The Holiday - Part 1


We get to the airport and I wait in line to check in our luggage. The girl behind the counter is cute. I think the usual guy thing how I’d like to bend her over the counter…. . “ Sir, may I help you?” the attendant calls. I am awoken from my early morning erotic daydream. I drag the luggage up to the counter. There is a slight bulge in my pants, which I try and hide with one of the bags. I hand over the passports and tickets. I am going red from embarrassment. She must have seen the bulge in my pants. “Thank you – and have a nice trip” said the attendant as she handed back my paperwork. As I took it, she winked at me and gave a slight giggle. Damn. Now I am embarrassed. I slink off like the sexual pervert I am, hoping no one else saw the exchange.

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  We get through customs to the plane. I walk up to the door and hand the stewardess the tickets. She looks at them and laughs. “I see you were checked in by Kelly at the desk. Your seats are the first 5 on the left in Business Class”I am a bit confused, but move into the plane and get the kids seated. Ashley asked me who Kelly was, I said the girl at the check in counter. She thinks nothing more of it and buckles up. I go to put the tickets and passports in my hand luggage when I see some writing on the seating allocation. It was the name Kelly and a mobile phone number with a little smiley face next to it. Goddamn. That hottie at the front desk came onto me and I didn’t notice. I am the ultimate idiot when it comes to flirting and getting signals. I quickly put the tickets away hoping Ashley didn’t see them. I think to myself that I may have a bit of extra gardening to do when I get home. (But that’s another story).

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  The flight was 7 hours, but with movies and video games, there was more than enough entertainment for the kids (me included). A few hours into the flight, the lights were off and all was silent. I was still horny from what had happened earlier. Ashley had her headphones on and was watching a movie. She was wearing her red skirt and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt was just tight enough that it showed the outline of her breasts. She has magnificent breasts, I don’t know what size, never bothered to find out. All I know is there is more than enough to grab hold of, and her nipples are so sensitive when I suck them. I put my hand on the armrest in between us. Ashley is on the window seat and I have the aisle. The kids are away from us in the middle section. I slide my hand onto her thigh. She looks down at my hand and then looks at me with a look of ‘what the hell are you doing’. I just raise my eyebrows and move my hand under her skirt. She has what I like to term her ‘granny underwear’ on.

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   She normally wears a g-string but on long trips she likes to wear full cover underwear because she finds it more comfy. Undeterred, I soldier on. I get to my destination. Her eyes might have said no, but her pussy was saying yes. I can see her nipples going hard under the t-shirt. Bingo. I slowly rub her clit. Ashley lets a sigh but not loud enough to alert anyone nearby. I keep rubbing and every so often slip a bit lower to her pussy entrance. I begin to daydream again. I start to finger Ashley, wondering what the attendant’s pussy would be like. One of the stewardess’s passes by and jolts me back to reality. Shit, I need to learn to concentrate more. I keep fingering Ashley. She is trying so hard to keep a straight face.

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   The stewardess is coming back, I relax my hand waiting for her to pass so I can continue to finger fuck my wife. As she gets closer, the stewardess (her name is Tamara) looks at us both and smiles. Thank god I’m not a criminal, because I would be caught so easy every time I committed a crime. After a few more minutes, I see Ashley looking out the window biting her finger. Her body has gone tense from her orgasm. I take my finger out of her wet pussy. She gives me a kiss. “Thanks” she whispers in my ear. “I needed that, the tension had been building since we got out of bed this morning”. She closes her eyes and nods off. I sit back and know that the favour will be returned when we get to the resort on Tahiti. I get out of my seat and go to the restroom. I get to the door and bump into Tamara. “Did she enjoy that?” Tamara asks in her sexy voice. “ She sure did.

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   Too bad I couldn’t get it reciprocated. ” I reply. Tamara then proceeded to tell me that her and the other stewardesses would often masturbate in the toilets to relieve the tension that builds on long flights. My reply was straight out of one of those B grade teen movies: “I’d like to see that”I am sure my mother dropped me on my head when I was a baby. I can say such dumb things at the times when I most need to stay composed. “Listen” Tamara said softly as she put her hand on my arm. “At the end of this flight, the other stewardesses and I have a 3 day stopover at the Le Meridian in Papeete. If both of you want a bit of fun, call and ask for Tamara Robinson. We often have a room party where anything can happen and usually does” She gave me an alluring smile and headed off down the aisle. I think to myself that I must be the luckiest guy in the world. I have no charming repartee or great flirting ability, but things just seem to fall in my lap. I’m not going to argue about it, just make the most of it. We were staying at the Outrigger in Papeete, so getting there was no problem. I get out of the toilet and get back to my seat. A bit of background information.

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   Ashley has been with another female only once. She was 18 at the time and by her accounts she was drunk. She said she couldn’t remember much about the encounter but has never had any real urge to do it again. I always live in hope, but it doesn’t worry me to the point of getting uptight if it doesn’t happen. Ashley turns towards and asks what I was talking to Tamara about. I sheepishly tell her about the invitation for both of us to a room party at Tamara's hotel room. Ashley sits up interested. She asks me if I would like to go. Are you kidding me. I look around to see if there is a lotto outlet on the plane. My luck is in and I need to ride it. “Hell yeah. How often do you get invited to a party at the room of a gorgeous air hostess room “ I blurt out. Ashley looks at me in amazement. “Gorgeous? Do you really think you’d have a chance with her” she laughs back at me.

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  “More chance than you would” I reply. “Is that a challenge? I bet I could get her into bed before you could “ said Tamara in her competitive tone. I knew I was in for a great holiday there and then. When she gets in that frame of mind there is no stopping her. And why in the hell would I. “Are you telling me you would like to get with her in bed?” I ask with hope. “As you said, she is gorgeous and yes I have had an urge for a while to sleep with another female. ” “Why didn’t you tell me. I wouldn’t have stood in your way”“I felt awkward telling you. I knew you would be all for it, but every time I went to tell you I felt so embarrassed I couldn’t go ahead with it”“Thank god I know now. This is the start of something better”We kissed and put our seats back to have a sleep. I know we both would be dreaming about the days to come. End part 1.
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