A Good Move for Todd 1


Todd, on the other hand was not! It had taken him two years to get Tammy Whyte naked, drunk and available, but, unfortunately for him, he got naked, drunk and incapable, so he still remained a virgin! Something he would never admit to of course, especially in front of his peers. How things over the next few weeks would change, but, he did not know that yet!Great for Dad and great for Mum, they can have sex every day of their miserable lives if they want. I can’t and it took me two years of hard graft to get anywhere near Tammy’s sweet snatch and to crown it all, when I did, I couldn’t get it up! The humiliation was almost enough to make me take up the priesthood, but I guess my natural urges would soon put paid to that. I have always kept myself in pretty good shape and I hoped I would be able to find a good gym soon, that is, if this place even had one. Looking around, as we drove into town, I had the strangest feeling that we had moved to a retirement village. I know it was early, but, there didn’t seem to be anyone under forty going about and I just wondered if Dad knew what he was getting us into. Damn it was hot and I was expected to help with the unloading of the van. I was already wearing my cut-off jeans and T shirt, so the only thing I could do to get any cooler, was remove my top. I smiled to myself and thought that if any of the oldies around here were watching, then maybe it would give them a cheap thrill. I spotted the curtains moving in the house next door and wondered what our new neighbours would be like. Probably in their sixties, wrinkled like old prunes and look down their noses at anyone younger than fifty. The sun kept beating down mercilessly, we stopped to take a break and that is when the day suddenly got better. The lady from next door came out with a tray of ice cold, home made lemonade and gave us each a glass. She introduced herself as Dana Wilson and said she would like to welcome us to the neighbourhood and if we needed anything, just to give her a shout. As Mum and Dad made the customary introductions, I had my eyes glued to her breasts, which were hardly covered by a skimpy bikini top. The all over package could be described as cute.

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   She was no more than 5’2” tall, with short blond hair, a nice handful of tit and a curvaceous body. Plumpish, but for her age, a very sexy looking lady. I noticed a wisp of pubic hair, poking from the sides of her matching bikini bottoms, which led me to check out her pubic mound. I could see the outline of her labia quite clearly, as she was standing with her legs slightly apart. “Pleased to meet you Todd, I hope you like what you have seen so far. It is a very attractive neighbourhood, don’t you think?” I heard her say and hoping she had not caught me staring; I blushed, looked up into her soft brown eyes and mumbled,“Pleased to meet you too Missus Wilson and yeh, I guess the place looks cool” After a few more minutes of chat, she said that she would leave us to our chores and took the empty glasses back to her house. I followed her arse as it jiggled up the path and it looked like two rats fighting in a sack, things were definitely looking up. We carried on unloading and every so often I would catch a glimpse of Mrs Wilson, who was in and out of her house like a yo-yo. She always seemed to be looking over in our direction and I wondered what was going through that pretty blond head of hers. At last everything was unloaded from the van and the beds made up in our allotted rooms. The sun was setting in the cloudless sky and a beautiful red glow heralded the onset of our first night in our new environment. Mum had gone to the supermarket for supplies and had made us a cold buffet, because even with the sun having set, it was still too warm to eat anything hot. She had managed to rescue the patio table and chairs as we were carrying our furniture into the house and had it nicely laid out for a quiet supper. She had even remembered to get some beers, a bottle of wine for herself and a bag of ice to keep them chilled in a bucket. Just as we were about to start eating, Mrs Wilson’s front door slammed and she called over to us,“Is there any room for a little one? Do you mind if I join you, I hate eating outside alone and it will give us a chance to get better acquainted?” She promptly sat down and placed a very large bottle of white wine on the table.

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   Mum and Dad said that by all means she was welcome to join us and to make herself feel at home. If you ask me, I think she already had! And from her incessant chatter, I guessed she had already had a drink or two before joining us. It turned out that, the reason she was alone was, that her children were both married and settled down with kids of their own; and that her husband had left her for his secretary, a much younger woman and a bit of a tart by her reckoning. Mum and Dad both made sympathetic noises, to which, Dana just laughed and said that apart from being lonely, she was much better off without him. I had to admit, she was looking very sexy in a short denim skirt and tight white tee shirt. When she sat down, the back of her skirt rode up and from where I was sitting, I could see a large expanse of her creamy white thighs, which seemed to keep parting, but not quite enough to see if she was still wearing her bikini bottoms. When we had all eaten our fill, Dad suggested that I clear the table and stack the dishes in the kitchen, ready for washing the next day. Mrs Wilson was having none of it,“Bob, Todd can take the dishes to my house and I’ll help him load the dishwasher and then it’s all done, all ready for tomorrow that way! No arguments, it’s the least I can do to repay your hospitality. ” I was about to grumble at Dad about working all day, but when Mrs Wilson suggested that, I kept my mouth shut. The only thing was, that having been staring at her thighs all night and wondering about what panties she was wearing, my cock was hard and making an uncomfortable bulge in my shorts. “Well, go on son, you heard Dana, get the dishes over to her house” Dad said and thanked Dana for her help. By careful use of the tray, I managed to cover my raging hard on, without anyone noticing, or so I thought. Dana went ahead and again, I was treated to the sight of her jiggling buttocks, which did nothing to lower my erection, in fact, it was getting worse. It also didn’t help that when she held the door open for me, I had to squeeze past her and I swear she pressed her ample bosom against my bare arm. She led me into the kitchen and said to put the tray down on the table.

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   Seeing me blushing furiously, she said,“It is alright Todd; I am flattered that your cock is standing to attention for an old woman like me. I saw you looking at my legs tonight, were you wondering if I was wearing panties or not?” I nearly dropped the tray when she said that and if I was blushing before, then you could fry eggs on my face now! I guess the wine had taken affect and given her Dutch courage, because she went on to say,“Are you still a virgin Todd? Would you like me to teach you about sex and how to please a woman? I know it has been a while since I had anything but a vibrator to pleasure me, but I’m sure I won’t have forgotten what to do with a big stiff cock like yours. So what do you think Todd? Could you learn from an old woman like me?”She took the tray from my shaking hands and put it on the table and then pressed herself against me. I couldn’t believe that this was happening; we hadn’t been here twenty four hours yet and I had this incredibly sexy lady, offering herself to me on a plate. “We don’t have enough time just now to start your lessons properly, but we must do something to relieve the pressure in these” She whispered in my ear as she cupped my aching balls in her hand. She smiled at me as her fingers slid down the zipper on my shorts and my cock sprang into the open air. I never wear boxers or anything, so when she lowered my shorts to my ankles, I was almost naked. I had felt Tammy Whyte’s fingers before, but they were nothing like as experienced as Dana’s. She instinctively seemed to know just the right amount of pressure to apply and where to apply it, soon pre cum was oozing from the slit in the bulbous head of my blood stiffened dick. She took some onto a finger and looking me in the eyes, she licked it off. I nearly came on the spot when she said,“Ummmm, that’s nice Todd, I think I’ll have more” And as she slowly sank to her knees, kissing her way down my sweating torso, I knew I was going to enjoy being taught by Mrs Wilson. Her lips felt like wet velvet as they slid along my shaft and her tongue felt like nothing I had ever experienced before, which, of course, I hadn’t. I guess I lasted all of about thirty seconds, before I let go my creamy hot spunk into her sweet sucking mouth. My legs nearly gave way and I clutched her head for support, which pulled her deeper onto me and I felt the jerking head of my cock enter her throat. She took it all readily and I felt her muscles contract around me as she swallowed all I had to offer.

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  I felt embarrassed at having ejaculated so quickly and told her I was sorry. She told me not to be silly; it was just so good for her to know she could make me cum and how she really enjoyed the taste of my youthful seed. She got up off her knees and pulled my shorts with her, quickly zipped them up and said that I had better get back to the folks, or they would be wondering what was keeping me so long. She kissed me on the lips, before I left, and I had the first taste of my own cum, a little salty, but not unpleasant I thought, Dana certainly seemed to enjoy it anyway. “We will have to plan this carefully Todd, I would hate for your parents to discover that I was teaching you to become a man, but, I would like to start as soon as we can, like tomorrow maybe, will you be able to make an excuse to get over here, or shall I ask for your assistance for some reason or other?” She said coyly, stroking my hard chest and playing with my erect nipples. “I’ll find some excuse, don’t worry Missus……. . I mean Dana! I’m as anxious to get started as you, especially now. What you just did, was mind blowing and I want more. ” I replied, as I made my way to the front door, a grin as big as a Cheshire cat, etched across my face and my cock, well on its way to full recovery. By the time I left Dana’s house, Mum and Dad had gone inside. This made things a lot easier for me as my erection was fully aroused and threatened to burst through the zip on my shorts again. I poked my head around the lounge door and told them that it had been a long day and I would see them in the morning. They were both half asleep on the couch, boxes scattered everywhere and just wished me a goodnight too and to have sweet dreams. I smiled to myself as I climbed the stairs to my new room, if they only knew; one of my dreams had come true, this very evening.

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  I was about to turn on the light, but decided against it when I looked out of the window and found; I was looking right into Dana’s bedroom. She hadn’t drawn her curtains and I could plainly see her undressing. She already had her tee shirt off, she was releasing the strap on her bra and slowly, she let it slip off her shoulders. Her hands sensuously caressed her warm, soft skin and as I watched, I could see her nipples hardening, her fingers rolling and pulling them, until they were fully distended. They were much longer and larger than mine and I made myself a promise, that on our next meeting, I would play with them and suck them, just as she was doing now. Her short denim skirt was the next to go and finally, the question I had been asking myself all through supper was answered. She was wearing a skimpy black thong. She pulled it tightly between her thighs and her fleshy labia were quite visible on either side of the taught strip of material. Her hand pulled it aside and her eyes closed in ecstasy, as she dipped her fingers into her hairless pussy. Her next move took me totally by surprise. I hadn’t been as invisible as I thought, because she pointed at me and indicated that I should put on the light. My face reddened with embarrassment at being caught like this; I must have been illuminated by the moonlight and now, she wanted to see me more clearly. After I flicked the switch, she made hand motions that I should remove my shorts and stroke myself as she watched. Driven on as I was by lust, I couldn’t have refused her, even if I had wanted to, so I faced her, with my body craving release and smoothly started to wank my blood engorged penis. She lay on her bed, brought her knees up and spread them far apart; her eyes were glued to my fist and my throbbing cock, held within.

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   Soon, she joined me and her pistoning fingers kept in time with mine. Together, we were approaching orgasm and this long distance, mutual masturbation session would end. My hot spunk shot from my cock and splattered against the window, again and again. Dana’s body went into a spasm, her thighs trapped her hand tightly between them and she threw her head back against the headboard. I was worried for a moment, that she had taken a fit. It was then that I realised, seeing the cum, explode from my young cock and run down the window in creamy rivulets, had been enough. It had tipped her over the edge and she had achieved the climax that she so desperately needed. On unsteady legs, she came to her window, blew me a kiss and with a self satisfied grin on her face, she closed her curtains. I stood like a statue, I had just watched an older woman masturbate herself to climax in front of my eyes and half an hour previously, that same woman had swallowed my cum. What a day this had been I thought and hurriedly grabbed a towel and cleaned the window. Sleep was very quick to take me that night and my dreams were filled with visions of Dana and what she would be teaching me next. “Good Morning sleepy head” Mum said as she threw back my curtains, “Come on then, there is still a lot of work to be done and oh yes, Mrs Wilson has asked if you could give her a hand with something, later on today, ok?” As the early morning sun streamed in through the window, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and it all came flooding back. I blushed at the memory and hoped that I had cleaned my ejaculation off the glass properly. Mum didn’t mention anything, so I guess I had and at the mention of Dana, my normal morning erection got harder. My usual would be, to get up, climb into the shower and jerk myself off down the plughole, but somehow, I had a feeling that I shouldn’t waste any energy doing that and I should save myself for what Dana surely had in mind for my continued education.

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  At breakfast, there were no comments made about how long I had been at Mrs Wilson’s last night, for which I was grateful, because I knew, if I had had to explain anything, I would have given myself away. Probably by the silly grin on my face, which I couldn’t get rid off; after all, it wasn’t every day of the week that a mature woman, as voluptuous as Dana, offers to teach you everything she knows. The day was proving to be as hot, if not hotter, than yesterday and the sweat was running from us all quite freely. My cock was acting as if it had a mind of its own, every time I thought back to the events of the previous evening, it shot to attention and I felt the urge to disappear for a while. Luckily the sweat stains were hiding the marks being constantly created by my pre cum. Just as I thought I was getting a bit of control over the mindless devil, Dana appeared. Oh my God! She was in a white bikini. It had either shrunk in the pool, or she knew exactly what she was doing when she bought it. Her ample breasts were straining against the top and the bottoms were hardly bigger than the thong she was wearing the night before. My hormones were running amok, the blood surged to my penis and I instantly became erect. I looked over at Dad and almost burst out laughing. He was having the same trouble and hurriedly lifted a box to cover his rapidly growing manhood. She must have sensed our arousal, because as she got closer, her nipples grew in size until, I swear, you could have hung a wet duffle coat from each one. Unperturbed by the affect she was having on us, she said,“It’s going to be another scorcher folks; my pool has just been cleaned out and is now ready for use. If you feel the need to cool off, help yourselves, I might even join you” She winked at me and said,“Did Marcie pass on my request Todd? I have been cleaning out our attic and I really do need the help of a big strong lad to bring some junk down for the tip.

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   I know you’re busy here, but maybe after supper?” I took her hint and replied,“After a swim and supper Missus Wilson, I’m sure I’ll be raring to go, no problem”“Oh for the vitality of youth” Dad said and went on, “I’d help you myself Dana, but I think Todd will be far better suited to your requirements this evening”“Oh yes Bob, he will do just fine, boys of his age have a remarkable recovery rate, don’t you think?” Dana’s eyes had hardly strayed form my growing bulge, the whole time she was talking to us; and if I was not mistaken, there was a damp patch, slowly spreading between her legs. She wanted me, as much as I wanted her. This time, when she left, Dad and I both followed her bouncing buttocks up the pathway. I could hardly wait for this evening; somehow I knew that tonight was going to be even better than last night. It was as I predicted, today was even hotter than the day before, but the expectation of being with Dana again this evening kept me going and the day flew past. When the last box was unpacked and the stuff put away, I reminded Dad that Mrs Wilson had said we could use her pool when we were finished. “That’s right Todd, what are we waiting for? Get your trunks on and let’s go!” We all found our swimsuits, somewhere amidst the guddle and made our way to Dana’s pool. She was already there, stretched out on a sun lounger, her skin taking on a golden tan and her bikini struggling to contain her ample charms. As our shadows crossed her closed eyes, she looked up at us and said,“Hi folks, it sure has been a hot one today, hasn’t it?” She looked directly at me, running her tongue over her upper lip and smiled, “I can’t remember when I’ve been so hot, I was positively dripping”Jesus H. Christ! That was about as subtle as if she had come right out with it, and said that she wanted a good fuck. I looked at Mum and Dad for their reactions, but Dana’s remark seemed to have gone unnoticed, Dad just said,“You’re right Dana and thanks for the offer of the use of your pool; I’ve been looking forward to this all day. ” He dropped his towel and dived straight in. Mum followed him at a more sedate pace, leaving Dana and I by the poolside. She parted her thighs a little, which allowed me to see the dampness outlining her puffy labia and said, with a sexy look on her face,“Don’t you want to dive in too Todd?” For about the hundredth time that day, I felt my cock stirring in my swimming trunks, “It is really very warm and sticky today, don’t you agree?” I was lost for words as, keeping an eye on Mum and Dad, she slid aside the crotch of her bikini bottoms and showed me just how wet her sex was. That did it for me; I had to get into the water before my folks spotted my enormous erection.

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   I smiled at Dana and said,“Keep it moist Dana, we can continue with our lessons later. ” I quickly turned and dived in the cooling water and even that did nothing to quell my ardour. After a while we had all cooled off enough and were towelling ourselves dry, when Dad reminded me that I had some chores to do for Dana. She chipped in by saying that why didn’t, Dad take Mum out for dinner somewhere and that she would take care of my needs. They thought that was a wonderful idea and that if she was sure she didn’t mind, they would go right away. No sooner had the car left the driveway than, Dana took my hand and took me upstairs to her bedroom. I could see my room from her window and it brought back memories of the previous evening. I felt Dana rub herself against me and whisper in my ear,“Did you like what you saw last night Todd? I enjoyed watching you cum over the window for me. Now let’s take a shower together and we will continue from where we left off yesterday” As she was whispering, she had undone my shorts and they fell to my ankles, her bikini quickly followed and we went through to her en suite bathroom. While we let the water adjust to the correct temperature, we hugged and kissed, our tongues explored each others mouths and our hands stroked warm flesh. The water felt wonderful as it cascaded between us, bouncing off the end of my very hard penis and over Dana’s sensitive pussy. She sank to the tiled floor and on her knees in front of me she said,“Todd, I want your young cum, let me swallow it baby. Besides, you’ll last longer later, if I take your first load now” Her lips slowly engulfed my blood engorged manhood and soon I felt her throat around the bulbous head. She began to hum and the vibrations in her throat felt terrific. I felt my sap rising and holding her head in my hands; I unleashed my spunk into her gasping mouth.

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   The tension that had been building all day was suddenly released and I watched in awe as she took every single drop. She looked up at me, opened her mouth so I could see my cum coating her tongue and lips and then she swallowed it all and said,“Who needs food when I can have nectar like that every day? I can, can’t I Todd? You will give me my daily dose of protein, won’t you?” I smiled and told her that I would insist she did and that it was my turn to pleasure her now. We dried each other off and we lay on the bed, gently exploring our bodies. She told me where a woman liked to be touched, how much pressure to use and that now, she would like me to give her oral sex. She lay back with her knees raised and her legs wide apart, as she had been the previous night when I watched her frigging herself. I knelt between her legs and kissed the insides of her soft thighs, letting my tongue caress her warm skin. My nose touched her clit and I saw droplets of moisture gather along her open slit. She peeled her lips apart, like petals of rose and her hard little bud came into my view. Instinctively, my tongue teased it and as my lips enclosed it, I gently sucked until I heard her moaning. I probed her entrance with two fingers and felt her heat and the slippery wetness of her juices as her hips lifted from the bed. I knew that this was a sign telling me she was about to climax and I increased suction and put in a third finger. She cried out and I felt her inner muscles clamp down hard on my digits and a gush of hot liquid ran over my chin and onto her thighs. Lazily, I licked her essence and as fast as I removed it, so she replaced it, her tummy fluttered and tensed continually, until at last she was spent. “Oh My God! Todd! That was wonderful, I don’t have anything to teach you about pleasing a woman orally, you’re a natural. Just hold me and stroke me, while I recover and then, I want this inside me, where your fingers have just been.


  ” She said, slowly stroking my already hard cock. It wasn’t long before Dana and I were enjoying sex on a daily basis and I upheld my commitment to give her, her daily dose of protein, as she wanted. She said it kept her looking young, drinking the seed of a younger man; and who was I to argue. My staying power had increased from the early days and we were having sessions, which lasted two or three hours. She was capable of multiple orgasms and I loved keeping her in the throes of ecstasy until, I would eventually succumb to her milking pussy and deliver my hot creamy cum to mingle with hers. Mum and Dad didn’t question the time I was spending at Dana’s house, they were just glad that I was keeping out of trouble, I suppose. I was far more helpful than I had been before and Dana kept telling them, what a huge help I was to her and how wonderful it was to have a man around to do the chores again. We often masturbated together, through our bedroom windows, before finally retiring to our beds and it had become a bit of a ritual. So much so, that when I looked over and saw her bedroom curtains shut this night, I got quite a surprise. We had had a dinner time session, so I was ready and willing to shoot my load again. When I left, she had winked and told me that she would see me for our usual goodnight kiss, which was why, I couldn’t understand her curtains being shut. I got into bed and tossed and turned, but it was hopeless, I wasn’t used to sleeping with a full ball bag. While I was rooting about in the back of my wardrobe, for the porn magazine I kept hidden there, I thought I heard a muffled scream from Dana’s window. I looked over and saw shadows moving behind the curtains. There was someone in the house with her, I could see, but she had never mentioned that she was expecting company.

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   All thoughts of having a quick wank before bed disappeared and I threw on my jeans and tee shirt and crept silently down the stairs. Dana’s door was unlocked, so I let myself in quietly. As I had left our house, I had picked up my baseball bat and I was prepared to use it, if I had to. I could hear moaning and the bedsprings squeaking coming from up the stairs. I had mixed emotions, should I confront her, like a jealous husband? Or, should I just accept that I was her toy boy and leave well alone? That decision was taken out of my hands, when I heard Dana cry out again and; a male voice said,“Shut the fuck up bitch, you’re still my fucking wife, your ass is grass and I’m your bastard gardener!” This was followed by a slap and another muffled cry from Dana. I took the stairs, two at a time and burst through her bedroom door. I was not prepared for the sight that met me. Dana was tied; face down, to the four corners of her bed! And, I guess, from what I heard earlier, her husband was balls deep in her ass. From the hand marks on her buttocks, I realised why I had heard her cries, because, even although he had gagged her, with her own panties, she was in pain. Call it love, frustration, protectiveness, whatever, my blood ran cold! I lashed out with the bat and I caught him a belter, he collapsed on top of her, dead to the world, but not dead to life, fortunately. I dragged him off her and couldn’t help smiling at his tiny tadger. When he eventually regained his senses, he looked at me in disbelief and said,“You’re no more than a boy! Ok! A boy with a fucking big bat! You are welcome to her!” I nearly put out his lights permanently, but, I told him to get the fuck out of here and never to return. After her husband dressed and left the house, I removed Dana’s panties from her mouth, she coughed and looked at me with relief and said,“Oh baby, thank you for saving me from that bastard. That was one of the reasons I threw him out, he liked to hurt and humiliate me and I hated it. Set me free please Todd and I will show you how grateful I am”I had been gently running my hands over her abused buttocks and let my fingers slip between her outspread thighs.

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   She was as wet as I have ever known her and on closer inspection, I noticed a damp patch on the sheets, she had been enjoying what was happening to her, or I was sadly mistaken. “Ummmm…. . I think I’ll leave you tied Dana, but no gag; I want to hear you begging to be allowed to climax. How do you feel about that ……………. my pet?” I said and felt her inner walls spasm around my probing fingers, “You will not climax until I tell you to. Do you understand…… pet?” I was going to enjoy having this older woman as my personal sex toy and smiled as I heard her say,“Yes Master, I understand”.
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