Taking care of the boarders 5/6


These stories are written from my heart and are what I enjoy.   These are all my fantasies.   They are written for my enjoyment.   If you like them let me know, I always enjoy hearing from like minded individuals but obviously prefer to hear from women who allow themselves to become drawn into my stories. Storyman000@yahoo. com
Taking care of the boarders
Part 5 of 6   12/9/04 
 Time was standing still for Rhonda as Bobby was thrusting hard and steady, keeping her orgasms coming quickly.   Bobby could see the pleasure he was bringing this older woman and kept up his rhythm.   When he could hold back no longer, Bobby unleashed his cum into Rhonda yelling, “Slut, take my cum baby. ”  Rhonda gathered her senses and began to encourage him to fill her with cum.   Bobby then collapsed onto her saying, “Damn, that felt good. ”  Rhonda laid there with his dick inside her until he began to soften and then said in his ear, “Roll over and relax and I will clean up the mess. ”  Bobby at this point, expecting her to do the dishes, was pleasantly surprised to have her kneel down and begin licking and sucking him clean.
 While she was finishing, Ivan walked in and sees them on the couch saying, “I see you’re helping Bobby with his biology. ”  They all laugh and Rhonda stands to greet Ivan with a hug.   Ivan and Bobby go upstairs to wash up while Rhonda works on dinner.
 During dinner Ivan tells Rhonda that one of the other boys had called him and told him about what she had done that afternoon.

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    Rhonda smiles and says, “I guess you could say that, I am the trophy for the game. ”  The guys laugh and then Rhonda asks Bobby, “What pictures have you shown your friends of me?”  Bobby looks at Ivan then back to Rhonda and says, “Your pictures on dark cavern. ”  This hits Rhonda hard for a second and she must think about each picture and movie to know what they have seen.   Bobby apologizes seeing her discomfort but she stops him and says, “I guess they would have seen them sooner or later.   It’s just that I did not know that they knew. ”  This reply makes them all laugh and the tension eases.   Ivan asks if it’s OK to try and rent out the other rooms and Rhonda replies, “I trust you guys.   If you like them and they can pay, they can move in.   Just charge them at least what you are paying. ”
 When Rhonda goes upstairs to bed Ivan stops her in the hall and asks her if she had gotten her training aids today.   “Yes, I’ve used them already and will again, before I fall asleep. ”  Ivan is smiling from ear to ear as she walks away from him.           The big game is 2 days away, Saturday and anticipation is taking its toll on Rhonda.   “I need to do my work. ” She keeps telling herself but she cannot get the image of all those men wanting her out of her mind.


    She brings her toys to the living room and watches Bobby’s DVD while using her new toys.   Still sitting there, when Ivan comes home, with the 3rd size plug inserted and the large dildo working its length into her, she is startled when he says, “Good work. ”  Rhonda comes crashing down from her orgasm to find Ivan has brought a friend in this time.   He is a nice looking young man with quite a bulge in his pants an looks from her to the TV where a woman is getting from several men. .                     Rhonda stands and shakes hands with him, a plug still in her ass.   “I should make lunch. ”  She says, shutting the TV off and heading towards the kitchen nude.   Ivan and his friend laugh at her devotion to his meals.   With the men eating lunch, Rhonda stands by, waiting in case they need something, when Ivan says, “I was going to show my friend the place to see if he would like a room but you’ve shown him so much more.   It doesn’t matter anymore what the room looks like.   All we have to do now is negotiate the price. ”                   The man offers $200 per week and Ivan counters with $400.   This stuns Rhonda as she stands quietly.   Ivan then says, “Where else are you going to see a slut this pretty fix your dinner?”  $300 is the offer but Ivan says, “No.

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    Come back when you’re serious. ”  The man then gets up and leaves very reluctantly.   Ivan stands, pulling Rhonda close and says, “A world class slut like you should bring out every penny these guys can spend. ”                  This leaves Rhonda thinking, after Ivan goes back to school, that she has reduced herself to a whore.   As she weighs the pros and cons of this she decides that it really isn’t a bad situation at all.                   Friday finally comes and the big game is tomorrow.   Rhonda has already picked out her outfit and tried it on several times.   After her workout the old man from next door rang her door bell and was looking in through the glass storm door when she approached.   Her Gym clothes still on, she thinks that it’s lucky she is dressed at all.   She would hate to kill the old man with a heart attack.   Rhonda asks him in and he is obviously lonely and just wanting to talk.   He sat at the table and talked to her while she cleaned the kitchen and dining rooms.   “This poor old man,” was all that Rhonda could think.   Then he surprised her and asks, “How come so many young black men have been coming in and out of here?”  Feeling defensive at first then realizing that he just doesn’t know, she tells him, “I have been renting rooms out to students at the college.   Bobby and Ivan are tenants and the others are their friends.

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  ”                    “Well I am just an old man but I can sure tell how you have changed since they moved in.   I think it has been a change for the better also. ”  This catches Rhonda off guard and she says, “Thank you. ”  “I sure do like the way you’ve been dressing lately and seeing those men touching you like that is exciting to even this old man. ”  He continued.   Rhonda is speechless at this and offers him more coffee.   “I’m sorry but your windows are open all the time now and I just happen to be looking in quite often. ”  Blushing Rhonda says, “Well thank you again, I guess. ”  They laugh and the ice is broken.   The neighbors now know.                   Still early Rhonda dresses in a short skirt and heels to visit the dirty book store again.   The old black man is happy to see her and comes out of his cage to great her.   She surprises him with a hug and tells him she is just here to look.   He walks with her and asks her, “How’s it going with your big black stud?”  Rhonda smiles and says, “The toys you sold me are really helping and they are so much fun.   I have the #3 butt plug in, right now.

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  ”  With that she turns and lifts her skirt just slightly to show him the plug.   Reaching out he pulls the plug just slightly and lets it snap back in saying, “That hole is coming along real nice. ”  Bending over just a little more to his touch, she did not pull away making him want to touch her again.   Pulling the plug completely out he sticks one of his fingers in all the way saying, “Yea, this hole is coming along real nice. ”  With that he slipped the plug back in telling her that she needs the bigger one tomorrow.                     Rhonda continues shopping with him while everybody stares and watches them.   Once again she hugs him telling him, ‘Good bye. ”  She can feel the solid lump in his pants as she hugs him and does not try to avoid it.   The look of lust is in his eyes as she tells him, “Don’t worry I’ll be back again. ”  Hugging him again she whispers, “Grab my ass. ”  He takes hold with both hands copping a good feel before letting go.                   Once home she is surprised to find several of the football players have came home with Bobby.   They stand and all say, “Hi,” one at a time trying to shake her hand.   Ivan comes in and the boys all cheer, talking about the big game.   Rhonda sees that the boys have just come by to see if she is going to go through with her date and to get a glimpse of her.

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    Rhonda, still feeling sexy turns on the music and mingles with the boys.   Ivan mixes Rhonda a drink and will not let the team drink anything.   The boys are polite and this drives Rhonda to flirt with the boys more.   Ivan is obviously trying to get her drunk and after the third drink, she tells him that she had better slow down.                     One of the boys in a little group asks, “We heard that your cunt is shaved. ”  Another boy says, “I’ve seen the video. ”  Rhonda takes the boys hand and places it under her skirt allowing him to feel her wetness while she placed one hand on his neck.   As others saw this, they also ask to reach under and touch her pussy.   Someone yells, “She’s wearing a butt plug. ”  Everybody laughs and Rhonda keeps dancing and letting the boy’s touch her till Ivan tells everybody to go and get some sleep.   The boys reluctantly leave one by one, some kissing Rhonda others hugging her and feeling her up.                   The boys head to bed leaving Rhonda hot and ready for tomorrow.   Morning came too soon for Rhonda and her bed was still littered with toys from her night before.   She could feel that her pussy was sore from countless orgasms with her large dildo and she walked slowly to the bathroom.   Looking in on Bobby, he is gone and she checks on Ivan and he is gone also.

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                    Rhonda has coffee and decides what to wear to the game.   She has her outfit for the party afterwards but wants a little more coverage for the bleachers full of parents.                   Rhonda works around the house to kill time but begins getting ready for the game early.   She puts on a fluffy sundress that strains against her bust.   This with her heels and make up, make her an absolute knock out to have at a football game.                   The game was a success and the team just destroyed their opponent.   The crowd kept talking about how they had never seen the team play this hard.   A testament to this was how many players, from the other team were carried and or helped off the field.   Rhonda sat and cheered the team on to victory knowing that they were playing for more than just victory.                   After the game Rhonda hung around the field waiting for the boys when they all swarmed her at once.   Ivan broke it up and they all carried Rhonda to the parking lot, to the dismay of some of the parents and faculty.   In the lot the team talked about the party and asks Rhonda if they could just have it at her place.   The boys promise to cleanup after the party and to bring all of the refreshments and Rhonda agrees as long as most of the party stays in the backyard.                   At her house the boys start showing up right away and Ivan assigns several team members jobs to keep up with.   The men agree just because they knew not to say no to Ivan.

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    With alcohol at her house Rhonda took each guys car keys as he came in and hid them away in a safe place.   Some of the guys brought their girl friends so Rhonda did not change into her special outfit but instead changed into a short loose mini skirt with a tight knit shirt. This drove the guys wild when they saw and they cheered loudly.   Rhonda danced with everyone and some of the girls drug their men out early, to get them away from her.   When it was dark out, and part of the people had left, the party moved indoors. There still was a lot of people but only about 3 other girls.   All of the men were black team members, still wearing jerseys.   Bobby was putting moves on one of the remaining girls, a pretty young white girl.   The girl appeared to be accepting his advances and looked as though she would be putting out.   All The while the other two, also white, were acting slutty with several men but never left each others side.   Rhonda saw all of this and went upstairs to change.                   Refreshing her makeup she put on a short sheer night shirt with her heels and went back to the party.   The room cheered as she walked down the stairs and she spun a circle to show off her outfit saying, “A bets a bet. ”  Black hands reach for her from all directions and she melts into the room full of men.
 Rhonda keeps her hands on the men’s shoulders and backs allowing them full unrestricted access to her body.

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    In the middle of these men she just disappeared, being so short.   The room danced slowly to the music as sexual tension was building from all corners.   With the men so close to her she could not see their faces easily and just moves to the music while hands roam over her body caressing her tits and ass.  
 A glass of wine appears and is handed from person to person until it is handed to Rhonda.   The group dances slowly towards the couch and she uses this opportunity to lean against the back of the couch.   Hands now reach under her ass from each side lifting her as she sits in their hands with her hands on different men.   She is laughing and smiling while the crowd admires her and tells her the things they would love to do to her.   A man moves in behind her and grabs roughly at her tits, pinching her nipples hard with each hand.   Reacting to their touch and desires, she leans back into the man behind her opening her legs to the men in front of her.   Immediately she can feel fingers begin to probe her pussy area as the men become more vulgar in their intensions.   The men remove her nightshirt and suddenly, several fingers enter her deeply and she responds with a loud moan, while licking her lips.
 With these fingers in her and all of this attention she shudders deeply in an intense orgasm.   When she opens her eyes again the men bring her to the coffee table and lay her down gently.   Her knees pull back, opening herself up for their pleasure.   Rhonda runs her hands up 2 different legs finding 2 hard dicks waiting for her touch.

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    The dick on her right is pulled out by its owner and he drops down to one knee bringing it to her waiting lips.   Her lips kiss the bottom of this head and her tongue licks at the end as his balls hang lewdly on her face.   He pulls her back slightly letting her head fall off of the table backwards.   “Suck it bitch!” She hears someone say and it presses to her mouth.   The cock finds her throat and he pushes in until his balls are hanging in her eyes.   The crowd cheers at this sight and he begins fucking her mouth slowly in long strokes.
 Rhonda makes sure to give him complete access and then feels someone move her bottom over, removing those fingers that have felt so good.   She doesn’t have to wait long before a dick enters her wet pussy.   A wave of orgasms begin at this point and continue until the man in her mouth starts fucking her hard and fast cumming deeply in her throat.   The men waste no time, getting another dick in her mouth and this man cums immediately and the guys all laugh at him.   The man between her legs, cums in her and changes places with the next man.  
 Rhonda begins to lose track of what’s going on and loses herself in her own pleasure, with a man at each end and hands all over her body.   Over the next hour Rhonda accepts the cum from anybody wishing to use her and only tries to sit up when she realizes that her neck hurts.   The boys are mostly sitting and talking as they look at her.   Rhonda sits up and can feel her pussy lips as they touch the coffee table.


    Standing she wonders what time it must be and then she feels cum running down her legs.   She looks down and can see a pretty thick stream leaking from her red lips.  
 While making her way to the mirror, she takes note that the girls are now gone and that the dozen or so men that remain are all talking amongst themselves.   She can see her hair is matted in cum and the sticky goo coats her face and body.   A man grabs her from the rear and whispers in her ear, “We have decided that you are our team mascot. ”  Rhonda does not turn but just accepts his touch letting him feel her naked body.
 Then Rhonda suddenly realizes what that means and turns saying, “If I’m your mascot and I’m obviously a slut, what will you tell everybody?”  Some one else steps up and proudly responds, “We will tell everyone that we fuck you and you really, really like it. ”  The guys all laugh and Rhonda can’t help but enjoy all of this attention.
 Rhonda notices that she doesn’t see Bobby and looks for Ivan.   Ivan is sitting in the Kitchen talking with another man when Rhonda walks in and stands next to him, putting her arm around him.   They look to Rhonda and keep up with their conversation.   As she listens she hears that they are discussing him renting one of her rooms.   Ivan looks to her and says, “Leonard would like to rent one of your rooms and has agreed to pay the price. ”  Rhonda smiles and extends her hand to shake Leonard’s when Ivan says, “He was third in line to use your cunt earlier.   I think you can hug him.

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  ”  Rhonda lets go of Ivan and gives Leonard a big hug.   Letting go of Leonard she turns to Ivan and says, “I did not feel your big dick in the living room. ”  Ivan looks to the living room and replies, “I can fuck you anytime I like.   Most of these guys will never get another chance to fuck someone as fine as you.   They played their asses off today to get a shot at yours and I just want them to enjoy themselves. ”  Rhonda almost gets teary eyed as she tells Ivan, “That was spoken like a true team captain. ” 
 Looking for Bobby she heads upstairs and can hear sounds of sex from Bobby’s room and opens his door slowly to see him fucking his new girl friend on the bed.   She enters the room and runs her hand up Bobby’s back gently getting both their attention.   “What’s your friends name Bobby?” Rhonda asks.   Bobby looks to her and awkwardly doesn’t remember.   “Tina. ” Says the young girl.   “I go to school with Bobby. ”  “Well you guys have a good time and just ask if you need anything. ”  Rhonda says running her hand down Bobby’s back, across his ass fondling his balls.


    She smiles at them and walks into the bathroom to wash her face.
 Rhonda stands nude at the top of the stairs and looks upon the room full of black men down below.   After watching Bobby for a few minutes, she can feel the urgency between her legs again and walks back to the men.   Several men sit on the couch and Rhonda walks to them, sitting in between them.   The men begin to fondle her as she opens her legs encouraging them to touch her.   Her pussy now on fire, she pulls the pants open of the man on her right and begins to suck his dick in desperation.                     The man to her left pulls himself out and is stroking his dick when she sits up and leans to him to suck him as well.   “This bitch is ready. ”  Someone says.   Rhonda lifts her mouth from this dick and stands telling the room, “If you need to sleep over, you can stay the night.   I can’t have any of you leaving drunk.   I’m going upstairs to bed and if some of you would like to come with me, I am sure you will be more comfortable. ”  The men waste no time falling in behind her as she walks ever so sexy to the stairs.   Standing on the third stair she turns to the men behind her and says in a sexy voice, “I hope you all won’t mind fucking me again before we go to sleep. ”  The men all express their approval and follow her to her room.

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 Once in her room, Rhonda sees that she has about 8 of the men with her and watches as they remove their clothes.   Hard black dicks begin to pop out one after another until all of the men are undressed.   Rhonda inspects each of them and selects one, leading him by his dick, to the bed.   He sits back on the bed as she grabs for her lubricant and greases his dick well.   Scooting back to the middle of the bed with his dick all greased the other men watch quietly as little Rhonda, mounts this dick letting him enter her tight ass in short slow strokes.   Her back is to the owner of the dick she is sitting on, as she slowly takes him all the way down.   The other men, all quiet, watch as they rub themselves in horney anticipation.
 Leaning back onto her lover, she reaches down, rubbing her pussy as an open invitation to her studs.   The wait is short and she feels someone mount her, taking her easily as she is so sloppy wet.   Sandwiched in between these two hard studs she falls in love with the sensations and loses herself in orgasmic bliss.
        The Story man
This story was inspired by a very special slut whom would do anything when excited.
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