The House Guest


James, now curious, went over to his wife. She grabbed his hands and placed them firmly on her nice 34D tits. James became excited very quickly, his hardon making a large bulge in the front of his jeans. Damn, she looked hot. She was a good looking woman and she knew exactly how to please a man. Kissing him passionately, their tongues entwined within their hot mouths. Letting her hands roam all over his body, she soon found the hardness between his legs. He was as hard as a rock, and just the touch of it sent waves of pleasure up her spine. She had always loved his cock, from the moment she had first seen it. She loved its size, its shape, the way it made her feel when it was inside her. And she loved to suck it. She had to open her mouth really wide for it, sometimes so wide, it made her jaw ache. That was all part of the fun though. She loved watching James’s face while sucking him, contorted in sheer bliss. The best bit for her though, was when James’s cock spurted it’s load. Having all that hot man juice filling her mouth, that was what she really loved.

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   And that was what she wanted right now. God, how he wanted to give her a good fucking, but knowing she was having her period he knew he could not have her. Still, he continued to play with her tits, lifting her jumper and releasing them from the confinement of her bra. He gently tweaked her nipples, eventually placing his mouth on one of them, licking, sucking and biting them. His breathing was getting heavier, and his caresses becoming more urgent. She glanced over at the clock on the wall. Damn, only 8 minutes before Sue was due to arrive. Tina had to act quickly. Unzipping his fly, she pulled his dick out from his jeans, roughly jerking it until James’s face was filled with ecstasy. Tina was feeling really horny now, and she dropped to her knees. Encircling her mouth around his shaft, she began sucking his prick really vigorously. James grabbed her head, forcing his dick in her mouth as far as it would go. He really needed this. He literally fucked her mouth, grunting out loud as he did so. Tina was enjoying it to, she had always liked to suck James’s big fat cock.

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   Sometimes, just sucking it gave her an orgasm without James even touching her. But what she really wanted, she was about to get. James could feel his orgasm about to rip through his loins. Grabbing her head, and forcing his dick as far as it would go down her throat, James started to cum. Tina gagged a little, then really started to swallow it all. Some of it escaped from the corner of her mouth, but she couldn’t help that. There was so much of it. Sue was moaning softly, enjoying the feeling of his cum sliding over her tongue and then going down her throat. After James had blasted out the last of his love juice, he pulled his dick out from her mouth. He felt much better now. He was glad he had such a loving wife. Tina smiled at him, gave him a quick kiss, then headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Sue would be here at any minute. A knock on the door signalled Sue’s arrival. Tina went to the door, and returned with a beautiful, full figured woman.

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   “James” said Tina, “This is Sue, my old school friend”. James sat there for a moment, taking in the sight of this woman. . She was about 5ft 3", big boobs, about 44DD, much bigger than his wife’s, a gorgeous face and long flowing blonde hair. He was instantly attracted to her, he just hoped his wife could not tell. James went over to her and shook her hand. “Hi”, he said, “I’m James, welcome to our house. Please make yourself at home, and if there’s anything you need just ask”. “Oh, that’s really nice of you”, said Sue, “It’s been such a long journey, I could do with sitting down for a bit. I have brought some wine, will you both please share it with me?” “Of course” both James and Tina replied in unison. James let Tina do most of the talking that evening, she and Sue had so much catching up to do. After they had all finished the bottle of wine, James went into the kitchen to retrieve another bottle from the refrigerator. The night was turning out to be very pleasant, and everybody was feeling the effects from the wine. Laughing and joking, the two girls got onto the subject of breasts somehow. “James likes really big breasts” said Tina, “I’ve seen the dirty magazines stashed in his side draw.

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   All the women have really big breasts in those magazines. ” James noticed that Tina was slurring her words, she must have been getting really drunk. Suddenly Sue stood up, unbuttoned her shirt, and produced a pair of the biggest breasts that James had ever seen. “Do you like these, James?” she asked. Squeezing them together, and brushing her thumbs over her nipples, James could only sit there looking, mesmerised by these massive knockers. Glancing at Tina, he noticed she was laughing, but her eyes were closing, effects of the drink no doubt. James, who was merry but not really drunk, got up quickly, walked over to Sue and grabbed hold of those tits. Expecting her to push him away, he was surprised when she closed her eyes and softly moaned. “Fucking hell!” he thought to himself, “this is amazing”. Glancing again at his wife, he now saw that she was soundly sleeping, knocked out by too much wine. Looking back at Sue, he saw she was looking him straight in the eyes. Damn, she looked hot. Rubbing his thumbs over her nipples she moaned softly again, then reached down to the bulge that had formed in his pants. James could take no more. Grabbing her by the hand he dragged her up the stairs and into the bathroom, then locked the door.

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   He knew he was risking his marriage, but Tina was downstairs, passed out. She’d be asleep for hours. James attacked her tits, roughly kneading them, then sucking on her glorious big nipples. Sue was moaning more now, and moved her hand down to his the large bulge that had just formed in his pants. Unzipping his fly, she managed to get his cock out of his pants. Sue loved a nice big cock, and she was not disappointed with James’s. She started jerking him off as James carried on pleasuring her tits. Nibbling, licking and sucking her nipples, it didn’t take long for them to become hard. Sue had large nipples, and James was enjoying having them in his mouth. James just had to fuck her, he had to release some pent up passion on this gorgeous woman. Putting his hand up her skirt, he roughly pulled down her panties, then lifting her skirt up to her waist he bent her over the bath. Sue was pretty wet already, but James wanted to be sure she was really ready. Using his index finger, he inserted it right into Sue’s pussy. Again she moaned, more loudly now. James pumped his finger in and out of her pussy, he was really getting into this finger fucking.

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   “Fuck me”, said Sue, “Fuck me right now you bastard”. James, a little stunned by this outburst, quite happily obliged. Taking hold of his cock, he lined it up with Sue’s now soaking pussy. One good thrust and he was in. Sue squealed in pleasure. He was really giving it to her. He was pumping so hard and so fast, her tits were flying about wildly. James thought he would put a stop to that, and grabbed hold of them, squeezing them so hard it made Sue grunt in pain, but he could tell she was enjoying it really. He found her nipples and pulled on them really hard. As much as it hurt her, she did not protest. She was enjoying this good fucking, fuelled by pure passion. James felt that stirring in his loins, he knew he was nearing cumming. “I’m going to cum” said James, “I’m going to cum right now”. “Take it out” she cried, “I’m not using contraception, you need to take it out”. James did as he was instructed, but the fun wasn’t over yet.

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   Turning around and dropping to her knees, Sue placed her succulent lips around James’s large shaft and started to suck, tasting her own juices that were on his cock. James was in heaven. He looked down at this obscene view. This gorgeous face filled with pure lust sucking away on his cock, He couldn’t take it any longer. “I’m cumming now!” James said with a tone of urgency. Sue released his cock from her mouth, which disappointed James, but she held his cock right up to her face, and jerked him frantically. Suddenly, a shot of cum splattered over her cheek, and hit her in the eye. James unloaded the contents of his balls all over her face. It started to trickle down on to her lips, and without hesitation her tongue came out and lapped it up. With her hands she scooped up large quantities of man juice from her face, then bringing her cupped hands towards her mouth, she started to drink this thick and creamy man juice. “She’s a fucking cum slut” James though to himself. With James’s cock spent, Sue replaced her mouth over his rapidly deflating cock, draining any last remaining drops of cum from his dick. James was completely satisfied, and after she had cleaned up they agreed all this had happened because of the drink, and they made a pact that this event would stay just between the two of them. Going down stairs, James was relieved to find Tina still sound asleep. Sue headed off to the guest room to get some much needed sleep.

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   James picked up Tina and carried her to bed, where he lied down beside her and shut his eyes, a big smile on his face. “Tina” James whispered, “You can invite Sue to stay here as often as you like”. The End. .
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