The Plumber


Jake was just about finished installing the new hot water heater for Mrs. Drake, as the old one had been leaking like a sieve and must have cost a fortune to run. Jake lit the pilot light and waited for the familiar whoosh that came when the burner fired up while Mrs. Drake leaned around the corner and asked if everything was O. K. "No problem Ma'am, all finished," Jake said, as he wiped his hand with an old rag hanging from his tool belt, "I'll be upstairs in a minute!" After gathering up all of his tools, Jake headed out to the truck to make out the bill. After all the parts and labor were included the total came to $450. 00. "Not to bad," thought Jake, as he went back into the house and handed the invoice to Mrs. Drake, who looked it over for what seemed to be a very long time. "Is there a problem Mrs. Drake," asked Jake. "No, there's no problem, I was just thinking that maybe you would like to add another $550. 00 to make it an even thousand. " Jake eyed the woman a little suspiciously and wondered why she would make such an offer. Jake had found out that Mrs.

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   Drake had been widowed about twelve years ago and lived alone, and although he wasn't much at guessing ages, he figured she must have been about sixty five years old give or take, and while not especially attractive, after all she was in her sixties, she had a pleasant enough appearance and had a slightly husky build. "Well Jake, as you know I have lived alone for a long time and I, ah well, well I--oh forget it," she stammered. All of a sudden it dawned on Jake that the old biddy wanted him to have sex with her!! "Christ alive she could be his grandmother!" Even as he was about to dismiss it out of hand, he started to think of how handy that extra five fifty would be. His wife Cathy was pregnant with their second child and with house payments and all, things were a little tight, and besides, how long could it take, even if it lasted an hour it would be worth a shot!!!Jake got up out of his chair and unbuckled his belt buckle and said, "Cash!" Mrs. Drake stood transfixed as the young plumber started removing his clothing. At twenty five he had a well chiseled muscular body that made her pussy cream so when he got down to his jockeys she told him to stop and said, "I want to open it myself!!!" He walked over to where she was sitting so she could get her hands on her prize, but before she pulled his shorts down Mrs. Drake leaned forward and rubbed her face all over the front of his crotch, breathing in deeply, savoring the aroma of his male sex! It had been so long for her, not a man in over a decade! Jake had been worried about one thing, would he be able to get it up, after all Mrs. Drake wasn't any Marilyn Monroe, but unbelievably, however, when he felt that hot breath he responded immediately! He could tell from the look on her face that she was extremely turned on, and that probably heightened his own desire. Finally she slid his short off and his big cock jumped out and pointed right at her face. "May I suck it," she asked? "Sure, go ahead," answered Jake. Jake had been blown a lot of times in his life, his wife Debbie was a true cockhound, but Mrs. Drake put them all to shame as she practically inhale his fat head. "I've never sucked and circumcised cock before, and it's the best I've ever tasted," she said! She sat back for a moment and opened up the front of her housecoat. She was totally naked under there! Although her tits sagged, they were really large with dark thick nipples. Getting a little more confident Jake asked, "Do you twist those nipples when you finger you cunt?" She nodded yes and unconsciously reached up and began flicking at her hard nubs.

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   "Lay back and do your clit," Jake ordered! Obediently Mrs. Drake fell back and dropped her left hand to her hairy pussy. It was the first cunt Jake had ever seen with gray hair! As she began working her cunt, Jake moved over so she could suck on his pecker at the same time. Pretty soon her body started to shake as the first throes of orgasm swept over her. By now her hand was a blur as it flew over her hot clit and her deep moan caused Jake's cock to begin it's own eruption, pumping load after load down the throat of the senior citizen cocksucker! She was up to the challenge, however, as she caught every drop and swallowed his cum down hungrily!Mrs. Drake grabbed Jake's cock and cooed, "Momma wants this in her cunt," so still erect, Jake slid over the old woman and pushed his cock into her burning snatch. Expecting it to be loose, he was pleasantly surprised at it's tightness. "Give it to me hard you fucking stud," she begged! Jake was now on automatic pilot as he pistoned his eight inches in and out of the silver haired pussy. Since he had just cum, he would take him a few extra minutes to shoot, and that suited Mrs. Drake just fine, as she held on loving every stroke. Nearing his own orgasm, Jake rammed his dick that much harder and faster, sweeping Mrs. Drake away in an orgasmic explosion, together crashing on the shoals of a simultaneous climax!Finally standing up to put on his clothes, Mrs. Drake casually stroked his now shrinking member and commented , "Next month!?!" "You got it," Jake replied, "all cash!!!THE END.
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