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Like a clap of thunder the music let her know he was ready to begin. The music always set the tone for his pleasure. She felt him moving closer, a slight chill came over her naked body as he approached. With one swift motion he removed her ankel ties and flipped her from back to belly, then reapplyed her ankle ties tighter this time. Starting at her toes he rubbed her backside with the baby oil as always, and with that she knew what was coming. The belt cracked against her tender skin bringing red welts to the surface. Over and over the belt made contact with her ass. As she laid their and whimpered with each touch of the belt she could hear anothers heavy breathing, then just as quickly as it started it ended. Again with the baby oil, but this time it wasn't him, it couldn't be, never had he been so gentle about it. These hands has took their time gently massaging the welts on her skin. He only aloud this until he realized the pleasure she was recieving from it and then the gentleness stopped. None of this was for her pleasure. . . it was for him. Just as quickly as he had done before he flipped her once again from belly to back.

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   Pulling her off the slate tile, he guided her with the ties around her wrist across the room. Forcing her on her knees he strung her arms up from a hook in the ceiling. Once in place he forced her lips open with the tip of his cock. . . shoving it to the back of her throat, his balls slapping against her chin as he pumped his dick in and out of her mouth. How he could consider this her pain and his pleasure she was unsure of. He knew how she loved to perform oral sex on him. Gripping the back of her head he fucked her face with everything he had. She could feel his cock about ready to exploded. Anticipating the delicious taste of his cum on the back of her throat she awaited the moment. At the last second he pulled out allowing his come to land on the floor in front of her. Allowing his body to calm down he removed the satin eye mask from her eyes. Pissed at him for not allowing her the pleasure of tasting his sweetness she spit at his feet, and the moment she did she knew she was in trouble. Releasing her retraints from the ceiling he forced her face to the floor for her to clean up his mess, if she wanted it so bad she could have it.

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