The Game


The Game
By Carmenica Diaz
Homepage: http://www. cafeboudoir. com
I love teasing - I hope you do too!
'I can't stand it!' The words leapt from his tortured lips and I smiled.
'I think you can,' I said softly in what I hoped was an encouraging tone.
'I can't, I can't!' Brad cried, his entire body quivering. 'Please Charlotte, please. . . '
'Hush!' I said gently, grazing his throat with my lips, tasting the sweat that covered his naked body. 'You can be strong. '
For a moment, I thought he was going to cry and I knew I was becoming wetter. Brad was tied in a spreadeagled position on the dining room table, tied so firmly, he could hardly move and his head hung almost over one end. It was a table that sat sixteen people so it was admirably long enough for Brad's long frame. I loved the way his taut muscles flexed and moved in his restraints.
I, of course, was fully clothed, although I had removed my knickers earlier so I could push his hungry tongue against my sex for my first orgasm.
That of course was the game.

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The rules were simple. Brad was to give me three orgasms before he could enjoy one and that meant hours of delicious teasing, of denying him over and over again.
I stroked his straining cock lightly with my forefinger. 'I've only had two orgasms, Brad,' I whispered in his ear, 'only two. You know the rules. I must have another before I slip my little hand around your big fat cock and pull it until it spurts!'
'Noooo,' he moaned, the image driving him insane and I giggled. 'Charlotte,' he said desperately, his blue eyes wide and pleading, 'let me lick you again. Now! Please. '
'Lick me?' I asked innocently, tracing his nipple with my fingernail. 'You licked me for the first orgasm. When was that?' I asked, pretending to think. 'Yes, that was this morning, before I fed you lunch. I was silly wasn't I? Spilling your yoghurt on your stomach. Of course,' I said mischievously, 'I just had to lick it up. 'Brad groaned at the memory and I giggled again.

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'So,' I said, counting off on my fingers, 'one orgasm from licking and then you held the vibrator in your mouth while I used it. That was fun, wasn't it darling?'
It had been fun for me but not for him, holding the quivering vibrator tightly in his mouth while I slid it in and out, fingers caressing my clit, knowing my wet kitty entirely filled poor Brad's vision.
Another groan and I breathed lightly on his red and quivering cock.
'Just one more, Charlotte,' he whispered, 'let me lick you again. You like it, you know you do! Please!'
'But I'm a tiny bit sore,' I pouted. 'My bits are a little tender. '
'I'll be gentle, I will, I really will. Please,' he pleaded.
'Will you?'
'Yes! I will, I really will. '
'I don't know. Perhaps there's another way? I could, for example, climb on you and slide my warm kitty down onto your cock and fuck you?' I batted my eyes innocently at him and his body shuddered as he groaned, a look of pure anguish flitting over his face.
'But,' I said, 'you'd probably spurt before I could come. That would be breaking the rules of the game, darling. That's not cricket!'
'Charlotte,' he whimpered, 'please. .

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  . '
'What darling?'
'Please let me come. It's been five hours. . . I can't stand it. . . '
'A big strong man like you? I think you're trying to fool me. '
'Please! God almighty, please!'
'But the rules of the game were three for me and one for you. '
'Fuck the game! Fuck the rules! Just let me come. Please, darling. . . '
I picked up the feather and slowly tickled the head of his pulsing cock.

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   'I don't know,' I said pretending to be concerned, 'rules are important in life. We would have chaos without. . . '
'Charlotte! Please! I'll do anything if. . . '
'Did you say you would do anything, darling?' I asked sweetly, feather tickling his bald balls. I had removed all his pubic hair in the first hour of the teasing session and I knew he was now extra sensitive.
'Anything!' Brad croaked, staring wildly at me, 'anything at all. '
'There is something I want,' I said hesitantly and he eagerly looked at me.
'What? You can have it, I don't care what it is!'
'Are you sure?' I said doubtfully.
'Yes! Yes! Anything! What is it?'
I smiled and leaned close so he could peek down my blouse before I whispered in his ear, 'I want that you don't come for two days. '
He looked at me, so stricken with horror that I couldn't help myself and laughed softly. 'You said anything,' I whispered, running my fingers down his bare chest.

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   'You said anything at all and that's what I want. Oh, poor baby, don't cry. '
ENDCarmenica Diazwww. cafeboudoir. com

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