A Good Move for Todd 2– The New Beginning


This was moving faster than I was prepared for, but somehow it felt right and I brought her face close to mine and whispered,“Yes my pet, I can handle that and while I think about it, you can handle this!” I took her delicate fingers and placed them on my growing manhood, “Get me ready pet, I want you again” She kissed me and slowly licked her way over my hard young body until her lips joined her fingers and she gave me her best blowjob ever. I pulled her head down hard onto my raging cock and gave her what she desired. She took it all and made sure that there wasn’t a drop spilt and when she looked up at me and asked if she had pleased me, I knew that this is what I wanted and that Dana would always be my number one pet. Occasionally when I called around to see Dana, she would have company and look to me to see if I wanted her to get rid of whoever was there. There was one lady who seemed to visit more than most and after one such visit, I asked her about this mysterious guest. She told me that it was her sister-in-law and although Dana and her brother had split up, she was still very friendly towards her. They went to the same gym together and Irene, the sister-in-law, was extremely fit. She was also very good looking and I caught her, on more than one occasion, staring at me and obviously wondering what sort of relationship Dana and I enjoyed together. The more I got to know Irene, the more relaxed she became in my company and we often all swam together in Dana’s pool. During these sessions, it would always appear that Irene was trying to prove something and she would often challenge me to a race, which she inevitably lost. She persisted in trying and one day, after Dana and I had had a particularly hard session, the night before, she beat me. “There you go Todd, I knew I could take you, it was just a matter of time” She crowed, splashing water at me, “Any time you like sonny boy” She continued. I looked at Dana and said,“Ok Irene, I bet you couldn’t repeat that tomorrow? In fact, I will put myself up as the prize if you win; and you do the same, if I win, agreed?” She asked what I meant and I just replied that if she didn’t have the bottle to make a decent bet, then we should just forget the whole idea. She looked a bit dubious, but she reluctantly agreed, not having a clue what she was letting herself in for and I was already looking forward to collecting my prize the next day. In preparation for the race the following day, I retired to bed early without Dana and me indulging in our usual Dom/sub games, which resulted in her getting annoyed with me and me sending her to bed with her largest butt plug, securely in place and a warning not to remove it, until I told her otherwise. The winning of the race was in no doubt, to my mind, but how Irene would become my second sub, was and this was something I had to think about, very carefully.

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   I had a feeling that she had more than a ‘family’ interest in Dana and although she seemed to be eyeing me up, on occasions, it was maybe because, she knew that I meant something more to Dana than just being a helpful neighbour and that she was jealous of our relationship. Time will tell, I thought and I looked forward to the challenge. The following morning, I had an interview at Dana and Irene’s gymnasium, arranged courtesy of Dana, of course. She thought that by assisting me to get a job there, it would help me to get to know more people in the community and she couldn’t have been more correct in her assumption. After phoning to tell her that she could now remove her invasive sleeping partner and that she was to prepare a candlelit meal for two for this evening, I told her that I would let her know more after my interview and before Irene arrived for the race. Judging by the luxury cars in the car park, I could see that the gym was reserved for an exclusive clientele, mainly rich and almost all, middle aged women. I could get to enjoy working here. The owner was Miss Vanessa Andrews, middle to late forties and gorgeous. As befitting the owner of such an establishment, her body was that of a woman, ten or fifteen years younger and one which had my hormones turning somersaults. She smiled, looked me up and down and said,“You will be the young man Dana enthused so much about, Todd isn’t it?” She held out her hand and I shook it hesitantly, convinced that she could read my mind and know that I was having visions of her, tied to a workout bench, naked and ready for my pleasure. “Yes, Ma’am, I’m here for the interview” I replied, pushing my evil thoughts to one side. She led me on a guided tour of the facilities, pointing out the personalised work schedules that were devised for each client’s individual requirements. There were massage rooms, a sauna and a swimming pool; in fact, everything to ensure a fit healthy body, if the client paid attention to his or her trainer. We finished the tour in Vanessa’s office and when we were seated, she asked me to tell her why, I thought I would be suited to this type of work. I told her that I had been two years into a fitness and health diploma course where we used to live and that I fully intended finishing it at the local college here.

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   I went on to say that, I was an all round sportsman, kept myself in good physical condition and I seemed to have a natural ability to take charge. She stopped me there and said,“Ah yes, Dana mentioned you liked to be in control. There just remains one thing Todd. Lock the door, strip and stand in front of me!” For a moment, I was frozen to my chair, but when she asked me if I wanted the job or not, I got to my feet and blushing furiously, I did as she asked. Her cool hands felt wonderful running over my chest and back, my cock was responding to her touch and was soon standing proud and erect. She cupped my sac in the palm of one hand, the fingers of the other, stroked my manhood until a drop of pre cum oozed from the eye and she whispered,“Ummmm, this is a bit of role reversal Todd. You see, Dana told me about ‘inspection time’ too, and I couldn’t wait to try you out. ” I blushed even more furiously, as she wanked faster and harder; and in no time at all, I shot my cumm all over her hand and onto the floor. She laughed and said,“Don’t worry Todd; I’m sure you will recover quickly enough. Would you like to inspect me now? I have often wondered what it would be like to allow a younger man to take charge, for a change. ”She abandoned herself to me completely, to experience this new sensation of being dominated by me. A younger man; and there followed one of the most amazing and mutually rewarding sessions of pure lust, that either of us had ever enjoyed, with any other partner. Only Dana for me, admittedly, but many that she had coupled with, in her forty seven years. Vanessa made it quite clear, that in public and at work, she was to be my Boss, but in private, she wished me to take on that role and be her Boss. We hugged in agreement and I left her office, ready to begin work the following week.

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  On my way home, my feelings of elation were slightly tainted by my upcoming swim race with Irene. I had denied Dana last night and yet, had just had an amazing fuck with Vanessa; I just hoped that my youth and fitness would see me through. I had to beat her; I had plans for Dana’s older sister-in -law and they didn’t include me giving myself to her for a day. True to her word, Irene was already at Dana’s house and the two of them were in the pool warming up. Although, I think Irene was paying slightly more attention to her sister-in-law than was absolutely necessary. I watched as they duck-dived and swam between each others outspread legs and every time Irene did it, Dana squealed and grabbed her crotch. It appeared that as Irene glided beneath her, she stroked Dana’s skimpy bikini and if I wasn’t mistaken, right along the length of her slit. Well, if things went to plan, she would be doing a lot more than that before the day was out. I guessed that I wouldn’t get a chance to explain anything to Dana, so I went into the house, changed into my Speedos and went back to the pool. “Ok, ladies! When you are ready, Irene and I have a race to decide. And remember Irene, whoever loses, will become the winner’s, for a day?” I said smiling in her direction. They both looked surprised at my sudden appearance and quickly stopped their playing about. When they climbed out of the pool, it was obvious that their playing had excited them both; their nipples were like organ stops. Dana looked at me fearfully, wondering if she had upset me by getting aroused at Irene’s attention. As I smiled at her and gave her a wink, she visibly relaxed.

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   My eyes switched to Irene, appraising her body, in a calculating manner, which made her quite embarrassed and she said,“Come on then Todd; let’s see if you can live up to your bet! I’d like a slave around the house for a day!” She stood with one hand resting on her hip and her crotch pushed towards me. I could see where the damp material clung to her puffy labia and I had to admit, that for a lady in her late forties, she had a very sexy body and one that I looked forward to owning, in the very near future. Dana started the race, it was to be over ten lengths of her pool and when I dived in, from the start, I knew I had her. She did start to catch up near the end, but it was too little, too late and as she finished, I took her into my arms and said,“Close Irene, but not close enough. I hope you will honour our bet?” She was too tired to resist me and I held her closer. She looked shocked when she felt my hardening cock press into her heaving tummy, I could feel her nipples, like little pebbles, digging into my chest and she said,“What do you have in mind Todd?”“Dana has prepared a supper for her and I, you will come around and serve us with it tonight, at seven o’clock. But, you will be wearing an outfit that I have already chosen. You will be dressed as a French maid, stockings, suspenders, black mini dress and black high heels. The only thing is Irene, I do not like bras or panties, is that understood?” Her look of horror would have been believable, except for her thrusting her lower body closer to my throbbing penis, which I knew; she had to be able to feel against her fluttering stomach. I bent my knees slightly, pressed my semi erect manhood against her mons and whispered in her ear,“By the way Irene, be shaved, I like my maids to be clean and smooth” This time, she did look shocked and I wondered if I had gone too far. Only time would tell I suppose; and Dana was looking on anxiously, I think she wanted to hear how my ‘interview’ went. Irene emerged from the changing room, dressed in her rather dowdy; every day clothes which she used to try and disguise the lithe, sexy body I knew existed below. She blushed when I handed her the bag containing her outfit for tonight and as she took it from me, I said,“Don’t forget my instructions Irene and don’t be late, Ok?” She muttered something under her breath, said goodbye to Dana and left hurriedly in her rather nice, open topped, BMW sports car. I turned to Dana and said,“You were aroused as you played around in the pool, weren’t you my pet? Have you and her ever had sex together?” “No Master, we haven’t and yes, I was turned on and still am”I told her to get showered and changed, ready for this evening and to come over to our house and ask to see me. She was not to wear any underwear, just stockings and garter belt.

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   Her eyes lit up and she hurried inside to prepare herself, I gathered up my clothes and without bothering to put them on, I went home for a leisurely shower and to await Dana’s arrival. A short while later, I heard the front door bell ring and Dad went to answer it, it was Dana, of course and I could hear the surprise in his voice as he asked her to come in and what could he do for her. She said that I had invited her around to listen to a CD, which I had recently bought; and that she wanted to hear it, as she might be going to get it aswell. She told me later, that he couldn’t take his eyes off her skimpily clad body and that she sensed him watching her, all the way up the stairs. I quickly put on the CD, the latest from Robbie Williams, which Dana liked and turned the volume up fairly high,. This was to hide the noises that I knew she would be making very soon. She came in looking quite flushed, which was because she knew how she had effected my Dad; and knowing that she was going to his son’s room, as his sub; and that she would be cumming for me, in his house. She automatically adopted the position and I deliberately remained seated until the first track had finished. After my shower, I hadn’t dressed and her eyes were drawn to my semi erect manhood. She wanted it, having slept with a butt plug all night and with Irene’s teasing her this afternoon, her pussy was boiling over. When I put my hand between her legs, I could feel that the inside of her thighs were already slick with juices and she gasped in pleasure, when I inserted a couple of fingers, deep and hard,“Sit in that chair” I said, pointing to the chair beside my bed, “Place your legs over the arms and you can use this, as I watch!” I produced her largest vibrator, it was the black ten incher; I wanted her ready for what I planned to do next. When she was seated, I undid the front of her blouse and although her nipples were already erect, I gave them a pinch and pulled them outwards. That was when I produced the pegs. I had four clothes pegs, each with a piece of string attached and her eyes widened in surprise, because apart from vibrators and dildos, we had never used anything which could cause her pain and these looked as if they might. Unbeknown to Dana, I had stretched the springs, so the pegs would not clamp so tightly and as I placed one on each nipple and one on each of her puffy labia, she looked at me with gratitude and a certain amount of relief.

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  Once everything was in place and I had sat on the bed, holding the end of the strings and facing her, I told her that I would tell her about my ‘interview’ and that she was to masturbate in front of me, but, she was not allowed to cumm, until I told her she could. I watched as she slid the monster vibe into her slippery channel, her juices were oozing around it, as they so often did around my cock, when we fucked and as I told her about ‘my inspection’, she increased the tempo and moaned softly. I quickly jerked on one of the nipple strings and pulled the peg off, in one quick motion,“Oh! You like to think of me under ‘inspection’ do you?” I said and jerked the other off, just as quickly. Dana’s juices were always copious, but as she felt the blood flow back into her aching nipples, her pussy almost flooded and I could see them running down between the cheeks of her ass. The vibe was on full speed and her clit was throbbing for release. I continued with the story and I could see that she was really struggling to contain her climax. When I reached the part about Vanessa, submitting to me, for her ‘inspection’, I knew by her reaction, that I had to allow her to cumm, less her moans were heard down the street, let alone by my unknowing parents, just down the stairs. With a quick yank on both remaining strings, I pulled off the offending pegs and said,“Cummmmmmmmm pet, Cummmmmmmmm for me, Nowwwwww!” The vibrator shot from her overworked pussy, like a bullet and a stream of love juice flowed from her fanny, soaking my chair. Her cries of ecstasy almost drowned out Robbie’s Millennium track, until I leant over and smothered her lips with mine. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen, since we had been together, she was shaking uncontrollably and was heading for something I had only read about, subspace! Totally trusting me to look after her and allow her to come to no harm, as she gave herself to me completely, in submission. I held her closely, stroking her and whispering my thanks and yes, my love for her. Gradually, her eyes flickered open and she looked up at me in amazement,“Oh My God! What happened? I feel so weak, did I please you Master? I cannot remember!”“Oh yes, my pet, you more than pleased me and now it is my turn to please you!”I knelt between her outspread legs and lapped my way along the insides of her thighs, my tongue cleaning her slick skin and tasting her sweet nectar. Her hands were holding my head tightly, her fingers entwined in my hair, urging me to suck the hot folds of her tender pussy and pay homage to her engorged clitoris. Slowly, I sucked at her tender bud and worked my fingers inside her gaping sex until I had four, moving in and out and her pelvis was rising and falling in time with my thrusts. I maintained the suction on her swollen clit and folded my thumb into the palm of my hand; it was time for her to take her Master’s fist.

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   There was no need for additional lubrication, her lustful body was still producing more than enough to ease my passage. Dana’s fingers tightened in my hair as her pussy stretched to accommodate my intrusive hand and I felt her muscles contracting and relaxing, sucking me in deeper and at last, I was completely enveloped in her slippery love tube. I kept my hand still, allowing her to get accustomed to the size and gradually, I felt her make small movements, she was fucking my hand. As my hand folded into a fist, she moaned louder and her pelvic thrusts became faster. I increased the pressure on her clit, bit it gently and heard her cry out,“Oh Master! Please……………. !” How could I refuse such an agonised plea for release? And I replied,“Yes my pet, CUMMMMMMMM NOWWWWWWWW!” If I thought her last climax had been spectacular, then this one was even more fantastic. Her nectar almost squirted around my wrist and her muscles clamped down so tightly, I thought she would cut off my circulation. I placed my free hand over her mouth to stifle her orgasmic screams and slowly, I pulled my self free from her still heaving body. I lifted Dana from the chair and we lay on my bed, holding her tightly in my arms, she gradually returned to a state of normality.
    We must have dozed off, because when I checked my watch, I saw we only had an hour before Irene was due to appear at Dans’s house. I slapped Dana on her smooth arse and told her that she had better get cleaned up and have the dinner ready for serving at seven o’clock. Her eyes flew open in surprise and she jumped from my bed, but not before kissing me full on the mouth and saying,“Thank you Master, for a wonderful afternoon. I will remember this day, for the rest of my life. ”When I announced that I was having dinner at Dana’s house tonight, my parents hardly looked surprised, in fact, I’m sure my Dad looked a little envious. I think he had the hots for Dana and watching her climb the stairs, with no panties or bra on, had whetted his appetite for more.

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      Dana had made full use of her time since she left my room, the smells from the kitchen were quite mouth watering and I could hardly wait for dinner to begin. I walked up behind her, took her in my arms nuzzled her neck and said,“That smells delicious my pet, almost as good as you” She had showered and changed and was wearing a really expensive perfume. I felt her backside grinding into my groin, but before we could take it any further, the doorbell rang and she went to answer it,“Hello Irene, how nice of you to be on time, come on in, Todd is in the kitchen” I heard her say. Irene walked in, stood in the doorway and she was looking gorgeous. She was wearing the maid’s uniform, as I had asked, the skirt half way up her thighs and showing just a hint of stocking tops, her pert breasts pushed against the tight, almost see through white blouse and her dark nipples were hard and erect. I confidently walked over to her, reached below her skirt to see if she had left her panties off and that is when I got the shock of my young life. ‘Whack!’ She gave me a roundhouse slap, which echoed around the kitchen and said,“Don’t even think about touching me young man, I’m dressed like this, only because I lost the silly bet; I’ll serve your dinner, but I’m not here to serve your sexual needs, Ok?” I was momentarily taken aback, there was more to Irene than met the eye and I would have to be a lot more subtle in my approach if I wanted to get into her, sweet, bald snatch. Oh yes, before her slap knocked me away, my fingers had felt her freshly shaved pussy, unencumbered by any panties, so she had gone quite a way to complying with my request, but why? I thought to myself; and for whom?“Well, you can start by serving us a drink in the lounge, there is a bottle of white wine in the refrigerator” I took Dana’s arm and we left her to her task, as soon as we sat down, Dana said,“Are you alright, that was one hell of a slap she gave you?” I told her that I was fine and she went on, “I felt like hitting her back, she had no right to treat you like that. ” She looked furious, so I kissed her, let my hand drape around her neck and linger on her breast, my fingers rolling her stiffening nipple. I heard a cough and glanced up to see Irene, standing in front of us, looking embarrassed and holding a tray with three glasses on it. “Why are there three glasses Irene? The maid does not drink with her Master and Mistress, put them down and go back to the kitchen, I’ll call you when we are ready to be served” I said maliciously. I had moved my hand to Dana’s thigh and had parted her legs. As Irene bent down, showing us her tits in the process, she stared right up Dana’s short skirt and had an unobstructed view of her open pussy. She couldn’t take her eyes of Dana’s glistening sex, or my fingers which were gently stroking it. She stood upright and glared at me, horrified that I should be taking such liberties with her friend, but she couldn’t disguise her own heightened sense of arousal.

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       I gave her a wave of dismissal, which really pissed her off and she turned and almost ran out of the room. A short time later, we took our places for dinner, with Dana sitting directly opposite me. I had undone the top buttons on her blouse and her tits were barely covered, her skirt was high on her thighs and she sat with her legs, lewdly parted, which gave my naked toes access to her dripping pussy. My cock was out of my slacks and Dana was rubbing it gently with a nylon covered foot. That was the sight that greeted Irene on her return. She was both, embarrassed and confused and didn’t know where to look. She served us our meals and asked if there would be anything else that we required. I told her that she could get us another glass of wine and while she was out, I beckoned Dana to get between my knees and suck on my stiffening manhood. When Irene returned, she couldn’t see any sign of Dana. Until that was, I knocked my fork onto the floor and she bent to retrieve it. I heard her gasp when she spotted Dana’s face buried in my lap, sucking my rod, for all she was worth. Smiling at her blushes, I said,“That will be all Irene, unless you have seen something you might like?” Again, she gave me a look that she wished, would kill me and stormed from the room. I gently and reluctantly pulled Dana off my throbbing dick and told her to eat her dinner before it got cold, she would get her ‘sweet’ later. It was very quiet in the kitchen and when we had finished, I got up to see what Irene was doing. The sight that met my eyes was right out of a sex fantasy magazine, the French maid masturbating on a kitchen chair! Irene was laid back, legs outstretched and parted, with her fingers like pistons, frigging her juicy, smooth, pussy.

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       Her blouse was undone and she was rolling and pinching one of her elongated nipples. I used hand signals, to tell Dana to join me and I put a finger to my lips, for her to keep quiet. I guess the situation she was put into and the things that she had witnessed Dana and I doing together, had become too much for Irene to stand and she needed release. I whispered in Dana’s ear that she should help her friend out and pushed her to her knees. With no hesitation, she crawled over between her sister-in-law’s wide spread thighs and placed her lips on the warm inside of one, just above her stocking top. Irene’s eyes flew open in shock at having been discovered, but when she felt Dana’s tongue licking towards her aroused sex, she forgot her embarrassment and roughly grabbed her head, pulling her hard against herself and held Dana in a headlock with her strong thighs. Although Dana had never experienced lesbian love before, she instinctively knew what to do to give Irene the maximum pleasure and from Irene’s explosive reaction, that is exactly what she was doing now. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and as I stroked it, I rubbed the pre cum all over the head, getting it wet enough to sample the anal delights of my pet’s back passage. I knelt between her thighs and ran it over her gaping slit, if it hadn’t been lubricated enough before, then it certainly was now. Dana’s pussy was dripping with juices, caused by her oral ministrations to Irene’s delightfully juicy sex and she easily allowed me access, past her sphincter and into her tight passage. Irene was so far gone that she paid no attention to me fucking Dana’s puckered anus, lost as she was, in her own lust and feeling her orgasm fast approaching. She had Dana’s nipples between her fingers and thumbs and I could see that she was pinching them cruelly. Each time she did it, I felt Dana’s muscles contract and I could feel my balls read to empty their load of hot jism into her bowels. Irene was moaning loudly and bucking her hips into Dana’s face, she was ready to unload soon too and when I jammed my thumb into Dana’s pussy and pinched her clit with my fingers, there was a simultaneous release from all three of us. I flooded Dana’s ass, she soaked my hand and Irene filled her hungry mouth with as much cumm as I have ever seen any woman deliver, before or since.


       After a suitable recovery time, with lots of stroking and petting, I suggested we get more comfortable and retire to Dana’s bedroom, with its king size bed and large Jacuzzi. This suggestion was readily agreed to by the ladies and within a few minutes of undressing each other, we were all luxuriating in the warm streams of bubbles. Dana was positioned between me and Irene and I began to wonder how our relationship might change from this day onwards. Time would tell I guess and with the excitement of youth, I looked forward to the new experiences, which were yet to come. .

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    Sexuality is not frowned upon in Marrakech; rather, it is seen as a cause for joy and festivity. Because of this liberal attitude regarding sexuality, the city's escort business is thriving. Not only do the escort ladies in Marrakech give sexual services, but they are also highly skilled artists who are aware of and appreciative of the complexities that are inherent in human sexuality. They are well-versed in the craft of seduction, and the fact that they are able to fulfill clients' dreams and wants is evidence of the depth of their knowledge.

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    It's not only about going on excursions and making purchases when you visit Marrakech. It is also about enjoying the city's lively nightlife, its physical delights, and its distinctive attitude to sexuality. Marrakech has a plethora of activities that fulfill a variety of needs, such as a night out at an upscale club, a private supper in a magnificent riad, or a sensuous massage at a traditional hammam. These activities are just few of the many that are available.

    Having sexual encounters while on vacation in Marrakech is not simply about indulging one's desires; rather, it is about embarking on a path of inward exploration. It is about exploring your wants, your dreams, and the limits of who you are as a person. It is about making memories that will last a lifetime and about enjoying pleasure in its most unadulterated form.
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