The Masseuse & The Landlord


“What in the hell do you think your doing”, she yelled. The landlord, Jim Thompson was about six foot three, 360 pounds, balding, and had the stump of a cigar in his mouth. His beer gut hung from under his shirt and over his belt, and he smelled of bad breath and beer. “Well Miss Connie”, Jim said, “I’m your next customer”. Connie was really taken aback at this. True she didn’t know who her next customer was, but she never in her life thought it would be him. Jim said, “I’ve seen the ad you run for Erotic Massages, and you know I can have you evicted if you don’t do what I tell you”. “I know what you can do Mr. Thompson, and I’m sure we can come to some mutual agreement”, Connie said. “Oh we’re going to agree, that’s a fact, because if we don’t, you’ll be in jail this afternoon”, Jim said. “Okay, okay, let’s get this over with”, Connie said. “Connie, first off, you are not the one that is going to give me a massage, I want your daughter to do that”, Jim said. “She not licensed for that”, Connie said. “Don’t give a dam if she’s licensed or not, either she does it, or I call the cops”, Jim said. Connie fell to the chair and wanted to throw her coffee cup at that ugly bastard, but she had no choice, she had to follow through. “Okay, I’ll talk to her, but your going to go home and take a bath and look half way presentable when you come back”, Connie said.

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  Jim turned to leave and just laughed at Connie. “I’ll be back in a hour, you better be ready for me”, he said. He opened the door and slammed it behind him as he left. Connie went to Betty’s room and knocked as she entered. “I need to talk to you sweetheart, I’m in a bit of a bind and I need your help”, Connie said. Betty was twenty two years old, stood five three, slim build, bright red hair, cut short, green eyes. She weighed just under one hundred pounds. Her breasts were small, but looked perfect on her. Her butt was her best asset, as it pouted out as if yearning to be touched. Her legs were thin, but nice. Connie went on to explain what the landlord wanted and if he didn’t get his way, she’d end up in jail. “Your not going to jail mom, I’ll do it for you, but you need to show me what to do”, Betty said. Connie took Betty into the spare room and showed her the different creams and oils and told her what to use them for, and gave her a small demonstration on what to do. “Okay Mom, I think I got it, but I’ll have to change and be ready for him when he gets here”. “I also want you to stay in your room while he’s here, no matter what you hear, okay”?, she asked.

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  “Alright, but you do know I don’t like this”, Connie said. She then went into her room and closed the doors. Betty also went to her room, she removed the clothes she had on and took a quick shower. Coming back into her room, she opened a drawer and brought out a peach color pair of thong panties. Slipping them up her legs, they felt so good. The silk like fabric always made her feel special. Whenever she wanted to masturbate, she’d wear these panties. She then found the matching bra and placed it over her small breasts, clasping it closed in the front. Looking in the mirror, she liked what she saw and went to her closet to get a light robe, to cover herself. She then went to the kitchen to await the landlord. Betty did not have to wait long, when she answered the knock on the door. Opening the door she let Jim in to the apartment. He had cleaned up, but to her eyes he was still a fat, ugly, beer guzzling, son of a bitch to her. She showed him back to the massage room, told him to undress and get on the table and she’d be right back. When Betty went back in the room, Jim was lying on the massage table, with a large towel over his large butt.

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   Betty went to the table with the creams and took a tube with her to start on Jim. “Hey”!, Jim said, “Your suppose to be giving me an erotic massage, loose the robe”. Betty took off the robe while standing in front of Jim’s face. She was just inches from him, as his eyes roamed over her body. He had watched her walk by his office so many times, wondering what she’d look like undressed. So many thoughts had run through his mind that it drove him to the point where he was forcing the issue. His eyes danced over her small pert breasts, wishing that she didn’t have to wear that bra. He then let his eyes travel down to her panties and was almost going to make her remove them, along with the bra. He thought about doing that, but hoped that as the massage went on, she might be more willing. When Betty removed her robe, she knew the effect it would have on him. She had heard his lewd comments every time she had walked by him. Betty stood there and let him eyeball her and she hoped that he would calm down so she could get this over with. Moving to his right side, Betty put some cream on her hands and started to work Jim’s neck and shoulder muscles. Her hands were like silk on his body, as he closed his eyes and made believe that she was naked while giving the massage. His neck muscle started to relax, as her fingers worked.

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  Jim was so large, in order to reach his neck properly, she had to lean her chest into his side. With all the movements she was making, her nipples started to stiffen. Betty always knew her nipples were her downfall, once they got hard, it wasn’t going to be long before her pussy started to get wet. If that happened, she’d want to have a hard cock nearby, and she really didn’t want to fuck this fat bastard. As Betty kneaded Jim’s shoulder, she was able to back away from him and not have her nipples rubbing against his body. Betty continued working his side, back and lower back, thinking that this wasn’t going to be to bad. Betty moved over to his other side and again worked his neck and shoulder. Her nipples were once again getting hard. As much as she tried to ignore it, she couldn’t. The more she moved, the more her bra caressed her nipples and kept her hard. As she went down his side and back to his lower back, her pussy started to get wet. Betty’s mind was starting to wonder what size cock Jim had. Was it small, large, short, long? As her mind wandered, she worked on both his legs. She then told him to roll over on his back, and she’d massage his front side. As he moved, she was standing by his feet and got a good look at Jim’s cock.

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   It wasn’t big, but it was fat, like him. His nut sack was very large, her lips were wetted by her tongue as he moved. Betty’s pussy was now drenched, she could feel the fluid dribble down her leg. God she needed a good stiff fuck. Betty worked on Jim’s legs from the feet up. When she reached his fat thighs, she kneaded the flesh, like she knew what she was doing. The back of her hand had touched his cock and his nut sack as she worked her hands under the towel he wore. The more Betty had her hands on his inner thighs, the more Jim’s cock grew. It wasn’t long before his cock was very hard and pushing the towel up from his body. Betty eyed the lifting towel and said to Jim, “This is going to be your one and only massage, if you ever try to threaten my mother or me again, I’ll tell the police that you forced me to have sex with you”. So what happens from here on, is never going to happen again”. Jim agreed with Betty saying, “I only wanted to see you, nothing else”. Betty then reached up and took hold of the towel and slowly slid it off of Jim. When his hard cock was in sight, she just looked at it. It was about six inches in length, but thick, real thick.

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   The head was circumcised, and purplish in color. The pee hole was also large, almost three-eights of an inch around. His nut sack was holding two large nuts. Betty placed her hand around his shaft and Jim inhaled sharply. Betty then started to masturbate this hard cock in her hand. Betty shoved her free hand into her panties and felt her moist pussy at her fingertips. Jim was loving the fact that Betty was jacking him off, but what he liked more was the fact that she was also finger fucking herself right next to him. He watched in amazement as her hand moved up and down in her panties. Betty wanted more than this, so she leaned over Jim’s legs and placed his cock to her lips. His large cockhead was a lot to put in her mouth, but she managed to do it. Her tongue licked over his pee hole and took in his precum, which wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be. She lowered her head further and took in more of his cock into her mouth. Her other hand was furiously working in and out of her pussy. She wanted to cum and cum hard. As gross looking as this man was, she just couldn’t help herself.

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  Jim watched as her lips took his cock deeper into her mouth. The more she took, the harder it was for him to believe that this was happening. He was going to push the issue a little further. Jim reached out and unclasped Betty’s bra. It fell open and her small breasts came into full view. His hand reached again and encompassed her breast and felt her hard nipple in his palm. Jim tweaked her nipple with his thumb and forefinger and Betty took in a sharp breath. Her breasts were very sensitive and each time he pulled on her nipple, she came closer to having a climax. Betty shoved her panties down her legs and onto the floor. Now he could see all of her and she didn’t care, she wanted to cum and didn’t care who got her to that point. Jim watched as her panties hit the floor, then his eyes took in the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. She had shaven the majority of her bush, and just left a small patch at the top. He could see how small she was, so he sat up a little and reached around her and brought her body up off the floor and over his. Her legs landed alongside of his head and her pussy was right in his face. He licked up her juices that were flowing down her legs and then worked his mouth to her pussy lips.

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   Jim lapped up her outer lips and took in her wonderful aroma. He inserted his tongue between her lips and sucked in her juices. Betty was surprised as to how easy he had picked her up and the fact that she never let loose of his cock from her mouth. She moved her hips over Jim’s face and shoved her cunt harder onto him, as she engulfed all of his cock into her mouth. His cock reached her throat and she almost gagged, but was able to hold it back. Her hands were now rolling his balls and one hand was working it’s way to his ass. There was a lot of flesh to get by, but she managed. When her finger entered his anal passage, Jim gulped. Betty drove her middle finger as deep as she could in his asshole, she didn’t care if hurt, or if he did this every day. Her mouth continued sliding up and down his shaft, as her hand rolled his nuts. She knew she had to fuck him in order to finally cum, so she pulled her body up from his face and her mouth from his thick cock. Turning around over his fat belly, she brought her pussy over his cock and lowered herself onto him. His fat cockhead was pressing at her pussy lips, so she pushed a little harder and it went in. “Oh God, what a fat cock”, she grunted. Her pussy was juiced up enough to allow her to lower herself and take in all of his cock.

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   Little by little it went in. Betty was just about ready to cum, his cock was so thick. He brought his hands up to her little tits and when he did this, Betty felt herself starting to climax. “Maul my tits, hard, I want to cum, going to cum”, she said. Jim did as he was asked and just about mashed her breast to her chest, as her pussy worked up and down his hard thick cock. “YES, YES!!!, I’M CUMMMMMMIINNNNNNG, FUCK ME HARD”, SHE SCREAMED. Her body let loose a torrent of fluid as it racked in orgasm. Her eyes closed, her hips moved faster and she almost passed out from cuming so hard. As she slowly returned to reality, she continued to pump her hips on his fat cock. She wanted his cream in her, she wanted to cum just like that again. Jim watched Betty as her body had shook as she climaxed. He held her up as she almost fell on top of him. Her pussy was so tight on his cock, he knew he was just about ready to shoot his load into her. Unsure if she’d allow him to spunk in her, he just kept thrusting his hips up to meet her pussy. He had not had a woman in a long time.

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   He got himself off just watching fuck flicks and knew that no woman in their right mind wanted to fuck a man as fat as him. Right now his cock was stroking one of the prettiest girls he had ever know, and he wasn’t going to stop. Jim felt his cum all the way in his scrotum as it worked up his shaft and shot into her pussy. “God that felt so good”, he thought, as his cock shot spurt after spurt of cum into her. Betty felt his rod stiffen even more, just before he climaxed, so she tightened her pussy muscles and worked his cum from his cock. When the first shot hit her cervix, she started to cum again. Both of them felt their bodies rack as the climax hit them. Betty felt each spurt of his cum as it shot from his cock, and each shot made her cum harder. Her pussy pounded his cock, wanting all he had to give her. Jim wanted to shove himself harder, but he was doing all that he could, as his cock started to soften. Betty felt him getting smaller, as she slowed the tempo down. She was still a little irate ate herself for allowing this fat bastard to get to her this way. She had not planned on anything like this, but she was thinking fast, wanting to make him pay. As his cock deflated and fell from her wet cunt, Jim watched as Betty stood up on the bed and turned her back towards his face. Betty bent over, placing her hands on her knees and began to piss all over Jim’s belly and face.


  Her stream hit him unexpectedly, it was warm and coming fast, he didn’t move. His cock was starting to get hard. He watched this in movies and never thought it would happen to him. He liked the feel of the warm fluid spraying from her freshly fucked pussy hit him. Betty was surprised at herself, as her body emitted her urine. She had never done this and had never thought of doing it until just now. She had hoped it would make him mad, but it was having the opposite effect on him. As she was bent over peeing, she watched as his cock started to get bigger. Jim spread her urine over his fat belly and watched her pussy as it released more and more piss. It seemed as if she would never stop pissing. His cock was now rock hard once again. Betty watched as his cock hardened, and she continued to piss on Jim. Her pussy was wanting that hard cock inside of her again. With her back to him, she lowered her pissing pussy and sprayed his cock. When she stopped pissing, she placed her cunt over his cock and slid it inside her pussy.

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  His cock slid right in her and she once again hated herself for wanting that cock in her pussy, but she needed it. She lowered herself until he felt his scrotum on her thighs. Up and down her hips went, as his cock felt so good in her pussy. Jim could not believe that she was fucking him again. He watched as her ass bobbed up and down on his cock. He held her ass cheeks as she fucked him, feeling those orbs in his hands, as she worked her pussy on him. Jim held those globes in his hands when he decided to find out what her asshole was like. Moving one hand to the puddle of urine on the table, he drenched his middle finger and brought it to her anal passage. With a slight move his finger slowly entered her ass hole. Betty gave no sign of wanting him to stop, so he shoved his finger in up to the first knuckle. Betty felt his finger at her ass and was going to say something, but she quickly changed her mind and allowed him to enter that sacred area. When his finger slid in she felt her pussy walls tighten on his fat cock. She continued pumping her pussy on his shaft. “Fuck my ass, stick it in all the way”, she said looking at him. Jim wanted to please her, so his finger was pushed in all the way.

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   He felt his cock fucking her pussy through the membrane. His finger followed her motion and it preceded to plunge in and out of her ass. Betty was so close to having her climax, as she watched that hard fat cock run in and out of her soaking cunt. She was dripping more juice in his lap as she felt his finger sliding up her ass. The combination for her was something she had never felt before, and she liked it. She liked it a lot. “Gonna cum again, gonna cum all over that fat hard cock of yours”, she managed to say. “Go ahead and cum, let me feel you spill your juices all over my prick”, Jim said. “Oh yes, yes, I’m close, fuck my ass”, Betty screamed. As her orgasm got closer, Betty grabbed her tits and squeezed them, as her ass was being pummeled by his finger and her pussy by his cock. “SWEET JESUS I’M CUMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGG”, she hollered, as her pussy let loose with the biggest orgasm she had ever felt. Her cunt tightened on his cock and her fluids raced over his cock and flowed into his lap. Jim felt her pussy get tighter and knew she was there. He continued to shove his cock into her pussy as hard as he could, while his finger stroked her asshole. Her juices warmed his cock and scrotum as his balls were bathed in her sweet cum.

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  He could not hold back either, as his cock shot a jet stream of cum up into her warm wet pussy. Two, three, four times he let loose in her and she felt each shot as her body shuddered. She was getting tired, but felt that she needed more. After he finished shooting his cum into her cunt, and he started to get soft, she pulled up from his deflating rod and turned towards Jim. Walking up the table, she sat on his fat stomach and slid into his face. Jim watched as she stood and his finger plopped out of her ass. He didn’t know what was going to happen next, but he surely would not complain. As she turned, her pussy was still dripping juice on him and as she worked her way forward, she left a cum trail on him. When she sat on his stomach and slid towards his head, he knew what she wanted. As her pussy neared his face, he opened his mouth to receive it. His tongue licked her cuntal fluids and swallowed each drop. He tasted himself and her and loved the mixture. He shoved his tongue into her as deep as it would go, as her hips started to move back and forth over his mouth. His fat arms could not reach around her legs, so he held her thighs as he ate that delicious pussy. He was in heaven and knew in the back of his mind that this may never ever happen with her again.

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   He tongued that cunt with all he could muster. Betty wanted to cum again. She wanted to cum all over his face, make him swallow his own cum from her wet pussy. She had just climaxed a few moments ago and was close again. Her body was reacting quicker that she thought it would, as his tongue worked wonders inside her dripping pussy. Her hip pushed harder on his face, almost choking him for lack of air. “Eat my cunt you fat bastard, suck my pussy and make me cum again”, she hollered to him. Jim was close to passing out, as he tried to make this bitch cum, before he blacked out. He got to her clit and sucked it into his mouth and his tongue swiped over it. As he held onto her clit, her body started to shudder. Betty was finally cuming again. Her body liked what he was doing to the point that she reached her climax quickly. “Suck my pussy, drink my cum”, she yelled at Jim, as her pussy was once again flowing with juice. Jim tasted her fluids as she drenched his face in warm wet liquid. She was so wet, the juices flowed onto his face and up his nostrils, causing him to start gulping for air.

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   He had to almost throw her body off the table in order to breath. As he brought his upper body up off the table, she fell backwards onto his fat stomach, as he just inhaled a fresh breath of air. He gulped in breath after breath as she laid on his stomach. Her pussy still dripping juice down his chest. The smell of urine and sex hung in the air of the small room. Urine was dripping onto the floor. Cum was stuck all over Jim’s upper half and his scrotum. Betty was still breathing hard from her climax. Betty slowly said to Jim, “Take a good look at this pussy, it’s the last time you’ll ever see it. I did this for my mother, not for you. As she rolled off of him, she told him to get dressed and never bother her or her mother ever again. Betty picked up her clothes, wrapped her robe around her and left the room. She heard the front door slam shut a few minutes later and knew he was gone. Betty hated herself for letting her body betray her the way it did. Although his cock was short, it was fat as hell and it intrigued her.

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   She heard a knock on her door. “Come in mother” she said. As the door opened, Betty saw the tears in her mothers eyes. She hugged her and told her that the landlord will never darken their door again and she was going to see what she could do about lowering their rent within the next few days. Both mother and daughter hugged and cried with one another. .
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