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It was a Friday night, my dad just left for work at 11:00pm and my mom was supposedly going to Atlantic City with her girlfriends from work. So I invited Jan my Chinese friend over to hang out. Me and him are like the only minorities in the neighborhood. Me and my family are of Indian decent and the rest of the neighborhood is white Americans. Lately Jan has been hanging out with this white kid named Eric. This kid Eric acts arrogant and thinks he knows it all. We are all in the same age group and in our second year in middle school. So when I invited Jan, he had Eric tag along. I made the best of it cause Eric brought some booze, and we started drinking. We started watching some late night dirty movies on TV.  

Roughly around 12:15ish I heard the front door opening. Me and the guys put our drinks to the side of the couch, and switched the channel. My mom came to the den where we were. My mom was friendly and greeted us all. We were all flushed and nervous, cause we didn't expect her to be home. She announced that she wasn't going to Atlantic City, cause her friends would stay there for too long.

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   She knew my long time friend Jan, but didn't know Eric. He then introduced himself by shaking my mom's hand. My mom was in a happy mood, which was good. Earlier in the week my mom was trying to lecture me on the "birds and the bees", cause she heard  stories of girls getting pregnant and people getting STDs. I wasn't into hearing about sex from my mom, and i would get into arguments whenever she brought it up.

She then asked us what we were watching and glanced at the TV. I caught Eric checking out my mom. At the time my mom was wearing a tight pair of black dress pants along with a well fitted white blouse. The pants made my mom's ass look curvy and wide, plus the shirt's top two buttons were undone showing a hint of breasts. This is why i am assuming he was checking her out. My mom is about 5'5 and has a nice tan complexion. She has 36 C size tits and well round ass to match. She has nice full lips and no wrinkles on her face, she is about 41 years old. I only really noticed this after what was about to occur, cause i never saw my mom in that light.

My mom then looked at Jan and said "I heard it was your birthday, I am sorry i didn't get you any gift.

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   What gift would you like?" My mom is a very friendly to my friends or to my cousins, she has a habit of getting gifts for special occasions. Eric heard this and smirked, he mumbled something to Jan. They both laughed, my mom asked "What is it?" Eric just elbowed Jan and told him to say it. Jan said weakly "umm I like to see a woman. . . . . without clothes. " My mom was surprised along with myself. How did Jan get the courage to ask that, maybe because he was tipsy from the alcohol. Then Eric pitched in saying "Jan is saying that cause he never seen a woman half naked before and he is curious like me. " To sound even more convincing he added "We would like to learn or experience rather than going somewhere else and getting an STD. " I remember telling Jan earlier in the week about my mom's lectures on sex and how i hated it. Now I was sure Jan told Eric about my situation at home, and now Eric was using it to his advantage.

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   My mom was speechless for about 15 seconds, i thought she would scold the two of them and kick them out. She then spoke "I understand you kids could be curious at this age and need proper education in this area. I have been trying to teach my son, but he gets upset. " She then paused again and said "Well I am going upstairs to change out of my clothes, i guess you can come and watch me change out of my clothes. " My jaws dropped as the two of them pump fist in the air for getting approval from my mom. My mom added "you will only see me in my underwear, just to help your curiosity. " I started to plead to my mom and she spoke saying "Listen i had one or two drinks before and i am going to help those who want my help. You didn't need my help, so let me help your friends. " Then i knew my mom was tipsy as well, and thinks she is doing a good deed. Is this her new approach in sex education, because she was frustrated with getting through with me? 

She then told them to follow, they had huge smiles on their face. I proceeded along and Eric turned back at me saying "You sure man you want to come along and watch this?" I didn't know what to say, i wanted to punch him for being so conveying. He then said "But you could discretely tape it and use it as blackmail. " He did have a point, I could use it to my advantage. They all walked up the stairs as i watched them leave. I saw Eric inching his hand closer to my mom's ass as she walked up, but not touching it.

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   He then high five Jan and laughed. I was alone in the den and finally decide to get the family video camera. My heart was racing and it was such a rush, thinking of my mom being half naked in front of my friends. A married woman shouldn't be doing this, especially my prude Indian mother. I also felt a stir in my loins and felt my dick twitching, i had a hard-on.

I then met up with them in my parents bedroom. Two of my friends were sitting at the edge of the bed, while my mom was giving her undivided attention to them. I quickly placed the camera towards them,pulled out the remote and pressed record. My mom stood in front of them and began unbuttoning her blouse. She didn't really make eye contact with them, she was looking at her buttons as she was undressing. Each button pulled off slowly was agony, each one pulled off was revealing my mom's flesh. Her black bra was fully coming into view. She finally reached the last button and parted her blouse off her shoulders. She threw the blouse onto the bed and reached behind her waist, i knew what was coming next. She unbuttoned the waist band and pulled the zipper down.

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   And within a couple of pulls at her pants down her hips and thighs, her pants hit the floor. She then bend over and picked up her pants, placed it on the bed as well. As she bend over you could see the deep mounds of her tits being displayed for all of us. My mom was now standing in a pair of black bra and lacy black panties in front of my friends. Eric finally broke the dead silence in the room "Can you turnaround for us?" My mom just simply compiled and turned around and stood. My mom's pantie clad ass was on full display now. After ten seconds my mom turned back to face them and asked "Is your curiosity satisfied?" Eric replied "Can I ask you one more favor?" I feared he would asked to feel her up, how can I handle watching that?

Eric spoke "can you help me to put this on?" He then reached for his wallet and grabbed two condoms! He said"I got this from school and want to learn to have safe sex. " I know he was bullshitting, cause i have heard that he had sex before. He was just putting up an act with my mom, i still don't know why i let him. Maybe because i wanted to know how far my mom would go to teach "sex education". He said "since there is two condoms, can you put it on me and Jan?" My mom shook her head no and said "I don't know about all of this, i have gone too far. " Eric chimed in "Maybe you need some more liquid courage, have a drink. We just want to learn. " Eric didn't wait for my mom's reply and asked where the liquor is and a shot glass. I told him where, and he went and got it.

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   While he was gone, my mom started gathering her clothes to conceal herself with the garments. I guess she had second thoughts about all of this. Eric came rushing in and pulled the clothes away from her and handed her a shot glass. He then poured saying "have some of this, just to calm you down. You know safe sex saves lives, so just teach us how to put it on. " My mom had a full shot glass of vodka in her hand. She just looked into Eric's eyes and then took the shot. Eric just smiled and sat back down on the bed. He said "lose the shorts Jan and whip it out!" Jan didn't need to be told twice as he pulled down his shorts along with his underwear. He and Eric now were naked at the waist below. My mom sorta smiled and blushed being shy in front of two half naked boys now. I can't believe how my long time friend, didn't even care about how i would feel about all of this. He was acting like a horny bastard and being out of character. He was influenced by Eric and by the alcohol. I knew Eric was jerk, but not Jan to be one.

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   I was getting angry,annoyed,jealous. I then realized my mom wasn't bad herself, it was as if she didn't acknowledge be being there. Is it because she is drunk, or try being a good teacher in sex education, or now becoming into some type of whore now. Eric tore the wrapper of the condom with his mouth and handed the rubber to my mom. She then leaned in towards Eric's groin area. Eric said "here, get on your knees and get closer, it would be easier that way. " When he said that, he grabbed my mom's shoulder and pushed her down to her knees. That was the first physical contact between the two of them, and i don't think the last. Eric now looked back at me and whispered "dude bring that camera over and get all of this. " I did as he said. I was hard as a rock now. As i approach closer with my camera, it looked like a porn scene now. My mom looked like a milf in her underwear, and sitting on her knees between two younger guys. Through the viewfinder my mom looked up at Eric, and then looked at his 6 inch pink cock. She shook her head in disbelief and then grabbed his cock at the base and slowly began to stroke it.

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   My heart skipped a beat and began to race. If this was a porno, the girl usually sucks the guy's cock by now. But my mom's only objective was to put this condom on, so it shouldn't be too bad, right? I was wrong.

Now my mom was starting to put the rubber on his cock. Eric then pulled the hand with the rubber away, and told my mom to stroke it some more. My mom didn't ask why and simply went along. He was saying under his breathe how good it felt and don't stop. My mom was staring hardcore into his meat and checking out his balls. This went on for a good 2 to 3 minutes. It felt like forever. He then told her to put it on and she rolled on the rubber onto his cock. Eric then handed the other condom pack to her, she then knew what to do. She went in between Jan's legs and grabbed his 5 inch pecker which was pointing to the ceiling. Jan just looked at Eric and said "oh man, this feels better than my own hand. Her soft hands feels great on my cock.

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  " They just laughed lightly and watched my mother stroke his member. I saw my mother's fingers glide over the vein of his cock. It was intense. After another 2 minutes my mom put the rubber on Jan's cock. She then help herself up and stood. She was standing in front of two young cocks covered in white condoms, and both of them sitting on her martial bed. Two cocks ready and willing for anything, yearning to be serviced.

Eric got up and said "here take another shot. " My mom asked why, Eric responded "one more huge favor, me and Jan are really curious about this one. " He handed her the shot. My mom was standing near the bed with her shot, and facing Eric dumbfounded. He spoke saying "We just wanted to know how it (pointing to his cock) feels inside there (pointing at my mom's pantie covered vagina). We just wanna feel it for a lil bit. " He has some huge balls to ask my mother that, he wants to fuck her?! He looked at me and said "don't worry man, we have rubbers on and want to put it to good use. It will be a quickie.

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  " I guess he figured he got this far, and now going for the home run. My mom just looked at her shot for a second, a moment of silence. Either my mom was going to kick out these horny teenagers out of her room, or let them take her to town. . . . .

My mom took her shot in the Erie silence and placed the shot glass on the nightstand. She then looked at Eric and formed a weak smile and laid down on the bed. Her legs hanging off the bed and laying fully down. Eric clapped his two hands together and rubbed them. All he said was "oh right!" and went for my mom's panties. He quickly tugged them off and before you know it, my mom's panties were on the carpet floor. My mom didn't resist at all, and Eric totally got the approval from my mom. He was climbing on the bed to fuck her! Jan just looked at me to see what would i say.


   My jaws dropped and speechless. All I saw was Eric's white condom covered cock wiggle as he moved onto the bed. I looked back into the viewfinder to capture his insertion of his cock into my mom. He parted her thick smooth thighs apart, then grabbed his cock at the base. I watched in disbelief as his tip was going into my mom with ease. He drove it all the way in. Now both of their pelvises were touching and his rock hard balls touching my mom's ass. He stayed motionless, my mom soaked up the moment by closing her eyes. She also held onto the bed sheets. Eric moaned in pleasure and in his conquest of my mom's pussy. He said "i am going to enjoy this. " He then began his assault on my mom's pussy, he had slow and steady strokes.

It was 1:00 am, while my dad was working hard at work, my mom in the meantime was getting fucked by my friend. If my dad were to walk in, he would see a skinny ass white kid pumping his wife. His wife's legs hanging of the bed and now moaning, letting out little screams of ecstasy.

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   Eric was being cocky and said "wow, this pussy is tight and has the right amount of wetness. I don't think your mom has gotten it in awhile. " At this point he picked up the pace. My mom was going wild underneath him, she took both hands and felt his body. Her hips jerking upwards to meet his thrusts. Her hands grabbing his arms, shoulders, and eventually holding onto his two ass checks and pulling in him deeper. My mom barely spoke, but was a big moaner. She would say "ughhhh, oh my. . . . . . yesss. " Eric just looked at me and said "see man, you can't get mad at me.

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   She wants it dude and i am gonna give it to her!" Now his poundings were harder, you could hear his balls slapping my mom's ass. The way my mom is acting now, made me to believe Eric's statement. May be my mom was being neglected in bed. Eric was close to cumming. He said to my mom "hey baby, you want another shot?" My mom was lost in the heat of the moment, she just nodded her head yes. Me and my mom were surprised what he did next.

Eric said "oh shit i am cumming!". He then pulled out of my mom, took of the condom and climbed over her. I saw him take his meat over to my mom's mouth and said "open up, shot time. " As he did his cock was already erupting and some cum spewed onto my mom's chest. Since my mom was bum-rushed and eric displayed a sense of urgency, my mom without thinking opened her mouth. He smiled and put the head of his cock at her lips. She wrapped her lips tight and Eric just stroked from the base to the tip. He milked his seamen into my mom's mouth. She struggled at first and choked a bit, i was worried.

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   Eric said "just swallow, don't think, that's it. Good girl". My mom listened to his instructions, regained composure and swallowed all of it. Eric dismounted her mouth, i saw a trail of cum and saliva as he pulled away from her lips. They both lay side by side on the bed, both trying to catch theirs breaths. Eric just mumbling "that shit was good".

My mom sat up, while Eric still enjoying his orgasm. My mom look like a hot mess. She had her hair loose, cum glistening of her chest, sweat on her forehead, and looking quite sticky around her pussy area. My mom finally spoke "OK guys i should go. . . . . umm i am going to shower.

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  " My mom sounded weak and as if she was asking for permission to leave. Eric sensed this as well, but put it firmly and nicely "Jan is our birthday boy, he needs a turn. Coming on Jan get in there. " My mom looked at Jan in doubtful way, if she should continue. But before my mom could even get a chance to think, Eric was already behind her. He unclasped her bra and took it off. He told her to lay down, my mom just followed instructions. It was like she was in a trance. All her morals out the door. All this time Jan was anticipating and jerking his meat. Eric went to pee as Jan was mounting my mom. Jan was gonna lose his virginity to my mom. Jan was trying to imitate Eric's moves on my mother. He was going slow at first. When Eric rejoined them,he put the TV on.

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   He put it on those dirty movie channel we were watching before. As my mom was laying there and receiving it from Jan, Eric just lay next to her. Eric's head resting on my mom's open arm, his two hands groping her C size titties. From time to time, he would bend his head forward and inhale on one of her nipples. He was sucking on them hard, her nipples became extra erect. He tweaked them, making my mom go nuts. He then whispered to her, while Jan being loud and enjoying his turn. My mom's tits would bounce with each pounding received by Jan. Eric asked her "remember you asked us what we were watching before?" My mom's mouth was open to moan, but not to answer. She just shook her head yes. Eric continued saying "well we were watching porn, and now your part of our little porno now. " He looked at me and the camera, he smiled. He then began kissing my mom's neck,ear,and cheek while my mom was watching Jan fuck her. She put her head up for a second to watch his five inch cock disappear in her. Eric by now, took her chin and forced her to look at him.

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   My mom closed her eyes as he came in to kiss her lips. They started to make out, his tongue darting into her mouth. After awhile she did the same. He rubbed her nipples and mauled her titties. Jan at this point was beating away, he was gonna cum. My mom grabbed a fist full of sheet in her right hand. Her other hand took hold of Eric's hair. Their mouths pressed in a dead lock. Her hips lifted off the bed, she was thrashing underneath. My mom was gonna cum. Jan all of sudden came. Jan said "oh shit, i am coming in your mother. " He pulled out, i guess he forgot he had a condom on. My mom's hips bucked a little, even after he pulled out, i think she didn't cum yet. My mom broke off the kiss to see where Jan is.

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   She looked to Jan as if he was to continue fucking her. She had a puppy eyed look, she thought Jan would give her the relief that's been building up. Of course Eric was quick to take advantage of the situation, he said "don't worry, i will make you come. Just touch me down there and stroke it. " He took her hand and placed on his cock, she started to stroke it.

Eric saw on the TV, where a girl was getting double penetrated by two guys. He then got my mom's attention away from his cock. She was just admiring the dirty visions on the television. He asked "do you wanna try that too? you will have the best orgasm ever, trust me. " My supposed prudish mother replied "OK i will do it, just this time only. " All Eric said was "Great" My friends were going to DP'D my mom. Is my mom a slut? I can't believe, but seeing is believing. I saw them gather on the bed. He told Jan to get his cock erect quick. Jan was ready in no time, he was excited about double penetrating my mom.

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   Jan laid back on the center of the bed. Eric told my mom to impale his cock, which i saw her descend towards his bareback cock. There was no more condoms left and none of them cared. She took in the whole length of Jan's cock. Jan took each of her titties in his hands and played with them. Eric went to the nightstand and got moisturizer cream,he put a huge wad unto his cock. He then pushed my mom's back down. Jan took the opportunity to bear hug my mom. Eric was focused on fucking my mom's butt. He spread her ass cheek and put the remaining cream on her hole. She try to look back, and shifted a bit. This was new territory, no one has gone there before. She said "Eric i never did this before. " He said don't worry and he will be gentle. He had his cock in hand and guiding towards her butt hole.

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   Inch by inch was going in, my mom screaming for each inch. Jan just held her tight. Finally his cock was all in her ass. They all didn't move. Eric asked "you OK babe?" My mom pleaded "please don't move. " Eric instructed Jan to suck her tits, he wanted her mind off the initial pain. Jan by now was filling the room with sucking noises. Eric started his strokes, soon after Jan followed. They all had a rhythm going. Eric said "wow, Jan i could feel your cock inside of her. This is crazy. " Jan replied "yeah man, this feels awesome. Thanks Eric for the birthday gift. " Eric answered "no problem bro, now lets fuck the shit out of her. " They both laughed.

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   My mom took a pillow into her mouth, she screamed into it. Each time Eric fucked her, you would see a ripple effect across her ass check. My mom's breast bouncing as well. Eric slapped her ass a couple of times, causing red hand marks on her ass flesh. After a solid ten minutes, my mom was moaning rather than screaming. Eric asked "you like it now huh?". She just nodded yes. Eric saw some new activity on TV, where there was a "third" guy getting head from the girl. He looked back at me and said "dude, i feel bad your left out. Your mom is great in bed. Why don't you try out that mouth of hers?" All i could think at this point is my mom is a freak. I was rock hard and need some relief too.

I paused the camera and took off my clothes. Eric told my mom to look onscreen. He said "we are gonna do that as well, here you have one more to take care off.


  " That was my cue to jump in. I stood on the bed, my mom's head was up and facing my cock. Eric just grabbed her head, and pushed her to my member. I then felt the wetness of her saliva covering my cock. Her tongue lapping me now. I was still taping all of this from afar. This was too much, but it felt soo good. I wasn't gonna last long. Eric said "lets make sure she cums first. Then we can all join in. " I think at one point we all touched her boobs. The bed was rocking in full swing. The same scene on the TV was being replicated on my mom's bed. She was the center of it all. She was that whore on the TV.

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   After five minutes of getting    
my dick sucked, my mom pulled my cock out. She still held my cock tight. She moaned "yes yes yes, oh my. . . . . . . . fuck. " She cursed and she was cumming. She met each one of my friend's thrust. Eric yelled over my mom's moans "OK fellas, i think she came, our turn now. " My mind went blank as i came hard, started to shoot at my mom's hair.

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   I took her hair and brought her back to my cock. She caught the rest in her mouth. I didn't realize Jan already busted inside my mom and was laying underneath. We were waiting on Eric to finish up, he came a minute later. He drove it all in and kept it there, he had my mom's asshole milk out his cum. My mom plopped of Jan and laid sideways,but Eric's cock was still in her ass. He retracted slowly away from her hole. Eric got up to the camera and said "this has been Indian milf gone wild, we have given to her in all her holes. She loves it man. And cut. " He turned off the camera and handed it to me with a wink. My mom was not fully aware we were taping all of this. Jan looked at the clock, "shit its 2:30, i have to go home!" Eric agreed and they both got dressed, and said thank you before they left. My mom took some time to compose and took a shower, getting rid of teenage cum all over her body.

The whole day Saturday was quite between my mom and me.

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   I avoided my friends for the weekend, i know i would face them later at school. My dad had no clue what transpired Friday night. My mom was acting normal again by Monday. On Monday at school, i ran into Eric and Jan. I felt shy and embarrassed around them. I figured they would say jokes like "i fucked your mom, your a motherfucker, and yo momma jokes. " But Eric showed me a paper saying "Parental Consent For Sex Education". Eric and Jan laughed as i looked on, then i began to laugh. The letter from the school was for parents, to give consent to their child for sex education from school. On the letter there was an option to refuse and for the parent to teach at home. How ironic that this letter came in too late. Eric said "lets show this to your mom after school along with that tape. I am sure she would decline and teach "us" at home. " He said with a smile and gave me a high five. I gave him the high five and said "sounds like a plan, but come after 11:00 when my dad goes to work.

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  " My mom was our in home teacher for sex. . . . . . to be continued ; )
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