First Time


Topic: First Time Shawn’s pale face was just barely visible in the dark candlelight of my bedroom. I slid up the white duvet cover of my bed, making a soft swish noise as my pale flesh slid across the soft fabric. Shawn’s skinny yet muscular body crawled up the queen-sized bed towards me. I smiled as I felt his soft lips meet the flesh of my calf. Shawn began sensually kissing his way up my leg, making sure he touched every inch of my flesh. As he reached my smooth mound, he kissed the lips softly. His long, warm tongue wedged itself in between the two lips, licking the soft, sensitive flesh that lay beneath. His tongue, making its way up the rosy red flesh of my vagina, began to massage my clitoris, causing my back to arch slightly. My fingers twirled his dark black hair as he pleasured me slowly. I moaned softly as my back arched higher as waves of pleasure shot through my thin, pale body. Shawn wrapped his warm, wet lips around my clitoris and began to passionately suck as his tongue continued to massage my clitoris. I felt warm liquid building up inside my body. My back arched as far as it could go, and Shawn wrapped his hands around my hips, holding me down to the bed as I climaxed for the first time in my life. I moaned Shawn’s name loudly, pushing my mound further into his face as Shawn continued to suck and massage. A few minutes of wonderful, full-bodied pleasure passed by, and the throbbing in my vagina slowed, then stopped. My body relaxed onto the covers, and Shawn licked up all of my cum liquid.

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   “Wow, Shawn. ” I said breathlessly.
It was hard to believe that Shawn had had no previous sexual experiences either. “I want you to feel beautiful, Lauren. ” Shawn replied in his wonderful, deep voice. He slid his warm, muscular body up mine, until his clothed crotch was on top of mine. Shawn’s beautiful blue eyes met mine as he kissed me passionately. His tongue twisted with mine inside my mouth as he began to grind his crotch on top of mine, sending soft waves of pleasure through my body.
“I want your first time to be special, baby. Are you sure you’re ready?” Shawn asked. “Yes, Shawn. I love you, and I want you to take my virginity. ” I said. Even in the dark candlelight, I could see his lips form into my favorite crooked smile. “I love you, too.

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  ” Shawn replied. He sat up and got off the bed. “I want to warn you, I am very big. ” Shawn said as he turned around, so that his back was facing me. He slid his underwear off his body, and turned back around. My eyes opened wide. His penis reached down to his knees, and was at least two inches thick. “Are you okay, baby?” Shawn asked, genuinely concerned. “Yes. I love it. ” I said, smiling, and motioning with my hand for him to come back onto the bed. He crawled back onto the bed and slid back on top of me, like he had before.
His limp, but large, penis lay on top of my mound and reached up to the bottom of my breasts. “This is going to hurt, baby, but I promise that I will make it worth it for you, okay?” Shawn asked. I nodded.

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   Shawn sat up and took his large penis in his hands. He slid his large, pale hands up and down his penis, pleasuring himself to my body.
Once his penis was hard, which made it even bigger, He positioned his large, throbbing head at the mouth of my vagina. I spread my legs out in the air as wide as I could, opening my vagina a small amount. Shawn began to slowly slide his penis into me. I gasped as his giant head stretched my vagina walls. He paused for a few moments, allowing my body to get used to his large penis head. Then he started to slide his penis into my vagina again. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body as he slide further and further into me. Soon, we felt his throbbing head reach my virginity.

    A lot of inches were still outside of my vagina. Shawn whispered, “Are you ready, baby?” I nodded, bracing myself for the pain and the pleasure. Shawn pulled back out of my vagina a few inches, and then he slammed into me, breaking through my virginity and shoving the rest of his penis into me. My back arched, pushing my breasts into Shawn’s chest. I let out a loud moan of pain and pleasure.

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       Shawn began to kiss me as he lay on top of me, letting my body get used to his giant penis inside of me.
    A few minutes passed, and I said, “I’m okay now, Shawn. ” He pulled his penis all the way out of my vagina except for his head, and he slammed deep inside me. I moaned loudly and pushed my breasts into his chest again. He repeated this motion, slamming in and pulling out of me over and over. It seemed like hours passed by as we made passionate love to each other. The sweet sounds of sex- slapping and squishing- filled the bedroom, as well as the musty smell of sweat. Soon, both of us were on the verge of having orgasms. We were both moaning loudly with each other. “I’m about to…. cum…. ” Shawn moaned. “Me too…” I said breathlessly.
    We hadn’t put a condom on, but we didn’t care because we were planning on getting married, since we were both turning eighteen in a few months. Shawn slammed his throbbing penis into me one last time as we both began to have gripping orgasms, moaning and writhing on my bed sheets.

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       An intense pulse of pleasure and pain shot through me, and I felt warm liquid shoot out of me, reaching as far as a few feet away from the bed. Shawn filled my vagina with his warm, sticky cum. Deep, animal moans filled my bedroom as we had multiple orgasms together in our first time making love. After what seemed like forever, our bodies relaxed and we lay there, panting and sweating in the dark candlelight.

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