Vicky's Visit


Topic: Getting prepared 
Remember honey, Vicky is coming to stay the summer with us. I've got to go pick her up at the airport shortly.   Huh, O. K. I said, as I looked up from my paper while takeing a sip of coffee. my wife sharon was bent over peering into the fridge,and giving me a good view of that tight little ass of hers clad in a pair of canary yellow bikini panties and wearing one of my sleeveless t-shirts. Her pussy lips pouted out showing where her slit was. I grinned and got up slowly coming up behind her and placeing my hard cock between her legs, I began massageing her tits gently tweaking and pulling her nipples.
Sharon is a petite honey blonde with brown eyes a firm body, and an ass that most women would kill for, firm round breasts. not overly large, but a nice handful. with pink nipples just right for sucking. I slowly moved my cock back and forth and soon felt her heating up. She straightened and leaned back on my shoulder. " you are soooo bad she whispered. " I kissed her ear and neck while slipping my hand into her panties watching the goosebumps appear on her arms. my hand slipped over her shaven pussy as i slipped my middle finger into her already hot and wet slit.

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   applying a feather touch i rubbed up and down gently teaseing her clit, while the ther two fingers rolled her labia around.
Soon her panties were on the floor along with the T-shirt. I dropped my lounge pants and kicked out of them. She turned throwing her arms around my neck, while I gently continued to stroke my cock between her thighs. God, you get me soooo hot she moaned. I laughingly asked: " whats for breakfast?" " Me, you big dummie, she laughed". With that I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I placed her on the bed and stood at the foot admireing the view. Sharon was on her back and while gently massageing and pulling her nipples opened her legs. Her pussy lips parted showing me the delicate glistening coral pink promise of her aroused cunt. then she slowly rolled over on her stomach and gently arched her back while slowly rotateing her hips and parting her cunt with her fingers giveing me another good view.
Man what a smorgas board of sex, I thought.

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