The Patriotic Wife #3


These stories are written from my heart and are what I fantasize about.   I like hearing from like-minded individuals especially women who enjoy my thoughts.
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His wife the patriot
 Chapter 3 of 5  9/06/05
Once home Ruth feels so alone that she can not sleep.   She writes a letter to Jack and ends up masturbating herself to sleep.

The next morning Ruth gets up early and goes for a run in the park trying to work some of the tension out of her daily plan.   Back at her door, the neighbor tells her how nice she looks in her little shorts and Ruth turns to stare daggers at him, telling him, “Keep it in your pants.   You’re not getting any!”  With that little exchange behind her Ruth readies for a bath and looks herself over carefully in the mirror.   With her brunette hair down, she lifts her leg up and onto the sink to see her own pussy.   Still slightly sore from a rough black fist the day before, Ruth rubs it softly.  

Sitting in the tub, Ruth shaves herself smooth, even though she does not need it and begins to think about the day ahead.   The phone rings and Ruth answers it still in the tub.   It’s Jack!  Thrilled, she tries to squeeze everything into the 5 minutes allotted but really only gets to tell him about David getting released today.   He lets her know that he has gotten a few letters and is extremely proud of her.   The call ends abruptly and she does not even get to say goodbye.

In light of his call Ruth decides to wear his favorite dress today.

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    Admiring herself in the mirror she pinches her nipples to get them to show, causing her to giggle.

At the VA, Roger, the orderly is not in yet and Ruth decides to check in on her new project.   Walking right up to his bed, Ruth extends her hand and quietly says, “Hi, my names Ruth. ”  He looks to her and snaps “Are you trying to be funny?”  Bewildered, Ruth replies, “No, just friendly. ”  He then continues, “I’m not feeling very friendly right now.   I couldn’t shake your hand no matter how bad I want to.   Some of my body is paralyzed. ”  Ruth lays her hand on his and says smiling, “Then I will just shake yours.   I stopped by because it looked like you could really use a friend. ”

This was the start of their friendship and Tommy opened up to tell her that he was partially paralyzed.   His limbs were dead but tingly and the doctors did not know what to do.   Ruth listened carefully and paid close attention to Tommy.   An orderly brought her a chair and she sat facing him so that he could see her.   She noticed right away that his neck worked just fine as he spotted the short dress when she sat down.   Even with her legs crossed, there was so much leg that it was hard for him not to stare.

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    At one point he became flustered and said, “I’m sorry I keep staring but you are just so beautiful and that dress is just right. ”

Ruth smiles to him and slowly uncrosses her legs before standing up.   Walking to him she lays her hand on his chest and says, “Don’t be sorry.   All you did was show me that you are a horney young man. ”  She laughs and this causes him to laugh also.   She then continues, “I came to cheer you up.   Would you like me to come back later and visit again?”  He brightly says, “Yes, please, anytime. ”  They laugh as she leaves the room.

David is restless waiting to be released as Ruth tries to calm him.   Ruth dresses him and the nurse helps her to sit him up.   Once in the wheel chair they were off to the exit when David says, “I want to say goodbye to Bobby first. ”  They turn in to the ward with the one arm black man and Ruth is surprised when the orderly pushes him right up to his bed.

Stunned by this Ruth misses the first of their conversation and only catches the end when David says, “My life just keeps getting better. ”  As they turn to leave Bobby speaks out, “I hope you’ll come back and see me again, Ruth. ”

Ruth is blushing hard as they walk down the hall towards David’s recovery.

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At home David’s arms are both still cast and useless causing Ruth to do everything for him and she doesn’t mind at all.  David is in her bed for comfort and she decides to sleep elsewhere.   He had only been in bed for about an hour before he decided to put a move on Ruth.

While she was sitting his drink down he looked to her and asks, “Will you please undress me.   I’m just not comfortable with all these clothes on. ”  She helps him sit up and put his feet on the floor.   Then she proceeds to remove his pants.   Once they were off she just kept going and removed his underwear also.   Sitting on the bed side with this beauty on her knees in front of him his hard cock stood straight out pointing at her.

Still in her dress, Ruth looked up to him smiling and said, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”  Ruth made sure to lay him back onto the pillows safely before giving him the blow job of his life.   When she was finished he had fallen completely asleep.

While David was asleep Ruth used this time to make the surroundings a little easier for David to use.   He awoke several hours later to see her getting dressed.   Lying there quietly he watched as she rubbed lotion on and tried on clothes in the mirror.   “Damn, you sure are something.

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  ”  He said with a grin.   Ruth did not look to him but just replied, “Be good.   I am going back to the VA for a little bit.   Roger called and said the young paralyzed man is going into surgery and they wanted me to see him first. ”  Ruth turns to David who is staring and asks, “Is this skirt short enough.   He seemed really taken with my legs. ”  David almost chokes as he replies, “I can see your entire legs but unless you put a top on he will be staring at your tits. ”  Ruth covers her boobs while smiling and turns back to the mirror.

At the VA, Roger meets her in the hall and explains that Tommy is going into surgery to have the bullet removed and that he will be there for about 8 hours.   Roger follows Ruth into Tommy’s room and even while groggy he smiles to her saying, “I’m glad you could make it. ”  Ruth puts a finger on his lips to hush him and leans down to say, “I wore this skirt for you because I know you like my legs.   When you wake up from surgery I expect you to look at my legs, OK?”  He shakes his head yes and she continues, “I want to see you staring at my legs and horney by tomorrow.   That’s an order soldier. ”  Ruth smiles to him and kisses his forehead as he barely whispers, “I like the rest too. ”

His eyes are shut and Ruth gets teary eyed knowing he is off for the fight of his life.

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    The orderlies take Tommy away and Ruth talks to Roger in the hallway while trying to calm her tears.   Hugging Roger, Ruth says, “I hope I have given him plenty to look forward to. ”  Roger puts his big arms around her and calmly replies, “You can bet that he has never wanted anything this bad. ”  His big black hands slide down to her ass and he lets go nicely.

After visiting several soldiers, Ruth travels home to find David, naked with an erection, lying on top of the covers watching TV.   She smiles to him and he says, “Hi, I was just thinking about you and it really sucks not being able to touch myself. ”  Ruth laughs at him and undresses in front of the TV saying, “You need to lay still and be good if you’re going to heal. ”

Naked she crawls onto the bed and lays by his side with her head on his stomach and slowly jacks him off.   When he is spent she looks to him, cum runs down her face as she tells him, “You lay here and be good while I get you something to eat. ”  Ruth licks a few globs of cum off of him and sucks the end of his cock clean before walking out of the room.

Ruth feeds him dinner and is very playful, making a mess of him.   When he asks, “Aren’t you going to eat?”  She giggles and responds touching her stomach, “You just fed me dinner, in fact I have been getting a lot of protein lately.   I think I still have some in my hair. ”  They both laugh as she cleans up.  

After a nice shower Ruth dresses in a short loose yellow skirt with a mostly shear blouse and revels in compliments from David before heading back to the VA.

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    This time of night the hospital is mostly dead but she is somewhat surprised that Roger is waiting for her in the parking garage.

He walks up to her car and looks down at her lap while opening her door.   “Are you just standing out here hoping I would show up?”  Ruth says while looking up at him and turning putting her feet on the ground.   With out looking down Ruth knows that he should be able to see everything and smiles brightly at him.   Roger glances down to her pussy then back to her tits and up to her eyes saying, “I called your house and David said you were on your way and dressed to kill.   It was pretty funny, he pressed the speaker button with his nose to answer. ” 

Slowly Ruth got out of the car and gave Roger a hug, asking about Tommy.   Roger had not heard anything at all but said he would let her know.   Opening the door into the stairwell, Roger let her go in first, insuring that he would be behind her going up the stairs.   After a few stairs Ruth turned to Roger and asks, “I have to ask.   Why is such a big man working as an orderly and not a football player?”

Six stairs behind her, with a perfect view Roger looks up from her pussy to answer, “I just really like helping these guys.   I just feel like it’s my calling. ”  Smiling Ruth continues up the stairs quietly until she reaches the door to the proper floor.   Turning to Roger who is opening the door for her she says nicely, “I think what you’re doing is wonderful and patriotic. ”  Blushing he says, “Same to you.

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After visiting several soldiers, Ruth uses the bathroom to brush her teeth before continuing and smiles to Roger in the hall.   Even sitting, Roger is a big man she thinks to herself.   Walking to his station, she sees that he is alone and just watching her.   She walks around behind him and rubs his massive shoulders and says, “You seem tense. ”  He moans and replies, “That feels good. ”  Playfully Ruth tells him while still rubbing, “Anytime you feel tense and need my help you just let me know. ”

Standing behind him, she feels small as she continues her massage quietly.   Roger lets this go for a while until another orderly walks in and jokingly ask if he could get in line for a massage.   Ruth smiles at the men and slowly runs her hand across Rogers back as she walks to another ward.  

The young man with no legs is still awake and Ruth sits on his bedside and listens to him as he tells her about when he played football in high school.   It is obvious to her that this depresses him and she moves closer allowing him to see her breasts in the low light and says, “Your life will go on.   You are a very smart and gifted young man.   I still remember the night you touched me and gave me several orgasms.   I also remember you filling my mouth with cum. ”  The young man sits there grinning now as she continues, “Until a woman snatches you up, you can call me anytime and I’ll gladly spend time with you.

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Rhonda is holding the young mans hand and lets go to kiss his cheek.   His hand finds her bare bottom as she brushes a nipple across his face causing him to lick it.   Lustfully he whispers, “I want to fuck you. ”  Ruth mashes her nipple into his mouth letting him suck through her blouse while she whispers back, “I just want to make sure that fucking won’t hurt you in anyway.   When I know for sure, look out!”  Ruth opens her blouse and lets him play with her tits for as long as he wants before kissing her way down and relaxing him to sleep.

Outside the door, Roger waits to escort her to her car.   Stopping at the desk he picks up his keys and she sees one of her pictures in the open drawer.   Ruth touches his back and ask, “Why did you laminate my picture?”  Ruth opens the drawer and removes the picture and an envelope with the others and says, “Is it so that they do not get sticky or stained?”  Laughing openly Ruth looks at the laminated picture to see it is of her on her back with her knees pulled open.

Roger walks away from the desk smiling and says, “Yea, that’s my favorite. ”  Sitting down in his chair, Ruth looks at the other pictures causing Roger to return slowly.   Holding the pictures up, she leans back in the chair spreading her legs for Roger.   After looking at the pictures for a while, she lowers the pictures smiling to find Roger and 2 other orderlies standing there quietly.   She stands quickly, putting her pictures down and grabs Rogers hand to lead her out.

At the car Ruth hugs Roger saying, “If looking at my pictures gets too messy, call me. ”  She sits down into the car letting her skirt flip up and looks up to this monster black man saying, “You do know that I am flirting with you?”  Smiling brightly she continues, “If you want, call and tell me what would be your favorite picture and I will make one just for you.

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  ”  Speechless, Roger stares at her and has to shift himself slightly.   Ruth closes her door and rolls the window down still smiling at Roger and says, “Think about it and call me. ”

Ruth reaches out, she lightly touches the bulge in his pants before she pulls away.

The next morning, Ruth takes off for her morning run and returns to find David awake and walking around.   He looks strange with both arms cast and she watches as he uses his face to do simple things.  

Ruth strips naked, causing David to become erect and he watches as she showers.   When she finishes she runs him a bath and helps him to sit down.   While she washes him, he asks her about the other soldiers and she tells him about everybody.

The phone rings and Roger is calling to say that Tommy is out of danger and will be awake later in the day.   Ruth is surprised when he then says, “A baseball bat.   I want to see you taking a bat. ”  Laughing she replies, “OK, I’ll see what I can do. ”

Finishing David’s bath, Ruth begins to towel him dry while telling him about the phone call.   David’s cock is standing straight out, pointing at her as she talks.   Slowing she dries his crotch and is holding his cock when she leads him gently to the bedroom.

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    He is surprised when she does not get on the bed but instead gets the camera and tripod.   David is naked and watching as she sets it up and leaves the room.   He hears her in the bathroom and she returns wiping a wooden baseball bat.   Dumbfounded, David watches as she turns the camera on and begins to explain the photo shoot.  

Ruth lays on the bed on her back and begins to massage herself, pouring generous amounts of baby oil onto her crotch.   The camera clicks every 30 seconds as the beautiful older woman looks into the lens.   When she is ready the bat finds her wet pussy and begins to push inside.   Slowly and in long strokes the big end of the bat keeps going deeper until she screams in pleasure.   With both hands now she begins to fuck herself crudely with the bat until screaming in orgasm.   Now laying on her back for the camera, the bat is shoved in as far as it will go as she holds it with both hands for several pictures.

Poor David still stands there silent as the bat is slowly removed and Ruth flips over on her stomach and slides to the end of the bed with her hand between her legs.   David moves in slowly and carefully fucks her still gaping pussy until he finishes quickly.

While David rest, the photos are printed and Ruth selects a few to laminate.   Copies are made of all and they are sent to Jack with today’s letter.  

That evening Ruth answers a call from Roger telling her that Tommy was awake and asking for her.


    Ruth chooses a short dress with a loose open front and heads to the VA to see Tommy.   Roger is pleased to see her when she walks into the hall and says, “Wow, you look great. ”  Ruth turns for him and says, “I knew you would like this, but I hope Tommy will. ”

Ruth pinches her nipples and then touches Roger as she walks past and into Tommy’s ward.   Tommy is awake and turns his head to see Ruth, looking her up and down slowly.   She walks up to him and places her hand on him causing him to smile.   Leaning close Ruth whispers, “I wore this just for you.   I hope you like it. ”  She backs up and turns slowly for him with her stiff nipples poking outward.

Speaking softly he says, “You look great and I’m happy to see you. ”  Ruth puts her hands on her hips with her legs parted, showing off those long legs before sitting on his bedside.  She listens to him as he talks to her and glances at her chest.   As his reason to live, she paid close and careful attention knowing that this young hero has earned at least this much respect and honor.

Dedicated to a drop dead gorgeous woman whom which I can only dream of having as my own.

The Story Man

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