Blonde In The Orient Part Two


As Marla wiggled her ass in the face of the half drunken Japanese businessman he reached out and slipped his hand between her legs and ran a finger along her g-string covered crack. After the quick feel, he stuck a thousand yen into her waist band and called out to the waitress for another drink. It was almost ten o'clock in the evening, and still the company men, as they are called in Japan, were drinking and carousing with there business associates. It was said that sake and geisha girls was the oil that kept Japan's corporate structure lubricated. Well, Marla didn't know about the business structure, but all of the executives in the Ty Ling bar were definitely "lubricated"! Being blonde and from America was a big draw to Japanese males, probably because of the homogeneous society that was modern Japan. Since 99. 9% of the residents were Japanese, there wasn't a whole lot of variety as far as appearance was concerned, so being blonde and in Japan definitely made you an outsider, and Japanese men couldn't seem to get enough of the American women! While corporate America complained about closed trade markets, one look at the Japanese lifestyle told an entirely different story. The Japanese wore American clothes, watched American movies, ate at American fast food restaurants, and listened to American rock music. Walking down Tokyo's busy Ginza district, and you would have thought you were in Times Square with all the American logos burning in bright neon lights. Marla was just another American icon to be bought and sold, only her commodity was her very supple and sensuous twenty four year old body. Like she said to her American compatriots, "We're just doing our part to help balance the trade deficit !"Marla had answered and ad in the New York New about fabulous money to be made in the Far East, and going for an interview, she found out that while not very glamorous, working the bars and night clubs of Tokyo and Osaka could earn a pretty blonde girl five thousand dollars a week! The hours would be long, but the rewards great for someone with a little ambition. Marla was at the time working a legal secretary making seven hundred dollars a week, a salary that barely made ends meet in New York City, so a week later she was on a plane to Tokyo, getting ready to start a brand new career. She found out right away that you could indeed make five grand a week, but to do it, you had to let the free handed businessmen touch you in very intimate places, and while not a prude, it took her several weeks to become accustomed to the pawing and leering that she had to endure while dancing at the club. In her third week, Marla got her first proposal to make some real money. A young executive wanted to take her to a hotel and make love to her. He seemed like a likable sort, and he wasn't drunk like most of the other men in bar that night, so she made arrangements to meet him in the hotel bar after her shift was over.

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  Like most Japanese men, Ken, that was the name he gave her, was short and lean. He was waiting in the bar for her, and together they rode the elevator up to a room he had previously taken. He helped her with her coat, and then ran his hands up and down the sides of her body, pausing to feel the swell of her hips. She turned away from him and asked him, "Be a doll, hon, and help me with my zipper!" With a steady hand he pulled it down, kissing her on her bare shoulder, and sliding the sequined garment to the floor. He carefully unhooked her bra and it too slipped off her body, exposing her 34D chest to the evening air. Her nipples immediately became erect as Ken reached around her and cupped them in his hands. Most Japanese men were pushy and rough with their woman, but Ken had a gentle touch that was starting to turn Marla on. She turned around to face him, giving him a straight on look at her magnificent chest, and while lifting his hands back to her boobs she asked softly, "Do you like them, Ken?" He nodded in the affirmative, and said, "American girls have much bigger breasts than Japanese women, I like them very much!!!" By now Marla was really enjoying herself, and her panty clad vagina was becoming damp as the result of the expert tit rub that Ken was doing on her chest. Growing a little impatient with him, Marla decided to move things on a little bit, by taking off his suit jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. He seemed to enjoy the attention, and offered no resistance as she stripped off his clothing. His hairless body was smooth and sleek, and the start of and erection could be seen through his boxer shorts. Marla slid off her panties and asked, "Why don't you take off your shorts so we can see what you got for me hidden in there!?!" Ken shoved them down and kicked them away, exposing a hard if not huge erection which Marla took into her hand and started jerking it back and forth, bringing a soft moan from Ken's lips. Instinctively Marla knelt down and took Ken's member into her mouth, tasting the faint traces of soap, but that quickly disappeared as she worked her mouth up and down of his stiff oriental shaft. Looking down at the buxom blonde sucking on his pecker was too much for Ken to take, and he quickly climaxed into her hot mouth. He had dreamed of this moment ever since he was in high school, and it was overwhelming to say the least.

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   In Japanese tradition he quickly apologized for cumming so quickly, but Marla just laughed and said, "Don't worry Kenny, I'll show you how to get it back up, just follow me!!!"Taking him by his cock she lead him over to the bed where she lay down with her legs spread wide apart. Her pussy, trimmed in a neat blonde vee, bulged invitingly, its lips damp with sexual secretions. "Okay baby," she cooed softly, "now you're gonna do mama like she did for you!" He didn't need a second invitation and practically leaped between her thighs, burying his mouth on her wet vagina. He licked up and down the length of her crack, finally stopping at her clitoris, which was out of its protective hood and begging to be sucked on. His tongue snaked out and caressed the little nub, causing Marla to sigh with contentment, and no matter what you could say about him, there was no argument that Ken was an expert cunt lapper! It had been a long time since Marla had experienced this kind of oral sex and her hot cunt was drooling cunt juice all over Ken's face as he tried his best to lap up every drop. It wasn't long before Marla felt the familiar vaginal contractions that were the onset to an orgasm, and as she rolled her head back and forth on the pillow, through gritted teeth she begged, "You eat me, Kenny, god you eat me so fucking good, oh fuck, baby, do me!!!" Hearing here use street slang only drove Ken to eat her more intensely as he stabbed his tongue in and out of her pussy, taking great pains to flick her clit with each thrust. She bucked her hips forward when her climax hit, trying desperately to push her cunt harder into his mouth, making Ken wish that Japanese woman were as animated as their American counterparts during sex. The tradition of the quiet reserved Oriental woman seemed to carry over into the bed room, while American woman, on the other hand, seemed enthusiastic about their love making, even relishing in it! This American girl Marla was an obvious cock hound, but this is the way all American girls acted, and even now, after a hard climax, this American bitch is begging to be fucked! Ken stood up and slowly jerked his cock while looking at Marla's fantastic body. "Come on Kenny," she begged with out stretched arms, "fuck me with that beautiful cock, please!?!" Ken's cock was now hard as blue steel, this American slut looked like Marilyn Monroe, but acted like a porn star, so after sliding on top of her, he could feel her softness, the smoothness of her thighs, the slight bulge in her belly, and the fullness of her heavy breasts! She reached her hand down and lead his cock to her honey hole, taking the time to rub the head up and down the length of her slit. He slid into her easily, her well conditioned cunt muscles gripping his cock like a vise, and after only several thrusts she began breathing erratically, moaning louder and louder with each plunge. "Oh fuck me, baby," she moaned, "I need it so fucking bad!!!" Ken continued to pound away, driven on by her use of foul language. A Japanese woman would never use that type of language, or even ask her husband for a certain type of sexual position or activity, but this American girl used back alley talk and didn't hesitate in the least in asking her lover to fuck her or eat her out!Ken had now lost control over his cock, and was now battering Marla's pussy into submission while the American cocksucker wrapped her legs around his back, trying to hold on for dear life! She was acting like a slut, but she couldn't help it, because once she got turned on, her clit would take over and she would do what ever it took to attain the most explosive orgasm possible! Her cunt muscles tried in vain to hold on to the pounding piston that was invading it, but to no avail, and as a huge orgasm was building in her belly, and she hissed through gritted teeth that she was cumming!!! Ken's nuts tightened up and contracted hard, sending a torrent of cum hurtling into Marla's sweet American pussy, as of them strained to get the last bit of pleasure from the union of their sex organs, until Ken finally collapsed on top of Marla, gasping and trying to regain his breath. After both of them were dressed, Ken reached into his pocket and pulled out a thick wallet and extracted the equivalent of two thousand American dollars and handed it to Marla. Bowing courteously at the waist he said, "Had a very good time, you were very good, too! Same time next week?" Marla tucked the cash inside her purse and answered, "Same time next week, Kenny, we'll do what we can to further east-west relations!!!"THE END.