The Good Doctor


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Dr. Ford considered himself to be more of an entrepreneur than a doctor. He liked marketing his business a lot more than doing operations.
His laptop was like his best friend. He took it everywhere he went.
He’d paid a computer programmer to write a complex program to help him keep better stats and records of all of his operations and revenue and profiles of his customers.
His business was booming lately because he’d found that most women who wanted to have their breasts augmented in the Los Angeles area were envious of the attention that other women were getting.
Some were sluts who wanted every man to lust after them. Some only wanted the attention and weren’t planning on doing anything with anyone other than their boyfriends.
Either way, the keyword in the breast enhancement business was ATTENTION. He exploited that knowledge to manipulate almost every flat-chested woman he came in contact with into getting breast enhancement if they could afford it.
He was in his mid 40’s, but women still found him attractive because of his magnetic personally and his lucrative career choice. He’d had sex with many of his clients, assistants, and secretaries over the years.
He was currently talking on the phone with a happy client who was bragging about how good her new tits looked in various outfits. One of his nurses, Sherry, came in just as he was getting off the phone.


“Another satisfied customer,” said Dr. Ford.
“Outstanding,” replied Sherry. “Well, the last patient just left and that was it for the day and. . . wow! Can you believe how many women in L. A. are getting boob jobs now-a-days? It’s unbelievable. ”
“That’s why I practice plastic surgery in L. A. Breast augmentation’s big money. ”
“It sure is. ”
Sherry sat on his desk and crossed her legs. Dr.

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   Ford pretended not to notice her long, sexy legs and turned his laptop towards her.
“Check this one out right here,” he said.
There were two pictures on the screen divided by a black line down the middle. It was the same woman, before the operation on the left, after the operation on the right.
The woman was attractive before the operation but nothing to write home about. The picture of her after the operation made her look like she could easily be a model or even a porn star. She looked better physically, but there was also an expression on her face that added to her sex appeal. It was a look of confidence that was missing when she had a small chest. Larger breasts gave her more confidence and it came out in her eyes.
“Oh, wow,” said Sherry.
“Pretty girl, too. ”
“Yeah, very pretty. ”
“Wow, what a difference that made,” said Sherry.
“Yeah, before and after. I put these in all the patience’s files.

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“You sure do good work, doctor. ”
“Thank you. ”
“Every time I see pictures like that I think about getting it done myself, but…I don’t know…I just can’t bring myself to do it. Do you think I need it, doctor?”
“Well, let’s see your breasts,” he said bluntly.
Sherry looked away and her face turned red. “I work for you. ”
“So what? I’m a doctor. Come on. ”
“Oh, oh…okay. ”
She moved the stethoscope out of the way and started unhooking the buttons. Her hands were trembling something terrible.
“Relax, we’re professionals here,” said Dr. Ford with a slight chuckle.
Sherry gave a nervous laugh back and said, “I just don’t normally do this sort of thing, especially with my boss. ”
More and more of her torso became visible with every button she unhooked.

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   When she got to the last one, she bashfully looked sideways to avoid eye contact, opened her shirt wide, and said, “Okay, what do you think?”
Flamboyantly, the doctor said, “They’re beautiful little titties!” He wasn’t joking either. They were small, but cute without a doubt.
As a matter of fact, Sherry was a strikingly attractive woman and Dr. Ford was surprised to be having this conversation with her at all. She had beautiful, long, blonde hair and a pretty face with model-like features. She was tall and slender, but she had plenty of curves where a woman needed them.
Her looks were part of the reason he hired her. He wanted to fill the office with gorgeous women so potential customers would feel even more self-conscious around them, making them more likely to pay for the operation.
“Why would you want to get a boob job? They look beautiful,” the doctor continued.
She pointed to the computer and said, “Look at her. She’s gorgeous. And look at how much more proportioned she is. She’s tall and—”
Sherry had just proven his theory correct once again. It was all about the attention. A woman could be as hot as Jenna Jameson, but if another woman got more attention than her, she’d always find something wrong with herself and go through hell and high water to fix it.

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“I do really nice work, thank you,” interrupted the doctor, “but just because I perform these surgeries doesn’t necessarily mean I like big boobs. I’m an ‘itty-bitty-titty guy,’ myself. ”
It sounded like Dr. Ford was flirting with her. She giggled and said, “Oh, really. ”
“Yes, I am. ”
“I guess I’m right up your alley then, huh?” She was joking, but when the doctor nodded and started looking at her like a piece of meat, she knew he was serious. It seemed that showing her tits had gotten him aroused.
“I would consider not getting the boob job because you could lose sensation,” said Dr. Ford as he stood and approached her. “Besides, anything more than a mouthful is a waste—I always believed that to be true. ”
“I’ve heard that before. ”
He was trying to look her in the eye, but his eyes seemed to be drawn uncontrollably to her breasts. He forced them up to look at her face but they kept dropping down to her tits again every time.
This went on throughout the whole conversation, and suddenly Sherry’s confidence had returned.

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   Her boss, who was exposed to at least a dozen new tits a day and never seemed phased by it, was lusting after her. He could hardly control himself at that point.
“Watch how sensitive they are now,” said the doctor. He cupped her right tit, leaned forward and took it in his mouth.
Sherry trembled momentarily because she was taken aback by his actions, but also because she was so turned on by it. She felt his lips close around her swollen nipple and a rush of tingles filled her pussy.
“Jeez, doctor. I can see why your patients love you so much. You really…do have a…a nice…touch. ”
He was groping her breasts, feeling below them, around them, in the cleavage. He said, “My favorite part of the job is the before. ”
“Is this how you examine most of your patients?” asked Sherry as the doctor took another long suck of a nipple and let it go with a loud pop.
“No, not all of them. ”
Not all of them? thought Sherry.
He led her to the bed that he kept in his office.

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   He got the idea to put it there because he worked long hours and slept at the office once in a while so he wouldn’t have to drive home sleepy.
She lay down and Dr. Ford sat beside her. He began groping her nipples again. “The average person,” he said, “doesn’t know the value of the sensitivity of the nipples. ”
He was gently pinching them and circling her areolas with his finger.
“Ooh, that is sensitive,” said Sherry.
He squeezed a handful of tit and said, “Nothing’s as soft as real tissue. Small breasts are really, really sexy. ”
He took a mouthful of tit, sucking hard on the nipple, letting it pop out of his mouth, and circling his tongue around it.
“Ooh,” moaned Sherry.
He moved to the other one and gave it equal attention, massaging the other while he sucked on this one.
He slid down the bed and grabbed hold of Sherry’s lower garments. He pulled everything off in one move, leaving her hot and bald pussy exposed.
“Gee, doc,” she said, slightly embarrassed being seen naked by her boss, but too horny to stop him.

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He crawled between her legs and said, “I think we should do a very thorough examination. ”
With this, he lowered his head between her thighs and sniffed her pussy. It passed the scent test, and he began licking her hot cunt.
He started by kissing the puffy outer lips and then licking between the split. He closed his mouth around the upper part of her pussy with his tongue just under her clit and starting sucking it, making sure to let his tongue slide along her clit as he moved it in and out.
Sherry started moaning and playing with her nipples, which seemed a lot more sensitive than usual. She raised one of her legs higher and farther to the side so she could get a better look at the doctor’s head buried in her snatch.
The doctor could see Sherry’s white stockings and high-heels out of the corner of his eye. They were turning him on tremendously along with the nurse’s uniform she was wearing and the fact that they were still in the office. He was sliding his finger in her pussy hole and licking the juice from it.
“Doctor, it feels really good,” she whispered.
She started humping his mouth in small circles. She was moaning louder.
Dr. Ford knew an orgasm was nearing so he started licking faster, allowing his tongue to slide all over every part of her vagina including the saturated fleshy part between the clit and pussy hole.

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Sherry’s eyes had rolled into her head and her legs were shaking as an orgasm sent her juices flowing into the doctor’s mouth.

    “Oh, yeah, just like that,” she moaned.
    Though her eyes were closed, she could hear him slurping at her juices and she could hear the gulping sound his throat made every time he swallowed a mouthful of it. It made her have another orgasm and then another until she was too weak to keep her legs up. After her third orgasm, she finally opened her eyes to the vision of the doctor’s blonde hair moving around between the stockings on her legs.
    “Are you getting hot, doctor?”
    His head moved in a Yes motion.
    “Why don’t you take off that jacket?”
    “I think I will,” he said.
    Dr. Ford took every article of clothing off. Sherry was surprised by what a nice physique he had. He looked a little pudgy with clothes on, but now that he was naked, she could see that a good amount of it was muscle.
    His dick was pointed straight up as he took his place on the bed. It was average in size, which was good because it meant she could suck him all the way down to his pubic hairs.
    Sherry leaned forward and took him in her mouth. She slobbered all over the cock head and used her hand to spread her saliva to the bottom half while she let his hard shaft slide in and out of her mouth.

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    He said, “Oh, nurse, you are so good at what you do. ”
    He was fucking her mouth like it was a pussy, thrusting into it while caressing her back and copping a feel of her tits. He held her shoulders for balance and thrust into her mouth so hard that his balls were slapping on her chin.
    She never paused or gagged at all. She just let him have his way with her and savored the taste of his salty pre-cum oozing all over her mouth.
    The doctor felt a tingle in his balls after a couple minutes and knew it was time to stop. He didn’t want to spill his seed before he got a chance to fuck her.
    He motioned her to lean up so he could get the nurse’s jacket off her. Once it was off, he pushed her on her back. He grabbed her by the ankles, pulled her towards him and tossed her legs apart.
    Sherry was startled, yet turned on by the doctor’s rough ways. He grabbed hold of his throbbing cock and put the head between her pussy lips. It was already soaking wet. He rammed it inside and a low moan came from both of their mouths.
    He had her lying on her side and was fucking her hard like he was trying to dig a hidden treasure out of her pussy.


       It was such a snug fit that his cock popped out.
    “Get back in my pussy,” she ordered.
    Dr. Ford rubbed it all over her clit first, fingered it, and then eased back inside just long enough to enjoy the initial warmth. Then he pulled it back out and did it again and again. He left it in a little longer each time until he had Sherry begging for it.
    He slipped inside and started digging at it again. He was fucking her so hard that you could here the impact every time their pelvises smacked together. They had the whole bed rocking and squeaking.
    The doctor kept banging her, and then he paused for a moment, humped her slowly two more times, and pulled out. He sat up and stuck his dick in Sherry’s face.
    She opened her mouth and caught every sticky drop of cum on her pretty face.
    When he was done, there was cum hanging from the tip, so she licked it off and started sucking his cock to drain the bit of semen that was still in his shaft.
    She swallowed it down. It was sweet and salty, just how she liked her food.


    She said, “I guess I don’t need big tits to get laid, huh, doc?”
    “You sure don’t,” replied Dr. Ford.
    She gave his cock head a kiss and wiped the rest of his cum off her mouth and swallowed it.
    It was getting late. Both of them were dead tired.
    They lay next to each other trying to recuperate from their hot romp. They lay there so long that they fell asleep and ending up sleeping there all night.  
    When they woke up the next morning and started getting dressed, Sherry couldn’t help but wonder why Dr. Ford really kept the bed there.
    Was it really for days when he got too tired to drive home, or did women get turned on by the charming doctor all the time? Hmmmm.
    Copyright 2005All Rights Reserved

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