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He reaches down and rubs his hardening cock recalling the feel of her fingers as they slid along it’s shaft. . . across the head. And as he squeezes, his memory pulls up the feel of her lips as she kisses the length of him and across his balls before sucking the sensitive sacks into her mouth and running her tongue against them. He unzips his jeans and releases the fellow from it’s confinement. He’s hard now as he sucks in his breath remembering the feel of her lips as she takes him into her mouth. . . running her tongue around him and taking him deep sucking as she goes down upon him. The vibrations of her moans as she holds him in her mouth sends chills down his spine and he slides his hand up and then down and then up again mimicking her loving attention she’d given him before he’d left her. Ohhhh but it feels sooo good he whispers to himself as he continues the motion. . . caught up in the memory of her. He can smell her now.

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  . . the smell of her skin after she’s played in the shower. Her skin hot from the water. Her hair silky against his stomach as she sucks upon him. He recalls the feel of her hands as they slide up his legs and caress his balls. . . holding them in the palm of her hand as her fingers gently roll them sending a wave of pleasure through his body as she continues loving his cock. His hand now moving faster as he remembers and fighting hard to keep his attention on the road before him. He feels himself tightening, knowing his time is near as he remembers the feel of her mouth on him. . . her tongue running slick and hot across him. .

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  . the small sounds coming from deep in her throat as she thoroughly enjoys herself. The look of pure satisfaction in her passionate eyes as she looks up at him, knowing she’s responsible for the intense feeling building inside of him brings a smile to his lips as he remembers letting go and releasing his juices and watching her move against him as she hungrily swallows him down. . . moaning as she continues sucking until he’s spent and unable to breathe. He feels a hot sticky wetness in his hand as he comes back to reality and laughs quietly at himself amazed that she could invoke such a strong reaction from him still. He can’t wait to get home and bury himself deep inside of her. Love her until she screams her release. Use her until they are both so exhausted they fall asleep wrapped in each others’ arms. It’s been too long since he’d had that pleasure. Too long since he felt the love she has for him totally engulf him. He’ll be glad to get home and show her how much he misses her. . .

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  misses the feel of her against him. . . misses just being with her. Show her how much he loves her. Yes, he’ll be glad to get home and create more incredible memories for those long hauls he knows will come all too soon. .

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