The House Of Sophie De Frontenac'


Then, she had been overwhelmed and filled with pride when first she had joined the household, three years ago. Now she wondered if she would ever escape its dark hold upon her. Sometimes, and often during her bleaker moments, she wondered if she actually did want to escape. The very fabric of the house seemed such a part of her now, and the house almost seemed able to speak to her. It was speaking to her now. The wall partition shuddered rhythmically. The pulsing, trembling vibrations transferred themselves almost insidiously inside Abigail’s head as she pressed it hard against the spy-hole. They trickled through her very being, moving down, deep into and through her body, almost into her soul. But it was not her soul that they inflamed. They inflamed another, far baser side of her, they touched her in those most private places, igniting her fire and repressed passion, and her body trembled in response. Corruption, by its very nature, is invidious and infectious. Rationalising what we think and do is all too easy. And it had come this time clad in the svelte and seductive form of her beautiful mistress Sophie. It had effectively invaded Abigail – and seduced her. She could never have believed a mere three years ago, that she would be reduced to this, reduced to indulging her more base desires vicariously through her mistress. The shuddering through the wall increased as Abigail pressed her eye closer to the spy-hole, drinking in the debauched sight that it allowed her. 

   Her fingers quickened in response, stroking the wet and swollen lips of her starved sex rapidly, dipping her fingers deep inside herself as she watched her mistress take the pounding penis of her young lover. Each powerful thrust pushed her mistress against the bed, which then in turn hammered against the wall from where Abigail watched transfixed. These were the vibrations that shuddered through Abigail. He was taking her roughly from behind, gripping her hips fiercely, his fingers sinking into the flesh of her buttocks, leaving deep indentations in her pale smooth skin as he pulled her hard against him. Abigail could clearly see, could almost feel each hard and deep thrust, almost as if it were she, and not her mistress that was being so wonderfully fucked. She watched open mouthed at the erotic sight played out in front of her, oblivious now of her own gasps that echoed the shouts and cries of her mistress. Abigail was fully engrossed in the carnal action that was taking place beyond the partition, drinking in the sight of the two lovers with an unquenchable thirst. But these were not lovers. No, they were simply participants in carnality. And Sophie had chosen her partner well this time. The young man’s thick, long manhood, slick and glistening with Sophie’s eager wetness, withdrew itself almost fully with each thrust into her clasping and writhing body. The flared head of his cock appearing briefly, before once more returning back inside her again and again, ever faster, as he rushed towards his building climax. His eyes were mostly closed, his mind lost in the sensuous feel of his penis being repeatedly buried deeply inside her lovely body. Sophie’s own face was contorted in a mixture of shock, pleasure and pain, as he filled her almost violently, his climax building uncontrollably. Her mouth was wide, her cries building and staccato as she breached into her own long drawn-out orgasm, riding her eruption of pleasure as it swept through her, as she pushed herself against his thrusts, taking him fully within her, milking his passion, milking her own pleasure.

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   The room they were in was dark, the heavy Victorian curtain drapes hanging over the windows cut out the dying light of the day, making the space inside gloomily secret, allowing unspeakable passion the freedom it craved. Just the soft glow of two small oil lamps gave any illumination, and this warm light caressed the two lovers, giving their glistening skin, wet from their exertion, an extra sheen of sensuality. He seemed to dominate her, pulling her to him with one hand, whilst holding her thick long hair with the other whilst he took her. Her face was half buried in the deep pillows, twisting from side to side, her hands gripping the sheets as she pushed back against him, giving the lie to her submission. Their intensity increased as they pounded against each other. He, crying out with deep guttural animal sounds, she, adding her high singing cries to his, turning into pure screams of her extended pleasure. With a final, deep and hard thrust, he released himself within her, his shouts drowning her own as he, at last, filled her with the release of his seed. It sent the watching Abigail into her own shuddering climax, her fingers were his cock as she brought herself to orgasm, her wetness flowing over her hand as she fell limply against the wall, catching her breath. She had no time to relax, no time to savour; she had to do her duty. She left the small secret room to prepare, in order to adjust from the sexuality of what she had just watched. Abigail closed the heavy oak door against the invading grey cold of the winter’s evening. She pressed her small weight up against the wood, feeling suddenly weak, her forehead resting for a second upon the hard coolness of the polished surface, thankful to be shutting out the invading chill of the night air - and of the image of the young man whom she had just released from within her mistresses snare. She turned away, reluctantly leaving the cool strength of the door that at once protected her and yet barred her escape, back into the warmth of the rich wood panelled hallway, its warmth no welcome to her. She wished once again that she could escape, like he had done, out and away into the cold darkness of the night, and away from this superficial comfort and ease. But she was trapped.

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   Trapped as much by her timidity as by her financial servitude to her mistress. A small silent sigh emerged from between her thin lips and, with hopeless resignation, she reviewed in her mind the picture of the now departed young man and his flushed face. She recognised the symptoms. His expression was of the kind that was now so familiar, yet still strange, an odd mixture of elation and fear, as he almost blindly stumbled down the steps and out into the safety of the waiting cab. The cabs horse had whinnied impatiently, nervously pawing the ground, anxious to be away as if sensing the corruptness of the house it stood next to. The soft glow of the gas street lighting together with the evening mist conspired to draw a melancholy scene that seemed to mirror her feelings. “Abigail!” The shouted call, at once a command and a question, snapped her mind back from its reverie. She hurried towards the room from where the call had come. “Yes, Ma’am?” Abigail said immediately upon entering the room in that nervous way she always did when confronted by the demands of her mistress. She hated herself for it, but she could never keep the tremor in her voice from betraying her. She was sure she knew that her mistress knew that she secretly watched her from that adjoining room, that she enjoyed the thought of her frustration. Her mistress was lounging expansively upon her bed, the expensive cotton covers tangled from recent passion, her body barely covered by a silk chemise. She was always beautiful, with a confidence built from privilege and education. Her cupids face with its large blue eyes always held a slight smile of mischief, or contempt, an expression designed to seduce and deflect her true intentions. She manipulated men with arrogant ease.

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   Flattering her way to whatever she wanted, using her powerful sexuality with a rapiers accuracy and deadliness, thrust into the heart of any man she targeted. The softness of her beauty covered many things. Just as she intended they do. But Abigail knew her better, could see her beneath the veneer. And was afraid of what she saw and knew. One of her slender long legs, Abigail could see, dangled almost languidly over the side of the bed, the other slightly bent as she lay back relaxing, cushioning her head with one arm, her face creamy pink, a sated look. ‘Just fucked’ was the crude expression that sprang immediately inside Abigail’s head. A knot of jealousy twisted and tightened within the pit of her stomach. Did I ever look that way Abigail wondered vaguely with envy? Is that how, perhaps to another unseen voyeur, how I might have looked after that first time? Abigail thought back to that time. Thomas had been two years older than her, and much more experienced, or at least that was what she had thought. And she had fallen completely in love with him almost immediately upon meeting him. He also worked downstairs, one of the many servants of the household. Tall, strong and confident, he had stood up for her, when the others had ridiculed her naivety. No one had done that for her before, cared enough about her, protected her. His good looks had captivated her immediately but her shyness prevented her from action.

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   She didn’t think, had never even dared to think, that he had known of her existence. But then, stunningly, shockingly, he had shown clearly, wonderfully, that he had. Standing up for her, giving her a long and deep look as he protected her, he had taken her breath and her heart away. It was in that single, simple moment, she had fallen in love. They met when they could, having to explain their absences made it difficult, but then one day, they met when the rest of the house was busy, and they would not be missed. They took their opportunity quickly, eagerly. He had brought her to his room, and they kissed as they had done so often before. But this time it was different. His bed lay behind him, the unspoken agreement between them manifest by its very presence. His fingers trailed down her neck to her breasts as they had done before many times, and somehow she still felt she should resist, but instead, she let her head back and sighed at his touch. He continued to open her dress, unbuttoning the small silver buttons one by one. His hands moved further down, lifting her dress up over her thighs and very soon, almost without thought, she was naked against him. She shivered as his hands explored her nakedness, moving with trembling veneration over her smooth skin, feeling first the full weight of her breasts and their nipples hardening under his touch, then down the smooth sweep of her back, down to the ripe globes of her firm buttocks. His clothing felt rough against her skin as her breathing became suddenly short. Her legs suddenly felt as if they would crumple beneath her at any moment.

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   She turned away gulping air, she must remember to breath! Moving unsteadily away, she stumbled away from his rough but gentle hands, and lay down upon his bed. She propped one arm underneath her head, as she lay naked, her legs slightly apart, and open before him. Shyness and shame no longer mattered, she wanted this, had imagined this, for so long. She watched him as he quickly discarded his clothes. He was to her then and forever afterwards, the truly perfect vision of her dreams. Lithe and slim of body, taut with barely restrained arousalAbigail dropped her gaze from his face and let her eyes wander down and take in the defined muscles of his body as they rippled beneath his taught smooth skin. She gasped slightly then, a sharp intake of surprise as her gaze reached down, finding the seat of his arousal. She was shocked at the size of him, having never before seen a man’s fully erect penis. She had, of course, often felt its eager hardness press against her, through the clothing that separated them when they had kissed. It had felt exciting and huge, but still, it had not prepared her for the actual sight As he drew close, his wonderful and magnificent erection was held within his hand, almost as though he were fearful lest he breach and spill his seed too soon. She opened herself to him. He came to her. She dragged her eyes away from the delicious sight of his approaching and engorged member, and back to his face. The confidence, so clear before, had vanished. Concern and lust seemed to fight against each other as they ran over his handsome features.

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  “Your sure, Abigail, your sure you want this?” He asked in a dry whisper. Then she felt it, felt that crossover of power. No longer was she the timid and subjugated female, helpless against male strength and power. No, it was she who was now in control, she who now had the power. It was a revelation. “Yes…yes, I do want it!” She pulled him down to her breast as he pushed himself eagerly into her. She had not expected the pain. It hurt as he moved deeply into her, filling her for the first time. She stopped breathing for a long second as she felt a confusing mixture of fright and delight sweep over her. Then, his movements quickened and slowly overcame the last vestiges of the pain she felt, as he continued to delve into her, stretching her virgin depths with his hard manhood. She felt herself responding instinctively, wantonly rising to meet each thrust, eager to devour him within her body. Faster and faster he thrust at her, deeper and harder into her each time, so she felt speared and consumed by him, filled by his lust and by his love for her. Then, through her spinning emotions, she found her voice. “Be careful! Oh! Thomas! Please be careful!” Her fear of pregnancy surfaced in a panic. Hearing her cries, he withdrew, and she watched with wide eyes as his manhood sprang free of her tight confines, slick and wet with her juices, it bounced above her pubis, pointing directly at her.

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   She watched, fascinated, as the dark head of his penis quickly grew larger, flaring even more at his building climax, before then ejaculating his seed over her. She drank in the sight of his jerking penis, forcing out with each deep spasm more of the thick white stream of his seed, watching in awe as each burst arched over and landed hot and wet, upon her breasts. At each ejaculation, he cried out his pleasure. His face contorted with the pain and pleasure of his sudden release. Finally, it as over and she pulled his head down to her, pushing a few sweat-matted strands of his hair away from his face as he lay panting upon her. Now she understood, she knew for the first time, the power of being a woman. “Abigail…? What are you thinking, girl?” The curt manner of her mistress’s voice propelled Abigail back into the present. She shook her head to dispel the memories and quickly hurried to tidy the room. Sophie De Frontenac narrowed her eyes at her servant standing motionless in the doorway before suddenly hurrying to do her duty. Abigail had that look of being slightly unfocused, with a distant, far away look in her eyes. She had visibly jumped at her name being called. “Yes, mistress! Nothing at all, mistress! Sorry mistress!” Abigail had said, startled at being caught within her brief sojourn into her past. Sophie watched the embarrassed girl hurry into the room, tidying up the disarray hurriedly. These English people were so transparent to her, so unsophisticated and simple. It was clear she was dreaming of her lost love, or some other nonsense, but Thomas would be her guess.

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   Thomas, that was his name, Sophie remembered as she watched Abigail work. A rather good looking boy, yes, but rebellious. She had noticed and watched the two of them exchange those secret glances when they thought no one could see. But she saw. And after a while, she was sure that they were lovers, she had no doubt. The small signals gave them away, despite their carefulness in trying in concealing their tryst. Openly ignoring each other, but when they passed, they would conspire somehow to pass close to each other, hands by their sides, and their fingers would reach out, somehow touch, catch fleetingly and then part. They thought no one would see. It was intolerable. And it had been almost three years ago now, three years of living in this damp dismal country, so far from her home in Nice, where the warmth of the Mediterranean was kinder to her skin than the drizzle of this hateful London and its dreadful fogs!She had married money, and had followed her husband to this cold place. He was twice her age and sexually uninterested in her. Although he liked to watch her with the men she brought home. He had built a special room adjoining her bedchamber, and there he would sit, spying on her, witnessing her conquests, watching her fuck and be fucked. It amused her to think of him behind the wall, and she would debase herself to extremes, the thought of him watching her adding an extra spice to her bedroom frolics. It was, she thought, really quite perfect.

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   He indulged her whims and left her alone to pursue his, and all he asked was for her to accompany him on the social circuit, which she did, not out of any particular duty, but because it allowed her to find entertainment. One such entertainment had just left her bed. He was yet another young banker, arrogantly believing he had seduced this beautiful, wealthy woman from France. She smiled inwardly. It was easier to allow than their fantasies. She could control them that much better. And this one had stamina. She had ridden him to fully three orgasms, all in the space of one hour. Her sexual power was evident in how quickly she had made him regain his potency after each of his shuddering climaxes. She smiled inwardly again as she recalled the look of shock mixed with pleasure on his face at how demanding she was of him. At how one so sweet, could utter such foul and demanding words and instructions. At how she could tell him where and how to fuck her, exactly how fast, or slow, and precisely where she wanted him to pleasure her. He was her slave, but he did not know it. None of them did. And then love entered.


   Not her love, but Abigail’s. It was intolerable she thought again, irritated almost as much now as she was then. She refused to accept she was, could even possibly be, jealous. She had known love, had been in love, but had rejected that love, preferring a comfortable life to an uncertain one, and now she only despised it. Despised the weakness it brought. Abigail was her servant in all things and she would not allow this distraction to occur. Would not allow this to happen to her. “Do you really think he loves you Abigail? She had asked her servant then, at that time. She could see the confusion in the young girls face at the question. “Please do not try and deny it, only a fool could not see what you two have been getting up to!”Abigail’s mouth worked up and down, but no words came, only a deep rising flush rose up her neck and flooded her face. “Men are not what you think, Abigail, they are fools, slaves to their base desires, he loves you no more or less than in so much as he can have you!”“That’s not true! He does love me!” She had found her voice at last, as the words spilled out of her in her anger. “Oh? And how do you know that?” “Because we love each other and I know, I KNOW he feels the same!” Her eyes were wide and challenging, glaring. The memory made Sophie smile again. Such a little fool, and her insolence on this occasion could be ignored. “Would he, do you think, love another?” she asked sharply, rising to the challenge. 

  “NO! He loves only me!”“And if I could seduce him, what would you think of him then?”Abigail’s mouth shut quickly, her eyes suddenly wary. “You could not…would not. ” But the defeated tone in her voice intimated she was not so sure. Her anger and defiance was now replaced by palpable fear and desperation. Sophie felt triumphant. “Please don’t do this…” Abigail began to plead. “But I must, and you want to know yourself, don’t you?”“No…” Abigail said softly, her face now pale with worry and not a little fear.
    “I do not…want you to. ” She managed to choke out in a small whisper, almost pleadingly. “Abigail my dear, you are so young and innocent, don’t you see? I am ten years older and more than a thousand years wiser in the ways of men than you!” Sophie said, giving her a falsely sympathetic and concerned look. Abigail she said nothing. “Let me test your young man, what have you to lose? If he is as you say and believe, then you have nothing to fear, and all will be well, and, what’s more, you will then have my blessing. If not, then you are much better off knowing now, before it is too late, don’t you see?” She really had no choice, had no option, but to agree. “Go into the masters special room and watch” Abigail allowed herself meekly to be pushed towards and through the secret door and into the room beyond, with its special peephole into the bedchamber. Sophie would enjoy this, no doubt about it.

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       And if successful, she would see the fallibility of men. And eventually, she would be thankful, not now perhaps, but later, Sophie thought. Then Sophie, with an almost cat-like smile upon her lush lips, lay back down upon her bed and reached across to the hanging pull cord next to her bed, snaking one elegant hand around its thickness and pulled, summoning Thomas to her bed chamber. Thomas was in the kitchen when the tinkling bell from his mistress’s room sounded above his head. He was stoking the great hearth fire that served to warm the whole house as well as provide heat with which to cook the meals. Two very large women, who were the cooks, laboured at the great kitchen table, cutting and sorting the evening meal. The heat in the room was extreme, and Thomas was glad to hear the servants bell ring above his head, it was the perfect excuse for him to leave the kitchen. “Be careful up there, Master Thomas,” one of the women called, looking conspiratorially to her friend, who grinned back at her knowingly. Thomas turned and grinned back at them “Don’t you worry yourselves, My Lady Sophie does not frighten me!”With that he turned and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the room from where he had been summoned. The women watched his back as he went, giving each other a knowing look. They liked and trusted the young man. He was a natural leader, even for his years, that much was clear to all but the dullest of the household. He settled petty arguments and disputes with charm and ease, gave encouragement to the new members of staff, and restrained the bullies who would intimidate if he were not around. They would miss him if he ever really decided, as he had so often threatened to do so in the past, to leave. He had spoken many times of his desire to seek adventure in the world, although not so much recently, having become involved with Abigail.

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       Indeed, he had whispered secretly to them that he was even considering marriage to her! He was too young they had protested to him. Go and find the world they had said. He had laughed and dismissed their worries with a cheerful chuckle. His eyes had sparkled with mischief when he told them, no, he would do only what his heart told him. And they accepted that. They worried for him though. They knew of their mistresses appetite for young men, but they only teased Thomas about it, because after all, he was simply a servant, and below her consideration. How wrong they were. Thomas opened the door to her room. “You rang, M’Lady?” Thomas was surprised to see his mistress reclining on her bed, barely covered. He had never before seen her almost half-naked, for that was what she was now. He averted his eyes to the floor to avoid looking at her, but the image was burned upon his brain. She was stunning! The swell of half revealed and full white breasts, her long legs visible almost until her thighs! His confusion made him momentarily deaf. In Victorian England, merely a glimpse of a bare ankle was enough to set the pulses of men racing. He felt himself responding despite himself.

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      “I’m sorry, M’Lady, what was it you wanted?” He glanced at her, not sure where to look. The light from the oil lamp by her bedside cast a warm glow over her rich curves that made him almost visibly weaken at the sight. “I said Thomas, come here, I need your help” Her voice was softer, almost seductive; he had never heard her speak that way to him. Thomas moved towards her as he was ordered and she rose from the bed to meet him. But as she stood, she seemed to stumble, and he at once went to save her fall, catching her in his arms. It was her scent that filled his head first of all, swiftly followed by the soft warmth of her body that now pressed intimately against his own. He was painfully, delightfully, aware of every part of her body pressing against him, the heat from her like a furnace, burning into him. “Thank you Thomas…” She hung on to him, letting him absorb the warmth of her body, held against him for a long second, before she let herself fall to her knees, resting her head against his waist. “Mistress…are you alright? Do you need a doctor?” Thomas had never seen her like this and seriously wondered if she was ill. He held her as best he could as she slumped against him. She felt warm and soft beneath his hands, never had he so much as touched her body before, and now she was held in his arms. She seemed in no hurry to escape from them. And what’s more, shockingly to him, he could not fail to notice her head resting, pressing, against his groin, which, to his horror, was responding to her pressure and growing despite himself. Confusion and panic made him try and retreat, but she held him fast to her. She looked up at him, her face pleading, challenging.

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       “I am ill, Thomas, sick with boredom and weak men, men unlike you, your strong, I can see that, I need strong men, I need men just like you, Thomas. You will help me won’t you, Thomas?”“Help you, mistress?” Thomas echoed foolishly, desperately trying to think of a way to escape his Lady’s attentions without causing offence. He made to blurt out his love for Abigail, but stopped, realising that would be impossible, that they would both be simply dismissed. “How can I help you, mistress?” Thomas asked in a confused way. “I think you know…” She turned her head and pressed her lips against his groin, directly upon the cloth covering his growing erection. Thomas backed away. “No…mistress… don’t…please…” But she held him fast to her, pressing her mouth against his growing hardness, teasing him, inflaming him. He was trapped, trapped as much by his desire as by his horror of what she wanted. She looked up at him again, all the while lasciviously stroking the hardening member growing inside his pants. “Thomas, don’t refuse your mistress, it will go bad for you to refuse me, and I can see that you clearly want… what I want…”With that she popped the buttons on his pants and snaked her hand quickly and expertly inside, deftly finding and hooking out his already semi-hard penis. She felt Thomas groan at her touch and sway slightly, but he no longer resisted. Without preamble she took hold of him in both hands, stroking his length slowly, feeling the rush of blood building the hardness under her hand. It rose steadily, growing in length and girth before her eyes. Very soon it stood proud, upright and fully erect in front of her face. She smiled at the sight, the proof of her power.

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       Pulling the loose skin slowly down, she peeled back the covering hood and revealed the sensitive swollen head of his penis. She looked up to see Thomas moan and close his eyes. She knew she had him now. Watching his face, she licked the sensitive flared tip, the first touch made him jump, his penis jerking from the wet touch of her tongue. He was squirming now as she lapped around the head, exploring the sensitive underside, as it hardened further under her touch. She held the thick shaft in one hand firmly; making sure the tip of his penis was at the mercy of her lapping pink tongue. Then, as if she was also hungry, tired of waiting, she slipped her full soft red lips over the head and down the length of his shaft, devouring him fully, effortlessly. Again she looked up at his face, as he looked down in awe at the image of his cock entering and filling the face of his mistress. Poor Abigail, Sophie thought without pity as she moved her head up and down the length of his penis. Poor Abigail, watching helplessly as her love was taken so easily. She turned her head slightly to where the peephole was, and saw a single, wide eye peering through, filled with tears as she watched her mistress take her man, take her love, deep within her mouth. Thomas was close, the inexperience of youth uncontrolled, his climax she could feel building quickly, and then she felt it, felt the increased swelling begin, as his climax swept up the length of him to burst inside her mouth. His hot essence she lapped up as he exploded inside her, his seed flooding her, as she drank him, suctioning him of everything he could give her. She held him close, deep within her, as he shuddered his climax into her suctioning mouth, his legs almost buckling under the intense sensations. Then he was done, and she let the quickly softening penis slip from her mouth reluctantly, casting a glance towards the peephole that she saw was now empty.

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      Her task over, she became brisk. “Thomas, you may go, do not speak of this to anyone, now leave me” “Yes mistress” was all Thomas could mumble, his mind and feelings jumbled, confused, as he adjusted himself and stumbled out of her room. Sophie watched him leave, and turned towards the secret compartment. She found Abigail slumped on the floor, her face tear streaked. She felt no pity, only contempt. Sophie reached down and pulled the girl roughly up to her feet, wiping her tears away. Then she leaned forward and kissed the girl full on the lips, darting her tongue into the young girls mouth. “Can you taste him, Abigail? Can you taste your lover’s seed upon my lips? Do you understand now? Do you fully understand?” Sophie shook Abigail, who wiped her mouth and ran from the room without a word. That was almost three years ago, and Thomas was sent away, banished for having improper relations with another servant girl. Abigail was broken, tied now to her cruel mistress. Sophie was satisfied she had nipped the bloom of love at its heart. Tomorrow they were about to embark to North Africa, and she would no doubt find more interesting entertainment for her. Sophie just knew it would. She could not wait to be free of this cold climate and colder men. She needed fire, and men with fire in their loins for her.

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       She did not know then, that she would get more than even she bargained for. Thank you for taking the time to read this story and if you enjoyed it enough to want to read what happens to Sophie next, please do let me know. Depending on sufficient interest, Chapter Two will soon follow. If you want me to notify you when Chapter Two is actually posted, I will be happy to do so. .

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    Escort females are professional companions that offer a variety of services to customers looking for company. These services might range from casual talk to more intimate interactions. Escort females are frequently hired for social gatherings, business meetings, and travel companions. They are also available for individual one-on-one lessons.A variety of escort females provide services ranging from simple companionship to more intimate encounters. Some may specialize in particular services, like BDSM or fetish play. Before scheduling a session, it is essential to discuss your needs and desires with your escort lady.
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    Overall, Thessaloniki is an excellent destination for those who wish to investigate the escorts industry. This vibrant and fascinating city offers a diverse selection of services and options, so there is something for everyone.Escort females are a popular option for people looking for companionship and amusement in Thessaloniki. These lovely ladies may accompany you to events, restaurants, or simply spend time with you in private. Whether you are a native or a visitor to the area, there are many escorts to pick from, each with their own own personality and flair.

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    There are several establishments in Thessaloniki that provide sensual massages, so you won't have a hard time finding one to satisfy your needs. You can look forward to a profoundly soothing and personal experience that will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed whether you go to a professional massage parlour or hire an individual masseuse. This will be the case regardless of whatever option you pick.Discreet service is another perk of employing an escort service in Thessaloniki. They take extraordinary measures to secure your privacy since they know how essential discretion is to their clientele. Your privacy and the privacy of those you meet will always be respected.