbing her clit. Her stomach so tight, her cunt so wet his tongue so warm feels her body tense as she begins to violently erupt into his mouth. Her hot cum touching his tongue, he like a mad man closes his mouth over her sucking it all in, tasting her very sweetness within his mouth, sliding down his throat, listening to her moans of sweet pleasure, seeing her body rock from the immensity of it all his cock hardening from the pure erotic pleasure he derived from the whole act of licking out her sweet cunt. Al, locked within the confines of his small room, surrounded by television screens, Al tuned into the elevator stopped on the 13th floor.

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   Was busily bringing himself to the point of total eruption his cock, hot and weeping, his face red and strained. . . . . . . . As her bodies shaking subsides he tries to pull her to the floor with him self but as he pulls her down she makes him stand running little kisses over his chest softly sucking his nipples, teasing them with her tongue, moving down over his body tasting every part of him, darting her tongue into his belly button circling it. She makes her way down over his stomach, licking and sucking, nibbling as she goes until her lips meet his hot hard cock, seemingly straining to meet her lips. Gently she slides her tongue around the tip, tasting his love. Slipping her tongue down over his hot hard shaft to gently flick against his balls. So sweetly she takes one between her lips, sucking softly, tenderly moving her lips down to slide over his heated thighs she gently nibbles across from one to the other coming back up to circle her tongue just below his balls, teasing him, hearing his groans of passion she smiles and continues on unrelentingly caressing him with her lips and tongue. Slowly she moves up dragging her tongue across his balls, sucking gently as she passes by ,running her tongue up over his shaft, his hard cock rises to meet it as she closes her mouth over it sucking gently, wrapping her tongue around him as she sucks, moving her breasts against his balls as she caresses his cock with her lips, his legs shaking, his body shivers brings to her a feeling of passion unknown to her before. She tastes him getting hotter and harder in her mouth, such sweet pleasure fills her, her tongue begs him to cum, to fill her mouth with his sweet juices.

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   She sucks harder and faster moving her breasts up to slip his cock between them. He thrust up hard against her mouth pushing deep into her, the throbbing of his cock rapidly heating in her mouth as she starts to taste that first taste of his desire flow into her. She sucks harder, then softer draining it all teasing him with her tongue smilingly drinking his sweet cum as it flows down her throat, her hands on his butt, pushing him deeper into her mouth. She sighs, such a sigh of satisfaction as the flow of love begins to cease. She pulls her mouth away gently licks her tongue around the tip off his cock lapping up the remaining cum not wanting to waste any. That was it for Al, the sight of her drinking the strangers cum was too much too bare, his cock explodes a river of cum all over the television screens all over himself, as he lets out a growl of desire. Quickly he wipes the screen so he misses nothing Back in the elevator. . . . . He pulls her up to him almost violently, pushes her face up against the elevator doors the sound of it reverberating throughout the elevator shaft, waiting commuters fearing the worst as the noises continued on unending, expecting the elevator to fall. . . .

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  . . . He slides his still hard cock deep inside her, fucking her like a man possessed her moans of pleasure escaping with every breath, his groans of wild passion emerging as a beast in the wilderness. pounding against her body slamming his hard cock into her, she pushing back against him taking him all the way in, wanting more of him. He slides his hands to the front of her, grabbing her breasts, caressing them, almost bruising them in his urgent thrashing sliding his hands down her stomach to her hips pulling her hard back against him never losing his rhythm. Moving his lips against her back as she screams for him to "fuck her harder"*Curious looks pass between the waiting commuters as to what the hell was going on in fear they take another lift and get out of the building before they become witnesses to something they don't want to see*He violently fucks her with all he has within himself, licking, nibbling over her back across to her shoulder, the tension so great within himself as he feels her cunt tighten around his cock he bites into her flesh as he explodes an orgasmic sensation he has never experienced before. the hot cum flows down both there legs they lay up against the doors, their bodies shaking still burning from the passion that exploded he turns her too him kisses her long and sweet say's "hi my names Travis". She smiles says" Serena". They dress, hit the emergency button but the elevator doesn't move, they hit it again, still nothing. They start to get a little worried. Just then the emergency phone rings, Travis picks it up and it's Al the security guard on the other end. Als gruff growling voice , comes over the line, telling Travis that if he and Serena want out of the lift there are a few things they need to do before he will move it and that he has all night before the next shift comes on. Serena and Travis look at each other in horror at what was happening. Al tells Travis to take his socks off , a slight look of confusion on his face he thinks to himself that Al may have a foot fetish, so he sits and removes his socks.

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  Al then say's "now tie Serena's hands to the railing".
    Wanting out of the lift as soon as possible, Travis takes Serena by the arm to push her back against the railing. Serena protesting at the events taking place tries to fight her hand free from Travis's grip, but he was determined to get out, so he pushed her hard back against the railing, presses his body up against her so that she can't move whilst he ties her hands to the railing. Serena tries screaming but the building had already been emptied for the day. Al was in his little office, cock still in hand, slowly massaging himself, a smile on his face as his devious Mind considers his next order, the power of control pleasing his perverted mind. He then tells Travis to rip open Serena's shirt Travis looks apologetic at Serena, and starts to undo her buttons. Al shouts out over the phone "I said rip it open" So Travis takes hold of the bottom of Serena's shirt and rips it open revealing her bra covered breast the ripping open of her shirt and the thought of a third party watching her, a shiver of anticipation flows through Serena's body her nipples raising, she smiles at Travis. seeing her smile he begins to get hard again almost forgetting about Al. Al in his office, eyes glued to the screens, phone to his ear, tells Travis to unclasp her bra but Travis was already one step ahead of Al his hands were already caressing over her breasts, slipping down to her clasp admits Serena's moans. Undoing her bra her breasts fall free into Travis's grasp . Al sees that they are taking over and getting turned on by the whole situation that he concentrates on his own desires and starts pulling his dick faster, yet not to fast, he doesn't want to cum so quickly this time. Back in the elevator. . . .

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      . . Travis takes her breasts in his hands as he leans forward to lightly run his tongue around her Nipples flicking it over them, nipping them gently he stands back, looks at her naked breasts before Him as Al also does, Her body looks so ripe, her breasts seemingly calling Travis too them a wild rush of passion fills him as he presses his face into them sucking all over, all around them not touching her nipples, driving her insane with wanting to touch him also, at the same time not wanting to be freed, Al's voice comes over the line, As he orders Travis to remove here skirt and panties but to leave her in her heals. As Travis follows his orders Al goes back to getting himself off. Travis pulls her skirt to the floor, Kneels down in front of her, takes her panties between his teeth and rips them from her body the whole action almost making Al cum, Serena also. She lets out a moan as her wetness flows Al then tells Travis "to lick her" But he wants to be able to see everything. Travis stands back a little, leans his head forward lightly touching his tongue to her wet Silkiness licking harder at her moans. He runs his hands up the inside of her legs to slip a finger deep inside her as the pressure of his tongue increases and his finger enters. Serena's legs barely able to hold her, shake. Her stomach contracts with every contraction of her cunt around Travis's finger with every stroke of his tongue across her wet, hot, pulsating pussy. The feel of Travis's tongue working it's magic the thought of Al getting off watching through his television, listening to her moans over the phone Was too much too take. Serena lets out a groan of passion as her hot cum flows over Travis's tongue, his finger pushing in, out, around, and inside her. She can barely breathe as her stomach contracts the whole of her insides explode a volcanic eruption unfelt before, seeming to ease then erupting again. Travis lost to the ecstasy of it all, losing consciousness to the real world as he buries his face deep into her wet cunt literally eating her. His tongue wanting her cum to keep flowing.

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       lapping at her, his finger and tongue deep inside her, his cock so hard as he tastes her cum over and over again. Self satisfaction showing from every pore that he had made her explode so many times, wanting to slam his cock, hard inside her. Al frantically jerks at himself wanting to cum yet holding back listening ,and watching what was Happening knowing if he could get his hands and his mind of his cock long enough he could bark out more orders, but realized that Serena and Travis had taken over and nothing pleased him more, than to see two people getting off because he had started the whole situation. Travis pulls Serena to her knees, her hands still tied, he stands in front of her, undoes his pants, drops them to the floor, pulls his hard cock out and starts to hand feed it to her, circling it around her lips, tells her to lick it. Her tongue lightly touches his cock as she tries to take him into her mouth he pulls away slides his cock over her lips, down across her neck to slide it across her breasts, across each nipple moving back up over her shaking body her mouth open as he brings his cock back to it. Travis moves closer to her pressing his balls against her tongue, telling her to suck them, Serena doing what she is told takes his balls into her mouth licking and sucking them as Travis pushes them into her face. The feeling so great, Travis can feel the cum build up in his cock as he quickly pulls away from her, slides his cock into her mouth, groaning, trying to hold back. Serena can feel his cock throb in her mouth, sees his hand feeding it into her mouth faster as she loves his cock with her lips, her tongue tasting him, he lets out a growl,*as does Al* as he shoots his load into her mouth he pulls away shooting it all over her face as she licks her tongue over her lips catching his sweet juices. The taste of his cum in her mouth too much for Serena as she too lets out a groan as once again she cums a flow so strong. Al blows his desire once again, groaning and growling with each pulsating shot, ejecting from his Cock all of them moaning, groaning, Cumming together. Al being a practical joker decides he needs to make them do something else while they are under his control, so he thinks to himself it needs to be something so odd that they will wonder why he wants them to do it. After what seemed an eternity Al speaks over the phone "just one more thing and then I will release you". Travis and Serena look at each other thinking their bodies couldn't cope with any more. Al say's "untie Serena", so Travis takes his socks back then Al says "I want you both to walk like a chicken” Serena looks at Travis, a look of confusion on her face Al says "if you walk like a chicken and cluck for me I will let you out". Wanting to get out of the lift they both get up walk like chickens and start clucking Al up in his little office was laughing his arse off sees on his monitor his relief waiting for the lift to come to work, so he tells them both that they have to keep going until he says they can stop.

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       Al starts the lift up, takes it down to the basement, where his mate is waiting for it, tells them to keep going, as he opens the doors, to his waiting colleague. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . .

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