The Horseback Ride


Paul picked Sue up in his arms and laid her down gently on the blanket. His body covering,her legs spread, with his thighs sliding between hers. Paul ripping open Sue's blouse to expose a great set of 34 GG breasts. Arching her back in anticipation of his lips on her now throbbing nipples. Paul pushes them together and lavishly pays attention to both at the same time. While sliding his hand down that taunt belly, which she can't help but suck in as his hand descends. Thus arching her back and raising her breasts even further into the air for Paul's touch. Paul reaches Sue's clit and flicks a finger over it thru her thong. This causes a moan to escape from her lips. Paul can take no more and rips her thong off. Amazed that she just rode a horse in her skirt and thong without long lasting effect. Sue's wetness telling him how much she enjoyed the ride. Paul catches a scent of her and dives for her. He buries his face in her crotch. His tongue licking around her clit making her moan in need. Sue's cum dripping off his chin as Paul realizes she is a gusher.


   Sue finally can take no more and pushes Paul over. She straddles him sliding his cock up and down her wet slit. While leaning forward and pressing her tits into his chest. Nibbling on his neck. Licking up to Paul's ear, tugging the lobe with her teeth, before dragging that tongue along his jaw to rim his lips. Kissing him passionately. All the while rocking her hips not letting Paul enter her just teasing the tip of his rock hard cock. Sue then licks down his neck and over his collar bones to his nipples. As she slides her tits down his chest and belly. Wrapping them around his throbbing cock. That huge cock sliding easily between them from her juice all over it. Sue begins to stroke Paul's cock with those tits. He lifts his hips to meet the thrusts of her breasts. Those tits feeling so good sliding against him. Sue bends her head to lick and suck the tip each time it emerges.

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   Just a gentle flick at first, then a good suck on the next stroke. Sue begins to lick up and down the shaft as her tits slide down Paul's leg. She reaches his balls and bathes them with her tongue. Sucking one into her mouth rolling her tongue over it. Using her lips to tug the skin of those succulent balls.
    Her cheek sliding along his shaft while she pays homage to his testicles. Sue then licks up the shaft along the ridges and veins, feeling the blood pump thru him. Twirling her tongue around the head, flicking it on the sensitive underside. Before sliding Paul's cock deep in her throat in one long slow stroke. Grinding him there, swallowing on that cock to make her throat tighter. Massaging the shaft with her tongue as she works her throat on that cock. Her lips wrapped tightly around it. Sue looks up to see Paul close his eyes trying to hold back the cum she wants so much to taste. Sue starts to pump that cock up and down with her throat. Her tongue circling the tip each time she ascends.

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       Turning and twisting her head, her lips wrapped tightly on the shaft. Tightening her throat on the instroke and releasing on the out. Paul can stand no more he feels the cum boiling in his balls. Paul lets go as Sue milks it out with her mouth. Looking up to Paul as she runs her tongue along her lips savoring the taste of his cum. Hope you enjoy and let me know if the rest of the afternoon needs to be written. Thanks for letting me give my story skills a try!.
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