Enema Surprise - Part 3


My dick instantly got rock hard watching her roll around on the bed with her hipps squeezing tightly together to keep the enema tube from coming out, her stomach was extended showing that she was taking a large volume enema, her hipps were arching upward to meet her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Without saying a word Julie moved over to the bed and told Jane she would help her finish, Julie inserted her fingers in her pussy and started to move them in an out, as she felt her about to cumn she would stop, she started to stop and start her enema and eventually started kissing and sucking her breasts. By now my dick was acheing, I had taken off my clothes and was standing at the foot of the bed jacking off. I was able to keep from cumning by just stopping and trying to keep my hands off myself. Jane ask Julie not to tell me what she was doing, the she had been doing it for a long time and not gotten caught until now. Julie told her that I knew and told Jane how we had all been enjoying enemas and sex. Jane said was not sure she could do thing right for anyone else to enjoy the way she did. By now I had heard all I wanted to and stepped up to the side of the bed with my hard dick in my hand, and told her to give me a blow job while Julie finished giving her her enema, and then we would discuss further enema parties. As we finished Julie told Jane she would teach her all she knew about giving enemas, and told her about Jess and Marie peaking in on me and how I had taught them not only about enemas but how to please each other. As Jane releaved herself in the bathroom, Julie prepared a full 2 quart bag for me, by now I was ready for a big one and my dick had recovered from Janes blow job and was ready for some more action. After Jane got out of the bathroom, I lay on the bed and Julie inserted the tube in my butt and rolled me over on my back and opened the clamp for the enema to start. As the warm water went in my butt my dick got semi hard and started moving around on my stomach. Julie took some vasoline on her fingers and slowly started to massage my dick to a full hard on she massaged the shaft very gently staying away from the head, she knew if she massaged the head of my dick I would cumn real quick. Jane got on the bed on her hands and knees and watched very intently as Julie slowly worked me up to near cumn, she felt my dick expand and the ridge in the back of it extend as the cumn made its way from my balls to the tip. As a few drops of pre cumn appeared on the tip of my dick Jane ask if she could help Julie. Julie explained to her what she was doing.

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  By this time I was beginning to feel the effects of the enema filling me I could feel my stomach tighten and start to extend. Julie stopped the enema and Jane started to massage the shaft of my dick very slowly as Julie instructed her, when my dick started to jump when she moved her hand Julie told her to stop. Julie then opened the clamp of the enema again and started it running, when I begain to move from feeling the enema she stopped it, and she started to massage my dick. The effect of them changing off everyother time was really something, it was like jacking off and changing hands every once in a while, but their hands were a lot more gentle and one would wrap their hand over the shaft from the top side the other would wrap their hand from the under side, this produced a great feeling. I was able to take the enema without shooting my load, as I went to the bathroom to releave myself Julie talked Jane into giving her a enema, as they prepared I decided to get involved as quickly as I could. Jane had given Julie about half of her enema by the time I got out of the bathroom, and Julie was starting to show the effects of the enema, I told Jane to stick her fingers in Julies pussy and she could feel the warmth from the enema and how sensative it made her pussy. As she fingered Julie she started to get horney herself her nipples came to full errection and I could tell she was going to need some activity soon herself. I still had my hard on and had kept from cumning while I was in the bathroom and seeing this activity was not helping me any. I got my enema bag and filled it with warm water and gently spread Janes cheeks as she stood beside the bed working on Julie and inserted the tube in her tight butt. I opened the clamp while holding the bag high so it would run in her while she was standing, Julie seeing what I was doing reached over and started to play with my wife's pussy. She made every stroke count, she was starting to tense up and move her hips, about this time Julie cumns all over the place, and her enema bag empties at the same time, Jane pulls the tube from Julies butt and sends her off to the bathroom, I reach up and hand the bag I am holding on the hook on the wall that I had placed there for this purpose and laid my wife on the bed where I could continue to give her her enema and finger her pussy at the same time. I was able to get on the bed beside her where she could get her hand on my still to cumn hard dick, by now I could feel the juices burning in its shaft and the head was ready to burst. With the enema tube still in her butt and the water running in she was able to get on her hands and knees over me and lowered her hot wet pussy down on my dick, she went all the way down without stopping, then she slowly moved her pussy up my shaft and back down, she did this one more time and I couldn't hold it any longer, I shot a load not like one I had done in a long time in her wet pussy. After we had all taken a shower together and were resting from out activities we decided to keep this in the family, Julie was not going to tell anyone else and we agreed to include Jess and Marie. More later when I discover the effects of waking up to a big enema.

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