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I took my seat second row back, he taught his class and I never heard a word he said, just imagined what it would be like to feel him run his hands down my body, to feel his hot breath on my skin as he whispered how much you wanted me. I was trying to imagine what his cock would feel like inside of me and I wondered how my cum would taste on him as I took his dick all the way into my mouth . . . finally before I knew it class was over and I noticed that I was so wet I had almost soaked through my jeans. We all got up to leave and he asked me to stay after class the next day to discuss the paper I had turned in. I figured as much because it only had three words on it. I was too busy thinking about fucking him to write anything down on my paper. The next morning as I got dressed, I decided to wear a short little skirt, red plaid no panties, a white button up shirt, and long white socks. . I figured he had made me wet the day before the least I could do was give him a hard on while he tried to teach the course. I skipped the morning routine with friends and went straight to class. When I got there, I asked if I could sit in the front, maybe I could pay attention a little better away from friends. He said yes and I took a seat on the front row, right in front of his desk . . .

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   the students started filing in and class began. . . as he paced the floor we made eye contact several times and I took that as a cue to begin my nasty little game with him . . . I started slow, just some lip licking and naughty gestures with my pen. I could tell he was trying to act like he wasn’t noticing me. He gave us our assignment and took a seat at his desk. I thought finally, now the fun really begins. He was sitting right in front of me, eye level with my desk. I spread my legs slightly so he could see I wasn’t wearing any panties. I could see a grin come across your lips. He was trying so hard to hide it. A sign for me that it was ok to proceed.

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   I spread my legs some more so he could get a better view. He had a sexy smirk on his face as he continued to look. . Just the thought of him looking at me and wanting me made wet. I was so wet that I could feel it trickling down toward my ass . . . I wanted him to see how much I wanted to fuck him. I reached my hand down and started rubbing my clit, making sure no one saw but him. God I was so wet and I was afraid someone might hear the moans and sighs. He started to get very uneasy in his seat. I could tell he was getting hard. I saw him reach down and touch himself and it gave me goose bumps. I knew that he was hot for me and wanted to be inside of me, but he couldn’t. My pussy was wet and throbbing longing to have him.

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   Longing for his awesome hard cock that I could see bulging out his pants. Suddenly it was time to go . . . I couldn’t believe class was over already, but the best part was . . . I was staying after. Everyone left and he asked me to shut the door. So I did . . . I started to walk back and he said. . lock it.

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  . I knew then that I was about to have all my fantasies become reality. I locked the door and walked toward him, but instead of reaching out for me he turned really cold then. Saying I how could I do that and how unethical it was. I was upset by the fact that he had led me on to believe he wanted me. and embarrassed by the fact that I had exposed myself to him. . He said I would have to do something extra or you would fail me or worse, tell someone and get me expelled . . . I said ok, and that I would do anything just as long as he didn’t tell anyone. He walked toward me and said I had been very bad. . and needed to be punished. .

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  . I asked what he was going to do to me. . and without a word he grabbed me and shoved me against the desk with my ass facing him, grabbed the ruler off of the desk and smacked my ass with it. . He told me bad girls need to be spanked. . . I said I was sorry and he told me that wasn’t good enough I had to take my punishment. . He was holding me against the desk with one hand and I heard him unzip his pants. . . I asked him what he was doing and he said I am giving you what you deserve you little bitch. hearing him say that made me afraid and hot and wet all at the same time.

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  . I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. . I was getting turned on by this punishment. . . He shoved my face into the desk and I could feel his dick on the outer edges of my pussy. . god I was aching to have him inside of me.
    . He put just the head in and my tight little pussy slowly swallowed him whole. . . He was going in and out slowly almost coming out when he pulled back. .

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      . suddenly he pulled back and went down hard. . . so hard he shoved the desk at least a foot with my body. . He still had the ruler in his hand and with every thrust downward he slapped my ass with it. . god my ass was burning and I thought his dick was going to rip right through me. . but I wanted it. . I had never felt like this before. . I didn’t want him to stop.

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      . He had the back of my hair pulled hard and my back was arched so far I thought it was going to break. I was about to come and he felt my pussy tighten and he knew I was close. . He pulled out and said not yet. . I haven’t told you that you could cum. I said yes sir. . He turned me around and told me to get on my knees. . I did. . He said taste yourself. He told me to make sure I got every drop of my wetness off of him.

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       I put his dick in my mouth and went down on him. . every inch of him had me on it. . and I tasted so good. . so sweet. . I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a drop of me. . He took me by the back of the head and shoved me all the way down on his cock. . He amazed that I can take it so deep. . but he wanted me to gag on him.

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      . He thrust hard into my mouth. . I can feel him go down my throat farther than I have ever taken anyone. . I could feel him start to throb and I knew he was close to losing his load. He told me to stand up. . and I followed his order. . He reached behind me and slung everything that was left on the desk into the floor. . lifted me onto the desk. . and ripped my shirt open.


      . exposing my breast. . He kissed and bit my nipples hard. . pulling them with his teeth. . I almost came when he did that. . my nipples are so sensitive. . I can cum just from playing with them. . . so he made sure he gave both nipples equal attention.

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      He got his chair from behind the desk and sat down in it. . pulled me to the edge of the desk and licked my inner thigh. . god that is my most sensitive spot on my body. I know he could feel the heat coming from my hot pussy. . he kissed is way down. He ran his tongue gently down my slit. . just the touch of his tongue sent me through the roof. . . he parted my lips with his tongue and sucked my clit in hard between his lips. .

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       biting and tugging on it until it was swollen and red. . . he got up and kissed me, the taste of my pussy on his lips was like nothing I could of ever imagined. He slid me back far enough to where he could climb on the desk too. . he mounted me and slid his pounding rod inside of me. . . . we were both close to climax that I knew it wouldn’t take long for us to explode. . He started stroking in and out. . so gently now.

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      . almost a totally different person. . slowly in and out with intensity yet extremely passionate. I was at my peak and I came hard. . He was close behind. . He pulled out and came on my tits. . shooting up toward my mouth. . I opened my mouth hoping to catch some on my tongue. . .

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      . we laid there for a while. . . . I said I needed to go I had already missed my next class. . We had our extra credit work every day for a week until our old professor returned. I was so upset that I wouldn’t be seeing him everyday. . to my surprise you recommended I seek extra tutoring because my grades were falling. . and what kind of coincidence was. . .

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      . . tutoring is one of the many talents on his resume'. . . . . . .
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