The Train


I open my legs a little wider and lift my dress up above my thighs and sliding my hand under my panties I slide my fingers over my clit and feel how wet I've become thinking about him. And as I rub and caress my clit, I unbutton my dress down the front bearing my breasts as I'm not wearing a bra and I start rubbing my nipples while I'm rubbing my clit. The sensation as I play with myself feels sooo goooood and I sigh as I continue looking out the window. And as I increase the pressure on my clit and pull my nipples, I open my legs wider still and feel my body start to tense up as my climax builds and I'm moaning softly and biting my lower lip as my breathing increases. I'm so caught up in what I'm doing and looking out the window that I don't hear the door to the cabin open and close. It's him who has just entered. . . and he's standing there watching me masturbate. He doesn't say a word but just stand there watching. . . feeling his cock getting hard. . . his balls tightening.

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  . . his heart beating faster. His eyes are fixed on my hand at my pussy. . . watching me slide my fingers over my clit. . . pressing hard against my clit. . . sliding my finger into my pussy. . .

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  in and out. . . in and out with the motion of the train. . . and he feels it as the car moves with the rhythm of my finger. . . His eyes wander up my body to my breasts where he can see my nipples are tight and hard and heavy against my chest and see them rise and fall with every deep heavy breath I take as my climax builds. His cock is rock hard now and hurting in it's confinement and not wanting to disturb me he quietly unfastens his belt and unbuttons his pants and reaching in his hand he pulls out his dick. . . it's standing straight up against the band of his underwear and it's head is growing purple with the rush of blood. .

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  . aching to be touched. . . to be stroked. . . to be caressed. . . . . And as he watches me I'm still oblivious to his presence and continue to masturbate. . .

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  the tempo of my fingers increasing as I fuck my finger and rub my clit. . . my breathing heavy. . . my moans growing louder. . . my hips moving in the rhythm of the train and my finger as I'm getting ready to cum. He wants to watch me cum so he quietly sits down and start to stroke his cock and squeeze it and it feels soooo good and as he watches me lick my lips, he remember what it feels like to have them wrapped around his cock sucking him deep into my mouth and my tongue licking his balls. . . Now I've reached the point of no return and I'm breathing heavy and hard and with a final thrust of my finger into my pussy I arch my back and moan deeply with my climax and upon hearing me call his name out he gets on his knees and crawl towards me and kiss my thigh. That's when I realize I'm not alone and that he's there and smiling at him I reposition myself where I'm spread open before him and he kisses the inside of my thighs.

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  . . moving up to my pussy where he licks my outer lips and runs his tongue from the top of my pussy down through the folds, across my swollen clit to my opening and tastes the juices still flowing out of me. And spreading me open more, he slides his tongue back up to my clit and circles it marveling at how hard and swollen it is. . . feeling it throb each time he touches it with his tongue. And I my hips jerk towards him as he sucks my clit into his mouth and sucks hard, gently biting it. . . mmmmm it feels so incredibly good I run my fingers through his hair and pull him closer in. The torture he's creating in me is exquisite and I feel myself building on a new climax and as he continues sucking and licking my clit he inserts a finger deep into me and slowly begins to fuck me and it feels so good I can't help myself but get caught up in the sensation and move with the rhythm while he increases the tempo and the hardness of his sucking that I raise my hips up as he makes me cum again. . . feeling my cum run down his finger and pool in his palm.

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   And after he removes his finger he moves up to my breasts and suck my nipples feeling them swell in his mouth. . . and as he suckles I manage to unbutton his shirt and push it off of his shoulders. He leaves my breasts and taking his shirt off he kisses me deeply. . . our tongues playing together. . . tasting me in his mouth. We embrace each other tightly. . . trying to get as close as we can and I feel the tip of his cock pulsing against my very sensitive clit and I move my hips to rub my clit against it.

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  . . loving the feel of him there. . . wanting more of him. . . needing him to bury that great beautiful dick deep inside me. . . He pulls me towards him as he lays down on the floor, still kissing me. . . and I straddle him, still rubbing my clit against his cock.

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  . . only now I'm sliding up and down his shaft rubbing my clit against it. . . feeling him throb with need. I raise up until he feels the tip of his cock just at my opening and I hesitate smiling down at him as I feel his dick throbbing. . . wanting in. . . and as I finally lower myself down and feel him fill me we both sigh heavily as I take him fully in and sit on him. Slowly I start to move. .

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  . using the train motion to set the rhythm. . . back and forth. . . back. . . and. . . forth. His hands are now kneading my breasts and pulling my nipples as I increase the speed and start moving up and down on his cock and rocking my hips.

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  . . taking him fully in and nearly pulling him out. . . he starts thrusting up with each of my downward plunges and the pressure and the friction is building until we're both breathing hard and heavy and moaning and moving. . . the tempo and the rhythm increasing as we feel the sensation growing and knowing we're both going to cum. And I feel his cock throbbing and jerking as he feel the walls of my pussy and my clit begin to tremble and we're moving against each other faster and faster until with one last hard upward thrust and one last hard plunge down we go over the edge together and both cry out our passion and lust and I collapse against his chest and he wraps his arms around me and hold me tight as we convulse together. . . feeling our hot juices mix together. . .


   Afterwards he helps me get off of him because my hips have locked up and we lay together there on the floor, wrapped in each other’s arms. He tells me he just couldn't let me go alone and we spend the rest of the trip making love. . . . sleeping wrapped in each others arms. . . . cuddling on the couch watching the incredible scenery pass by. We rarely leave the cabin. . . only to stretch our legs or get something to eat but find ourselves running back to fuck some more. And when the trip is over we kiss passionately one final time before leaving the cabin, both totally spent and exhausted.

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  . . yet completely satisfied and content and happy we'd taken this trip together. And as we leave the train, each going our separate ways we're smiling knowing we'll be together again soon yet incredibly not soon enough. . . . . . . . . .

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