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She left her home, intending on finding someone to share her deepest fantasys with, not knowing why she decided to do this tonight, but she made up her mind. Dressing to kill, with the attitude to match, she got into her car and went to the bar accros town. He noticed how quickly she looked away from him, and knew that she wanted him… Grabbing his half empty beer, he walked around behind her, put his lips right next to her ear, and whispered “mind if I join you?” Her ears were on of her most erotic spots. Breathly she replied “ please do. ” Sliding himself into the chair next to her he lightly brushed the inside of her thigh, again causing her pulse to quicken, and her breath to become short and fast. “how can someone that I don’t even know do something like this to me, with just a simple touch,” she woundered to her self. “I’m Scott”“Hi Scott, I’m Amy”“Hello Amy, mind if I buy you a drink?”“Only if I can buy you one”“That seem fair” Calling over the waitress, they place their drink order, and she notices that he is increadably good-looking, short blond hair, deep blue eyes, about 175lbs, and 6’3” tall. He had a scar above his left eye that made him look like a dangerous person. They finished off their drinks, and she asked him “would you like to go back to my place, so we can talk a little more privately. ” “Sure. ” He replied. “Lets take my car. ” Said Amy. The drive to her house took about 25 minutes, the ride was made in relative silence, and Scott took this time to really look at Amy. Noticing how her tan legs seemed to go on forever, they were silky smooth looking, and very muscular, but in that wrap around your waist and not let you go until I am done way. She had a slender waist, and more than ample breasts, she also had no tan lines on her shoulders.

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   “God do I want him. ” This single thought kept running through Amy’s mind. “I want to feel him deep inside me, deeper than any man has ever been. ” Amy fantasized about Scott the whole ride, wanting him, needing him, lusting him. When they finally reached her home, Amy was so hot that the instant she had the door closed, she made her move. Scott walked into her living room, and turned to tell her how nice her house was, and the next thing he knew he had a mouth full of her tongue. Her hands grabbed at his ass pulling him to her, hoping that he responded. Taken aback at first because he was so surprised by this, Scott got into the rhythm of her powerful kiss; he caressed her ass, and began to kiss her with the same vigor. There bodies pressed hard against each other and she could feel his erection beginning. Breaking the kiss she turned from him, and walked to her bedroom, with Scott close on her heels. Once again pulling him to her, Amy began undressing Scott, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, kissing behind each button, gently licking each spot she kissed. When she got his shirt off, she began to remove her shirt, with one fluid motion it was on the floor. Scott pushed her back on the bed, further arousing her. He began at Amy’s earlobe and began to bite it, and suck it into his mouth, sucking it in and out of his mouth as fast as he could. Her breath became ragged; her nipples became so hard that they started to hurt.

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   Amy began to plead with Scott “suck on my nipples baby, please?” Scott let his tongue trace its way down past her neck, down to her left breast, over her nipple, and around it. This further aroused Amy, and her nipples stuck out even farther. “Please, please suck my tits Scott, stop teasing me baby” All at once he took her nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard. Arching her back in pleasure Amy had her first orgasm of the night.
    Sucking on her left tit, Scott began rubbing her right one with the palm of his hand. Every time he would twist her nipple there would be a sharp breath of pleasure from Amy. “Oh god, don’t stop, that feels so good Scott, please, o-shit, o-shit, Scott, I am cummmmmmmming again. ” Amy felt an earth shattering orgasm rip through her loins, and she knew that she wanted this man to fuck her, but not yet she had to return the favor. Amy pushed Scott off of her, and flipped him over. She began kissing him, exploring his mouth with her tongue, and undoing his pants. Once she got his pants undone, she decided to give Scott a taste of his own medicine. Amy began to kiss her way down to his chest, and gently ran her nail lightly over his nipple, feeling a light shudder from Scott; she knew just what to do. Amy kissed her way over Scott’s chest and quickly flicked her tongue over his nipple. She felt him stiffen, and his cock began to get extremely hard. Kissing her way down to his stomach, Amy pulled off Scott’s pants, and boxers.

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       Looking at his dick, she gasped, he wasn’t all the way hard, and he was already at least 8 inches. She placed a kiss right on the head, and then took him into her mouth. She went all the way down to the base, relaxing her throat to that she would not gag. She began to suck his dick, bobbing up and down; she fondled his balls with her hand. Amy felt his head begin to swell, and she knew that he was about to come. She sucked only on his head, and began to jack him off with her hand. Letting out a small moan Scott’s whole body stiffened up, and he began to shoot his load down Amy’s throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, but she couldn’t hold it all, and a little escaped out of the corner of her mouth. .

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