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There she was standing in front of me in a long white fur coat and high heels. “Hello,” I said, “can I help you?” She grinned and said, “Well you gonna ask me in or aren’t you?” I stepped back and let her walk in. “Come on in,” I replied. As she came into the room, Deborah noticed my hard-on poking out from my robe. “Expecting someone?”“Not at all,” I said, “just thinking of you. ”“Oh really?” she replied, “Because I was doing the same with you. ”She looked at me smiled and said coyly, “Got a drink for a thirsty girl?”“I sure do,” I answered, and I went to the kitchen and fetched a large glass of Sangria for her. Deborah sat down on the sofa and gazed at the magazine that I had left there, and said nothing. I came back and handed her the drink, which she quickly half-way downed without stopping. I sat down next to her and we talked for a couple of minutes. She said that she was in the neighborhood and wanted to check in on me to see how I was doing, all the while looking at my still hard cock peeking through my robe. Then she stood up, “It’s so warm in here. Mind if I take off my coat?”“Not at all,” I said. Then she opened the long fur coat wide open in front of me, exposing her dark well built body. My heart skipped a beat. Her big 44DD breasts looked delicious as they gently bounced with her movements.

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   Then she let the coat slide off her shoulders and onto the waiting floor below. My face was becoming flush. I could hardly believe it, here was hot my ex-wife standing in nothing but high-heels and a pearl necklace. Damn it was exciting. “Like it?” she said. “I just finished shaving it,” referring to her well trimmed snatch. I could only mumble something that sounded like I agreed. Then she grabbed my head and pulled it towards her exposed and waiting cunt. It was hot and I could smell her rich womanly aroma infiltrating my nostrils. She rubbed it into my face as I grabbed her ass. I was in heaven. I then pulled her onto the sofa and began tonguing her pussy really good. She squealed and pulled my hair. Then her shrills began to turn into moans as I drove my tongue deep in and out into her writhing body. It wasn’t long after this that she began to quiver and smother my face into her hot steamy cunt.

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   “I’m……. . cumming,” she cried. Then she screamed and began panting heavily, for what must have been at least three or four minutes. Then she layed there on the sofa motionless for a couple of minutes, before coming too. After she came too from her climax Deborah then pulled me over onto her and began rubbing my stiff cock with her feet still in high heels. I sat up on my knees while she began stroking my hard member vigorously. Her knees were spread far apart and I could see her dripping wet cunt opening and closing with each pass she made. She looked up at me and puckered her lips as she jacked me off with her feet. Teasing me and coaxing me along. Looking at my eyes she could tell that I was reaching the point of no return, so she then reached down with her hand and grabbed my cock and gave it the last few hard strokes as it began swelling. I could no longer resist the urge in my balls . . . .

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  . . . BOOM. I exploded and my hot semen spewed out over her in torrents, which she greedily smeared all over her luscious body, and scooped up with her fingers and sucked cleaned in her mouth. I fell over on top of her, and she held me close for a few minutes. Soon we got up and cleaned up. Deborah went to the bathroom and I went and get her more Sangria. When I came back she was sitting on the sofa again, smiling at me with those dark deer-like eyes of hers. “You were great baby,” she said. ”I could only reply, “Thanks,” and sat down next to her. “Aren’t you going to ask me where I got the coat from?” she asked. “Where did you get such an expensive thing as that?” She didn’t answer back, but instead she reached into her large bag and pulled out a couple of videos, all the while trying to contain a smile that she so wanted to let out. Then she got up and walked over to the T. V.

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   and turned it on and put in a video. I watched as I was a little puzzled. “I’ve been doing a little side work here in the States and some in Mexico,” she said, and then she walked back towards the sofa. She then pushed me back and knelt down on the floor in front of me between my legs. The video began, and I could tell from the opening scenes and the music that this was some sort of porn movie. On the film, a well built blonde man and then a black man walked into a bedroom and began talking to each other. At the same time, Deborah began rubbing my thighs. I reached over and started playing with her dark wavy hair. Then on the video a dark tanned well built woman walked in the room. It was Deborah. I was in a mild state of shock at the sight of this. Deb then began stroking and licking my cock as I watched the video. I looked down at her and she looked up and only smiled. Soon on the video she and the two men were stripping and the blonde guy began sucking on her big 44DD teats, while the black man caressed her from behind, while she began moaning. He then slipped down and put his face in her well rounded ass, while the blonde guy knelt and began feeding at her shaved snatch.

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   My heart was pounding in my throat now. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, and Deborah began sucking on my stiffening dick. “Hey, why don’t you suck us girl,” one the guys said, and Deb answered, “My pleasure. ”She then got down her knees between the two guys and they each pulled out a huge pussy plowing cock, and put them in her face. They must have been at least 8 or 9 inches each. I was still surprised. Deborah then grabbed one in each hand and began licking and sucking on them. First one and then the other while stroking each at the same time. During this whole time she was actually working on my member with her warm mouth while cupping my balls in her hand, and only stopped momentarily to look up at me and comment, “You’ve got some big balls baby. The biggest I’ve ever seen. ” and then went right back to her task. Those guys may have me beat on the dick size, but I did have the larger balls, and it was mine she was sucking on now. Back on the video Deb was now letting the blonde guy titty fuck her huge 44DD breasts. Then she got up and leaned back into a high chair in the room and spread her long brown shapely legs into the air. The blonde guy then put his huge tool up against the opening of her hot cunt and inserted the head into my ex-wife.


   She looked up and smiled at him, and then with one hard push, he rammed the whole thing up into her. She screamed and pushed back on him, but he kept on pumping until her vagina adjusted to the full 8 inches. Then after a few strokes she began to moan with each thrust. The black guy then came over to the couple and grabbed Debs head and put his long dark snake of a dick into her mouth, which she hungrily began sucking. Now she was smiling and looking into the camera. What a slut I thought. During this time Deborah stopped sucking my dick and stood up and leaned over in front of me and had me eat her out as I peered out over her rump to watch the video. She moaned and bucked back and forth against my tongue and mouth. As I held her by the hips she reached down and played with her clit to stimulate it. She was becoming very soppy from the action and from watching herself perform on the video. It was great. On the video now, Deborah had moved over onto the bed in the room and put her ass in front of the seated black guy. He was now going to get his turn at her wonderful cunt. She mounted him and placed his long straight cock into her already sopping pussy.
    She grabbed his arms as if to brace herself.

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       Then she began slowly pumping the 9 inch plus monster up and down, and in and out of her hot snatch. It wasn’t long until he was fucking my ex-wife hard with most of his cock deep inside of her. She moaned and leaned back for the camera to get a good shot of the fuck. She had pumped up and down for a while like this when the blonde guy came over and stuck his cock into her mouth. She began to suck him hard, and I watched the scene with amazement. Now back in my living room Deborah noticed how hard I was from watching the video that she leaned back to sit on my own cock, facing the T. V. She began pumping slowly up and down with the rhythm of her lover on the screen, and reached back with her hand and head to kiss and caress me. I reached down between her thighs and stroked her clit as she rose up and down, which caused her to begin to moan in soft little whispers. Soon she held my arms tight and squeezed. Her body was shaking and she began cumming all over my balls in about a thousand spasms. It was a deep orgasm for her and she fell over onto the sofa exhausted. Back on the T. V. screen Deborah was now receiving double-penetration from the two guys who had been with her.

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       She was straddling the black guy facing him forward and fucking him with her pussy, while the blonde dude was driving his thick member into her ass. They fucked like this for a while, and I watched as her large pendulous teats swayed back and forth with the fucking. Then the blonde guy started to really pump my ex-wife hard and deep. She began screaming and moaning at times as if in agony. Soon after this he started to moan, pulled out of her and began squirting his cum out onto her round ass. After that she layed back down on the bed and the black dude then climbed over her and reinserted his long monster into her gapping wide pussy. He then started to fuck her cunt really hard and fast. He too soon pulled out and shot what must have been buckets of goo all over her beautiful face. Back in the present, Deborah layed back on the sofa and spread her legs and heels invitingly at me. I got the message and then mounted her and began fucking her sloppy cunt with furry. She squealed with delight as I pumped it in and out of her. “That’s it baby,” she cried, “That’s it. ”I could see her large breasts bouncing in circular motions with the rhythm of my thrusts. “Oooohh, what a thrust you have baby,” she said while squeezing my ass with her hands and legs. After a few minutes of hard sweaty pounding my cock began to swell.

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       “I can feel you swelling, baby,” she said. I could only grunt and moan as my jism began blasting deep inside her hot cunt. I came in torrents inside of her. There must have been a dozen or more ejaculation spasms. She squeezed my dick with her vagina muscles, extracting every last gooey drop of my man juices, until I was spent. As I fell over onto the floor, Deborah got up and went to clean up. I noticed there was another scene in the video with her having sex with someone else now. It turned out that she had been making extra cash by doing porno films in Mexico and south Texas with several partners, a couple of which were women. We spent the cold weekend together in my warm town-home watching her performances on the videos while fucking and sucking our way to oblivion. Needless to say our relationship was rekindled and we are back together now. But the only films she performs in now are our own private ones that we make. .

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