Good Girl


Sarah sat on the computer chair, surfing the net. That day, she decided to try something she hadn't done before. She typed in 'porn' and sat back. She was still in her school uniform of a skirt, blouse, tie and tights. She clicked on the first link that came up. To get herself in the mood, she rubbed her 36C tits slightly and unbuttoned her shirt. Her parents were at work, so she was home alone. She started to watch a masturbation video. There were no other word for it-the girl on the video was HOT. She had a dark brown bob and was wearing red underwear. Sarah looked longingly at the girl's tight ass and tits. As the video went on, she started to follow the lead of the girl, pulling her panties down to expose her pussy. There was already some cum starting to leak. Sarah touched the edge of her pussy and shivered from pleasure. She rubbed genterly, before getting the confidence to be rougher. One of her fingers slipped in and she almost screamed.

Athens Call Girls 

  "Sarah?"Her neighbour Brad was here. She hurriedly pulled her panties up. "Sarah? You OK? I just decided to-"He stopped once he saw what was on screen. He smiled. .