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Her thick full lips were always perfect for kissing and sucking. Her breasts were just the right size for him, and most of all, he thought she was beautiful. After everything was prepared, they ate their food and conversed about life and enjoyed the scenery. Liz couldn’t help but notice some of the scenery right in front of her; she noticed that his cock was growing in his shorts. She loved his cock; it fit in her pussy just perfectly. She could wrap her hands and lips around it better then any she had ever had. She new he was in the mood from the time they started hiking. Now she was feeling the urge herself. Her nipples began to erect and pussy became moist. She started thinking about the lust they could share together. She decided that the usual routine would not do in this case. She lay down and unbuttoned her shorts, he knew what was up. His cock started to throb in his shorts. She slid her hand down her shorts and started to finger her now soaking wet pussy. Jim tried to lean in and she stopped him telling him she wanted to watch him jerk off for a while. He sat at her feet and pulled out his hard cock and started to stroke it for her.

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   She moaned with delight as her fingers worked on her hard wet clit. She slid down her shorts and panties so he could see what she was doing. He tried to lean in and get on her but she stopped him. “I have something to show you,” she told him, “just watch. ” He leaned back a watched her rub her clit and thrust 3 fingers deep inside of her tight wet pussy. She moaned loudly and used her other hand to play with her beautiful breasts. She watched him stroke his hard cock faster and faster. She moaned louder and louder. Her back arched, her hips rose up in the air and she began to scream with delight. She called out his name as he watched her pussy began to flow like the creek nearby. She had never made herself come in front of him before. He tried hard not to cum right at that pointLiz laid back and tried to catch her breath. They both took off what clothes they had remaining. He lay down next to her and started to kiss her deeply and passionately. His hand was rubbed her soaking wet pussy when she told him, “I want you in my mouth, I want to taste every inch of you.

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  ” He got upon his knees. He took his rock hard cock and started to stroke it over her chest. She grabbed for it and took over right where he left off. She stroked it and rubbed it on her hard nipples, his pre-cum making them wet. She pulled him closer to her mouth and tasted the tip of his hard cock with her tongue. Jim got up and straddled her chest. She grabbed his cock again and ran her tongue up and down his shaft. She stroked his cock as she licked his clean shaven balls. He moaned with delight. Her tongue ran back up his shaft and she took him inside her mouth as deep as she could. She started to pump him in and out of her mouth, her hand at the base of his cock stroking him. His hips began to move with her rhythm. He reached his hand back and started to rub her soaking wet pussy. Her clit was harder then he had ever felt it. As she sucked him better then she ever had.

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   His fingers pumped in and out of her pussy with the rhythm of her sucking, his thumb rubber her hard clit. They could both feel the ecstasy of the moment. “I want to be inside of you,” he told her “I want my hard cock inside your tight wet pussy. ”He slid down her body between her legs. His cock teased her pussy for a moment before he thrust it deep inside her soaking pussy. He began to pump, slow at first, but faster and harder with every pump. He pulled her legs up in the air and put them on his shoulders. They both moaned as he slammed hard and deep inside her pussy. They could feel they that they were both about to cum. He reached a hand down to get clit and started to rub it. it didn’t take long till she screamed, “I’m cumming!” he could feel her pussy tighten around his throbbing cock as he shot his juiced deep inside her. He pumped her for the last few times deep and hard, his balls slamming against her. They fell down in a heap together, kissing and licking the salty sweat off each others bodies. They did not know how much time had passed as they lay together, but they were enjoying ever moment of it. more clouds were rolling in but they did not let that ruin their fun.

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   Liz stood up and looked down at Jim. There was still lust in each others eyes. They both wanted more. “I think it’s time for a swim,” she told him. He nodded on agreement. They walked together down to the creek nearby, their naked bodies exposed to the world. There was a small beach where they could enter the water. They walked in the water, it; was cold yet refreshing. They let the cool water flow over their bodies as they began to kiss again. They ground their bodies together. He started to get hard again. He poked his cock between her legs, sliding it up and town her lips, teasing her clit. Their hands searched each others bodies, caressing every inch. She grabbed on to his body and embraced him tightly as she wrapped her legs around him; it was so easy to do in the water. He reached around her and grabbed hold of her ass to support her body even further.

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   The tip of his hard cock seemed to know just were to go. She started to pump up and down on it, sliding it in a little bit more with each pump until she finally came down hard and he slid in all the way.
    They both let out a large moan of pleasure. They both started trusting in unison, their bodies seemingly working as one. She was grinding as he was slamming into her hard, the water was splashing between their bodies, and their breathing was fast and heavy as they let out moans and cries of intense pleasure. She leaned he head back as his lips started kissing her neck and shoulders his hands were on her tight ass pulling her harder into him. They stopped for a moment as she climbed off of him. She made her way to the waters edge as the first drops or rain stated to fall. He walked closely behind her. She got down on all fours and told him to get behind her. He got down behind her and eased his cock inside of her. He wasted no time as he started to pump her hard and fast, his balls slamming against her hard clit. His hands were on her hips pulling her hard in toward him with each deep hard thrust. He reached on hand around and started to rub her breasts, lightly pinching and teasing her nipples. They almost didn’t seem to notice that the rain was falling hard now.

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       Each drop of rain only making seemed to tingle more with the already heightened sense of touch. He got back up on his feet, and laid down on the beach, his stiff cock pointing skyward. She climbed on top of him, slid his cock back inside of her wet tight pussy. He spread his legs slightly as she slid hers in between his. This was an all time favorite of hers; she could squeeze his cock in just the right way so it would rub up against her hard clit, making her cum hard. She started to pump and squeeze his cock at just the perfect pace. Her clit was rubbing up against his cock, she moaned loudly. He could feel that she was about to cum again, he was about to too. She moved faster and faster, their bodies pulsating as the new orgasm started for both of them, he could feel the juices start to flow from her pussy as he started to shoot his inside of her, it seemed to go on for ever, but it was never long enough. She collapsed on him, a mound of spent flesh, he caressed her body for a while nibbling and kissing her ear as the rain fell on their bodies. They gathered up their now soaking wet close and picnic; they smiled and said nothing to each other as they ran for the car. Once they got their, and started driving down the road, she placed her hand on the crotch of his pants, he reached over and started to rub her crotch, is seemed this was a day of ecstasy that would never end. I apologize that a could not figure out how to make the indentations work properly. .
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