The Perfect Date


Topic: The Perfect Date    Just hearing the engine of the Harley pull up was enough to make me have to change my panties. But the ride alone would require another change of panties, after one last look to make sure that I looked good, out the door I flew.     Always the gentlemen he was off the bike, and walking to the door.   But with the hormones already in a rage, if I let him in we would never leave.   He grabbed a hold of me tight and gave a passionate, wet, seductive kiss that made me melt.   The caress of his lips left me light headed and a little wobbly.   With his arm around me he lead me to the bike,  he got on then I.   Holding him tight, he started then engine.   The vibration of the engine made me cum.
    I had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do today.   I really didn’t care.   My heart racing, wind on my face, a hunk of a man in my arms and an orgasm every couple of minutes. All to soon the ride was over. Trees all around we were parked in meadow.   With wild flowers, butterflies and billowing clouds in a blue sky.   The view was breath taking.

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    No one but us.   Even better.
    Under a tree was a blanket and basket.   On the blanket was a kite.   Cloth, bright red, orange, blue, and green, dragon.   We flew the kite and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with cheetos.
    We laid back on the blanket to watch the clouds. A pirate ship, clown, and pony. He leans over and kisses me. A light peck on my lips, on my eyes, a nibble on the ears. I lifted up to meet another kiss, but he pulled my hair aside and kissed the back of my neck. Kissing my neck massaging my shoulder, kissing my back. He put his hands on my belly, they were warm and strong.   Breath quickening his large warm hands made their way to my breast, releasing my heaving breast my black lace bra taking off my shirt. Massaging and rolling my nipples between his figures squeezing.

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   He always know what drives me crazy.   He takes my breast in his hand into his mouth rolling his tongue over nipples.   Arms around my waist he rolls me over onto my belly. More light kisses on my back of the neck, my back, down to my ass.   He kissed and nibbled, slapped it firmly.
    Standing behind me with both hands on he lifted my ass in the air, and undid my jeans.   Never before had I hated were my favourite jean the ones that fit nice, and make your ass look great, but take more time to take off. But he had them off in less then second.   With one arm under me my ass was still in the air, the way he liked it. He slapped it again, oh yea.   Kissing, nibbling, caressing, and fondling my ass.   He took my black lace throngs off with his teeth. Then he starts to lick my waxed bald just a little heart shape of hair, pussy from behind, running his tongue from clit to ass.
      Flicking the clit with his tongue, figuring my pussy and ass.   Making me scream and cum over and over.

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      Out of breath and on my stomach he rolls me over, onto my back.   Legs quivering, pussy glistening from the pleasure that my lover just bestow upon me.
        He lowers himself upon me taking my face in hands a kiss that’s warm and sensual placed on my lips and he spreads my legs with his.   He enters me slowly.   My wet pussy grasping hold of his hard cock.   He penetrates me deeper, then faster, taking my breath, and making my head spin in pleasure and pain.   Penetrating me harder and faster, lifting my legs over his arms on his chest making my tight pussy even tighter. Harder deeper, making me cum over and over.   I feel the veins in his hard cock pulsating giving me the largest orgasm of my life, filling my pussy with hot juices our juices becoming one, letting my legs go, his kiss me softly on my lips.
        He lays between my legs, and rest his head on my pillow breast, breathing hard, my legs quivering.   Making love to him was even better the motorcycle ride.
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