The new receptionist


Rohini – The New Receptionist Rohini is a newly joined receptionist in our company. Since our company was dry with only two or three girls, the appointment of a cute lady as the receptionist was refreshment for all of us. Her appointment as a receptionist was really an advantage to me. She was the only person to approach for everything I needed, say getting a phone line, receiving a fax, stationary and so on. I would often intentionally ask her for a phone line or enquire if there was a fax or letter for me, just to flirt with her. This way I got more intimate to her in a short time. Her prominent breasts, one would die for, her slim and soft waist, one would feel like massaging and her soft brown and creamy skin, one would be crazy to caress, were her sex appeals. Her way of dressing too makes her a sexpot. She would always wear tight, short sleeved and low-cut blouses exposing her creamy arms and glossy back. Her bra clearly seen through her semi-transparent blouse was yet another erotic scene. In brief she looked like a perennial pool of sexual pleasure where one can quench his thirst, however intense it is. In our company, there was a Xerox room and whenever one needed to take a photocopy of something, he had to go to that room and get it done himself. The ladies toilet was attached to the Xerox room and cannot be seen from outside. Since there were only three ladies including Rohini, the toilet was rarely visited in a day. One day I went to xerox a document not being aware that the machine was already out of order. When I entered the room, Rohini had just come out of the toilet.

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   She had taken the saree off her breasts and was correcting it exposing her hot cleavage. But to much of my astonishment, when she saw me, she put her saree back on very unhurriedly without showing any surprise as if she intended to show her breasts to me. I interrupted,” Mam, please don’t cover it” “. “Cover what?” she asked me wonderingly. “Your cleavage. You liked me seeing it, didn’t you?”, said I. “ Yessss no…. . but……”, she stammered. ” Mam, please don’t try to hide what’s there in your heart. I am curious to give you whatever you want from me even if it is…… sharing your bed”, I spoke very openly. She was speechless for a moment after which she took a paper, wrote something on it and hung it outside the room. It read,” Xerox machine out of order”. The door was fitted with an automatic door closer. Without uttering anything more she held my hand and grabbed me to the toilet and locked the door.

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   She placed her hands on my shoulders and said, “ Sure, I cannot control myself anymore. Come on, take me take me”. Having said that she threw her arms around my neck and pressed her juicy lips on mine. I too hugged her tightly and we both shared a deep passionate kiss. I sucked her tongue and she sucked mine. She let her saree fall off her breasts and said,” Sure, come on take these” I unhooked her blouse and kept it open. She was wearing a black bra inside. I again embraced her and passed my fingers under her blouse to undo her bra. All these times I was chewing on her soft pink lips. In the meantime she undid my trousers and undies and pulled them down up to my knees. My dork started swelling. I lifted her bra to reveal her hot erotic breasts. Her nipples were erect and stiff due to sexual arousal. I sat on the toilet with my thighs open and she sat in between them with me facing her back. I passed my hands over her flanks and grasped her tits and started massaging them gently and chewing on her shoulders at the same time.

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   I squeezed her breasts in a hard manner as if I was preparing the flour ball for making bread. She was breathing at a faster rate. She moaned,” aaaaaaw Sure it’s it’s very exciting aaaaw” By that time my penis had grown to seven inches and was hitting her back. When she felt my dick, she rose, turned back and knelt down, took it in her hands and began stroking it. After four or five strokes she took it in her mouth and began sucking it as hard as she could. My shaft grew to a monstrous size of 2 inches dia and 9 inches long. I lamented,” Hoh, Rohini, you are gorgeous. You suck it with a great deal of expertise. When you take it inch by inch it stirs every nerve in my body” After sometime we both stood up. She lifted her saree from her ankles above her hip exposing her creamy thighs and wet pussy. Her snatch was clean and her pubic region was well trimmed. She sat on the toilet bed and I knelt down to access her cavern. First I kissed her juicy cunt lips. She moaned,” Aaaaaw Sure it’s very arousing. Aaaaaw….

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  ” I gradually probed her vagina with my tongue. Her moans continued,” Sure……. . aaaaaw……. aaaaaw…. . ” We could not wait any longer and got to position. I sat on the bed with my legs wide open and my prick pointing straight upwards. She threw her arms around my neck and gradually sat on my lap pushing my dick into her inch by inch. Her lubricious pussy took my cock without any resistance. All my ten inches were completely buried in her vagina. I locked my lips with her and began reciprocating my shaft up and down. She whimpered,” Hoh, Sure…. . it’s awesome….

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  . aaaaaaaw……. . aaaaaaw” I gradually increased the rate. Her groans synchronized with my thrusts,” aaaw…. aaaw…. aaaw…. aaaw…. . Sure…. it’s very painful…. . aaaaw” Since xerox room was air conditioned, the toilet door was completely sealed and her sobs could not be heard by anybody. I made the thrusts even more violent and she was blubbering in pain when her soft vagina contracted around my penis making the movement even tighter and hence more painful. We both were hyperventilating and she cried,” Hoh Sure….

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  . I’m dying…. . it’s killingly painful. It’s enough. Stop it. Please shoot your cum” We both were at the pinnacle of sexual excitement and I felt it was time to fire my weapon. I buried my dick deep inside her vagina and began disgorging my semen. When the jet of my semen striked her G spot she wailed,” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw” We sat in that position for sometime. Once my prick returned to its normal size, I drew it out of her. Her vagina was overflowing with my spunk. I drew out the toilet tissue and wiped her clit clean. She exclaimed,” Oh Sure, what a good lover you are! Today I had the most awesome sex ever in my life. I’m yours. I dedicate my body to you.

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   This is yours. You can fuck me any time you want” Saying this she hugged and kissed me again. After that we set our clothes right and left the xerox room very stealthily. That day onwards we continued enjoying such trysts atleast thrice in a week and it still continues. . . . has a huge list of lassies and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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