Amy the Exhibitionist - part 24


Amy the Exhibitionist


Part 24 – Ella looks after her sick Uncle


Hey! My name is Ella and I’m going to tell you about my month in Spain looking after my sick Uncle.


No sooner than I’d got back to my parent’s home at the start of the summer break, my Mom told me that her brother had been seriously ill and was now back at his home, but wasn’t able to look after himself. My Mom was hoping that I would volunteer to go and spend a few weeks taking care of him until he was able to cope on his own again.


A bit of background - I hadn’t seen Uncle Henry for about 10 years. He’d been married once, but they had split and he’d gone to live in this very remote, area of Spain. Basically, he’d cut himself off from the world that he’d known and gone to live the quiet, simple life.


My Mom knows how to pick the right time to ask me for something, and how to ask it. I’d just got back from a very hectic year at uni and I had told her that I just wanted to chill for a couple of weeks before looking for a summer job. Mom sold it to me by telling me that all I had to do was a bit of housekeeping and the rest of the time I would be able to soak-up the sun. What’s more, Uncle Henry would pay me to look after him.



Spain is a country that still has good weather in summertime and Mom told me that my Uncle lives in a village so remote that I wouldn’t need much with me apart from a couple of good books. I packed a few clothes in a small bag and set-off.


One early morning flight, two bus rides and I was on a third bus that would take me to my Uncle’s village. I was glad that I had chosen Spanish as my foreign language at school. I hadn’t spoken any Spanish for over a year, but I could still remember enough to get by.


I had told the bus driver where I wanted to go to and he’d told me that he’d let me know when it was time to get off.

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   Well, the bus stopped in the middle of nowhere and the driver shouted that I was there. I went to the front of the bus and repeated the name of the village to the driver. He pointed to a dirt track and said the name again.


‘WTF have I let myself in for’ I thought as I got off the bus. A woman and three kids got off the bus as well. One of the kids was a boy of about 10 years old, and the two girls looked about 12 and 14.


I looked at the woman and said the village name. She pointed up, along the dirt track and said, “Si. ” Then she started walking. The kids followed her, so I did as well.


It didn’t take long for me to be grateful that I’d worn Sandals and not heels. Also, knowing that it would be hot there, I was only wearing a short, thin skirt and a loose cotton top; nothing else.



We walked for about two miles into this valley, most of it up hill When we turned a corner, there it was; a cluster of about 20 houses. All of them looked a bit run-down.


As we got closer, I saw a policeman, with a gun, walk towards us.

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   He said something to the woman then turned to the kids. What happened next shocked me. The two younger kids put their bags down and stripped naked.


I stood there thinking WTF is going on?


As the kids picked up their clothes and bags and started walking on, the policeman turned to me. What happened next shocked me even more. He said something about an inspection, and pointed to my skirt.


Not really understanding what he wanted, I just stood there.


“Tener la falda fuera,” he said again. Could he really be telling me to take my skirt off?


When his hand moved to hold his gun I decided that maybe he did want me to take my skirt off, so I let go of my little suitcase, unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the ground.


There I was, wearing only a top and sandals in front of this rough looking policeman who had his hand on his gun.


The policeman bent down and looked closer at my pubes. I was glad that I’d had a shave before I left home that morning. The policeman then put one hand between my knees and prised them apart.


I was shocked, scared, and getting very turned on. I could feel my pussy get wet and wondered if he could see my juices and my swelling clit that had come out to see what was going on.

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The policeman stood up and told me to take my top and sandals off. When I was completely naked he asked me what I was doing there. I told him that I was visiting my Uncle Henry.


The policeman’s face completely changed. He relaxed and smiled and said, “Enri, si, si. ” He then shouted after the kids and the older girl came back to us.


The policeman said something (way too fast for me to understand) to the girl. She looked at me then waved for me to follow her.


As we walked through the little village (with me still naked) I saw a few naked, young kids wandering around.


The girl stayed a couple of yards in front of me, and led me to a house on the outskirts of the village. She pointed to the house and said, “Enri!”


I knocked on the open door and a middle-aged woman turned and looked at me. I introduced myself and the woman looked happy. “Bueno, bueno,” she said and came and hugged me. She seemed totally oblivious to the fact that I was naked.


She welcomed me in, and said something about me being younger than she expected.

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   She told me that Uncle Henry was sleeping and that he would sleep for about 6 hours. She pointed to a glass and a packet of powder.


I started to put my skirt back on, but she stopped me, saying “Enri se explica. ”


Then she left.


I just stood there feeling totally confused. After a couple of minutes of total silence I started looking round. Uncle Henry’s house is a very simple, the front door opens into a largish room with an open-plan kitchen in one corner. There are 3 doorways at the back of the main room. I say doorways, because there are no doors. One leads to a little bathroom (toilet, shower and sink); the second leads to a small bedroom; and I found my Uncle in the third. He was fast asleep on the bed, covered in a thin sheet. It was obvious that he was naked under the sheet as I could see the shape of his penis lying on his stomach. A reasonable size it was too.


I guessed that I would be staying in the smaller bedroom and put my case and the clothes that I had been wearing, in there. I was stood looking in to my Uncle’s room again, with my eyes focused on the bulge in the sheet, when the woman came back with some food and drink for me.

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   She put them on the table then came and stood behind me. Looking over to my Uncle she said that he is a good man, and then with a grin on her face, a big man.


We went and sat at the table and while I was eating she told me that my Uncle is liked by everyone in the village and that he is the head of the village council.  Everyone had been sad when he’d been taken ill. She explained that shortly after he moved there, the village went through a very hard time and that he had helped them through those bad times. She thanked me for coming to look after him, but at the same time she again said that she was surprised that I was so young.


I asked her why I had been made to strip naked, and why other children in the village were running around naked. Isabella told me that it was one of the cut-backs that my Uncle had suggested. He’d asked why we were spending our hard earned money on clothes for our children when they seemed to be happy running around naked. Of course, he’d added that once the kids reached puberty they should start wearing clothes; he said that puberty is a hard time for kids. One of the elder men had asked how they should determine the age that the kids should start wearing clothes, and everyone agreed that the time was when they started growing pubic hair. That was the most obvious sign.


I laughed to myself and wondered what it would be like in England if we had such a law. Half the female population, and some of the men, would be walking around naked.


I asked Isabella about the powder near the drinking glass.

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   She told me that it was an old remedy that the elders of the village used when people were having trouble sleeping. It knocks you out for five or six hours and my Uncle had been told that he had to get plenty of rest and sleep; he’d asked her for some. Isabella told me that once you’ve taken it nothing will wake you until it wears off.


After a long slow talk, Isabella left and my Spanish was getting better.


I went and checked on my Uncle again, and had to smile when I saw that there was a tent in the sheet. Remembering what Isabella had told me, I went and stood over my Uncle and looked down at the tent. I could feel myself getting wet and I got in a mischievous mood. I slowly slid the sheet down the bed until his penis was exposed.


I stood and stared at it for ages whilst I got wetter and wetter. I had never had the chance to study a man’s genitals in such detail before. I wanted to touch it but I was too scared.


I suddenly realised that my right hand was on my pussy and that my fingers were rubbing my clit. I couldn’t stop, and before long I came all over my hand.


I had an attack of guilt and pulled the sheet back over my Uncle before going and lying on my bed.



The next thing that I knew was that Uncle Henry was walking around and making a bit of noise in the kitchen area.

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   I got up and went to see him. He was wearing just a pair of shorts.


He looked a bit surprised to see me and had to ask who I was. When I told him, he grinned and told me I couldn’t be because I hadn’t changed a bit. I managed to convince him that I am who I am, but he told me that I looked so young. His eyes were going from my little 32As to my pubes and back again.


I explained to him that I shaved my pubic hair off, and that a very large percentage of English girls shaved their pubic hair off these days. He laughed and told me to remind him to tell Javier (the policeman) that he should ask to see visiting women’s passports before making them strip off.   He told me that I could get dressed if I wanted, and that he would explain to everyone.


I told him not to bother as he and most of the village had probably already seen me naked and that it would be good for my all-over tan. I also told him that I spent most of my time at home with Mom, Dad and Toby without any clothes on as well. He smiled and said that he bet that it was difficult for my Dad and Toby. My turn to smile.


Uncle Henry asked me if I wanted some breakfast. He told me that I’d slept all night and that he’d been up for hours.

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   I asked him if he often got up to find a naked girl in his spare bedroom. He laughed and told me that it wasn’t the first time.



I suddenly remembered why I was there, and told my Uncle to sit down and let me do all the work.

I had to ask him where everything was, but soon had some food ready for us. Over breakfast he explained that Isabella had been looking after him, but she also had her own family to look after and he didn’t like taking advantage of her generosity.


After I’d cleaned-up I asked Uncle Henry if it was okay to have a shower. He said that it was, but not to use the inside one. There is a shower outside and it’s much better.


I helped Uncle Henry walk outside and round the back where he showed me how the shower worked and he sat down and watched me use it. I have to say it felt good showering outside; and it gave me a little thrill watching my Uncle watch me wash myself.


As I was drying myself, I suddenly realised that I might have to help my Uncle have a shower. I asked him if he wanted some help. He told me that he hadn’t had a shower since getting back from the hospital. He hadn’t wanted to ask Isabella to help him, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to ask his friend DD to help him. He told me that DD was a neighbour that lived in the nearest house – about 50 yards away.

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Uncle Henry stood up and came over to the shower. I told him to drop his shorts and helped him to the shower. Without even thinking, I got the soap and started soaping his head. I slowly moved down his body. When I got to his waist, I had to squat down to do the rest of him. My face was right in front of his cock. It was soft, but I remembered what it looked like hard, when I’d stared at it the night before.


As I started soaping his cock and balls he told me to be careful, that I might see something that I shouldn’t. I kept soaping and he started to get hard. I was getting wet, and it had nothing to do with the shower water.


I looked up at him and told him that it was okay, that it was only natural. I also told him that I thought that he had a beautiful cock.


I continued down his legs with his hard cock swinging right in front of my face. Shit, was I tempted?



I stood up, turned the tap on again and rinsed the soap off. As I towelled him dry I made a point of holding his hard dick and told him that I could take care of it any time that he wanted.

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   He smiled and said, “Maybe in a few days when I’m feeling better. ”



Uncle Henry took me for a slow walk round part of the village, introducing me to everyone that we saw. He introduced me to the only shopkeeper in the village and warned her that I would be in to see her.


On the way back we saw Isabella with a naked girl. The thing was, although the girl had no pubic hair, she had breasts that looked to be a ‘B’ or ‘C’ cup; and she looked about my age. Isabella introduced her as her daughter, Consuela. She acted all shy, but at the same time she had that ‘look at me’ posture. Isabella told me that Consuela would like to get to know me and asked if she could come over later, when “Enri” was sleeping.


When we got back to Uncle Henry’s house and I’d got us some food; Uncle Henry asked me for some water and the packet of powder. He put a spoonful into the water and drank it down. I helped him to his bed, took his shorts off and covered him with the sheet.


He was asleep within seconds of his head hitting the pillow. I looked down at him and his cock making THAT bulge. Without thinking, I bent forward and kissed his cock through the sheet.


I went for another look around the house and then through the food in the kitchen.


   I decided that we needed some supplies and got my purse and walked down to the shop. A few people saw me and said, “Hola. ”


On the way back I met Consuela and invited her back for a chat. I’d bought some bottles of cola and offered her some. She told me that everyone had been expecting “Enri’s” niece to be about 19 or 20. I laughed and asked her if she could keep a secret. When she said, “Si,” I told her that I was 19 and that I looked younger because of my small breasts and lack of pubic hair. I explained to her that most English girls shaved off every hair on their bodies below their necks.


Consuela was smiling as I asked her how old she was. She told me that she is 18, so I asked her about her pubic hair. She laughed and asked me if I could keep a secret.


Consuela told me that about 6 years ago she realised that she enjoyed being naked all the time; and enjoyed the looks that men gave her. She discovered that she could tease the men to get her own way. She said that an ‘accidental’ open pussy flash or brush against a man’s crotch could get her anything that she wanted.


Consuela said that she was horrified when a couple of pubic hairs started growing.

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   She’s panicked and plucked them out. Over the next few days she realised that as long as she plucked out her pubic hairs no one would realise that she was reaching puberty and she could stay naked. No one said anything when her breasts started growing and 6 years later she is still getting away with it.


She told me that she was having a great time teasing the men.


Consuela asked if should use the toilet and went to the bathroom. When she came out I saw her looking into my Uncle’s room. She had a big grin on her face so I went to see what was causing it. I could have guessed. There was a nice tent in my Uncle’s bed sheet. I grinned and said, “It’s nice isn’t it?”


Consuela moved to the side of the bed and slowly slid the sheet down. My Uncle’s hard-on stood proud. Consuela bent over and took the tip in her mouth. Her head went up and down.


With Consuela being bent over in front of me I had a great view of her pussy. It was all wet.

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I went over to her and put my hand on her backside and caressed it. Consuela’s feet spread and my hand went to her pussy. Consuela’s mouth kept going up and down as my hand teased her pussy, and it wasn’t long before she was cumming. So was my Uncle. As Consuela stood up I could see his cum dribbling onto his stomach, and round Consuela’s mouth.


Consuela smiled at me, grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. We walked out of the village and to the side of a stream. Some kids were playing in the water a little further upstream of where we stopped. Consuela sat me on a rock and told me to lay back. I did and she opened my legs and started caressing my legs, stomach and little breasts. My pussy was aching and the longer she caressed around it, the more I wanted to feel her hand or tongue inside me.


That girl really knows how to tease a pussy and I was just about to cum when two of her fingers plunged deep inside me. I screamed and started jerking and cumming as more fingers plunged into me.


I reached my peak and started to relax when Consuela’s hand was replaced by her mouth. The girl had me riding another wave within seconds.

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   I screamed again. As I started to relax I saw that we had an audience. My screams had attracted a couple of the older boys. They were both holding their cocks. Consuela waved them over and knelt down in front of one of them. As she gave him a blowjob she waved me over and I got to work on the other cock.


Neither of them lasted long.


As we walked back to Uncle Henry’s house Consuela told me that the teenagers often went to the stream and played in the water naked. It was the teenager’s hang-out place and she often went there to have sex with the older boys.


I changed the subject and asked her if she was worried that my Uncle would have woken-up while she was giving him the blowjob. She told me that he never had before, and that when people took the ‘poción para dormer’ (sleeping potion), they didn’t wake-up for hours.


I asked her if she’d taken advantage of anyone else with the sleeping potion. “Only Jose at the next house” she said. She told me that he has a wonderful cock and that I must try it before I leave. I was a little puzzled as I was sure that Uncle Henry had said that someone called DD lived in the next house; but I let it pass.

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When we got back to Uncle Henry’s house Consuela left and I got a book and went out the back and read for a while before going to bed.


I woke up the next morning to find my right hand slowly frigging my pussy, my left hand on my right breast, and my Uncle standing at the doorway watching me. My sheet had fallen off the bed sometime during the night and I was totally exposed. I blushed and pulled my hand away.


“Don’t stop on my count,” he said, “it’s perfectly natural and we all do it; even if some people won’t admit to it. ” I laughed, but the moment had gone. I got up and went and got breakfast ready.


I asked Uncle Henry about Consuela. He laughed and said that she was a right little prick tease. He told me that he knew what she was doing and thought that it was quite amusing. He told me that some of the women in the village weren’t too happy, but the men enjoyed watching her. No one had raised the subject at the village council meetings and he certainly wasn’t going to.


I then asked him what his neighbour friend was called. He told me he was Jose, but he called him DD. I asked why, but all he would say was, “You’ll see!”



We went and had what turned out to be our daily shower together.

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   That second morning I gave my Uncle a blowjob in the shower, and every day after that.


Later that morning my Uncle took me to meet Jose. He is another man living on his own. He was working out back wearing only a pair of shorts when we got there. He went inside and got us all a drink and we sat round a table talking and drinking.


Jose was sat to one side of the table with me opposite him. His shorts were long enough to nearly reach his knees, but they were baggy. I could see just a little up his shorts and no more than 3 inches above his knee, there it was. I was dumbfounded. I’ve never seen a cock that long before, and what more, it looked thick as well.


My Uncle caught me looking and I blushed. He just smiled. Jose continued talking as if nothing was wrong. I couldn’t help it. I kept looking down at the end of his cock.

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   It was like a magnet to my eyes.  


Eventually Uncle Henry decided that we were leaving, and as we walked back down the road Uncle Henry asked me if I now knew why he called Jose DD.


“Donkey Dick” I said. Uncle Henry laughed and said that the poor man had had to live with it all his life. He’d moved to the village to escape the lust of the women and the jealousy of the men. Jose had told Uncle Henry that he’d been beaten-up a few times by men who had accused him of upsetting their female partners. People had called him a freak so many times that he just couldn’t take it anymore.


That afternoon when Uncle Henry had taken his sleeping potion I went looking for Consuela and asked her about Jose.

She laughed and asked me if I’d actually seen him without his shorts on. I said that I hadn’t and Consuela said that she could put that one right. I asked her what she meant and she told me that she had a plan to get him naked. She wouldn’t tell me what, but she did tell me to be ready at any time. She’d let me know.


We went to the stream and lay on the rocks with our legs wide open and teased the older boys that were there. They kept coming over to us and asking us stupid questions just so that they could get a closer look.

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After about the fourth time I decided to put on a bit more of a show for them. I got on my hands and knees next to Consuela and kissed her full on the mouth. My butt was in the air and my knees were apart. The boys were getting a great view.


Consuela responded and it wasn’t long before we were in the 69 position eating each other out. If you remember the NEWPS hazings that I did, you will know that I get really turned on having an audience when I’m having sex, even with another woman; and this was no exception. Consuela was giving as good as she got and it didn’t take long for us both to cum.


We lay back soaking up the sun with our legs wide apart and the boys still watching. Consuela looked at them then told them to come over and do the same to us. They looked a bit nervous, but slowly came over and knelt between our legs. I have to say that they weren’t very good, but they did eventually give me another orgasm.




A few days later, Consuela came running in to Uncle Henry’s house just as he was going for his afternoon nap. She told me that Jose had called in at her house to see her mother and that she had managed to slip some of the sleeping potion into his drink. She wanted me to go with her to see what state Jose was in.


When we got there we found Jose lying out round the back of his house.

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   We went and stood over him and shouted his name. We didn’t get any response so Consuela shook his arm. Still nothing.


Consuela then started unfastening his shorts. As she pulled them down, first his pubic hair, then the base of his penis came into view. She stopped when the bottom 3 inches were visible. She stood up and we looked down. It must have been nearly 3 inches in diameter. His balls were bigger than any I’d ever seen before. They looked like a bag with two tennis balls in. It must have been difficult for the poor man to walk. My pussy started tingling and getting wet, very wet.


I told Consuela that we shouldn’t be doing this, then bent down and pulled Jose’s shorts down another 3 inches. I looked up at Consuela who told me to keep pulling.


Another 3 inches and still I couldn’t see the end of Jose’s penis.

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   Just as I started pulling again, the circumcised end came into sight.


I stood up and we both stared at that wonderful flaccid cock. Ages later, I put my hand on my pubic bone and slid my middle finger inside me. I sooooo wanted that cock inside me.


Consuela pulled Jose’s shorts right off him, and I saw that, like my Uncle, he wore no underwear. I asked Consuela if any on the men in the village wore underwear. She said that none of the men whose shorts she had got into wore any.


I looked down as Consuela lifted Jose’s cock up and rubbed it up and down a bit. Consuela looked up and said that there was enough for both of us. I knelt down and put my hand round Jose’s cock next to Consuela’s. I couldn’t get my thumb anywhere near my fingers.


Moving our hands together, we gave Jose a synchronised wank. Slowly, that magnificent cock got hard and bigger.


I thought about Uncle Henry’s nickname for Jose; then back to the time in Greece when Amy stuffed that horse’s cock into her pussy. The inside of my thighs was wet and the ache in my pussy was almost painful.

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We let go of Jose’s cock and stood up and looked down on that magnificent specimen. It must have been a good 12 inches long and at least 4 inches in diameter.



I suddenly remembered that I had my camera with me (but in my case back at Uncle Henry’s house), and my friends in NEWPS. I had to get a photograph of that magnificent cock so that they would believe what I was going to tell them.


I told Consuela where I was going and ran to get the camera. As I ran into Uncle Henry’s house I looked in on him. He was naked under a tented sheet. In that second I decided that I was going to fuck him before I went home.


I grabbed my camera and ran back to Jose’s house. As I ran back I remembered what Amy had told us about being blackmailed by Professor Jones and forced to take part in an erotic exhibition where Katie and her had to impale themselves on a giant stone cock. I’d be able to show them photos of the human version.


When I went round the back of Jose’s house Consuela was riding Jose’s cock. She was covered in sweat and moaning quite loudly. Her moans got louder and louder as she peaked. When she did, she sank down and sat there shaking.




Three or four minutes later she turned and looked at me. With a big grin on her face she told me that Jose hadn’t cum yet and that it was my turn. She stood up and a very wet giant cock fell to about 45 degrees from Jose’s belly. I looked at it for a few seconds; then took a couple of photos.


I gave the camera to Consuela and lifted one foot over Jose and squatted down over his crotch. I held that cock with both hands, pointed it towards the sun, and lowered myself until the end touched my pussy.


As the tip opened my pussy, I shuddered, thinking that this was going to be painful and literally, fucking amazing.


Inch by inch I slowly lowered myself until I could take no more. A couple of times I had to raise myself and start again. Consuela put her hand (the one that wasn’t being used to hold the camera, that was running in video record mode), out so that I could steady myself. Then I started going up and down; slowly at first, then faster and faster.


The pain, the pleasure; it was fantastic. My body got closer and closer to cumming, and my moans got louder and louder. I was shouting everything that you could think I might do. What’s more, I could feel Jose’s cock twitching.

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The feeling of Jose shooting his load into my pussy took me over the edge. I screamed and collapsed down on Jose. I sat there for ages while my breathing got back to something like normal.


I looked over to Consuela. The camera was still rolling. I stood up, held Jose’s cock with both hands (side by side), looked at the camera and said, “Beat that guys!”


Consuela laughed and switched the camera off.


I said that I needed a shower. Consuela said that we should use Jose’s outside one; but first we had to pull Jose’s shorts back up. We did, and then shared the shower.


We stood in the sun while we dried. Consuela pointed to a big rock a few yards away, and told me that she and a couple of the other girls sometimes hide behind it and watch Jose shower. She told me that she had watched Jose wanking a couple of times.


Consuela wanted to go to the stream where the kids play, but I told her that I had to go and rest for a while; my pussy hurt like hell and needed to be rested.




As the days went by I noticed that Uncle Henry was getting better. He got more jovial and positive in his movements.

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   He appeared to be enjoying his morning blowjobs more as well. In the shower one morning I held Uncle Henry’s hand and guided it to my pussy. He played with my clit for a few minutes and slipped a finger into me. He stopped after a couple of minutes and smiled at me. I said to him, “It’s yours whenever you want it. ” He hugged me and said, “Soon my princess, soon. ”



Consuela and I went to the stream quite a few times to tease and sometimes fuck the older boys. We always had an audience, boys and girls. The fact that we had an audience always made me more horny and daring.


We never did go back to see Jose; but I bet that Consuela has.



One afternoon I heard a lorry driving towards the village. I went down to the shop and saw that it was delivering supplies. Consuela was already there, and flaunting her naked body in front of the driver. There were signs that he was enjoying the view.


Just before the lorry drove off, Consuela climbed into the lorry cab.

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   I ran and climbed onto the back.


As the lorry drove down the dirt track I wondered if Consuela had got out without me seeing her. I had visions of the lorry not stopping until it got to the nearest town and the driver finding me, completely naked, in the back.


I needn’t have worried (not sure that I was worried); the lorry stopped at the junction with the main road and the door on the passenger side opened. As I climbed off the back I heard Consuela say that she would see him next week.


As the lorry drove off Consuela saw me and was quite surprised. She told me that she often gave the driver a blowjob as he drove down the track. I asked her if she often came down to the main road without clothes on. She told me when her mother went into town she would walk down there and wait for her so that she could help her with her bags. She said that she sometimes came down hours before the bus was due so that she could wave at the traffic. If any cars stopped she would just run back up the hill.


I laughed and told her that I had a friend that was just as mad as she was.




After I’d been there about 3 weeks I woke up one morning to see my Uncle looking down on me. He was naked and sporting a big hard-on. My sheet had slipped on the floor again and my right hand was slowly massaging my clit.

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   Uncle Henry told me that he was on the way to the bathroom, saw me masturbating and couldn’t resist coming to watch. He apologised for waking me up.


I told him not to be sorry, and that he could watch all he wanted. I told him to sit at the bottom of my bed and watch all he wanted.


I opened my legs wider and my right hand got back to work. I wanted my Uncle to enjoy the view for as long as possible so I took my time. I was slowly building up to an orgasm when Uncle Henry’s hand touched my leg and gently slid up and down.


I looked right into his eyes and had a wonderful orgasm. As I started to come down from my high, I asked Uncle Henry if he was ready. He knew exactly what I meant, so when he nodded I got up and told him to lie down. He did and I got on top of him and lowered myself on too him. The look of pleasure on his face was truly satisfying.


I wasn’t going to rush things for him, and slowly went up and down. Even so, it wasn’t long before I felt him cum inside me. He tried to apologise for not lasting longer, but I shushed him, telling him that it was okay.

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   I sat there until he’d gone soft then climbed off and took him to the shower.


There was a noticeable improvement in my Uncle’s health that day and he took me round the village visiting people again. I didn’t let him stay out too long before giving him his sleeping potion and putting him to bed.



I fucked my Uncle every day for the last week that I was there. Half way through that last week Consuela was there watching us. Uncle Henry didn’t mind, and I sure as hell didn’t.


On the day that I left, I got Consuela to promise to go and see my Uncle every day, and to make sure that he fucked her every time that he wanted. I also got her to promise to be gentle with him until he got all his strength back.



When I did leave, Consuela walked down to the main road with me and we waved at passing cars until the bus came. I didn’t put my skirt and top on until we saw the bus coming. The naked Consuela waved to a bus full of people as we drove off.


I had been totally naked for 4 weeks, got a fantastic all-over tan; and got just about as much sex as I had at university.  






To be continued…….


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