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While playing with and pulling on my nipples I unfasten my jeans. He hears the zipper as I slide it down. He watches from the rearview mirror as I unfasten the seatbelt and run my hand into my panties and see me rub my pussy which is wet and hot. As he watches my hand movements and hears me breathing hard and moaning softly, he feels his cock getting hard and when I lick my lips with the tip of my tongue his cock jerks begging to be touched and sucked. The bulge in his jeans is becoming more uncomfortable with each passing second as he fights to keep from looking at me through the mirror. He keeps telling me to stop but I'm so far into it now I couldn't if I wanted to. . . my clit is so slick and throbbing. I'm rubbing harder and faster now as I lie down on the back seat. I stop long enough to pull my jeans and panties down to my ankles and spread my knees so I can continue masturbating. . . all the while begging him to pull over and fuck me. As I reach my climax I thrust my hips up and moan loudly for him. .

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  . calling his name. . . telling him how badly I need him to fuck me. Unable to control his desires any longer he finds a place to pull over and park behind a huge tree. He gets out and as he walks around to the back he's unbuttoning his jeans and pulling his cock out through the hole he's made. It's huge and purple and throbbing with want. He pulls open the door and snarls at me, calling me a fucking bitch and how dare I tease him. He pulls my jeans off and throws them on the ground as he climbs on top of me. One hand grabs and squeeze my breast hard as he locks his lips around the other nipple sucking hard and biting me gently. I spread my legs wide to accommodate him and he thrusts his cock into me hard making me gasp. . . while he squeezes and sucks my breasts.

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  He fucks me hard and fast. . . pounding into me. . . our bodies slapping together loudly as I run my hands under his shirt and rake his back with my fingernails. We're breathing shallow and fast as we reach our time. . . him still calling me a fuckingbitch. . . his cock sucking slut and all I can say is give it to me you bastard until finally he pulls out and then slams back into me hard causing me to cum so fucking hard I can't breathe. .

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  . shards of lights swim across my eyes and I dig my nails into his back as Icling on and convulse against him. He screams my name as he cums and jerks inside me just as violently as I did. . . grabbing and crushing my breast as he rises up on his hands and move against me. He then collapses on top of me breathing hard and heavy, still calling me a fucking bitch and I wrap my arms around him and agree that I am what he's made me to be. . . his fucking bitch. And when he's recovered enough he gets off of me and sees the fingerprints he's left on my breast. He bends down and gently kisses the red marks and apologizes believing he's now bruised me but all I do is smile up at him and fall into a deep sleep, happy and content. . . for the moment.

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  When I awaken a while later he's driving again and I find myself tied up so to speak. He has me seatbelted in all across the back seat and my bra has my hands tied above my head to the handle above the rear door. I can barely see him in the rearviewmirror as he smiles back me telling me I can't tease him anymore but how he's enjoyed watching my breasts bounce and move around as he purposefully drove over rough ridges in the roadway. He tells me we've about reached our destination and looking out of the windows I see lots of trees passing by. I hear the crunch of rock and dirt and feel the roughness of the road as he continues to drive. Finally he stops and tell me we've arrived and thathe'll be right back. I ask if he's going to untie me and he responds not just yet and leaves me alone in the car. . . naked and tied up. It's kind of exhilarating being exposed like this. . . anyone could walk by or up to the car and find me but yet it's also a little scary. What if someone misconstrued things and called the cops.

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   Not having any idea where we were I struggle with the bra trying to get my hands free. And just when I think I've got it, he returns and getting behind the wheel, tells me it's just a few more minutes. The road is still very rough and the trees thicken and hide the sun. It's dark and shady and I feel the cool air on my skin from his open window. When he stops I hear water and now anxious to be free and see where we are, I start struggling with the bra again. . . this time managing to get free. And unbuckling myself I sit up and look around. He's taken me to a small cabin next to a river. It's beautiful and secluded. Looking around for my clothes, he laughs and tells me no one is around for miles and that our first order of business is for him to fuck me on the riverbank. Taking my hand, he pulls me from the car and leads me down to a sandy area near the water and an old tree stump at it's edge. Pulling me into his arms he kisses me deeply and passionately as his hands run up and down my back and caresses my ass. .

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  . running a finger along the crack causing goose bumps to pop up. Our tongues wrap around each other. . . each of us sucking the other's tongue into our mouths. My hands roaming his chest and back under his shirt and reaching down and feeling the bulge in his jeans. I manage to unbutton his shirt and push it off of his shoulders as he unbuttons his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. Stepping out of them, he pulls me close to him and rubs his engorged cock against my pussy. . . moving his hips back and forth as the wetness of my pussy makes him slick. He slides in between my lips and rubs against my clit and it feels soooo gooood I want more and move with him as we stand there by the river. Feeling my juices start to run down my leg, he gently pushes me down on my knees and standing before me I kiss his stomach. . gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  . his groin. . . the inside of his thighs and as I get closer to his cock, I hear his breath catch anticipating me touching his cock with my lips. I purposefully wait though. . . payback for tying me up. . . and nuzzle his balls. I lick his balls, pressing my tongue against them. . .

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  feeling them tighten as I suck each one into my mouth and roll them with my tongue. His fingers are tangled in my hair now wanting me to suck his cock but I still delay bykissing the inside of his thighs again. . . his groin. . . his stomach. My hands caressing his legs. . . squeezing his ass. . . his breathing becoming heavy with need to be in my mouth and still I wait.

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  Feeling his fingers tighten in my hair I know I've pushed him as far as I dare and barely lick the tip of his cock with my tongue. I feel him jerk with the touch and as I lick and kiss the entire length of his shaft, I hear him breathe short and shallow. . . callingme a cock tease. Finally I take him into my mouth and hear him sigh heavily as I suck him in. . . taking him deep into my mouth until he won't go any further. Sucking hard upon him I run my tongue around him and up the shaft as I pull him out and run my tongue around the ridge of his cock. I suck his cock this way for several minutes until I feel his knees start to shake. His hands are holding my head still as he starts to move his hips, fucking my mouth as I suck harder. When I knead his balls with my fingers he pulls away from me saying not yet, and pulls me up to my feet where he kisses me again. . .

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  deeply. . . running his tongue around my mouth. . . sucking my tongue into his mouth. . . my lip. His hands kneading my breasts. . . his fingers pulling and rubbing my nipples. He turns me away from him and bends me over where I have to brace my arms against the tree stump.


   Spreading my legs wide I feel his cock rub against my incredibly wet and sensitive clit. Leaning down further I feel him slowly enter my pussy. . . buryinghimself deep inside me. . . and slowly pull out, but not quite, before slowly going back in. The fullness of him inside me is incredible and I move against him as he moves in and out of me. . . my nipples brushing the top of the tree stump. . . the roughness of the wood making them hard and tight.

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  He leans over me and bites the back of my shoulder as he moves in. . . and. . . . out. . . in. . . and. .

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  . out. . . slowly increasing the speed. . . driving me crazy with need. He reaches under me and pulls my nipples and pushes them in with his fingers as he squeezes my breasts. He then increases the speed and starts pounding againstme. . . his balls slapping against my ass. Each thrust coming harder and faster as he stands back up and grabs my hips pulling me harder against him. I cum first and he feels my pussy tighten around his cock which makes him cum and grabbing a handful of hair, he pulls me up against him where he wraps his arms around me and holds me while he squirts his juices intome.

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  . . rocking with me as the sensation of our joining eases and contentment overcomes us. We spend the rest of the weekend swimming naked in the river. . . making love as the water swirls around us. We fuck on the bank and when it's too cold to be outdoors naked, we move into the cabin where we make love in the bed in front of the fireplace. And when we're so totally spent and exhausted, we fall asleep wrapped in each others arms and sleep deeply only to awaken and do it all over again. And when it's time to leave, we both reluctantly go not wanting our time together to end yet knowing it must. But before we get back to my house, he finds a secluded area and pulls over where he makes love to me one last time before leaving me. It's gentle and slow. . . savoring each thrust.

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  . . each plunge. . . each kiss and it's the most exquisite moment of my life as we cum together knowing it's going to be a while before we see each other again. .
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