Vasantha with me.


Topic: At the small room with It  was a rainy day. Vasantha , her mother and me  had a good  supper  that day. It  wa raining out side. I had  consumed  little brandy. At   9'0  clock  every body was about to  sleep. I asked Vasanthas mother to come near me without knowing her daughter. Her name is Sumathi . She was 40 years old. I am 25 years old boy. She slowwly came near me . A dim light was burning there in that small room. Vasantha was lying near me. Sumathi  asked me to off the light, but I did not allow to off, as I want to see her pundai and mullai in the light.
      I removed her clothes. She was naked now. I kissed her  for ten minutes in her lips.

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  Then i sucked her mullai fore another ten minutes. She was very horny she   caught  my sunni and asked me to  fuck her hard. She was wet then. I slowly  licked her  koothi stretching my tongue from bottom to udward. She enjoyed licking her pundai. She pulled me doun and entered my hard sunni into her koothi and fucked me up  and down. I was   enjoying her fucking very much. Then she asked me to fuck . I got up and fucked her pundai with my full force. After ten minutes of hard fuck  white liquid came from my cock and  filled her cunt. She was very satisfied. And she went to  sleep about  twofeet from me.
        I am also  satisfied.   I thought that  Vasantha  was  sleeping  nicely. She woke up and went to pass urine.

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       As it was very dark outside  she asked my help to  come with her to toilet. I went with her to go to toilet. She  went to bed on the mat. I was also on that bed only. I lightly touched her hand . She did not resist. I touched her very small mullai. She did noit resist. I removed her Dresses and touched all over her body. Now she told me that she  was seeing the fucking I had with her mother. I toched her pundai  It was wet then . But it was very small. I licked her koothi for five minutes. And i fucked her koothi slowly. She also enjoyed the ol very happily.

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      She kissed me for a long time and went to bed with ond hand on my sunni.