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She presses the button to speak and asks who is there, then presses the listen button. She is a little surprised to hear Randy’s voice telling her to buzz him in but does as he asks. As she takes the chain from the door and unlocks the bottom lock she hears his footsteps coming up the stairs and then stopping in front of her door. Even though, she knows who it is she peeks through the peephole before opening the door. Randy hears the peephole and tells her to stop messing around and open the door. She slowly opens the door to admit him wishing she had taken the time to get dressed first because she feels a little awkward letting him in while she is wearing nothing more than a long nightshirt and pantiesAt least she felt awkward until she looked up at him then her heart started pounding when she saw the desire in his eyes as he slowly looked her up and down in an appreciative manner. His eyes lingered on her breasts as his gaze swept over her, she felt her nipples harden in response almost as if he had his gaze were a physical touch. When he took her into his arms she could feel the warmth radiating from his body, smell his cologne and feel his warm breath on her neck just below her ear. She could also feel his cock already beginning to harden and felt her pussy growing moist in an instant response. When he whispered that he wanted her she laughed softly deep in her throat because that was already apparent to her from his bodies response to their closeness. She couldn’t believe that he was here or what was happening but was too turned on and caught up in the moment to stop it. She let her arms go around his shoulders one hand reaching behind his neck to pull his mouth to hers she felt him pull her body closer his hands running the length of her back from her shoulders to the small of her back where he pressed gently but firmly to bring her body into full contact with his. He kissed her lips very softly at first and then with more force when he felt her ready response, when he parted his lips she ran her tongue softly over his lips then inside to tickle the roof of his mouth. When he touched his tongue to hers she gently sucked on it while she ran her hands down his body. He took one of her hands and pressed it against his cock he was so hard and straining against his jeans. She led him into the living room and pushed him down to sit on the couch then she straddled his lap brining her already soaking wet pussy into direct contact with his hard cock.

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   She began kissing him again then she gently kissed his neck directly below his ear, then licked and softly sucked on his earlobe. She was gently rubbing her body against his the entire time while she slowly kissed and licked her way down his body unbuttoning his shirt as she went , he had very little hair on his chest so she had no problem finding his hard little nipples and teasing them with her hands, mouth and tongue. Then she got up from his lap and knelt between his thighs on the floor and continued her exploration of his body she unbuttoned his jeans while she licked his belly button and rubbed her breasts against his cock and balls. She unzipped his jeans with her teeth and then pulled them down his legs and off. She gently grazed the entire length of his cock with her teeth through his underwear before removing them to. He reached down to cup her breasts in his hands and gently tease her hard nipples brushing them with his fingertips then softly squeezing them. He slowly unbuttoned her nightshirt then reached inside to touch her aching breasts she reached between their bodies and placed his hard hot cock between her breasts from beneath them she took the base of his cock into her hand and lightly squeezed it while she caressed his balls with her other hand she could feel the moisture from his pre cum between her breasts. She leaned down to taste him, softly flicking the tip of her tongue across and around the head of his cock. Then more firmly she licked the length of his cock from base to head, then she took just the head of his cock into her mouth rubbing her tongue on the tip and then around the head. Then taking all of him into her mouth and rubbing his cock with her tongue while she moved her head up and down letting her saliva drip down to keep him moist and well lubricated so she could use her hand to jack him off while she licked and sucked gently on his balls. She continued he tender assault on his cock and balls looking into his half open eyes that were clouded over with desire and lust, going faster and sucking a little harder as his breathing quickened and his moans grew louder until he finally came in her mouth. Without saying a word he gently pulled her up from her kneeling position on the floor, he got up from the couch and motioned for her to stand in front of the couch then he knelt down in front of her his hands reached for and finding her breasts again he ran his hands down the length of her body until he reached her panties then he tugged on them and pulled them down to her ankles. He motioned for her to sit down and pulled her panties off the rest of the way, he gently pushed her legs apart so he could kneel between her thighs. He slowly ran his hands from her ankles to her thighs his fingers grazing the tender skin between her pussy and her thighs, teasing but not actually touching her yet. He leaned forward and began kissing her while he teased her aching nipples with his hands cupping her breasts and lightly brushing her nipples with his thumbs, then licking and kissing his way down her neck and chest as she had done to him.

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   Then he held her breasts together so he could lick and suck both nipples at once, his cock was beginning to harden again she could feel it lightly brushing against her neatly trimmed pussy it was driving her crazy. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his hips trying to bring him closer to her soaking wet pussy so she could get some relief but he pulled his body away and whispered not yet. He continued licking and kissing her body while squeezing her wet nipples with his fingers it was like having 2 mouths on her at once. Then he was between her legs he spread her pussy lips apart with his thumbs and licked her aching swollen clit with the tip of his tongue teasing and taunting her until she was ready to explode, then he pulled her hips closer to the edge of the couch and licked her opening with his tongue then he stuck his tongue inside her the way he wanted to put his aching cock inside her. He kept licking her from clit to opening and fucking her with his tongue until she couldn’t wait any longer and felt the 1st powerful orgasm shudder through her. She had barely recovered from her 1st orgasm when he lifted his head from between her legs to kiss her mouth and let her taste her own cum on his lips, his cock sliding into her as his tongue slid into her mouth. He slowly fucked her,his cock sliding almost all the way out of her and then back in, she wrapped her legs around his waist her hips lifting to meet every thrust. Then he pulled out and told her to get on the floor that he wanted to fuck her doggy style so he could look her ass while he fucked her of course she eagerly complied. On her knees in front of him she felt his cock enter her, he was getting a little rougher now because they were both getting closer to orgasm. Every time he thrust his cock into her she could feel his balls slide across her clit it was making her crazy they were both moaning and breathing heavily now she never wanted him to stop. He going faster and then slowing down to prolong it but she finally couldn’t take it anymore she felt her pussy tighten and convulse around his cock her hips thrashing with the force of her orgasm that sent him over the edge she felt his cock jump inside her as and the hot semen spewing from his cock into her. She woke up suddenly still hot and shaken from the erotic dream she had just had. She must have fallen asleep while watching TV. She smiled when she remembered the dream, it had been so vivid and realistic. This is my 1st story please be kind :].

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