The Secretary


Reaching into her purse and pulling out her compact, Ann reapplied her beige lipstick, and stared at her reflection. She was not a great beauty, but she could pass muster. Her dark hair was swept up in a bun, and her green eyes were clear and wide. She had nice cheekbones, and a nice body. So why hadn’t he made a pass on her yet? She rose to fill a mug with the rich fragrant coffee, and grabbing her memo, made her way into office. It was manly, like him. His mahogany desk was large, and neat, his leather chair poised behind it, where he sat there like a waiting tiger. His skin was golden, his eyes bright and gold in color, his hair dark and sin. She wanted to run her fingers through it. Ann licked her lips, and set the coffee down on his coaster. “There are a few things I wanted to go over with you before you talk to Mr. O’Hagan again. It’s concerning his account with us,” Ann continued, William watched her as she prattled on, boring the hell out of him. He didn’t care for work today. He had awaked with and itch and he longed to scratch it. With anyone.

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   Anywhere. He watched her tap her pen on the notebook, and look at him with her wide eyes look of seriousness. For once in the time that she had worked for him, he found her very pretty. She looked quite. . nice…in her black suit and stockings. William felt his cock rising in his pants but he didn’t squirm. Real men didn’t squirm. They waited. “I believe that covers it. ” Ann said nervously. He was staring at her in an odd way. There was a brief moment when she thought she was going to be fired. Panic set in. “Would you like some more coffee?” “No, Ann.

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   I wouldn’t like more coffee. However, if you would, could you please hand me the O’Hagan file from the cabinet?” Ann nodded and went to do the task. William watched her skirt ride up as she bent to pull the file cabinet open and sift through the files. She had a nice shapely ass. Firm looking. William rose to his feet without even thinking, and was behind her in an instant. Ann stiffened when she felt him behind her. Then he was leaning down, reaching into the cabinet himself. He paused to glance at her and for a moment they were only inches apart. He glanced down her shirt, and got a glimpse of cleavage. Then he was backing away and standing up. Ann looked up at him. “How long have you been working for me, Ann?” This was it. He was going to fire her. She felt her knees shake, and she licked her lips nervously.

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   “A little over five years, sir. ” “Don’t call me sir. I’m not that old, yet. ” “Of course not, I didn’t mean. ” “Ann,” he began, leading her over to the office couch,” You would do anything for me if I asked you, correct?” He pushed her down on her butt, and she stared, mouth open, up at him. “Yes, of course I would. ” William nodded, and then he was sitting down beside her. God, he was so hard. He wanted her, right now, right here. “And you know that you will always have a job here with me, correct?” “Yes, sir. I don’t…. ” “Ann, I want you to give me a blowjob. ” Ann felt the blood rush to her face, and a knot of hair slip from her bun. Had she just heard him correctly? A blowjob? Her? Him? William sat there, waiting for her to begin. This was really quite fun, he thought to himself.

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   He was going to fuck his secretary. “Well,” He said. “You do like your job, don’t you, Ann?” There it was. The kicker. Do it or go home. She almost laughed out loud, but then, as if in slow motion, her slender hands were reaching for the zipper on his pants, and she was sliding it down. He settled back in the leather, watching her, wanting her to do it. Ann felt his hard cock, and almost moaned at the sight of it as she pulled it free of his underwear. It was silky and long and hard. She ran her hands over it, and suddenly she was wet. She could feel her pussy dripping. She had never felt like this before. Hot and horny, and wanting to suck him off. Her mouth settled on him like a storm, licking and sucking at him, cupping his balls in her hand. He almost came when he opened his eyes and saw her hair tumbling down around his thighs, and her mouth plastered on his cock.

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   She was moaning as if she loved it. And he really thought that she did. He ran his fingers through her hair, messing the pins that held it, and shoved her head down on him. She almost gagged, but then took him deeper. He moaned. “God, Ann. You’re great. ” She sucked him faster, and he felt himself losing it. He was going to come all over his prim secretary’s face. And she wanted him too! Ann felt his cock swelling in her mouth, and she tightened her grip on him. When he came, the force of it almost knocked her backwards, and then he was pulling out, and coming on her face. She licked at it, not believing how hot she was and that this was really happening to her. William lay there for a minute afterwards, staring at her intently. She felt herself blush, and started to stammer. “Shut up.

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   And take off your clothes. ” She shivered, but began to strip out of her suit at once, kicking off her heels, and unbuttoning her jacket. William watched her, and when she was naked before him, he felt his rod hardening once more. She was tall, with nice breasts, and huge nipples. He licked his lips, anticipating the taste of them. Her pussy was shaved, all but for a small patch of dark hair, and he could see how wet she was. “Come here and ride me. ” Ann was more than ready to oblige him. She was so hot she wanted to come right this instant. She longed for his cock to be inside her, filling her up. She straddled his thighs and slammed her body down on his cock. There was pain for an instant, because he was so large, and then she was swallowing him up inside her. William couldn’t believe how hot and tight she was. Her pussy was clenching him like a warm glove. He grabbed her breasts in his hands and pinched the nipples, drawing them out from her, making her moan. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   She was bouncing up and down on him like he was a ride at the county fair and he was enjoying it. Her hair tossed in his face, and he grabbed a handful of it, yanking her head back and taking one nipple into his mouth to nibble and suck on. She came at that instant, clutching at him and moaning so loud he just knew the office down the hall would hear. She was all shakes and shivers, tearing her nails up and down the length of his shirt, shoving her pussy up and down his length. “You’re a slut, Ann. Look at what you’re doing? I didn’t know you fucked like this. ” She moaned at his talk, and then he was shoving her off him and onto the floor. There was a dazed look in her eyes as he stripped down and snatched her legs up in the air, her pussy exposed for him to see. It was pink and quivering with her juices, and he longed to taste it. Ann bit down on her lips when he knelt between her legs, and licked up and down her inner thighs. Then his tongue was in her, licking and sucking on her clit. He was running it up and down the length of her pussy, shaking it back and forth. Ann grasped his hair, shoving his face into her, moaning his name over and over again. This was wonderful. She was fucking her boss.

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   Her dream had come true.
    William sucked her cunt until she was begging him to fuck her. “Please, I need you so bad. Please fuck me, please. ” Smiling, he rose up, and slid her body towards him, placing her legs on his shoulders, exposing her dripping cunt to his eyes. Then, flicking his fingers around her hole, he grabbed his cock, and slammed it into her. She cried out, grabbing her breasts with both hands, rolling her eyes around. William pounded into her, gasping for air, as he pummeled her pussy. He was harder than a rock, and he was giving it to her. “Do you like it?” She nodded her head, pinching the nipples on her bouncing breasts. He took his hand and slapped her ass cheek. She tightened up on him, shivering and shaking again. “Do you?” “Yes…. . oh god yes….

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      . ” He continued to pound into her, slipping and sliding in her warm juices, until he bored of that position, and pulled out of her. He picked her up and turned her on her stomach, snatching her ass up in the air, and placing both hands on it. “Now, Ann. Look at me. ” She turned her head, looking at him over her shoulder, her cheeks red and flushed, her lips swollen from biting them to hold back screams. He almost shoved into her right then, she looked so damn sexy, but he held back, and rubbed his hand on her ass. “I’m going to fuck you now. You just think I was fucking you before. I’m really going to fuck you now. ” She whimpered, and pressed her ass against his rampant cock. He took his hand and slapped her hard. She settled down quick enough. Ann sucked in her breath when he slid into her wet and aching pussy. She needed to come again.

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       She could feel it building up inside of her. When he slid the head of it into her, she couldn’t help herself, and slammed back onto the rest of it. He moaned, and reached around to grab her tits in his hand. He was then fucking her, hard and fast and primal. His body was slapping against hers and she was making deep moans in the back of her throat. He was kneading her tits, almost to the point of pain, but she loved it. She wanted it. “Fuck me, William. Fuck me like I know you’ve been wanting to. ” William clamped down on her nipple with his fingers, pulling almost all the way out of her pussy, and then slamming back in again. “Shut the hell up. Let me fuck you. ” Then she was crying out, and shoving back against him, tensing up. He could feel his cock begin to swell, and he knew that it would be over soon. With a guttural cry, he shoved into her one last time.


       She exploded around him, and then she went limp. He let himself go, and it was the best come of his life. Ann moaned as she felt his hot come fill her up. She slid from his body and to the floor, where she lay there in a wet, trembling heap. He settled down on the couch and stared at her naked body. Yes, she was beautiful at that exact moment. And he had had her. “Well, Ann, I believe that you deserve a raise. How about you?” Ann sighed and got to her feet, where she stretched her arms high above her head. She looked at him, her eyes slitted like a cats, and licked her swollen lips again. “Yes, Sir. I believe I do. ” And with that, she donned her clothes, shoved the fallen pins back into her hair, gave him one last look, and was grabbing her memo and slamming the door behind her. William sat there for one brief moment, the dresses himself, settled down behind his desk, and began to sip his cold coffee. .

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