The Invitation Part Two: The Day of The Party


Lacy looked out the back patio door at Mister Mister who was now peeing. She couldn’t help but think of what Marla had said about the dog’s penis. Lacy had never thought about sex with dogs before, well, possibly when she was a teenager. Now she couldn’t get it off her mind! Mister Mister saw her and came running up to the door. Lacy let him in and watched him eat. She cocked her head to try to get a glimpse of his penis. “Mister Mister, does your daddy have any secret porn?” Lacy asked her unsuspecting companion (or maybe he did suspect something?) “I want to see a dog fuck a human, NOW!” Mister Mister didn’t even look up at her. Lacy looked longingly at the defunct computer sitting in the corner of the kitchen. She had accidentally opened a virus. She hoped to meet a computer techie tonight at the party because Peter was going to be very pissed off at her when she got home. She wanted to fix it before he got back. “Pity I am such a computer loser,” she sighed, “There is bound to be a few free mpegs on the web. ”It dawned on her that Marla perhaps had some illicit videos she could borrow. Lacy made a mental note to ask her tonight if the timing was right. Lacy blushed at the mere thought of that woman who breezed into her life last night, as if she knew she would find her sitting at that disgusting little dive bar. Finishing up her tomato, Lacy decided to take a dip and walked outside.


   It was hot. The thermometer read 100. She dived into the pool and emerged wet and happy, floating and trying to feel her now cool cunt at the same time. Lacy hopped up onto a floating lounge and wished she had thought to make a drink. She looked down on her now brown body, imagining Tristan and Marla appearing on either side of her. Marla would press her thick lips against her glistening pussy as Tristan kissed her. The measly thought of the two made her feet pulse. She knew that something was going to happen tonight. She couldn’t even imagine what, but she knew it would be good. Lacy’s hands found her sweet little cunt again, and her thighs jiggled and the floating lounge shook as she came to the sounds of water lapping against the sides of the pool and the dog barking out of control!She opened her eyes, and wished for her sunglasses. At the side of the house she saw a shadow. “FUCK!” Lacy screamed as she flopped back into the water, “Who the fuck are you?”She heard a laugh as she emerged. “Sweetie, you shouldn’t leave your front door open,” a voice that was certainly familiar answered. Lacy’s eye registered and focused. It was Tristan.

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   Her beating heart calmed down a bit. “Uh, Tristan, you scared the piss out of me!” Lacy called up to him. “Throw me a towel?” Lacy hoisted her body out of the pool and was glad to have the towel lunged forward to her. She liked her body but was a bit shy of her stretch marks and sagging boobs. She quickly enveloped herself in the warm cotton fabric. “Shit,” Lacy laughed, “I could have had a heart attack!”Tristan didn’t answer. He just stood there looking at her. He looked displeased. “Ummm, well. . . what brings you here?” Lacy stammered. “You really should lock your door, sweetie. It is a cold hard world out there,” Tristan lectured, “anyone could come in, and Mister Mister loves people. He thinks anyone is his pal.

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   His bark is much worse than his bite. You should know that by now. ”Lacy hated being told what to do, but instead of ripping him a new one, she had to agree with what he was saying. She must have been riding one orgasmic cloud last night to have been so stupid and not lock up. “Yeah,” Lacy hung her head down, “You are totally right. ” Tristan walked up to her and moved her head up by placing two fingers on her chin and pushing up. “You just be careful, OK?”“OK!”Lacy looked up into Tristan’s eyes. They were deep green in color, the color of moss on rocks that she had seen once before, such an unusual color that only manifests itself on the Cliffs of Mohr on the western coast of Ireland. They were spectacular, and brought back sweet memories of Irish whiskey consumed on those cliffs with a group of feisty young German tourists. Lacy wanted to dip her fingers in his eyes and see if they rippled like a pool of stagnant moss infested water would. Her fingers rose to his face and stroked his cheeks that were full of stubble. “I want to dip my fingers into your eyes to see if they are as deep as they look,” gasped Lacy. “Mmmmmmhhhhh, and I want to dip my fingers into your pussy to see if it is as wet as I think it must be,” Tristan’s voice traveled down past her navel, leaving behind a trail of goose bumps, and stopped right on her clit. If she had been a man, she’d have been standing straight up!Tristan reached his hand down, and Lacy noticed the hard calloused fingers as she gasped from his touch. “He must be a farm boy,” she managed to think before the motion of his fingers made her fall onto one of the deck chairs covered with satin that Peter had placed all around his pool.

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  Lacy looked up towards the sun and closed her eyes, feeling the heat of the solar system enter her body as driblets of sweat formed around her forehead. Tristan moaned as he finger- fucked her willing cunt, wet with the chlorinated water from the pool and a deeper wetness, salty with cum from the masturbation session he had walked in on. He lowered his shorts and stuck his ass out into the fresh air. His cock hung at half-mast. Not a huge cock in the traditional sense, but it was as thick around as it was long. They called him “Ol’ Three by Three. ”Tristan thrust his equally thick fingers into Lacy’s hole. She squirmed with delight. “OOOOOOOHHHHH Tristan,” she called out, “I want to feel your tongue inside of me!” He obeyed, knowing that she was going to have to obey all sorts of orders, as well as give them, tonight. His cock grew with anticipation. He was feeling so lucky to live in this piss ass town on the prairie. Lacy began to molest his tongue; she rode is as if he were a bucking bronco!Tristan had promised Marla not to fuck Lacy before the party, but damn! This woman needed a good riding. And he was willing to deal with the wrath of Marla. Hell hath no fury like Marla scorned, but he wanted to take that chance. He slowly began his ascent, licking her poochy stomach and deep throating her belly button.

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   He made his way up on top of her and began to suck her nipples. They were wet and salty, they smelled like sunshine and tasted like watermelon. So big and dark, this woman’s nipples. He half wondered if she was a mother! She had a road map of stretch marks about her boobs. He sucked hard and wished for milk. The thought of fucking a sexy bitch Mama made his comely dick stand up as straight and as tall as it could. He lunged forward and entered her sweet pussy, taking a moment to consider that he knew nothing about her, but letting the moment take him away. He had fucked enough strangers to know to get tested regularly. He’d just have to go to Dr. Marla’s and get tested again and get his ass spanked hard. Marla was one for discipline of her disciples. Lacy was surprised at the cock that entered her. She felt him, but not deep down. Something else happened. He hit that spot that Marla had made tingle yesterday and she went with it.

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   She thrust her hips forward and begged for more!She pushed Tristan off of her and looked down at his odd looking cock.
    She had to see what sort of monstrosity was pushing up inside of her. It felt so strange and looked the part. His cock sat perched straight up in the air, but looked as if it had been squashed down into this thick and short member. “Yep, that’s all me!” Tristan laughed and helped her on her knees, so he wouldn’t have to hear the next comment coming out of her mouth. He had heard it all before and was a little tired of it. He shoved his pulsating cock back into her pussy and she groaned with a primal animalistic voice that he rarely hears from women. He knew now, she had to be a mom on vacation. The only women he hears groan like that have given birth! With hope he reached around and pinched her nipples. Lacy stuck her ass in the air and enjoyed the sensations she was riding. She loved this! She couldn’t believe it, but she loved it. Tristan seemed to be able to fill her wet peach in a way that she couldn’t understand. But her lil’ wet cunt understood. Lacy reached her hand up and began to stroke her blood-engorged clit. She knew she was going to cum, doggy style always made her cum fast.

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       Her hand began to move along with the thrusts of Tristan’s hips. Behind them she heard a sound, but it didn’t reach her brain waves. Her eyes were closed she was going to fucking. . . . “AAAAAAAWWWWWWW BABY I AM CUMMMING!” Lacy shouted up into the humid air. “MMMHUMMMMMOH YES OH YESS OFUCKING YESSSSSSS!” Tristan began to cum as he felt Mister Mister’s thick wet tongue on his ass. They fell down onto the lounge, Tristan on top of Lacy and the dog still lapping up the aftermath. Lacy registered the dog’s presence. She didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing. Peter sure must have trained that dog. She wished Peter had told her before. . .

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      Flashing into her brain, came a revelation. Peter had set her up! The fucker. She was going to slap his goddamn wanker around when she saw him again! The thought made her laugh. Tristan started laughing too. “So,” he began with a smile on his face, “Do you need a ride to the party later?”“Oh, I’d love one,” Lacy replied while getting off the chair and diving into the pool, “Pick me up at party time?” she called out from the water. “You betcha,” grinned Tristan as he pulled back on his pants. His cock twitched not only in anticipation of the party and Marla’s punishment, but from the little tryst he and Lacy had shared on Peter’s lounge. The lounge was wet with sex. Lacy’s butt had made a dark imprint on the seat of the chair. He waved goodbye, patted Mister Mister on his head, and hopped into his pickup truck. “Damn,” he shook his head while lighting one of Marla’s lavender cigarettes, “Marla may have met her match. ”He blushed at what was to come. The party will begin soon my loves. . .

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      don’t get your panties and boxers in a twit. But if you do, Aphrodite is here to untangle them. .

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