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It had been an interesting summer, but now it was over. I had come down here to teach a couple of courses at the college and had stayed in the home of old friends, Bob and Mary Kane, who were spending their summer in Europe. It was a big old house, rather secluded, on the edge of town, with a nice, enclosed indoor swimming pool that Bob and Mary had wanted me to keep up while they were away. They would be back in a couple of days and I was about to pack up my things to return to my regular teaching job in Chicago.
My courses had been full of bright young teens, more than half of them sexy girls that made my cock get hard just looking at them. They all wanted ‘A’s, of course, so they flirted a lot and I admit that I did little to discourage them. There were two 19-year olds, however, that particularly came on to me. Coincidentally, they both went by the name of Sue, although actually one was Suzanne and the other Susan. Suzanne especially had gone out of her way to get close to me this summer. This was all the more surprising since she was engaged to be married and the wedding was to be right after the summer session was over in August. She would run into me in places like the library stacks and rub her lovely body against mine as she smiled seductively. I was aware that my behavior was unethical, but I couldn’t help but respond by running my hand along her ass or "accidentally" rubbing a hand over her small but firm breasts. My cock would be huge on such occasions and she would look at my crotch bulge and grin as if to say, "I want to suck that!"
Then one day she stopped by my office, closing the door behind her and coming right around behind my desk and plopping herself down on my lap. "I’ll do anything for an ‘A’," she declared.
I smiled at her and said, "Try studying harder. " Her response to that was to throw her arms around me and kiss me, her tongue darting between my lips and running along my teeth and then shooting in and out as if to fuck my mouth.

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   I could not resist this assault. She felt wonderful as my hands roamed over her lithe body, pinching her tits and her ass as she continued to tongue fuck my mouth. I returned the pleasure, pushing my own tongue deep into her mouth in a kiss that lasted and lasted and lasted.
When finally our mouths separated she looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I’ve wanted to do that since the first time I saw you. " Then, without blinking an eye, she slid off my lap and onto the floor between my legs, as her fingers deftly found the fly on my trousers and ripped it open, allowing my swollen, stiff cock to spring out before her face. Her mouth opened wide and closed over my cockhead, her tongue swirling around it and bringing it quickly to even greater erection. Her fingers found my balls and caressed them gently as her mouth and tongue fucked my cock. It felt so wonderful; I was totally aroused, and my hands closed over her head as I shoved my cock forward, fucking her mouth until I came. I finger fucked her ears and moaned with ecstasy as my cock rose to orgasm and finally spurted its creamy cum into her throat and all over her face in an burst of orgasmic energy that completely overcame me as I shuddered in ecstasy and fulfillment.
As she rose from the floor my fingers found her their way under her skirt and inside of her panties to her pussy and I began to finger fuck her, two fingers in her cunt and my thumb massaging her clit. She pressed her cum-covered face against mine and kissed me again as she moaned with pleasure until she herself enjoyed orgasm from my finger fucking.
She conquered me completely this summer. There were other sessions in my office, and it became increasingly obvious to anyone who cared to notice that there was something going on between us. We would sometimes have lunch together. We would walk around the campus together, often touching each other intimately.

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   I was became carelessly indiscreet and my hands would stroll over her ass or tits in public. The first time I fucked her was in the back of my car when we parked one night in the cemetery overlooking the town. Eventually, she began to come to my house at night for skinny dipping in the pool and some really wonderful sex. Her fianc é , a young instructor in the Chemistry Department, was the only one who seemed to be oblivious to our affair. One of my colleagues in the English department made a point of telling me that I should be more discreet. I didn’t really pay much attention. Suzanne told me she was just having one last fling and just wanted me to teach her everything I knew about sex so she would be ready for her marriage. I knew I was wrong to carry on like this with a student, but she was just too good to leave alone. Basically, she had me by the pecker and I was loving it.
Susan meanwhile (the other Sue) also paid more than average attention to me during the summer session, although she was not nearly so explicit or forward as Suzanne. She had a beautiful body, better stacked than Suzanne’s, with large firm breasts and a tight sexy ass that wiggled oh-so-seductively when she walked. She didn’t hesitate to tell me on several occasions that she though I was too friendly with the other Sue and that I should pay more attention to my other students, too. But I never had any sexual relationship with Susan during the session, beyond exchanging some suggestive glances and being fairly obvious that I was sometimes undressing her in my mind as my eyes grazed over her body.
With the session over, Suzanne got married the day after the session ended. I wasn’t invited to the wedding, not surprisingly.

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   The newlyweds, I knew, were off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Early the next evening, after supper, as I was beginning to pack up my things, the telephone rang and it was Susan. She said she wanted to speak to me and would it be OK if she came by the house in a little while. I was puzzled as to what she might want--perhaps a letter of recommendation or something–but I thought it might be pleasant to have her there for awhile, so I quickly said, "Sure, c’mon over," and gave her directions. After we hung up, I had some second thoughts, thinking she might want to debate her grade or something unpleasant. I had given her a ‘B,’ which she deserved, but Suzanne had received ab ‘A. ’ She was a very bright student and had earned that quite apart from her sexual favors.
Sue arrived about fifteen minutes later, dressed elegantly in high heels, stockings, and a black silk blouse and skirt that enhanced her figure and caused the blood to surge into my penis as soon as I laid eyes on her. I felt a little underdressed in my khaki shorts and tee shirt. We came into the living room and I asked her to sit down. The subtle, vanilla fragrance of her perfume aroused my nostrils and made me think about getting her clothes off and eating her cunt. She chose a large armchair and I asked her if she would like something to drink, saying I was going to have a beer. She rejected the offer of a beer, but said she’d like iced tea or a diet coke instead. As I went to the kitchen for the drinks she kicked off her shoes and curled her legs up under her in the armchair, as if, I thought, she planned to stay awhile.
I returned in a moment and after taking a pull on my beer asked her what she wanted to talk to me about.

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   She seemed rather nervous and wiggled around in her chair quite a bit, as she began to talk about the course, how much she enjoyed it, and whether I might be teaching at the college again soon. She said she would be graduating this coming year anyway so she might not be here when I came back. I got the impression that she was beating around the bush, hesitant to get to the point. Or perhaps she was simply waiting for me to take the lead.
I tried to put her at ease, telling her that I thought she had done well in the course and that it was a very pleasant place to teach, and how much I had enjoyed knowing her, etc. She kept moving around as we chatted and eventually moved off the armchair and onto the floor, her long beautiful legs stretching out before her seductively. She was sitting with her back against the sofa on which I was seated, her long black curls flowing over her neck and onto the seat next to me. I instinctively reached out and put my hand behind her head and caressed the back of her neck beneath her locks.
"Oh, that feels good," she said, "you can rub my back, too. "
I complied and as she obviously enjoyed it she began to chat more openly and particularly began to ask me about my relationship with Suzanne.
"You were having sex with her, weren’t you?" she eventually asked me.
I was noncommital, essentially telling her it wasn’t any of her business.
"But you could get in a lot of trouble fucking your students, you know," she declared.
"What makes you think I was fucking Suzanne? She as about to get married, you know. " I queried, somewhat amused now.

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"I think it was pretty obvious, " she retorted.
She had shifted her body again and now lay face down on the carpet. I lowered myself to sit beside her on the floor while I continued to rub her back, my hands roaming closer and closer to her lovely ass. She didn’t object when one of them stroked over one of her ass cheeks, pinching it ever so slightly.
"Do you want me to fuck you? Is that why you came here tonight?" I boldly asked her now.
"Is that what you want to do?" she replied after some hesitation.
"Well, I’ll bet you would be a pretty good fuck. "
"As good as Sue?" she asked cattily.
I smiled as I began to rub her ass more purposefully. "Maybe better, who knows?"
Suddenly she sat up and said, "I don’t think we’d better go there, professor. "
"You can call me Ted. Our class is over. " She appeared to have rejected the sex idea absolutely, although I couldn’t be sure. God, she was lovely to look at. I thought of a new approach.

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   "Would you like to go for a swim? The Kanes have a nice indoor pool in the back. "
She thought for a moment, and then said, "Sounds like fun, but I didn’t bring my bikini. " And then, after a moment’s hesitation, "Perhaps Mrs. Kane has one here I could use. "
"I don’t think we’d better paw through Mrs. Kane’s clothing, Sue, but don’t worry, we can skinny dip. " As I said that I stood up and offered her my hand for her to rise as well. "That’s what I always do here anyway, and I’m going to do it now, whether you come or not. " I didn’t give her a chance to protest. Instead I walked toward back through the dining area and through the kitchen to the door to the pool.
"Now wait a minute. . . ," I heard her say, but she followed me out onto the deck around the pool. I was already barefoot and now pulled my tee shirt up over my head.

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   Without further hesitation I unbuckled my shorts and let them fall to the deck, revealing a huge erection within my jockey shorts.
There was no turning back for me now, so I quickly stepped out of the jockeys and moved to the edge of the pool, turning back towards her just briefly so that she could see my stiff sex pistol jutting straight outward from my crotch. I then plunged into the pool and when I surfaced I called to her, "Come on in, the water’s lovely!"
She looked perplexed and it was easy to tell she was struggling with her decision. Then she shrugged heavily and smiled broadly, saying "Oh, why not?" She fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and as it fell open she looked up and shouted to me, "Don’t look! Turn around. "
I reluctantly complied, diving under the water and skimming below the surface to the other side of the pool. Coming up there, I cheated and peeked a look back and saw that she had sat down on a bench alongside the pool. Her blouse and skirt were gone and she was removing her pantyhose. Then only her bra and panties were left. She looked up again and I quickly plunged beneath the water. Before I surfaced her long silhouette knifed into the water and amid churning water and bubbles her long creamy shape passed near me. My head popped above the surface to see her a few feet away, treading water, her angelic face framed between her long jet black locks of hair. Her eyes twinkled at me as she turned and swam away from me, but I quickly overtook her and ran my fingers along the length of her silky body. We swam and splashed about for several minutes, touching and feeling each other playfully. Our bodies rubbed against each other more often until in 5 feet of water we found ourselves with Sue against the side of the pool and myself directly in front of her, my body pressing against her, my hard cock upright against her belly. My fingers clutched at her ass, then roved upward along her ribs to her breasts.

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   I pinched a nipple in each hand. She didn’t resist. Instead her head turned upward to my face and our lips met in a long, wet kiss, as our tongues played with each other and explored the space between our lips and teeth. As I kneaded her hard, stiff nipples I could feel her pelvis push toward me, wanting me, wanting my hard, stiff penis inside of her.
My hands dropped once more to her buttocks and I lifted her easily in the water. Her tits rose above the surface and my mouth closed over one of them hungrily. I sucked and chewed on her nipple and could feel her soft moaning with pleasure at the sensation it gave her. She was mine. With a hand beneath each ass cheek I lifted her higher, until the head of my hard, stiff cock found its way against her pussy. Now I lowered her gently as her cunt welcomed the penetration of my cock into its warm, sleek passage. Her legs spread and wrapped around my torso as the cockhead slid easily into her hot love tunnel, well-lubricated with her passion juice.
Yet almost immediately my penis went no further, stopped, I realized, by her hymen. I was about to pop her cherry and a new wave of excitement churned through my body. My cock throbbed with new hardness. I held her firmly by her ass cheeks and now pulled her down sharply as I rammed my steel-stiff cock upward .

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   She screamed out in obvious pain, but then my cock surged upward as her pussy slipped down around it.
"Are you alright, baby?" I asked her.
Her face had contorted with the pain, but now changed to a manifestation of pleasure. "Yes, I’m fine. It hurt just for a moment. " She continued to slide down around my long, hard shaft until it had fully penetrated her tight cunt. It felt magnificent, the vaginal walls massaging my cock as I began to rock her up and down with waves of pleasure accompanying each stroke of my penis. It slid easily within her cunt. Her head fell back as she moaned and pressed her cunt against me. I continued to lift and drop her over my cock, as we fucked with the rhythm of the water as it splashed against us.
"Oh, Gawd, this is wonderful. Fuck me, fuck me. I love this," Sue panted in rapture. "Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.

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   Keep fucking me forever. "
"Oooooooooooooooooooooh," she moaned, and I could feel her cunt grow warmer and wetter, her vaginal muscles contracting as she began her orgasm. My own balls were tingling and I could feel the jism surging up into my hard shift. We came together as my semen spurted in waves up into her abdomen. She seemed to faint, becoming totally silent and with a far away look on her face for a long time until finally we separated and she opened her eyes and smiled. "That was divine," she said.
"Yes, it was," was all I could reply. A few drops of cum and blood floated on the surface, proof that it had not been a dream. We embraced again, then swam easily around the pool for awhile, cooling down after our passionate copulation.
We climbed out of the pool. She exhibited no modesty now as she displayed her dripping body in all its loveliness. "I want more of that," she said coquettishly. I pulled a towel from a shelf and flipped it to her as I grabbed one myself and began to dry off.
"Its bedtime," I said.
Moments later I was in the bedroom waiting for young Sue to emerge from the bathroom.


   I could hear the hair dryer blowing and guessed it might take her awhile to dry all that hair on her head. I was still contemplating what might occur next, my thoughts keeping my cock strong and erect, when the bathroom door finally opened and Sue emerged naked and dry. She hopped onto the bed with me on all fours and immediately focused on my rigid cock. "I want to suck your cock," she said unashamedly.
I lay on my back and caressed her head as she lowered it over my shaft, first running her tongue around the ring of my cockhead and then slowly up and down each side of the pink and purple rod. I spread my legs wide to give her full access to my balls as her tongue lathered over them and brought my cock up to a new plateau of stiffness. He mouth opened and she swallowed my cock, deep into her throat with more expertise than I would have expected from a virgin. As her mouth and tongue fucked my cock, my fingers roamed over her body, pinching her nipples, then finding her pussy. My thumb dipped into wet, pink tunnel, while my longest finger probed her rectum. I squeezed both fingers together and finger fucked both her ass and her cunt at the same time. Her cocksucking skill was phenomenal, and her own excitement seemed to grow with each stroke. She told me later that she had learned a lot by reading the stories on sexstoriespost. com. She moved her body to straddle me in 69 fashion and I eagerly licked and penetrated her cunt with my tongue, while still keeping my fingers there and in her asshole. My tongue found her swollen clitoris and I sucked it between my teeth, licking it feverishly with my tongue and feeling the tiny squirts of her sweet juice in my mouth.

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   Once again we came together, as she deftly swallowed my cum that surged into her mouth and throat.
My cock had shriveled to half its erect size, but it now rose again as Sue begged me to fuck her again. How could I refuse this lusty nymph. I pulled her ass up on her knees at the edge of the bed and stood beside it as I guided my again-erect cock into her pussy, doggie style. Her cunt was still tight, but wonderfully warm and slippery and I rammed it deep into her body as she pushed her ass back against me. Her head was face down on the bed, covered with her thick black hair, and with my cock firmly implanted in her cunt I reached forward with my fingers to massage her nipples as I stroked my cock in and out of her cunt. There was no hurry now. I moved it in and out very slowly, savoring every centimeter of friction between my massive cock and her tight cunt muscles. The pleasure was exquisite for me, and she moaned with rapture as each stroke brought her pleasures she had never known before. In time, however, my own excitement grew again and I picked up the pace, stroking her faster and harder, the electricity in my cock rippling back through my whole body in wonderful shudders of sensation. The jism was boiling again in my balls and I knew I would soon cum again, squirting my creamy semen into this lovely creature. She, too, became more excited, demanding more and more. "OH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME. DON’T STOP, KEEP IT UP, MORE, MORE," she screamed. "Oh Gawd, I’ve died and gone to heaven!," she screamed.

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   "I’m cumming, I’m cumming again. Keep on fucking me. Don’t stop. DON’T EVER STOP!" Then her whole body went as rigid as my cock and I felt her cumming again, her hot juices flooding over my cumming cock.
I was overcome with passion for this woman. I withdrew my limp cock, glistening with our love juices, and pressed my mouth hard against her pussy, fucking her again with my tongue and sucking our juices from her cunt. The taste and fragrance of her pussy simply made me horny again, turning me on to want more and more of her body. Finally I pulled my mouth away from her cunt and rolled her over on her back. My cock had hardened again and I rammed it into her cunt, pulling her legs up over my shoulders as I pumped her hard in a frenzy of sexual energy that did not stop until we had cum again.
Exhausted, I rolled over on my back and lay beside her. She turned and kissed my face all over, her tongue licking me and caressing my ears, my nose, my neck and then nibbling on the nipples on my hairy chest. Her hand found my cock and caressed it back into a new erection. She straddled me and lowered her pussy down onto the stiff shaft. In this position my cock reached deep, deep into her cunt and she rocked up and down stimulating new energy in my loins. I thrust my pelvis upward in harmony with her own rhythmic rocking on my cock.

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   I wasn’t sure I could cum again, but the sight of this beautiful girl riding my cock reinvigorated my balls and I could feel the sensitive vibrations in my cockhead that signaled the approaching jism. Once more I exploded as she enjoyed yet another orgasm before we collapsed together on the bed.
At some point I fell asleep. When I awoke she was gone. And my summer of Sues had ended.
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