The Hunger


Walking into the room quietly behind her, he gently resting his hands on her shoulders, lightly kissing her neck. She jumps slightly at his touch, unexpected yet soothing. He slowly slides the straps of her dress down her arms ans he continues his trail of light kisses down her neck and along her shoulders, eventually letting the dress slide down from her body completely, thus leaving her bare for his eyes, his hands and his lips to enjoy. She trys to turn to face him, but he holds her at bay, his fingers then running down the sides of her body, lightly grazing her breasts as he roams her body ever so lightly. He pulls her towards him so she can feel him pressing against her, he cups her breast with one hand and her chin with the other, kissing his way back along her shoulders, then lightly biting her neck. She lets out a small cry, and reaches down her body to touch herself, to relieve the building desire growing in her. At this he stops her, holding her hands behind her back. Again she lets out a gasp, but as more of a protest. He walks her over to the counter and bends her over it, he pushes her legs apart and looks down at her glistening sex. He licks his lips at the sight of his goal, then with out warning he lands a hard firm smack across her ass. She lets out a scream, out of surprise more than pain, again he spanks her, and does so till her ass has a light red glow. Again he looks down at her, he sees her juices now flow openly and are trickling down her thighs. Kicking her legs further apart, he kneels down behind her . . . kissing and licking up her thighs, till finaly he reaches her moist lushious pussy.

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   He so very lightly runs his tongue the length of her slit, then kisses n sucks around her pussy, occasionally flicking her clit. He can hear her breathing picking up and chooses to ignore her pleas. Again sliding his tongue along her slit this time enough as to part her lushious nether lips, he takes a moment to savour the taste and scent of her lust. He then starts to explore her depths with his tongue , rolling it around inside her, he lets go of her arms so as he can slide 2 fingers into her, while with his free hand he rubs gentle circles on her now sensitive clit. A deep moan escapes her lips as he slides his fingers into her, she feels a relief, only to have now another desire build up inside her. He works his tongue and fingers as though tuning a fine instrument . . as he both feels and tastes her, he then adds a third finger, he hears her cry out and he thrusts in and out of her with renewed enthusiasm. Her moans grow louder now, his tongue laps at her as his fingers work their way in and out of her. She can no longer take it, her legs grow weary and her stockings are drenched in both her sweat and lust, In this moment she lets go, and as she does so he bites down on her clit. She lets out a deep cry, and relishes at the feel of her self release. He laps at her pussy, savouring each and and drop, he draws his fingers from her and stands to offer them to her. She opens her mouth and tastes herself from him, savouring the taste of herself and lapping at his fingers, she then once more feels fingers sliding the full length of her slit. She feels him gathering her juices with his free hand, while gently rubbing her now very sensative clit, he gathers her juices and begins to slowly work his fingers into her ass. Feeling this, she becomes unsure, it feels strange yet good, she tries to relax as much as she can.

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   He withdraws his fingers from her mouth and traces them back down her body, lightly squeazing her breasts as the pass over. He has worked 2 fingers into her ass, he brings his other hand down and again pushes it into her awaiting wet pussy. Biting down on her bottom lip she tosses her head back, she cant beleive what she is feeling and feels herself getting very close, but he senses it to, and as quickly as she was building up he withdraws his fingers from her. She lets out a cry of frustration, but it is cut short as she is grabbed by her hair and brought down to her knees, before she can protest, he pushes the length of his cock into her mouth. She gags at first, but quickly adjusts, taking him in she swirls her tongue around the shaft of his cock. He pumps himself in and out of her mouth at a steady pace, both hands gripping her hair. She has now adjusted to be able to take him all in, sucking deeply and slithering her tongue around his shaft, she hears him let out a deep groan. She pulls herself off him and looks up giving him a devilish grin, she lightly licks down to the base of his cock, cupping and licking his balls, then working her way back up the length of his shaft. While massaging his balls she teases the head of his cock with her tongue, then without warning takes him whole, again he lets out another deep groan. She works his shaft, slurping and lapping vigerously, driven purely by lust. She can feel him tightening the grip he has on her hair, he is nearly there. He is now thrusting harder, with a firm grip of her hair, he forces himself down her throat, and lets out an almost animalistic growl as he cums. He then pulls her back and another thick wad of cum splashes against her face, she gasps, but then takes a finger and wipes it, then licks her finger clean. He lifts her up and they share a kiss, both of them glistening, and the smell of lust in the air he carries her off behind closed doors.

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