Using Beth Part II


Beth struggled with the thought all week. People in the office said that she seemed ‘chirpy’ these days. She hadn’t noticed that but realized that it was true. The day came and she was a furor of emotions.   She did her work through the day and dealt with all their people but was fluttering in side. Finally, his time came. She met him at the door; she had taken the time first of all to remove her camisole and bra. The camisole was necessary today, since the blouse was so thin and transparent. It allowed a lacy bra to be seen clearly beneath the camisole but that was merely a fashion statement. Now, with the camisole and the lacy bra off, she was downright sexual.
 She smiled at him. As she backed away from the door and went toward the room where they worked together. He was frowning.
 “Why?  What’s wrong, James?” she cried almost in a panic. “Don’t I look nice for you?”
“Nice, yes, Beth but what were my instructions?”
‘Instructions,’ the very word almost overcame her. She was really in this area of sex and submission that had so long been a dark but sweet fantasy.

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   It made her breathing hard and made the crotch of her yellow panties wet. “Oh, I’m so sorry, James,” she hesitated to say. “I know you ordered me to have no blouse and no bra on; but I thought   . . . ”
 He interrupted her with a bit of cruelty in his voice. Just the tone increased Beth’s sexual panic for the moment. She discovered that she loved the almost terror of it. He was really asserting himself toward her. “You don’t think, Beth; you don’t think, woman,” she whispered with his face directly in front of hers. “You do what you’re told. Isn’t that right. ”
Beth was in a full blown panic by now; she was sure that he was going to leave right then. Her hands flew to the buttons on her blouse. She felt clumsy, not elegant at all, certainly not the way she wanted to feel, stripping for him.

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   But the blouse was then unbuttoned and she shrugged it off of her shoulders. She was naked from the waist up for him. She had a hopeful smile on her face.
“That’s my babe,” he cooed to her, as his hands snaked out and caressed her naked tits. “Nice, momma,” he continued to coo to her. “Nice what?” he then inquired.
She loved the words, the almost dirty words; she loved having them said to her and saying them herself:  “Nice tits, James? Are they nice, my tits?”
“Perfect,” he said, “That’s what they are. ” Then he pinched her nipples; he pinched them hard. He legs quivered; she began to breath hard, and put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself. “You like that, momma? Huh? You like that, Bethy? Do you?”
“Oh, I like that; the pressure . . . oh, I mean the pain; it  . . .

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  it just feels so hot. ”
James laughed and looked at her in her ecstasy: “Study now, Beth; study. ”
They worked on the grammar section of their lessons, and, as in the past, he worked hard. She was pleased. She was sexually thrilled by sitting there with him with her tits out, naked to the waist. He took time periodically to reach out and stroke a tit or pull at a nipple. She made a comment each time he did it; it was her form of encouragement. All too soon they were through. This time she walked him, bare breasted, to the door. He was about to leave but turned to her first. James gathered Beth and kissed her. She was ready for it  by now. She waded into the kiss with everything: lips, tongue, teeth, spit!  Everything! She sucked on his tongue as though it were a cock. He laughed. You do that like you know what you’re doing.

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Beth blushed.   It was a message that she hoped he’d get from her kiss. Just before leaving he whispered in her ear: “What color panties are you wearing, Beth?”
“Ohhhh,” she breathed, as he pushed their interactions to a new level. “They’re yellow, nylon, bikinis, sir!” The ‘sir’ simply tumbled out of her. “They’re see through,” she whispered.
“Hmmm,” James said. “Sexy, bad girl!”  Then he grinned at her. She knew something was coming: “Next week, my slutty Beth, . . . ” The new name ripped through her and Beth almost came then and there. “Next week,” he continued, “No skirt; you hear?” “Yes, I hear,” Beth said eagerly. “Next week no skirt. ”
“You meet me in panties and bra but no skirt; we’ll go from there. ”
“Yes,” she said, “ I’ll meet you in panties and bra and we’ll go from there.

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  ” He left. She almost scurried to her office, after gathering her blouse and camisole, and played with herself.   She knew it would be a long week.
(This is totally a work of fiction. If you wish to see more, let me know: mattwatt43@gmail. com. )

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