The Slave House - Chapter One


Later that day I convinced myself that he might be right. What the heck in trying. I found the address that was in the ad and sat in my car on the other side of the street for a long time. It was humongous mansion. Greater than I have ever seen. Everything seemed really strange to me. Why would they be doing this? Why put out an ad like this? Whoever owns this house has more money than I have ever dreamed of. Why would they want someone to just live here rent-free? I finally saw someone come out and looked very angry. An older man, about my dad's age I guess walking fast to his car and mumbling under his breath. As I walked past him I heard him say, "that is just so wrong, how could anyone put up with something like that?". That made me really worried. I was almost in a state of panic when I finally got to the front door. I knocked and immediately a tall man, a servant of the house I guess opened the door and welcomed me in. He didn't say anything; he just smiled and pointed toward the back. I stepped in and tried to take it all in. The front of the house was amazing.

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   It had all sorts of glorious paintings on the wall, hardwood floors, and nice little antique knick-knacks lying everywhere. It looked like what you would expect when you first walk into a humongous mansion like this one. I felt so out of place. I had on my blue jeans and an old UGA t-shirt that I got my freshman year of college. I slowly walked back to another door where another servant was waiting with a smile to open the door for me. I entered the room and had to rub my eyes a little. The room was very dark and only lighted by small candles scatted through the room. I saw the figures, the shadows of six people sitting in the middle of the room facing me with one single chair all alone I assume for me to sit in. I stepped a couple of steps and finally I was spoken to. "Please, come sit down. Lets talk a little. " A man said with a very deep strong voice. It was obvious already that whoever this man was, he is in charge or owned this house. I sat down and I still couldn't quite see all the people in front of me. It was very dark at this part of the room.

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   All I could still see was the six people sitting in a row in nice comfortable chairs and all seemed to be staring at me. I felt more nervous than ever and I had to remind myself why I even bothered to get this far. "What is your name?" another voice spoke, a female voice, very strong like the last one. "I am Will. Will Foster. I saw your ad in the. . . . " I was interrupted by yet another voice, towards the right of the group. "We know how you heard of us. We were the ones who put it there. Why did you respond?" "I, um, need a place to stay. I just graduated college and I don't have much money for a place. This seemed like it would be a good idea.

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   I am just really, um, not sure now. " I said as I tried to find the right words to say. A few of them chuckled at my nervousness and finally the first man spoke again and broke the silence. "Let me tell you what this is about, you will have you choice and you can either get up and walk out the way you came, or you can enter that door to your left and join us here. It is that simple. " I looked over and saw the door he was talking about. A nice wooden detailed door that was lit up by candles on both sides. "We six run things here at the mansion. We are in charge of everything. We control everything that goes on here. If there had to be one leader out of the six of us, then I guess I would be that man. We are looking for a new person here. Someone to help us out and give us. . .

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  . " here searched for the word as I felt the glare inside me from all the others "pleasure and enjoyment. " "What kind of pleasure and . . . . " I was interrupted again and this time more hastily. "Whatever we wish. That simple! I give orders for what I want. They give orders for what they want and we get whatever we need. That simple. Now, here are your duties if you decide. Nothing in life is free, everyone knows that. We will provide you with a very comfortable environment, we will provide you with every meal, we will provide you whatever you need, but you will work for the six of us and the six of us only. " I was more confused than ever, but I decided not to question anything again since he got a little upset the last question I asked.

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   He continued, "Each day you will be a servant for one of us, you will answer to no one besides that one person. That person will command you to do whatever he or she wishes and you must do it. Then the next day you will be assigned to another person and the rotation continues. " "There are only six of you, what happens on the seventh day?" I finally asked, as if they were waiting for me to ask. "Ahh, good question,” the same deep-voiced man said "You may do whatever you want. You may leave the house, you may stay in bed, and you may have whatever you wish. On the seventh day you will be rewarded, it is your. . . . treat, might we say. You control that day however you wish. We are very powerful people here with a great deal of money, we will make sure you are happier beyond your dreams on the seventh day. But like I said, the other six days you belong to us. You will endure a lot of hardships.

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   You will be a slave to whatever we want. Some you may like, some you will not. " He started to chuckle a little under his breath "Then maybe you may like it all, that may benefit you greatly. " All the rest joined in and I was more nervous than ever. There was a great silence as I sat there taking it all in. Thinking about what to do and what my life was like up to this point. What other options do I have right now? I don't have any money and there's nowhere I could go. Besides being a servant, this seems like it would be the life. "Now you must choice but I tell you this last thing. You must not and will not ever leave unless it's your free day, the seventh day. So if you choice to stay, you must endure this whole week before you can leave the mansion. " What is one week really? It couldn't be that bad, and what did I have to loose really. Nothing. All the eyes were on me as I sat there combing my hair and sweat that had been trickling down my forehead. Then I finally gathered my confidence and gave my answer.

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   "Ok, I will do it. I will stay. " I smiled and received nothing really. They all still sat there and waited. I didn't know what to do next. "Ok, like I said, go through that door and you will begin your week. We will take your car to a garage that will be safe on the backside of the mansion. ”.

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