The Rural Life


The Rural Life. .  
Just as when I turned d 15, the family invested in distribution chain of imported building material from Japan and Europe.  
My father was posted to a small village town called Hinzada and I had to move with him. There were hardly and brick and mortal homes.  
The dwellings were mainly timber and bamboo based with corrugated iron roofs. Practically the living environment was communal with upto 50 such huts or houses in one cluster and enclosed by fencing to discourage wild animals, which were abound in those days, from entering inside.  
There was a small lake within the communal living which served as a source of general water supply. Drinking water was extracted from large wells.  
There were other children in the communal site but no boys of my age. There were a few girls within my age, younger or older.  
The majority of the community were mainly young married families and some were extended families too.  
As I had moved in from a city with first class schooling, I was the star of my own school and also in the community where I lived.  
In the school I obviously excelled and teachers started to assign my classmates to me to help with their lessons and study. It was a mixed sex school and we had both boys and girls in my class.   A couple of my classmates also lived in the same communal area as I did so we walked to and from school together.

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   These girls were just basically plain perhaps because of the rural upbringing and sharing in the housework etc. The only social activity for anyone would either be to go a local cinema or else gather around one or two other people’s houses to listen to the radio broadcast of popular songs.  
People had their own farm animals which served as a source for fresh dairy supply of eggs, milk and poultry.  
I spent most of my time with my father at his shop but would be sent home before sunset as there was no street lighting. well there was just one road, the high road and the rest were all dirt streets.  
I would be taken home by workers of our shop on their bicycles with me riding across on the beam and holding on to the bike handles.   The ride would be bumpy at best and often I had to keep hold of the handles or on the thigh of my escort.  
Such rides also often led me to discover the cocks of our servants. One, in particular, was always keen to take me home because he would get his erection due to close contact of our bodies and I too would get hold of his cock due to bumpy rides.  
This guy added to my discovery of sexuality by deliberately pausing whenever we would pass by dogs copulating or donkeys hanging their dicks out. He would tell me what it was or how the dogs would get attached.  
He then showed me his dick and I was fascinated by it. It was a normal average dick about 6 inch when erect but his was a peculiar shape. His dick’s head was quite small but as it went towards its base it became thicker. His balls were small and he had his pubic hair shaved.

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   He would ask me to hold his dick and took much pleasure out of my rubbing it along. However, he never went beyond that perhaps because he was married.  
On one such ride home, I asked him about woman and their anatomy. . . He told me to go to the small lake in our community in the evening and hide in the bush and I will see what I wanted to.  
Sure enough, women would come to the lake and take bath without any hesitation or worry about their nakedness. I learnt that it was a normal practice for the women to take their bath at that time and men avoided the lake at such time.  
Hiding in the bush was dangerous because of snakes and scorpions. Besides, the sight was not that clear to behold due to lack of light. However, if I wanted to see naked women I now knew where to come.  
One of the two girls from my school also took her bath in the lake and I saw her small boobs and scanty patch of pubic hair. That got me excited and I had a hard on which I relieved by jerking off.  
I picked up the courage to tell the girl that I saw her taking a bath in the lake but she showed neither surprise nor any anger at my comment. It appeared to me that such things did not matter.

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    Coming from school we would pass by the naughty activities of dogs and donkeys and I would point at them and laugh when I would be with the girls. The girls would laugh too but would not make any comments other than saying that they had seen their parent doing it too.  
    So I went to their house one late evening under the pretext of join lesson with the girls whom I had already confided into that I wanted to see their parents doing it. They allowed me to sleep. Later at night I woke up when I heard some sound and was surprised to see the girl’s father fucking their mother openly without any worry that the children were there too.  
    In the light of the burning lamp I could clearly see what was happening. The man was standing and had his wife straddle him wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and they were happily humping away. Obviously she was getting lots of pleasure because she was bobbing up and down his cock and I could see the shaft shining as it went in and out in its thrusts and covered with her lubricant of the pussy.  
    She did had a good shape and her husband bent downward and sucked on her nipples turn by turn making her squeal with delight. I just could not believe my luck but was also frightened that they would see me watching them. So I pretended to be asleep but kept looking. I also nudged the girl sleeping next to me and she opened her eyes and saw what was going on. To my surprise, she just turned over and went back to sleep.  
    The couple soon reached climax and after the husband had released his cum inside his wife his dick slipped out and he gently put his wife down on her bed on the floor of the hut and lied down next to her and went to sleep.  
    I stretched out my hand towards the girl’s boobs and touched it.

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       She did not move. So that emboldened me and I put my hand under her blouse – she did not have a bra – nobody wore bra anyway, and found her small nipples erect. I rubbed my palm all over both of her tits and played with her nipples but did not had the courage to do anything more for fear of either being found out by her parents or the girl herself getting upset.  
    There will be more to follow: 
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