True Story -3


True story -3   
I had narrated how in the 2nd story how my wife became a cock-sucker although I as not the lucky person.
 This had happened few months ago.
Her relationship with AC did not take off as was expected as she was in deep shock after the cop incident. AC was insisting that they meet againbut some how Topu was reluctant. I also thought to give her enough time to recover hence avoided the subject. Few weeks ago AC called her and wanted to know our address. Topu gave him the address and told him not to visit our home without an appointment. However it was agreed that he will visit on Sunday when I am around.
 When Topu told me that AC will visit us I felt excited and thought this is the opportunity to bring her back on track. Came Sunday and around 11am we heard a car screeched to a halt in front of our house. I walked back to our master bedroom and waited for his arrival. Topu opened the door and welcomed AC. As soon as he entered he looked around and asked Topu where was I. As soon as he heard that I was in the bedroom he just caught hold of Topu and started kissing her. Topu struggled to free herself, but AC is a strong man. She than pointed towards the b/room and indicated that I may reappear any minute.

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   That really had a sobering affect on him. He just let her go, sat on the sofa and indicated her to sit near him. She of course sat on the single sitter opposite him.
 I thought to wait for a few more minute to see what next? But Topu just called out. I now had to come out.  I walked in and greeted AC and sat on the same sofa he was seated. I asked him what will he like to drink. AC just asked for a cup of tea. Topu walked out to bring us some tea. I thought I should make AC comfortable, and asked him, “so how long have you known my wife’. Casually, very casually, AC answered ‘well I thought you know all about us?’ Embarrassed, I just said, ‘no, not everything’. AC laughed out loudly, turned towards me looked at me and said ‘well that’s really sad, but I know all about you’.  I knew he was taking control of the situation and my wife has told him every bit of my sexual power.  I now had only 2 choice fight back and take control and show him I am still the boss around or surrender to this man’s strong personality.
1st choice was out as I knew Topu will not let me take control, hence I only have the 2nd choice.

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   I replied with a smile ‘what is all about me’? AC was now smilingly ear – to – ear. He said curtly ’Oh, well all means all, like how strong a man you are, how long a man are you, you know what I mean, listen man, why don’t you show me your cock, I have heard about it and always wanted to see it. ’Topu just walked in and had heard the last beat, she said ‘well love, why don’t you show him’? 
 I was hesitant, never ever in my life have I displayed my cock in public, certainly not in front of my wife. AC just came closer, and said ‘come on, don’t be a sissy, here, let me see it’. He just caught hold of my tracksuit pajama and tried to insert his hand. For me it was a hopeless situation and I had no choice. His big palm just entered and could not locate my penis. With a weird look he pulled down my pajama and saw the small little love dick. In front of that enormous palm it probably was scared and shrunk further. I was sweating. AC looked at it very closely, stretched it with 2 finger and tried to make it erect. I was helpless and knew what was coming. Helplessly I looked at Topu for help. She was looking at AC with a very crooked smile, avoided my pleading eyes and said to AC. “What are you trying to do, don’t pull it, you will tear it.

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   What will happen to me?” AC now looked up at her and then said to me ‘well, what do I have to do get you a decent erection?’ I felt like telling him, fucker, suck it. AC, probably read my thought and said to my wife, “Why don’t you suck this chewing gum and see how much it stretches. ’
just waved her hand, as if removing a fly, said, ‘not me, you want to see his erection, you suck it’. I was almost in tears, one side the humiliation was killing me, on the other side my penis was betraying my trust. It gave no indication of rising and announcing that after all I am not a impotent person. Out of frustration I told AC that he should leave me alone and I will show him that I am completely capable of having a normal erection. AC pulled back and told me, that he will wait and in the meantime he will drink his tea. He indicated to Tapu to come and sit next to him. Topu took her position between us and the fun started. AC wrapped his arm around her and started smooching, sqeezing her boobs. Topu in a very weak voice protested for the sake of protesting. It of course did not deter him from pulling and almost tearing away her blouse. The love making [if can call it] had just started. As I was watching them I realized there was not a faint trace of opposition from my otherwise shy wife, she looked as if , was in a trance and loving all the torture. Suddenly I felt a strange sensation on my, otherwise limp penis, it had started to rise.

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   I was reaching my maximum size when all of a sudden AC laid his right palm on my dick and tried to feel the erection.
Casually, very casually, he turned faced me and smiled. He then indicated me to open his zipper and take out his cock. I was in a state of shock and obeyed with a fuss. His cock was big, real big, by my standard, it was atleast  7” and as thick as a  real thick pipe. It was not yet fully erect and partial limp. Even though AC was busy mauling my wife he just caught hold of my neck and started pushing toward his cock. Again I obeyed. As I drew closer to his cock I also felt a wild desire to take it in mouth. Eventually overcome by a strange desire I took it in my mouth.
This was the 1st time I took somebody’s cock. It was a strange feeling but a nice one. Without any provocation slowly I started sucking the demon prick. Not even a minute, suddenly AC turned towards\\me grabbed my head and pushed the entire length inside my mouthed. I  was almost chocked, but before I realized the stream came in.


   Strangely bit was just a few drops that trickled out and the penis went limp. I have found the weakness in my wife’s paramour.    

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